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28 Secrets Aldi Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Prepare yourself Aldi fans, because there are some fascinating facts that you should know about this famous grocery brand. For years, Aldi has been one of the most popular places to go and buy your groceries. This famous grocery chain operates on three continents, including Europe, Australia, and North America.

So far, this brand has been mostly known for being affordable. Still, being affordable doesn’t mean that you can’t shop for even less. Moreover, some facts about lovable Aldi will surprise you, shock you, and make you rethink your shopping habits. Discover particular facts on Aldi that you may never hear before. Here is what you should know before your next trip to Aldi’s.

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28. They Keep Boxes For a Reason

If you think that Aldi has that Costco vibe, you are not wrong. They are kind of similar. Still, Aldi has the unusual practice of holding their products in their original boxes on the shelves all the time. Now, some people might think that the employees are lazy.

However, the truth is that the management decided that they don’t want to spend much time and money on presenting products as much they want to optimize productivity.

27. They Have Very Little Staff

Aldi is all about productivity and being financially sustainable. This brand knows how to save money, and one of their financial tactics is linked with having low staff.

To save money, Aldi keeps products on the shelves and has low staff. In every store, the staff is to a minimum, which allows them to save money. With this simple tactic, Aldi can offer some of the lowest prices on the market.

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26. Employees Aren’t Happy About It

As a result, employees are sometimes a little stressed. After all, they are doing their best to assist everyone and over, do more in less time. Overall, this can be stressful.

Some people can easily deal with having more responsibilities in less time, while others can’t. Still, ex-employees reported that benefits, paydays, and opportunities are excellent.

25. Checking Out Is Fast

Since there is a shortage of employees, Aldi keeps everything in tight order. The idea behind their organization is simple: people need to get in, take what they need, get out, and get home as quickly as possible.

So, at Aldi’s check out isn’t about a unique shopping experience, but to help customers get things done fast. At Aldi’s, people are buying more for less money, and to do so, they are using some tricks, such as multiple barcodes and the perfect length of conveyor belts.

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24. It’s Not That Cheap

Aldi is known for having really affordable prices. They actually have one of the lowest prices on the market. And this is no scam. The truth is that their prices are a lot cheaper than their competitors’.

However, if you compare their name brand to other store brands, the difference is not that high. Still, Aldi’s is the most affordable option. We guess that they know how to do good marketing?

23. Here Is Why They Charge A Deposit to Use Their Carts

Paying a deposit to use Aldi’s carts maybe a little weird for first time-shoppers. In reality, this is a pretty handy hack when you think about it.

Paying a deposit for a cart is actually a great idea. This way, shoppers are forced to return their cart, and Aldi doesn’t have to pay an extra employee to that for them.

22. Their Return Policy Is Crazy

Aldi knows how to create excellent customer service. Moreover, this brand knows how to guarantee their products. Not only they have the money-back guarantee, but they do Double Guarantee.

This Double Guarantee policy means that if there is something you don’t like, you can return it. They will replace it and reimburse you. This is not something that is easily found in grocery stores.

21. They Only Open During Peak Hours

It’s common for big grocery chains to work 24/7, but not for Aldi’s. This brand is all about being productive and effective while saving money. So, they are making cuts whenever it’s possible.

Most Aldi stores will open from 9 am to 8 or 9 pm. This way, they don’t have to pay a bunch of college students willing to go red-eye to afford university tuition.

20. They Won Some Major Awards

Low prices are not necessarily low quality. Therefore, Aldi’s low prices don’t mean low quality. And they have many awards to prove it. Did you know that this famous brand holds many awards?

Aldi placed second in the International Wine Challenge for rose wines in a blind taste test. Aldi also took some top honors at the International Spirits Challenge and some 25 medals in the Grocer Food and Drink Own Label Awards.

19. They Deliver

Yes, they deliver! Delivery started first with Dalla, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Aldi’s customers in these cities are lucky enough to have their favorite Aldi’s products delivered to their doorstep.

This time-saving solution is said to be expanded to other cities soon. However, no exact date is set yet. Still, keep an eye on their updates, because they just might start delivering in your town.

18. Bread-on-demand Machines Were At the Heart of a Controversy

Aldi is no stranger to technological innovation. Back in November of 2010, German Aldi stores started offering fresh bread straight from a bread machine. Aldi literally placed in stores in-store baking machines.

Shockingly, the German Bakers’ Confederation took it personally. They took it so personally, that the entire thing ended up in court. Aldi’s had to hire a team of attorneys and lawyers, denying the court the right to inspect the machines and the raw dough…

17. There Are Two Different Aldis

The Aldi is actually divided into two different corporations: Nord and Süd. There is an interesting reason for this split, and it has to do with selling cigarettes.

Back in the 1960s, two founders couldn’t agree if they should or not sell the cigarettes, so they decided to split the company. Nord’s logo is blue and white, while Süd’s logo is orange and blue. The southern Aldi is also a bit fancier.

16. Aldi Products Contain No Artificial Colors

Aldi products are known for being healthy. They are promoted as artificial colors free, and they contain no MSG or hydrogenated oils. This is common for Aldi.

The brand removed these ingredients from their name brand products. Still, people are careful about it, and double-checking package ingredients can’t hurt.

15. Aldi and Trader Joe’s Connection

In the States, Aldi Süd is simply known as Aldi. However, Aldi Nord operates as Trader Joe’s. So, if you want a taste of Aldi, but more of an American version, you can go to Trader Joe’s.

