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20 Facts About Airplanes You Never Heard About Before

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The world of commercial aviation is still mysterious and complex. Many strange things happen that passengers have no idea about – things like how many olives per passenger can be served and if the food in business class is free.

Also, do you know how safe airplanes are and why windows are always round-shaped? Read on and discover 20 things about airplanes that most passengers don’t know about. Enjoy!

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1. The World’s Most Expensive Flight

One of the world’s best airline is Etihad Airways. This company is also a proud owner of the most expensive flight currently. You can travel like a king for a unique price.

If you choose to spend $38,000 on a one-way ticket from New York to Abu Dhabi you will pay for a royal treatment. Moreover, you will get to experience how it feels to have your private luxury suite.

2. What Happens If One Engine Dies Out?

For some reason, people believe that if just one engine dies out they will die with it as well. But the truth is so far from that. After all, airplanes are made to transport and protect people.

The truth is that if one engine dies out planes can fly for more than five hours after it. This rarely happens, but if it happens for any reason you can rest assured that you will land safely.

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3. Not Your Average Salary

People believe that pilots have big salaries and that they get most of the things for free, like flights, food, and accommodation while they are at work. Some things are true.

They get accommodation and food, but when it comes to salary it may shock you. They are not paid monthly, but for the number of hours, they fly.

4. What Is Aviophobia?

Just like some people are terrified of riding in an elevator, some people are scared of airplanes and flying. If you are afraid of flying you are suffering from aviophobia.

Aviophobia is a well-spread condition that affects many. Actually, 1 in 5 people has some form of fear when it comes to flying. Luckily, this condition can be cured.

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5. What Happens If Someone Dies On You Flight?

You probably don’t think about this one much, but things can happen, and you may end up flying with a dead person.

So, if someone dies on your flight, the chances are that their body might stay in the cabin with you until the airplane lands. The body will be covered.

6. Do You Hate Sitting In The Back?

The majority of people hates sitting in the back, regardless of transportation. People especially hate when they have back sit in the airplane. But, back sit could save your life.

If the plane crashes and you are sitting in the back, the chances of you surviving are surprisingly high. Actually, in that case, the chances are 40% higher The chances of surviving a crash are 40% higher if you sit at the back of an airplane.

7. Black Boxes Aren’t Black

The black box is the Flight Data Recorder. Thanks to this box we can always know what happened in case of an emergency.

In reality, black boxes are bright orange and painted with heat-resistant paint. This makes it easier to find them.

8. The Bathroom Isn’t The Dirtiest Place On The Place

People usually think that anything related to the toilet is dirty. But, that’s just not the truth.

Not every passenger will use the toilet during the flight. But the chances are that every passenger will eat. Therefore almost everyone will use a tray table. And that’s the filthiest place on a plane. Always use a napkin.

9. A Chicken Gun Is The Real Thing

A chicken gun is a real test that helps airlines check if their windshields can protect both pilots and passengers if they collide with a bird.

Testing centers never use live chickens. Actually, chickens that are used for this test are brought to them from special facilities and they are already dead and mostly frozen.

10. The Most Dangerous Time

Air traffic is always controlled from the ground, so the chances of your airplane running into another one are minimal. The flight itself is not the most dangerous part about flying.

The most dangerous part of flying is least linked with full flying. It’s more linked with landing and takes off. Officially, landing and take-off are the most dangerous times during a flight.

11. Those Blankets Are Clean…ish

When you are cold at home you just grab the first blanket and cover yourself, right? You’re probably doing the same thing in the airplane. Nothing beats the feeling of being cozy among the clouds. But…

In general, airlines clean their blankets once in every 30 days. So, if you’re thinking about cozying up with airplane blankets, think again.

12. Dimming The Lights Is Not About Better Sleep

If you think that dimming the lights is for your better and faster sleep, you are wrong.

Dimming the lights helps passenger’s eyes adjust to the dark in case a sudden nighttime evacuation occurs.

13. In-Flight Meals

Everyone loves those in-flight meals. Even if you are not hungry once they start serving you can’t wait to get your plate, right? But do you know how much a flying meal can cost a company?

The price for an in-flight meal can cost the company from $1.39 to $6.43, for economy class.

14. There Is No Free Food In Business Class

Being a part of the business class doesn’t mean that you get things for free. You have to pay.

The only thing that business class passengers get for free are snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

15. This Airline Will Turn 100 In 2019

KLM is one of the world’s most famous airline operating even nowadays. The company had it’s first flight back in 1919 and it has been active ever since.

KLM is an Amsterdam-based airline that will turn a hundred years in 2019. That being said, KLM is officially the longest operating airline in the world.

16. Average Pilot Salary

Pilot salaries vary from different factors, from the type of the aircraft, size of the airline and the number of flight on a weekly level.

In general, for a small jet, the average salary is $104,219, while pilots in non-jet aircraft make less.

17. Round Windows

Fifty years ago the windows in the airplanes were square and planes were flying in the lower height. But it all changed with the boom of commercial flight.

To save gas, companies started flying higher. For pressure not to break the airplane, windows had to be round shaped.

18. One Olive Less Means More Money

Each meal is prepared by airlines culinary department that makes sure that the meal is healthy. Every meal always comes with meat, vegetable and something sweet. All in, it can cost some serious money. American Airlines saved $40,000 by simply cutting just one ingredient from their meals.

So, when American Airlines decided to cut on their expenses they calculated that if they remove just one olive from the salads they will save around $40,000 a year.

19. Pilots And Co-Pilots Always Eat Different Meals

This may sound strange, but pilots and co-pilots won’t ever eat the same thing for lunch or dinner. This difference in their eating habits can save your life.

This way, if the food is contaminated and one pilot gets sick, the other should be able to operate the aircraft.

20. Food And Wine

Airlines spend a lot of food and drinks, especially wine. For example, Singapore Airlines shocked the world when they presented the data on how much they spend on food and wine for one year.

The report that they released showed that in one year, Singapore Airlines spends around $16 million on wine and $700 million on food.

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