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50 Awkward Moments Caught By Elevator Cameras

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Riding an elevator is a real nightmare for some people. They can’t handle being locked inside, with no option to get out if the elevator gets stuck. Others just prefer the stairs. How do you react when it comes to elevator rides? What do you do pass the time? Sing? Tapp your toes? Do you hit that button repeatedly, hoping to get to a specific floor faster?

People do different things to make time fly faster. Some do some bizarre things. From dance numbers to passionate kissing, these people did it all. Here are the 50 awkward moments caught by elevator cameras that will make you rethink your elevator behavior.

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50. A Masked Figure

Some elevators have a member of staff helping people getting from point A to point B. They are usually kind, with a smile, and are always there to wish you a nice day.

This elevator has a person inside, but not with a smiley face on. When you walk in this elevator, your heart might stop when you spot this strange and masked figure. Who is he? What does he want? We don’t know, but he can make you think about taking the stairs.

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49. What Would You Do For Love?

Ah… Nothing like love can inspire people to do some silly, if not even crazy things. When in love, people find it hard to think about others or public property.

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This is exactly what happened here. This girl wasn’t afraid to proclaim her love for someone special in her life. Armed with a bright red sharpie, she drew gigantic love hearts on the walls of her love’s elevator. We hope that the building covers the expenses of repainting this interior.

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48. Dance Like No One Is Watching

Ok, let’s be honest – we all have done this, and at least once. There is something liberating when it comes to dancing when alone. Sometimes you just need to get up and dance and shake away the stress of everyday life.

Even most serious people do this, even cops. This cop clearly forgot that the CCTV camera was working, as you can see him busting out what seems like really great moves. Pop starts got nothing on him.

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47. Help Yourself

When your order your pizza, you expect it to be whole, right? And you probably don’t want anyone eating your food. If you love pizza with cheese, you probably want cheese as much as possible, right?

You see, the delivery driver of this pizza was probably hungry from delivering pizzas all day, that he decided to treat himself with some food. You can’t blame a person for being hungry, right? Still, double-check if someone messes with your food or not. You don’t want to eat food that someone else fingers messed with.

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46. Ready For The Weekend

What do you think that a group of cops do when they finish their shift? How do they unwind? Do they o to the bar, eat donuts, or just go for a walk?

Well, it turns out that police in New Zealand loves to have a mutual song and a dance routine. Once their Friday shift is done, this crew likes to step into the elevator and burst out into a freestyle dance number!

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45. Kiss And Make Up

People do crazy things when they are in love. Even healthy and strongest relationships have moments that make them sad, mad, and ignorant. However, those who are really in love usually overcome their disputes fast.

We can’t know if this couple had a fight or they were just seizing the moment, but one thing is for sure they decided to share a passionate kiss, and they didn’t care about the camera. Some couples do live life to the fullest.

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44. A Secret Note

… However, the woman in the footage pushes the man away before things get out of hand. After that, she slides up to him a note. Moreover, she places the note in the man’s hand while watching his reaction.

What was written in that note will remain a mystery forever. Who knows, maybe this was some forbidden love, some role-playing, or simply a message to have a nice day at work. Man looker delighted with himself as the woman walks out of the elevator and leaves him behind.

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43. Unleash The Pup

Just looking at this photo can put a person in distress. Seeing a living being almost choked must be terrifying. In these situations, reacting fast is everything.

When going with your pet to work, the mall, or anywhere with an elevator, make sure that your pet first enters the elevator. This poor pup was stuck, with its harness trapped in the lift door. Thankfully, a man reacted fast and managed to separate the dog from his leash and save his life.

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42. Up, Up And Away

Elevators should be safe. No one wants a bumpy ride. What would you do when you notice the lift going up faster and faster by the second after pressing the button?

This lady went through this scenario. During her ride, the electricity was cut out, and the elevator started to rattle. Thankfully, this nerve-wracking experience was just a silly prank pulled by the guys over at Coca-Cola!

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41. Blocking Your Exit

Imagine getting stuck in an elevator for hours. It would be a traumatic experience, right? The only worst scenario would be when the door opens, and you get to see a concrete wall blocking your exit. What would you do?

Well, this guy who was trapped in an elevator decided to act fast – within minutes, he punched a hole in the wall so he could climb through. He had no fear of being squeezed. Luckily for him, he managed to get out and get help.

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40. Falling Down

Imagine being in an elevator, and then suddenly you start to fall down… It must be a traumatic experience. Imagine standing on firm ground when the floor disappears and you fall down into a black hole.

Luckily, this was just a prank, a very good designed prank by a media company in Japan. Every single person falls down to a soft landing. It sounds like fun now when you know that it was just a well-designed joke.

