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9 Things You Can Recycle For Money

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Environmental issues are rising every year, and some people are trying their best to make their households more sustainable by recycling. And in fact, this is the only way we can save our nature’s resources and reduce waste. But, besides all the environmental benefits recycling can also bring you economic benefits too. As you may already know, but let us remind you if you forgot, there are many things you can recycle and get paid for it.

Almost all household will have these things, so if you want to earn some extra money or simply have some tax deductions, consider recycling some of these items.

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1. Trash

Every household produces trash on a daily basis. No matter if you’re cautious about the amount of trash you make or not, you can still collect it and send it to the company called TerraCycle. This company will pay for your trash and even cover the costs of shipping.

They will collect everything from empty scotch tape rolls to used up bottles. However, this program works best with organizations, charities or schools that can collect bigger quantities of trash.

2. Wine Corks

Are you a passionate wine lover? Then you sure have thrown away a lot of wine corks so far. While you won’t be able to earn incredible sums of money by recycling wine corks, you will surely collect enough money to pay for another bottle of wine.

Look for crafters or businesses that use corks. The price of cork is around 5 cent per piece, so first, gather at least several hundred of it before selling them. You can check on eBay. Also, look for the leading recycler of corks “Yemm & Hart Green Materials”. They will determine the price of corks according to the current market value of cork.

3. Gift Cards

Have some unused gift cards you received as a gift? You just really don’t want to shop at the place the gift card was purchased at. If you do, then send your cards to Cardpool and they will send you a check for them. Of course, the amount of cash you get won’t be the same as the value of your gift card, but at least you can make money from that card that you weren’t even planning to use.

On the other hand, if you have used up your gift cards, you can recycle PVC plastic. Bundle up all spent cards, used gift cards or old cards and recycle them with Gift Card Recycler.

4. Cooking Oil

This might also sound quite weird to you, but many biodiesel firms or recycling centers are actually looking for used cooking oil. And they are ready to pay you for it! Check on Craigslist to see if there are any ads soliciting oil.

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In U.K. cities this is a common practice, but it’s still fairly new to the U.S. So you will have to research a bit in order to find the right recycling center. By selling your used cooking oil, you won’t only make some additional money, but you will also keep the water and the soil cleaner!

5. Tennis Balls

Did you know that tennis balls are made of a material that is not biodegradable? Tennis balls create over 20,000 metric tons of waste every year. This is why a small company called Rebounces decided to recycle the tennis balls and pay you for the balls you donate.

But, before taking them, they require you to have at least 100-250 balls. While this might not be another source of money for a regular individual, if you play this sport often, you can contact your tennis club and suggest a fundraising effort.

6. Human Hair

While other items we have previously mentioned won’t make you rich, there is one thing that you can recycle and earn quite some money – human hair. If you have long hair or your hair simply grows fast, you could get a lot of money for it. Plus, if your hair is natural, unbleached and in good conditions, you can get from $200 to over $1,500.

Finding buyers of hair will be really easy. There are plenty of sites and buyers of hair on eBay or Craigslist. However, do your research before cutting off your long hair. You could also help a child and donate your hair to Locks of Love.

7. Newspaper, Books and Magazines

Collect all the newspapers, books and magazines you have and make money. This can especially be a smart move if you’re subscribed to some newspapers.

By recycling your newspaper, old collection of books and dozen of those magazines that are collecting dust, you could at least pay off some of the subscription money.

8. Clothes and Shoes

Each person has a pile of clothes that we simply never wear. And often, even if we buy new ones, we keep the old ones in our closed. Knowing that there is a massive overproduction of clothes around the world, we should definitely try to recycle as many pieces of garments as possible.

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So, select your most preserved designer clothes and shoes and sell them on eBay, Amazon or other websites that take old pieces of clothes. Check if there are any vintage shops you can offer your garments to.

9. Printer Cartridges

If you work in an office, you surely print hundreds of papers on a daily basis. But, if you work from home and use the printer quite often, recycling used ink cartridges could earn you some money too.

Look for websites online that accept used cartridges, or do some research in your living area. Some shops that sell cartridges would actually purchase your old ones.

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