In a nutshell, Trader Joe’s is basically an Americanized version of Aldi. This is the version that Theo Albrecht, the manager of Aldi Nord, had for the brand when it comes to the stores in the States. Everything has much more sense now, right?

14. Visit Kohl’s for Aldi’s Groceries

Did you know that you can actually find Aldi’s products outside of Aldi? If you step into Kohl’s, you might be surprised just how much of famous Aldi’s product you can actually buy there.

Buying at Kohl’s will save you money and help you live more debt-free. Here you can shop for everything in one place. Here you can save both time and money.

13. The Product Test Process Is Intense

When it comes to product quality, Aldi is very serious. So, when it comes to providing high-quality foods and drinks, they have implemented some very serious policies.

In fact, their kitchens have rigorous policies. Each product is tested for 30 times before it’s available for sale. They also re-test everything at least once a year as well as every time one of their competitors launches a similar product.

12. They Are All About Verzicht

The term ‘verzicht’ is hard to translate since there is no direct English translation. Still, a word is a combination of “doing without” and “giving up.” Basically, it’s about being economical and straightforward.

Aldi’s employees are not allowed to talk to the media, but they still keep things transparent. Yet, a regional manager published a book that revealed Aldi’s business strategy – they keep things simple. It all comes down to setting a goal, focusing on that, and getting rid of everything else.

11. Visit Aldi On This Specific Day

If you decide to visit Aldi on Wednesday, you will find many treats. Wednesday is Aldi Finds day. As soon as the store opens, employees place seasonal products on the shelves at very advantageous prices.

This offer is various and can include even the most expensive products. These products are usually high in demand. So if you are planning to visit, go early in the day. The chances are low that they will restock, so you better hurry before they are sold out.

10. You Can Find Discounts On Their Website

Aldi is known for its low prices every day of the year, and exclusive discounts on Wednesday. Still, if you want to know more about its extra offers, you should regularly check their website.

So, when you want for more updates, click the ‘Weekly Specials” tab on their website and select your store to make sure you don’t miss out on any discounts.

9. Aldi Specializes In Offering Private Label Brands

It’s common for local stores to have their own private label in store. In general, in-store brands are usually cheaper. Private labels are always easy to spot.

Aldi has over ten private labels. These include Oven Frech, Casa Mamita, Mama Cozzi, Never Any! and LiveGFree. So, whenever you choose to buy at Aldi’s, go for a private label.

8. You Can Get Money Back On Your Purchases

So far, you know that several stored do business with the Ibotta cashback application. However, this is not the case with Aldi. Can you still get cash while shopping at Aldi’s?

If you want to shop at Aldi’s, make sure that you have Checkout51, a cashback application that works the same way Ibotta does. Download it, save your favorite offers on your shopping list, and download a copy of your invoice to get your discount!

7. Employees Can Help You Save Money

Aldi’s employees are there to help you get more. Most of them are also customers of the chain, so they know which products are the best and what can actually save you money.

So, at Aldi’s, it’s ok to ask employees to advise you on the products sold at Aldi. If you are not sure whether you should buy something or not, just check with your employees.

6. Aldi Gives Back

Aldi loves to give back to the community. Moreover, Aldi’s management is more than well-aware of just how much food waste is a real problem. Tons of food is thrown away every day, especially in restaurants and grocery stores.

So, Aldi decided to team up with others and to treat these issues. As a result, Aldi is in partnership with the non-profit organization Feeding America. This way, the giant chain store donates the food that has not been sold. That’s really nice.

5. Aldi Sells Several Surprising Products

Aldi if rich in everyday products that we all know, love, and consume. However, if you take a more in-depth look, you may find some of the most exciting products ever.

For example, did you know that you can find Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix, as Aldi’s? Yes, Red Lobster makes products for supermarkets. You can also find a fantastic tunnel Cake Kit with pitcher pouring spout that is worth knowing!

4. Aldi Has Boxes For You

Do you take with you reusable bags when shopping? In case you do, and you yet forget it, Aldi has got you covered. After all, having a non-plastic shopping bag is good for the environment.

If you really need a shopping bag and you don’t have one on hand, use Aldi’s box. You are welcome to use and take with you any empty card box that you see lying around the store. Many customers use them to shop in them.

3. They Have A New Plastic Bag Strategy

The plastic-free world is something that every grocery store thrives on supporting. As expected, Aldi is no exception. So, as of February 24, 2020, Aldi has banned plastic bags from its stores.

Moreover, Aldi is really trying to promote recycling and reusable bags in every step. So, now they offer Aldi’s reusable produce bags. This is now a trial run in 100 stores across the Midlands. Bags are affordable, and they hope that it will promote better choices for the environment.

2. You Have To Pack Your Groceries

If you don’t love to pack your won groceries, you may avoid Aldi’s. Here, you must pack your own groceries. Aldi does not offer this kind of service. So, if you buy it, you must pack it.

This is Aldi’s way to speed up check out space. Still, you will have a specially designed area for packing. There are packing areas where you can take as much time as you want (or need) to pack your purchases before you leave.

1. Aldi Doesn’t Accept Manufacturers Coupons

If you are collecting manufacturers coupons in the hope of making a discount at Aldi’s it won’t work. Give up now because at Aldi’s you won’t ever be able to use coupons.

Aldi wants to optimize its processes as much as possible and enable fast checkout, so any hold up is forbidden. So, whenever a customer presents them any coupon, they will 100% refuse them.

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