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39. Bizarre

Here, we see a man and a woman alone in an elevator. When the elevator reaches its floor and the doors open, the woman follows the man out. Sounds like a normal scene, right?

So, what is so unusual about this everyday scene? The unusual thing is that the scene reappears a few minutes later and gets back into the elevator…

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38. Dry Your Eyes

No one can know for sure what happened here, but one thing was for sure – the lady returned to the elevator on her own, with tears in her eyes. Did they got into the fight, or she received some bad news?

Maybe the man had to go to work? Or he received bad news? Maybe he was a boyfriend who just breaks up with her or a brother, and they just went through awful family news? Either way, this woman was crying from floor 1 – 25, and that’s a lot of tears!

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37. Officially Trapped

Unusual things can happen at any time, and this guy knows this very well. On a Friday, he stepped out of the office for some fresh air. He pressed the elevator button, but none of the buttons were working. He reached for his phone to call assistance, only to realize that he forgot his phone in his office.

He was officially trapped. He spent the next 41 hours trapped inside. He had no food, no drink, and no toiler. Thankfully, when the following week arrived, this guy was safely rescued, but this must be a horrible experience.

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36. Five Second Rule

This guy apparently loves bubblegums. He walked into the elevator, chewing away gum and making a huge gum balloon. With each passing floor, he tried to make a bigger bubble.

But just as he blows his bubble, the elevator doors open and the gum pops, landing on the floor. Here is where the five-second rule jumps in. He immediately picked the gum off the floor and continues it chewing. He should get a medal for courage.

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35. Don’t Mess With Her

Get in an elevator with a stranger can be risky sometimes. However, in most situations, nothing bad happens. You just smile, or not, say a good day, or not, press your floor button, and you walk out. However, on some rare occasions, you might get stuck with people who act childish and do child-like things, such as pressing a button many times.

The woman, who was unfortunately stuck in an elevator with a childish man, decided to teach him a lesson: she went full-on karate mood on him. She even slammed the guy on the floor. Definitely, not a lady to mess with.

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34. Feisty

Here is another woman who doesn’t take easily or king to elevator pranksters. The man in the footage gets on and then proceeds to kick his leg out every time the doors begin to close – this way he set off motion sensors and prevented the elevator from moving.

The woman watched his actions calmly for two minutes and decided that she has had it enough. On top of all, she wasn’t amused at all. So, she pushed him straight out of the elevator.

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33. Personal Space Invader

Do you stretch in an elevator? It seems possible if you are into a specific sport. But imagine how you would react if a person next to you gets an uncontrollable urge to do stretching exercises a few inches from your face.

The rude woman stretches her leg at a 90-degree angle, almost brushing the other woman’s face with her sneaker. Maybe they are just friends, and they were on their way to a ballet lesson, and there wasn’t enough space for both to do their scratches?

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32. Great Moves

Dancing in the elevator never gets old. People who dance in public don’t care about what others are saying – they simply enjoy the moment. This guy did exactly that – he busts his best dance moves in an amazing routine that would make even Beyonce jealous.

He knew that there was a camera, so he decided to make a big bang for the ending scene. When the elevator reached his destination, and the doors open again, he did a quick moonwalk for the camera.

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31. Couldn’t Resist

Ah, that food delivery practice… Do people who deliver food have a break or a free meal? After all, they are busy an entire day running up and down to bring food to others, or providing them a free and nice meal should be an imperative.

If that was the case, maybe we wouldn’t see many of these scenes. He did look around to see if he is alone. Once he was sure that no one sees him, he opened each package and had a bit of everything, including a sip of soup.

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30. Miscalculation

In this footage, a team of workers carefully places an enormous sheet of glass into the elevator. They even set up a small stand to support the sheet and make sure it’s not damaged.

However, they made a massive miscalculation: the glass sheet is too long to fit inside the elevator. The doors close, and the glass is pulled upward as the elevator descends to a lower floor. Then, it shatters… Ouch!

29. Impatient

Children are easily bored. They love activity, to interact with their environment, and to have fun. For children, an elevator is usually a tool of fun.

This kid kept his hand in front of the motion sensor as he waits for his dad to get in after him. Then, he had a “good” idea. The boy sticks his umbrella’s handle through the doors, hoping that the sensor will pick it up and keep the doors open, but he was wrong. The elevator shut, and the boy was locked inside for hours.

28. Dancing Storm Troopers

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, imagine how fun it would be to be stuck in an elevator with stormtroopers. This is exactly what happened to one man who was minding his own business.

He spoke on his phone when a group of Strom troopers and Ewoks entered the elevator. There was a Darth Vader also, of course. There cannot be a party without him. They were all dancing, while the man on the phone looked at them confused and a bit scared.

27. Kisses

The couple loves elevators. Probably those who love walking more or hiking prefer stairs. This couple couldn’t deny the instant attraction they felt when they locked eyes in an elevator.

