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American Beach Towns You Can Actually Afford To Live In

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“A house by the ocean” sounds magical, right? It sounds like one of those luxurious villas that appear in famous movies or lucid dreams. You may think that you need millions and millions to experience this extravagant lifestyle and beach life, but that’s far from the truth.

In fact, all you need to do to get your house by the ocean is to move. That’s right – you need to pack your bags and move to one of the following cities for ultimate beach life. There are several cities along the US coast, with white sand, and shockingly affordable housing. Check the cheapest oceanfront beach towns now.

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25. Deerfield Beach, Florida

Median home price: $153,600

Deerfield Beach is located between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, making it accessible to almost all of South Florida. For many, this is one of the most underrated cities in the region. If you love wide and big beaches, you will love Deerfield. Next to great beaches, you will love weekend time – this area never gets too crowded.

Deerfield Beach is also home to some of the best breweries based in Florida, including Holy Mackerel and 26 Degrees. If you are a burger lover, you will love it here, because Deerfield is known for having some of the best burgers in Florida.

24. Port Angeles, Washington

Median home price: $202,500

If you are a Twilight fan then you know about Port Angeles. If you are not a Twilight fan, but you know your way around geography, you know that Port Angeles is a town located on the Olympic Peninsula, just a few miles from Olympic National Park.

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Port Angeles is also a popular jumping-off location for whale watching excursions. If you miss big city life, you are just a short ride away from Seattle.

23. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Median home price: $194,700

Myrtle’s did a serious job in last years to improve its image. Have you heard of Myrtle Beach Bike Week? If not, this is an event to attend if you are into bike rides and fresh air. Myrtle is home to a minor-league baseball park that ranks among the best in the nation.

Myrtle is also home to the lowest property taxes of any city on the list. Not only that you will be able to enjoy the 60 miles of undeveloped beach along the grand strand, but you will love its content and fun side.

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22. Coos Bay, Oregon

Median home price: $178,300

Coos Bay is the most scenic shoreline in Oregon. This is the place to go if you need original Insta photos or more of an idyllic lifestyle and peace. The highlight of this area is Sunset Bay State Park, surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and long hiking trails that will lead you to the most amazing sites ever.

Coos Bay sits on the southern border of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area – a proud owner of some impressive natural wonders in the west. Since Oregon is known for strong beer production, you don’t have to be afraid of ever running out on high-quality drinks.

21. Gulf Shores, Alabama

Median home price: $242,400

Alabama is home to the famous Hangout Music Festival and numeorus other cultural events. Gulf Shores is one of the best Alabama-based places to visit if you are looking for something new and not overcrowded. Plus, in 201 Gulf Shored got its first brewery in 2016 at Big Beach, and opened 15 miles of bike trails.

All in, Gulf Shores offers alternative outdoor activities along its 32 miles of white-sand shoreline. On top of that, the food scene here is great, and you can find even more interesting bites in nearby Orange Beach. Have we mentioned the lowest property taxes in the country located here? It’s always a plus.

20. Biddeford, Maine

Median home price: $223,300

Biddeford is one of those places that look magical on any postcard and photo. Biddeford is also home to harsh winters, especially in December. If you want to live in a gorgeous and picturesque town, Biddeford is a place for you.

Biddeford is packed with lighthouses, beaches, lobster, and rocky beaches, next to a great beer scene. Wine lovers won’t be disappointed as well, since great wine is easily found at Lorne. Make sure that you go to Biddeford before it gets too hip.

19. Galveston, Texas

Median home price: $170,100

Texas is home to many wonders, and Galveston is very much one of them. This small town is home to 50,000 residents and offers 32 miles of beachfront.

There are many things to do both for locals and tourists, including a great waterpark, and pyramid-shaped indoor ecosystems. Yes, there is a roller coaster as well. Nightlife is fun and rich in the offer, while still being affordable.

18. Eureka, California

Median home price: $270,600

Everybody knows that California is expensive. Moreover, it’s hard to find a California-based place where people can survive with the average place. At least, thats the case if you don’t know where to look. If you check the Eureka area you will see this place California sun is reasonably expensive.

As a town, Eureka is home to 26,000 people which makes it the largest coastal town between San Francisco and Portland. What to love here? Nature, bay, gothic mansions, and quiet streets. Is there more to ask?

17. Daytona Beach, Florida

Median home price: $141,000

Florida is home to some of the best beaches in the States. Daytona Beach is a place to go when you want to experience the best beach in the country. The whole area was known as the spring-break city, but that is far behind now.

The city is moving away from the spring-break vibe, which means that you will have your peace all year round, and you won’t be overrun by beer cans every March. If you miss a big city, you can jump to Orlando.

16. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Median home price: $165,100

Ocean Springs is an artsy city that welcomes new residents each month. Ocean Springs is one of the nation’s affordable beach cities, which makes this city the beachiest.

Across Ocean Springs you can wander over from your sub-$150K home to the bars of Government Street, where you can enjoy live music every weekend. In your free time, you can enjoy short boat rides around the area, which aren’t cheap as expected. Still, Ocean Springs is one of the best beach towns.

15. Port Arthur, Texas

Median home price: $65,700

In 2018, Port Arthur was named the cheapest beach city in America. Port Arthur borders five protected areas, including Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge and Sea Rim State Park.

This is a small size town, known for its peaceful days and great weather. You can expect property taxes here to be a little higher than in other states, but this shouldn’t be much of a burden with so cheap houses.

14. Gulfport, Mississippi

Median home price: $120,600

Gulfport is the second-largest city located in Mississippi, and one of the most underappreciated places to live in. Gulfport started coming back to life as young residents started moving in. New residents usually mean new energy, weekend block parties, and great breweries.

