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20 Things All Baby Boomers Think Are Cool

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Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They are currently between 56-74 years old. Just in the States, you have 71.6 million boomers, and they are even today crazy about cool things from their youth. Baby boomers had a unique taste and affection toward unusual fashion items, at least from today’s perspective.

Now, the time has come for the world to hear about Baby Boomer’s favorite items and make the final decision – were these items cool, or were they just wrong choices? Children of the boom, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and let’s see where your generation went wrong. Check the most unusual Baby Boomers things ever.

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20. Cursive

Cursive writing is a true form of art. It takes discipline, practice, and certain mind-calmness. Baby boomers used to send letters, and a lot of them. Every vacation included sending one letter to your family, and it was handwritten, of course.

So, writing cursive was a thing. While it may look pretty, it isn’t that practical. Some would say that it’s an outdated waste of time. If you love spending hours writing in cursive, you should do it, but write more straight lines or send text messages for the official stuff.

19. 24-Hours News Networks

Today we have smartphones and online platforms that are constantly updated with fresh news. Baby Boomers had 24-hours news networks. All-day news to keep people updated on events in the country and in the world.

On June 1, 1980, Ted Turner launched CNN, the first 24-hour cable news operation, and people love dit because it was informative. Now, people are asking just how much this news was real? It’s hard to have fresh news every minute. Here is what Baby boomers loved.

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18. Diamonds

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. At least that was what was told to us by marketing experts. In reality, these diamonds are still pretty, but far from being beautiful.

Today, people know that diamonds are overpriced rocks bought with terror and people’s struggle in Africa. If you love sparkling jewels, choose cubic zirconia, which is cheaper and comes in more colors.

17. Patterned Wallpaper

There was a time when you couldn’t find a home without patterned wallpaper. This interior design style was so popular that the entire home would be covered in different patterns.

Simply said, no room could escape patterned wallpaper. These wallpapers may look fun, but they are too vivid and sometimes may seem tacky. It is always better to go with a solid paint color.

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16. Unpaid Internships

Volunteering is always ok and popular, because giving back to the community matters. Baby boomers are well known for both volunteering and unpaid internship. Yes, unpaid internships were a thing.

“I’m paying you in the experience!” line doesn’t work anymore. People want more, and they don’t want to struggle with their rent and bills. If you insist on unpaid internships, you can always find at least one company searching for free work labor.

15. Crocs

Did you know Crocs was created to be boating shoes? This famous brand debuted back in 2002, and it was an instant success. People loved Crocs because of how durable and practical they are.

Crocs are easy to slip on, and they are comfortable enough. The only downside with Crocs is that they don’t look fashionable enough; they look funny. Still, if you need to wear Crocs, keep them as they are, don’t decorate them further.

14. Blaming Millennials

Every generation goes through specific challenges. Some generations have to deal with economic crises, others with technology development, and others have to learn how to coexist with other people and the planet. Having understood doesn’t mean that you should stay silent when someone is giving you a tough time.

For some reason, older generations have a tough time accepting the new wave and younger people’s desires and needs. Therefore, they often blame them for… well, almost everything! “Snowflakes” are “whiny” and “can’t take a joke” aren’t acceptable anymore.

13. Home Shopping Channels

Home shopping networks were a real deal just a few years ago. People spend so much time in front of a TV that every network has its own selling show. They may seem like a good deal, but they are selling you cheap and useless stuff that you don’t need in reality.

Today, all you have to do is to grab your phone and order clothes online. Baby boomers did the same just instead of a smartphone, and they had a television.

12. High-Waisted Jeans

Ok, this was a Boomer thing, but for some reason, it’s making its way up to now. Many see high-waisted jeans as casual and cute, but in reality, they are far from that.

The main reason why high-waisted jeans aren’t so popular is that they aren’t going to flatter everyone’s body. They will create curves in all the wrong places, and if you aren’t ready to handle that, opt for a safer cut. On the other hand, if you love high-waisted jeans, you do your thing.