They exchange glances without saying a word because the best things are something shared in silence. A few seconds later, they steal a kiss and get off the elevator together. We can only hope that it worked out for them.

26. Happy Lady

When you are happy, you want to share your joy with the world around you. However, where there is instant happiness, and no one is around you in an elevator, for example, you must tap yourself on a shoulder and do a happy dance.

This is precisely what this happy lady did. Her body shows the universal sign for ‘victory.’ Maybe she just got a big promotion? Or maybe she is just happy because there’s no one in the elevator next to her?

25. Sub Zero

Do you look straight when you enter the elevator? You better, otherwise you might find yourself into a scene from Mortal Kombat. This woman got a chance to met Sub Zero eye to eye.

But why is this guy dressed as Sub Zero, you may ask? We don’t know. Maybe he was bored, maybe he decided to scare or make someone happy that day, or he had a crush but chose a poor way to break the ice. Let’s just hope that she knows the man.

24. Falling Elevator

Some jokes are funny, while others are just nasty, like this one. Imagine someone who is terrified of the elevator that has to go through a prank that involves falling into an elevator.

This scene was set up by someone who wanted cool material for their YouTube channel. The idea is for a person to enter and then an elevator to lurches downward in freefall for four stories before it grinds gently to a halt. Who would be amused by this?

23. Third Wheel

Let’s be honest – no one wants to be a third wheel. Exchanging some form of affection when in public is OK, as a short kiss or hand-holding. However, when a couple decides to share a passionate kiss and includes some touching as well, it can become nasty. Plus, it usually makes others uncomfortable.

This elevator joke did just this. It was set by some guys for their YouTube channel, who hired actors to make out and make other people as awkward as possible. Still, the photo of people trying not to look at them is priceless.

22. Crying In Corner

This strange footage was caught in an elevator in an office block. The guy looks like he had a really bad day. Just hearing about someone who is unhappy can be tough, and watching them must be devastating.

Maybe he just got laid off? Maybe his loved one just left him? Maybe both? The older gentleman asks him if he is alright, but the guy doesn’t reply. Eventually, the man in the dress shirt leaves in awe.

21. Proposal

When there is a camera, no one can have private moments. Even the most private ceremony, like the proposal, will be shared with the world, no matter how old you are.

This group of naughty kids is playing in the elevator in their apartment block. At one moment, the boy in the grey sweater kneels down on one knee, takes a plastic ring out of his pocket, and proposes to the little girl in pink, who shyly backs into a corner.

20. A Very Sticky Situation

Like any other day, these two women walk into the elevator, but they didn’t like this little object. The woman with red hair looks straight into the camera. It looked like she was annoyed that it’s there.

Then, just as the doors open, she removes a wad of gum from her mouth and sticks it right on the CCTV camera’s lens. It’s not cool to destroy someone’s property, but again is it cool not to feel safe? One of the questions that we deal with every day with an era of modern technology.

19. Puurr-fect

This fearless kitty lives in an apartment block in China. To her owners and neighbors, she is a superhero. Every morning she opens the door of her apartment and lets herself out for a walkabout. Once she is done with her walk, she will calmly wait for the elevator to arrive and walks in.

Once she is done with her walk, she waits for the elevator to arrive and walks in. She loved to ride the elevator, and everyone in the building makes sure she gets off safely.

18. Bees Around

This footage was captured in an elevator in Mexico. Nothing unusual with this scenery, if there wasn’t for a person covered in white and holding bees…

Can you see how the guy in blue is trying to stand as far back as he can? Being next to a beekeeper can be tricky if you are scared of bees. This isn’t everyday scenery because this was just a prank.

17. Elevator Full Of Robbers

This guy is having a very bad day, and this elevator ride just made it worse. He just minded his own business when suddenly a group of six masked men barged into the elevator at the last second. What a ride, right?!

Don’t worry, this wasn’t a real thing, but a prank planned and executed by the man’s friends to give him the scare of his life. Maybe he should think about finding new friends?

16. Boogy All Day Long

Some people see cameras everywhere, but they just don’t care – they will still do whatever they want. This lady is one of those people, or maybe she had no idea that there is a camera.

Or maybe she just didn’t care who was watching. As soon as she got it, she had an uncontrollable urge to boogie. She sways, twerks, and has the time of her life. When the doors open, she elegantly walked out – as if it never happened.

15. Dance Like Your Life Depends On It

People love dancing in elevators, it seems. There is some secret link between a small space and extraordinary moves. This woman couldn’t control the urge to dance.

She slides down, using the elevator handrail for support as she busts some impressive moves, jerking her head from side-to-side to music only she can hear. If anything, this video makes some people’s day much better.

