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New Tiny Houses Are A Perfect Housing Alternative To Those Who Don’t Want To Pay Their Rent

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Can you imagine how life would be if you didn’t have to pay the rent? What an huge amount of money that you could save and invest in other things if only you didn’t have to pay that rent, every single month. You could have a lot more money to spend on things you love and be stressfree when it comes to paying bills.

If you’re renting a place you surely know that buying yourself a home is a luxury nowadays. Luckily, people have been realizing the housing struggle most people go through at some point or the other can be solved by building small, economical homes that will be easy to fit anywhere. Compact living is becoming a thing and more people opt for living in such a house container. Check out how this couple started a change and inspired people from all over the world to follow their example.

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1. An Old Van Is Always A Dream Home

Nothing says tiny home living like a Sprinter van. People in the States and all over the world are buying them with one goal only – to transform them into homes on wheels and travel the world.

Vans are small, forever in popular design and shape. Furthermore, you can buy and build your van for as little as $2,000. Of course, you can do it for 100,000+ dollars.

2. Van Is Fancy Enough

If you want you can have a van with some luxurious touches if your bank account is set for that. If you opt for a regular and affordable version you will spend not more than $15,000.

If you want VW vans or the brand new Sprinter vans you can expect to spend from $25,000 to $60,000. That sum is just for the van. Piece of advice, a used one is good just like the new one.

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3. You Can Even Have A Kitchen Sink

Buying the van is the easiest and usually the cheapest part. Once you buy a van you are starting the process of building a home from your van. There are some additional expenses.

You will have to invest in building amenities such as a toilet, sink, bed frame, cabinets, and hardwood flooring. Use all wood to make it cheap. But it won’t be much ‘instaworthy’. Your call.

4. There Are Bougie Vans

Yes, bougie vans are a real thing. These vans come with showers, toilets, generators, light fixtures, individual cabinets, and even solar panels. These vans require a significant amount of investment and construction work.

If you want more amenities inside the van, you will just have to pay more. After all, it depends on the purpose of the van. Is it a long-lasting home or travel-around-the-world van?

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5. Bills, bills, bills

Building the van is easy. Payment is what makes it more challenging. You will have monthly and yearly expenses to be paid. Don’t forget, you will have to eat, to use the phone, to park, and to have health insurance fees. Next, energy, water, and trash.

There is a van registration once a year and fees that are common to car-related issues. How much is it on a monthly lever? $1,200, at least. Compare your current monthly costs and do the math.

6. A House Vs. A Van

Sure, buying the van and the monthly costs to pay for it, are still much cheaper than owning a home. For the price of a house, you can buy and equip two, to three vans. Plus, the van can change a ‘window view’.

Also, van enables you to turn your lifestyle into a profitable business. Did you saw all those social media posts about #vanlife? They are paid to do that.

7. Economy Is The Key

If you go online you will find many resources saying that you simply can’t have a perfect #vanlife for less than $20,000. They are not telling the truth. There is a van for every buyer.

You need nothing more than basics to hit the road. After all, you can always modify and add things down the road. Adding later is a great way to get the sense of what you need. Don’t forget – less is more.

8. Time Is Money

With van life being so popular nowadays you can even find people that will build you a van. However, it comes with a nice fee. If you go for this option expect to pay about 50-100 thousand dollars.

Trust us, you can build a van for much less, and you get that proud feeling of building something with your own hands. It saves money also.

9. Van Is Too Small For Your Big Dreams?

If you think that #vanlife is not your cup of tea, but you still want a more nomadic, alternative and economical lifestyle, there are other options. Luckily, you can turn anything nowadays into a home with a little vision and creativity.

If you are a #vanlife fan but the place is to small for you, there is always a school bus life. An old and yellowish bus might be your next home.

10. Is It School Time Again?

Imagine if someone told when you were seven that living in a school bus is a real thing… You would probably just named them crazy, right? But this nightmare just might be your biggest dream.

School bus life is similar to van life, expect the buses are bigger. Bigger wheel home equal higher costs. Don’t ever forget about the amenities. You have to pay them each month. So, van or the school bus?

11. More School More Money?

Turning a school bus into a home is like having a mansion in the world of ‘regular’ houses. It is spacious enough to feel like a home and also mobile enough to take you wherever you want.

A school bus is bigger than a van. So what does it mean? It means more time to build and more costs. But the real question here is – can they stand the test of time?

12. Quality Over Quantity

The best thing ever about school buses is that they are meant to last. They can go for a million mile. Yes! For a million mile.

The price of a school bus? The same one as for the van. Maybe even lower! You can buy it for a great deal of just $2,500.

13. It’s Not All About The Money

Don’t buy the first bus that you see. Make sure that you do your research and that you often visit open auctions or bus dealerships to get insight on the price and quality.

Take your time, because the vehicle is the most important part. You want to invest in a good school bus. Check the vehicle’s maintenance records. If it looks unsightly inside, ignore it. You will change it anyway.

14. There Are Real Building Costs

If you want a safe and well-looking-inside wheel home you can expect to invest around $30,000. This is the average price for buying the bus, tools to and materials to repair it.

You will need some time to bring this project to life. Once you do it, you will love every second of it.

15. The ‘Time’ Factor

The main difference between the van and a school bus changeover is the time investment. A school bus is a lot bigger, so it’s will demand more time and work overall to get it where you want it to be.

In some cases – the time is money, and this proves it. So, plan your budget and your time well.

16. Big Living

A school bus comes with more room on the bus, meaning there is more work on the bus. Also, more room means more stuff. You can have a real couch, a real bad, and even a real dining room table.

In buses, you can even have a space for a washing machine and an average size dryer. Don’t be fooled that decorating a school bus won’t cost much. Don’t overdo it. Always remember what attracted you to compact living.

17. Say ‘No’ To The Leaves

Turning the big bus into a home can mean one thing – a full bathroom! You can have a real shower, sink, and a toilet if you want to. This will cost more, but it’s worth every penny.

Composting toilet is one of the smartest moves when it comes to tiny house living. This toilet will cost you around $1,000. Furthermore, they don’t require connection to a sewer line or septic tank – they turn human waste into compost. How great that is?! No business in the woods.

18. Small House Preferences

Everything always comes down to personal preferences. If you want a high-end bus you can spend up to $100,000. If you want a basic option you can expect to spend around $15,000.

Make sure that you understand what you want from this type of houses. If you want to live on nothing go for the cheap way. If you want extra amenities, then spend a little more. If you need a 2000 square meters place, buy a regular real estate.

19. Small Houses

Think about tiny houses if you are searching for the perfect in-between point. If you don’t want to live in a van or big place, this just might be your best option. There are high-end tiny houses as well.

If you don’t know what a tiny house is and how much it can cost you, let’s compare them with a van or school bus.

20. Always Choose Wisely

The price for a tiny house is close to a van or a school bus. Furthermore, the average cost is around $60,000. And that’s a full house, with bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. That’s cheap! But…

You will have to acquire land for your tiny home. A tiny house is not mobile, so you will have to pay for the land. Therefore, it’s crucial to do the math, choose yourself the best home possible.

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