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31 Reality TV Shows That Are Completely Fake

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You can love them or hate them, but you can’t say that reality shows are not ruling the television world. According to experts, reality shows are so popular because people want to escape from their lives and live through these people. Others claim that people just want to have fun. If reality shows can guarantee anything, then that is fun.

From drama, love quarrel, real fights, real people, real celebrities… Reality TV has it all! However, these shows are missing to say something… Sorry to tell you, but reality shows are usually scripted, just to keep storylines fun. We have gathered 31 most scripted reality TV shows of today. Check if your favorite reality show is fake or not.

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31. Say Yes To The Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be such a nightmare for a bride to be. Therefore, a team of experts in Kleinfeld boutique in New York steps in.

Brides always had to come with friends or family, and producers would kindly ask them to make some drama, stressful situations, or to make a comment that will spark a fight. In reality, the boutique is also quite smaller than on TV.

30. Hell’s Kitchen

Some people would say that Gordon Ramsey is evil because of his potty-mouth. Moreover, he is the best when it comes to rude insults. How could people put up with him?

It turns out that contestants were actors, paid to be there. This show was so stressful for them that almost all of them ended up smoking to deal with stress on the set.

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29. The Bachelor

This show claims that finding true love on TV is possible. The show’s idea is simple – a guy has to choose the perfect girl from contestants presented to him.

These girls are mostly paid actresses, trying their best to be interesting, like the dumb girl, the mean girl, the know it all girl and so on. Naturally, lines are scripted, and fights are always encouraged by producers. Moreover, producers always put extra cash for alcohol — anything for big drama.

28. The Bachelorette

‘The Bachelorette’ has the same concept as the popular ‘Bachelor,’ but here, a woman gets to choose the perfect guy.

Guys in the show are also paid actors to make exciting and stressful moments. Maybe some of them are there for the right reasons?

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27. Judge Judy

Judge Judy does her best to educate people on right and wrong. People loved Judy so much that the show is one of the longest-running shows ever.

Although Judy graduated from Law school, she is an arbitration judge, which means she hears cases that are not on the court yet. Also, people who seem hole on the show were paid to make the show enjoyable.

26. Cupcake Wars

Cupcake wars gathered the best from the cupcake world and united them in one show. Since they are experts, they don’t need help, right? Well, it turns out that they needed a secret ingredient.

Any time producers informed them that secret ingredient was used, they had to act surprised when they are rolling. Is healthy competition not an option anymore?

25. Dr. Phil

Some people love Dr. Phil, while others think of him as a person with a silly personality. Surprisingly, Dr. Phil got recently got his medical license.

It turns out that Phil lost his license in the 80s when he had an affair with his patient. Bottom line: fake doctor, can’t have real patients, right?

24. House Hunters

The rumor has it that this fantastic show is entirely based on lies. According to many sources, people just pretended to look for homes.

In reality, house hunters lived in their perfect homes, already. Are you feeling betrayed? Car lovers will understand.

23. Pimp My Ride

Xzibit delivered here big time. He did his best to lead the show and engage the people. However, it turns out that this show wasn’t impressive, as it seemed.

The car experts needed months to pimp a ride. So, how did they manage to pimp them so fast? They used props, so they could look suitable for the camera.

22. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Did anyone ever believe that this show is real? Is fo, you are up for a big disappointment. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is all scripted and planned months.

Moreover, there was a rule that while the cameras are rolling, dirty family secrets are not to be discussed. Therefore, no one knows for sure how their life looks.

21. Britain’s Got Talent

Ok, show this big can’t be completely fake. After all, no one can fake a talent, right? Producers did find a way to keep the show running by continually pushing the eccentric contestants in the show.

Next to talent, this show demanded an exciting personality. Anyone who couldn’t deliver this has a significantly shorter time in the air.

20. Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo is known as the blond lady with the serious talent to feel the souls from another world. It turns out that Theresa had a little help.

Producers of the show would do in-depth research on the audience and then give Teresa the information. Some claim that they were purposefully invited to her audience.

19. Breaking Amish

The reality world loves the Amish community. Moreover, the world loves the fact that Amish people have an opportunity to experience the outside world and decide if they want to stay in big cities or not.

This show had people from real Amish communities. They just forgot to mention that those people have left the Amish communities years before the filming.

18. Jersey Shore

You can’t just bring people together and expect them to be best friends. Producers of the Jersey Shore were accused of manipulating the participants so they can do what they want.

Everything on this show is done for pure entertainment, which means that the entire show was planned and scripted.