Gulfport is a place of one of the state’s best breweries in Chandeleur. There is something for everyone, from calm sidewalks, huge pedestrian areas, and streets packed with bars and restaurants.

13. Biloxi, Mississippi

Median home price: $161,700

Biloxi is by many parameters one of the most affordable beach towns in America. In Biloxi, you can rent a house or an apartment from $737 to $1,196 per month.

Biloxi is known for great beaches and some great moments of fun that include well-structured casinos. Plus, Biloxi is home to the native Cueva’ Indians 1492 or Biloxis’, Keesler Air Force Base, most of which is not open to the public.

12. Pensacola, Florida

Median home price: $182,800

Pensacola is located on the Florida panhandle, and is known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation.” The reason for this name lies in the fact that Pensacola has a long-standing military history.

Pensacola has three parameters that make it special: 8th for median property taxes at $1,291, 19th for median home value at $182,800, and 22nd for monthly housing costs at $940. Not too expensive for Florida, right?

11. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Median home price: $172,600

Whenever a name contains ‘bay’ you know that you can expect soem great sceneries and water views. In fact, Bay St. Louis is home to white-sand beaches and charter fishing, that known across the States. This city is a great choice if you want a smaller city experience, not too far from a really big city because Bay St. Louis is located near New Orleans.

This city is great all year round, while the summer months bring special catches. What about house renting? You can get a place for between $782 to $1,140. Bear in mind that Bay St. Louis homes tend to be slightly smaller, with an average of 5.9 rooms per house.

10. Freeport, Texas

Median home price: $81,000

Freeport is located 62 miles south of Houston, and 45 miles southwest of Galveston. Freeport has the second-lowest median home value at $81,00 according to data from 2018.

Freeport homes have on average 5.6 rooms, which isn’t too shabby for the price, right? Next to great prices, Freeport offers the world’s largest sulfur mines. Back in 1912, Freeport was home to 300 residents in total.

9. Melbourne, Florida

Median home price: $169,000

Melbourne is the highest-ranked beach town on the Atlantic Ocean shore. This famous town is located only 35 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center, which makes it a desirable location.

The median home value here is around $169,000, with a note that homes tend to be on the smaller side, with an average of 5.9 rooms. Melbourne is often regarded as the area’s most bustling city. After all, who doesn’t like charming downtown?

8. St. Marys, Georgia

Median home price: $109,000

St. Marys is a charming small town with a long history and great content. This city is a great choice for those looking for a more relaxed way of life. If you want a nice and warm place to spend your days, head toward St. Marys. You will enjoy local options, from restaurants to chatting with local organic markets.

To understand St. Marys better, hit museums to understand the city’s spirit and soul. If you want to explore, hop on the ferry to nearby Cumberland Island National Seashore or even head to Jacksonville, Florida. For only 45-minute you can experience a great new city.

7. Astoria, Oregon

Median home price: $280,000

Astoria is located on the Columbia River, just a few miles from the Pacific. Also known as Fort Astor, Fort Astoria is the first permanent American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. Throughout history, this town was mostly known as a regional fur trade and plays a huge role in Pacific Northwest history.

This city offers great outdoors, great mountains, and dense woods. Astoria holds great arts and crafts-style architecture, the fishing industry, and craft beer.

6. Hilo, Hawaii

Median home price: $299,000

Hilo has a reputation as a tropical vacation paradise for everyone from age 7 to 77. Hawaii is generally promoted as an expensive paradise, but there are places on the island that are affordable, including Hilo.

On the other side, Hilo is known for its busy farming and fishing area. If you are more into the cultural scene you could enjoy museums, art galleries, many shops, and restaurants.

5. Ormond Beach

Median home price: $169,900

One of the very first residents of Ormond Beach was John D. Rockefeller, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be a millionaire to live here. For a median home value of $169,900, Ormond Beach can become the home to many. There are also many things to do to keep you entertained and help you fill your after-work hours.

Have you heard about Tomoka State Park? It’s known for keeping the wildlife habitats and endangered species, such as the West Indian manatee. There are also above 150 species of birds and bird-watchers.

4. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Median home price: $164,100

Fort Walton Beach is a part of the “Forgotten Coast,” and is known for family-friendly sandy beaches. Fort Walton Beach was recently named the ‘most underrated city’ in Florida. What does this mean? It means that very soon Fort Walton Beach will be crowded with new residents.

So, move there as soon as possible if you want to avoid the crowd. Plus, Fort Walton Beach is the deep-sea fishing capital. This means that you will get to enjoy fresh and great seafood at every step.

3. Fort Pierce, Florida

Median home price: $89,100

Nature lovers know about Sunrise City, which is located near natural and artificial reefs. This piece of natural heaven offers great diving and fishing spots.

Similarly, the Indian River Lagoon Estuary is filled with thousands of species of plants and animals. When in town, you can spend some time exploring farmers’ markets, concerts, and more on the waterfront.

2. Palm Bay, Florida

Median home price: $187,889

Palm Bay is a place of exciting things to do and great beaches to enjoy. There’s never a dull moment in Palm Bay. There are parks, natural areas, long lines for bicycle racing, tracks, paintball fields, golf courses, etc.

Those who enjoy running and cycling will also find a lot of space to do so. For shopping lovers, there are some serious shopping corners. Palm Bay is a place to be if you want an all-day-long activity.

1. Jacksonville, North Carolina

Median home price: $152,680

Thanks to the largest Marine Corps base on the East Coast, Jacksonville is known as a military town. Memorial sites are located across the entire town, while some of the most significant places include Freedom Fountain, Lejeune Memorial Gardens, the Montford Point Marine Museum, and more.

Outdoor lovers will find many things to do, like fishing and paddling, in sports tournaments and events. For a median home price of $152,680, this seems like a reasonable content offer.

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