14. Shoe Gone Awry

This woman strode out of the elevator in her power-suit as if nothing could stand in her way. However, the only thing that takes her power away at that moment was her show.

Her high-heel shoe got trapped in the gap between the elevator and the wall as she exited, which is a big bummer. With an embarrassed look on her face, she scrabbles to dislodge her shoe before the elevator doors close. Yet, she did it, so one big bravo for her and her ready-for-any-situation attitude.

13. One Big No

Sometimes it’s better to choose not to enter the elevator. This woman was patiently waiting for the elevator, but her face was everything but amused when it finally arrived.

The elevator was packed with a mobile disco, mirrorball, dancing guests, and music included. Some people would at least share a smile, but not this lady. Instead of laughing or saying anything, she simply walked away and up the stairs.

12. Strange Man

Two men enter the elevator and stand in awkward silence as they wait to reach their respective floors. Unexpectedly, the younger man begins to move wildly.

It looked as if he performed the Robot dance to music that only he could hear. The older gent looks on disapprovingly but doesn’t say a word before getting off. Sometimes the best thing one can do is to do nothing.

11. Glass Elevator Dance

In some parts of the world, dancing in an elevator is a must. No matter that the elevator is all in glass and that everyone can see you, you should do so when you feel like dancing.

This man is busting moves to what may be some rock song or even some metal creation. Regardless of the music type, he is more than happy to share his moves with his neighbors while only wearing socks.

10. One Watermellon, Please

Nothing like having a snack during the day, especially if it’s hot and you have a watermelon in your hand. This man stands alone in the elevator and enjoying his watermelon, minding his own business.

The elevator stops, a woman appears with her back to the camera. She seems to be arguing with someone. At one moment, she turns, grabs watermelon, and points it in the direction of the person she was arguing with. The person instantly falls. No one knows what happened with the poor victim.

9. Meeting A Star

Meeting a celebrity is always a great moment. Shia LaBeouf is known for his great roles and spectacular independent roles. He is also willing to help starters, such as Luke Turner, and help them boost their career.

Turner is known for original videos, and one of his projects includes him riding an elevator for 24 hours standing and talking with strangers.

8. Elevator Dance Marathon

Again, there is some strange link between dancing and elevator space. This man decided to be a creative, original, and a real elevator dancer. He even grabbed the elevator pole, which eventually split in two.

Elevators handles are designed to bear some weight, not wild dance moves. Musical improvisation in an elevator will almost always end badly. Luckily, no one got hurt.

7. Space Voyage

Some employers love to put people in stressful situations during the job interview. This is the way to see how well potential employees do under pressure and how solution-oriented they really are. However, in this video, the stress level reached another level.

Candidates come to the building, ask where they should go for their interview. Once they enter, the elevator speeds up and ‘launces’ them in the sky. Just watching this is stressful.

6. Alone Baby

How would you react if you saw a baby alone in an elevator? A mother in Brazil suffered enormous stress when her toddlers entered the elevator, and the baby remained inside.

The 3-years-old sibling entered with a baby only to push a button and leave the baby inside. Baby ride for 17 floors right down to the ground. Happily, this adventure ended without an accident, and the aby was returned on the sade.

5. Human Stampedo

Ok, experiencing a human stampede can’t be fun. Being forced upon the glass, barely breathing, is far from entertaining. This is exactly what this gentleman went through.

Just as he was about to exit the elevator, the crowd just rushed him back in. Being pressed by dozens of people must be a scary experience. We can only hope that this person had enough understanding of this cruel joke.

4. Food Bite

Food delivery workers really should have at least one meal during their shift, according to many cameras. Working for eight or more hours on feet with no meals while delivering food must be hard.

So, when an opportunity occurs, it seems fitting that many will grab some food while delivering. Hunger knows no shame, right? Still, always double-check if you got the whole pizza.

3. Public Dancing

Dancing inside the elevator is overrated. Anyone can do it. However, dancing while in uniform in the garage while waiting for an elevator isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This man apparently doesn’t care if anyone sees him jamming via his favorite song. He really has some nice moves and some serious gymnastic knowledge.

2. Hairy Situation

How would you feel if someone were standing behind you and eating your hair… People do unusual things, and this scene is one of the most unusual ones.

A boy and a girl are together in an elevator, alone, with him touching, smelling, and eventually eating her hair. They definitely know one another, or otherwise, she wouldn’t let him do this… Maybe something was stuck in her hair?

1. Elevator Luck

Sometimes, people have just a lot of luck. For some people dancing in an elevator is pure fun, a single moment that brings them joy. For this little girl who spends a few floors dancing, this dance could be the last.

As soon as she left the elevator, jumping, the roof collapsed. Luckily for her, the metal didn’t hit her, or it would be a deadly ride. What a lucky girl!

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