17. Mob Wives

There was a time when people wanted to know how wives of famous mobs live. In no time, a reality show Mob Wives was born.

These ladies never spend much time together, but producers pushed them toward interactive activities so that they could argue and fight.

16. Cake Boss

TLC’s Cake Boss was one of the networks most popular shows. People loved unusual cakes and the Valastro family. Sadly, it was revealed that the entire show was staged.

Buddy could be seen at the Hoboken shop only when there is a filming happening. What made things even worse was the fact that the amazing cakes were inedible.

15. The Biggest Loser

Every week was important for this contestant. The show was so popular that even Michelle Obama joined them in one workout session. During the show, it was discovered that all tech in the show was fake.

Moreover, the medical professionals in the show were questioned many times. Some blame the show for making people lazier and lethargic than they actually are.

14. The Real Housewives

Real Housewives Of New Jersey shook the world of reality shows when all stars appeared in court. Under oath, each star swore that the show was scripted.

Every line was scripted, and every meeting was planned. Even price tags were seen all the time.

13. American Idol

In each episode, we could see long lines of people waiting for their American Idol moment. However, it turned out that these scenes are far from real.

The applicants actually had few auditions with producers first, and then they would meet the judges – this is what crowds waited. Besides, producers would sometimes invite contestants in after scouting them online.

12. The Simple Life

Seeing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie dealing with everyday tasks and manual work was hysterical. Once the show ended, Paris admitted that producers had a huge role in the show.

They encouraged them to be as clumsy as possible. Paris even admitted that she had that baby voice only for the show.

11. The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show was such a controversial show that people still can’t know for sure what was staged and what was real. The truth is that producers would meet real people and hear their stories.

Some would make the cut, others not. Some stories in the show were complete lies. Real fights made the show even crazier. Fights were welcome and encouraged by producers, for higher ratings.

10. Survivor

Did you know that the first season of Survivor premiered in 2000? Since then, 38 seasons were filmed. Two tribes, unknown destinations, and 39 days to survive.

Although they were far from civilization, contestants discovered that producers gave them food and fire. In some cases, although rarely, body doubles were used.

9. What Not To Wear

Each participant would get $5,000 to redo their closet and re-invent their appearance. Also, they would get professional guidelines from Clinton and Stacy. The truth is that they received this money. So, what’s the problem, you ask?

Producers would get rid of old clothes without asking, and they had to pay tax for new clothes and tailoring. They had no idea about it. Once the show was done, they had to rebuy everything, including underwear.

8. Storage Wars

California has a specific law when it comes to unpaid balance on storage. You miss three months, and your storage goes to auction. Owners can’t do anything about it.

It was said that the entire show was staged and that the producers actually placed things in the storage units to spicy things up a bit.

7. Cribs

Before the Instagram era, the only way to see famous people’s homes was through MTV’s show Cribs. The show actually ran for 13-years.

Shockingly, it was discovered that some celebrities faked their homes. Why? Producers made them do so. Everything had to be extravagant, huge, and shiny. Some went so far that they faked their wardrobe, jewelry, and cars.

6. Restaurant Stakeout

Food Network designed the show to show the real behavior of employees. However, it was confirmed from numerous sources that everyone on that show was hired to act.

Regardless of that open fact, the network still earned big bucks.

5. 90 Day Fiance

The show was created with the idea of bringing a distant couple together to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. During that period the show would follow their journey.

Later on, it was discovered that participants were forced to re-film many scenes. That lead to some really lovely people looking bad.

4. The Osbournes

The Osbournes reality show like nothing was ever seen before. They were loud, funny, and used an enormous amount of cursing at each other. People believed that they are 100% real because they were so spontaneous.

However, it was discovered that everything was scripted. Moreover, producers planned every situation in every episode.

3. X-Factor

X-Factor discovered numerous talents, and for some period, people loved the show. Then the rumors started about people being preselected. Moreover, rumors stated that people knew who the winner was from the first episode.

It was a complete setup. These rumors came fro former production crew members.

2. Teen Mom

MTV had one of the most unrealistic reality shows ever. Teen Mom wasn’t any different. The entire show was based around 16 pregnant young moms-to-be.

This show has drama, tears, law problems, and hard breakups. It was discovered that producers carefully scripted conversations and worked as much as they could to make them more dramatic.

1. Beauty And The Geek

Reality TV fans will never forget this show. The ides of the show was to paid beautiful women with nerdy guys. Together, they would compete in many couples’ challenges.

The geeks are represented as socially awkward persons, not able to talk with the person of the opposite sex. However, it turns out that in reality, boys were dating, and many were paid actors.

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