11. Writing Checks

With so many online tools and fast access to your finances, having to write checks seems unfitting. Plus, there is nothing worse than when you are in a long line, and someone pulls out their checks. Only one thing is worse than holding the line – making a mistake while filling in checks.

Let’s be honest, it’s so much easier to carry one little card instead of a large stack of checks. You may think that personalized checks are adorable, but they aren’t.

10. Landlines

The phone, internet, and contact list are all in one device today. Moreover, you can take your phone with you wherever you go. So, can you imagine that just a few years ago you had to sit next to your phone and talk? Or that phones were plugged into the wall.

Landlines are out of mass-usage nowadays. You can see them in museums, your grandparent’s house maybe, and maybe some government offices? As a Baby boomer, you may be emotionally attached to this object, but trust us – you will love to be able to walk and talk with your grandchildren.

9. Fossil Fuels

Baby boomers are responsible for two things: consumption culture and over-use of fossil fuels. Oil was so important in the last century that everyone was obsessed with fuel.

However, the world is going on a completely different path, and sustainable energy is real. Saving the ozone is the property, and even Boomers should switch to more sustainable energy usage.

8. The Mall

Malls are out of fashion. Everything today is online, accessible by an app, and people love more outdoor spaces to spend their time with friends and family.

Baby boomers lived to witness the shopping malls expansion, but those times are long behind them. Plus, spending time outdoors is much healthier than staying closed indoors.

7. Khaki Capri Pants

Capris and cropped pants hard to wear because not everyone knows how to wear them. Yet, shops are once again full of these cropped pants, and it seems that the trend is coming back.

Plus, it is really hard to choose the right length of your cropped pants. If you are looking for capri pants, you might see everything from pedal-pushers to clam-diggers to ankle pants.

6. Denim Everything

Denim is great. It’s always in style, it comes ion many sades, and it looks good on everyone. However, there is one thing that can kill denim, and that’s all-denim-outfit.

All great things come in moderation, but Boomers loved all-denim appearance. Even f you are great-grandson of Levi Strauss himself, you should avoid a head-to-toe denim look. It’s just not so stylish as you may believe it is.

5. Jell-O Everything

Jell-O can be great, but you shouldn’t out in everything. Ham, cheese, and tuna should usually go in their natural form. There is no need to make everything Jelly-O.

In the 70s, people loved jelly-o and made everything into jelly form. People just loved gelatin a lot. Now the time has come to put this disgusting chapter behind us once and for all.

4. Encyclopedias

A house cannot be a home without a set of encyclopedias that they probably got from door-to-door salespeople. Knowledge matters and Baby boomers were ready to invest a fortune into a good book.

Now, encyclopedias have become obsolete with Google’s rise, and having them in your home makes it look dated and just takes up space. Still, if you have an extra space or even better, an extra room, you can store them or a few books.

3. Socks and Sandals

Some fashion moments will never become mainstream. That’s the case with this unusual mix of socks and sandals. Yes, it’s practical, and it’s great to have them when hiking, but not in the city center.

Sandals are made, so you don’t need to wear socks so that you can make your foot breath. Your skin needs sun and air to stay fungus-free. Plus, this ninja-socks-style looks ridiculous on everyone.

2. Phone Books

Once upon a time, you could come to the payphone, and you would see massive phone books with everyone’s telephone numbers inside. Now, thanks to digitalization, this item is less than needed.

Today, you can find people’s number online or on their social media. Even if they keep their phone numbers hidden, you can find them on Facebook or similar platforms. So, go digital. Phone books are such a waster of paper, anyway.

1. Ironing

It’s common for Baby boomers to iron everything. Clothes do wrinkle, but not everything requires hours-long ironing. There are easier things to do than ironing for hours – like buying more soon clothes that don’t wrinkle easier or you could take it to the cleaners.

Or wear it wrinkled if it’s not that bad. Literally, nobody cares now if your clothes are a bit wrinkled. Everyone is more chilled today, and you should follow this trend. It will make your life easier.

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