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From Bad To Worse – Design Attempts Showing Us How Messed Up The World Is

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Design is everyhting. You won’t believe just how much attention a good logo or a well-designed line can bring. Thanks to various online tools, almost everyone can try drawing. Some are better than others, while others are professionals. Professionals make small and non-relevant mistakes, while amateurs often make a design that is both scary and hilarious.

This only proves that serious design jobs should be left to professionals. Yet, it’s interesting to see how people missed delivering the best design possible. Do they check their creations before they print them? Probably not! These pictures show that some people do not believe in double-checking before print. They have created disasters, without knowing so. Check some of the world’s worst design fails ever!

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30. Safety Comes First

No matter if you can handle the seas sickness or not, one is for sure – you want to be safe. To ensure boat safety different standards are implemented to keep passengers safe and stress-free.

So, how would you react if you saw a sign saying that the boat isn’t safe? In this case, word order matters. Yet again, if letters were different places, would it be better? Probably not, because the outcome would be the same.

29. Sending The Right Message?

Communicating the right values with children is always tricky. At certain ages, children aren’t interested in lectures, or adult help. So, to get to them, parents, teachers, and educators have to be creative.

Ok, we might be living in a digital world, but lead pencil is always in. After all, children must learn to write, so they could type. This is a perfect design if the lead pencil is never used. Since they are usually used, this is just a drug-promotion free tool.

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28. Fifty Shades Of London

So, London is one of the biggest tourist cities on the planet. Every year, this town is visited by millions of tourists. Everyone wants to take a photo in front of Big Ben and have a stroll inside the famous red busses.

Westminster Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in London. As such, it’s a must-see spot in the UK capital. However, if you want to see these unusual ornaments, make sure that you visit during the day.

27. Should You Be Happy Or Worried?

Happiness is everything. The right amount of happiness per day can keep you alive longer. To provide more happiness in the world people do their best to speak about it, or at least design it as a motivational message.

But… What to do when the design is poorly done? This one clearly says that you shouldn’t be happy. To be precise, it says: Don’t be happy, worry. You see it also, right?

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26. Confusing Stairs

Hotels often have some original items to stay fresh and keep guests entertained. This is no surprise because people love to go back to places that made them feel satisfied.

This hotel went a step further with these confusing stairs. Just imagine walking over after a cocktail night. Then people say that design isn’t relevant.

25. Ain’t This Weird?

Ok, so this cover is clear proof that every publisher needs a professional linguist and a great focus group. People can do something wrong because they aren’t focused on the bigger picture.

That’s why they could use an extra pair of eyes. Kids are weird may not sound unusual, right? However, reading it together with the author’s name sound wrong, correct?

24. South vs. East

You probably know that if you get lost in a forest you should find the sun. This is the ultimate life hack because the sun shows the north. It’s that easy.

However, this pillow couldn’t help you find your way around the living room. Just check how south and east are put. This designer hasn’t looked at a compass in a while, or just got the wrong information.

23. Disney Nose

Finally finishing that puzzle is an amazing feeling. After all, you spend hours searching for the smallest parts to complete the bigger picture. When designed right, every puzzle part is identical with proportional pictures.

This nose is far from a well-planned puzzle design. The main issue here is that nose is nowhere to be seen in lines, so it just looks unusual. Who knows what Disney would say on this.

22. Hairy Sink

Ok… How would you react to this sink design? At first glance, it looks scary and messy. Does it look like there is hair or something worse lying all around?

Would you use it? If this were your only choice, you would use it probably. Still, they should re-think this design. This isn’t the best option for a bathroom… Unless they wanted this for some reason?!

21. Some Things Are Just Wrong

Ok, no matter how much we try to understand and justify some moves… This is just wrong! How is this supposed to work? A design like this one is what makes us grow as a civilization or not.

This design shows that we are still far away from inclusion. According to this design a person should park from the above… Anyhow, it’s just wrong.

20. Who Called The Professor?

Do you need a poop professor? According to this CD, the poop professor had three different versions and an identical brand image.

Sometimes branding attempt can go wrong, no matter how much your try. This may be a swimming pool software, but it will always be a Poop professor.

19. Turn Off The Light

Where the switch at? Some items with questionable design might be funny when it comes to adults. However, when it comes to children and items that they use, rules are strict – they be practical, fun, and without any insinuation.

This kid’s lamp design is everything but OK. This is a major fail. Let’s hope that products were removed fast from the stores. Bed designed kid’s lamp really shouldn’t be available on the market.

18. Any Bird Around?

Nothing like feeding birds in the park, right? You get to enjoy the fresh air, peaceful moments and feed poor birds with some fresh bred crunches. To bird lovers, a sign – bird feeding not allowed can break the world.

However, sometimes tehse signs have sense, like when they are posted on indoor spaces. But… What to do when the sign says that seasoning the birds isn’t allowed? In this case, you better respect the sign?

17. No Pants On?

When running or going to the gym, having the right gear is mandatory. It helps you feel better, perform better, and even keeps you safe in a way.

So, right pants, t-shirt, and sneakers, and you are ready to go. This yellow pencil person knows how important comfortable shoes are, but has no idea that pants should be included in a daily outfit?

16. Pets

Have you watched the movie Pets? It’s hilarious, and if you have ever wanted to know what pets do when their owners aren’t at home, this is a movie for you.

So, what may be so unusual with this billboard? With the first one nothing, but the ideal design is disturbed with the billboard below… Maybe it just shows how life works?

15. Into The Hoop

Sport is one of the most vital things that can help a person live longer, healthier, and happier. So, no matter how much a basketball noise may be annoying during the summer nights, you should enjoy it – it means that someone is having fun and develops a stronger body.

In most cases, basketball courts are far from anything that can be easily broken, like windows. However, this family decided to mix these two and place them as closely as possible, all in one approach. Who knows for how long this window lasted?!

14. Red Stairs

Running down the stairs is never funny. A huge number of accidents happen when people believe that a single stair can’t harm them. However, these stairs look as if they could kill you.

If you make a wrong move here it could cost you your life. After some time, you would probably get used to this unusual design and probably survive.

13. World Map Rug

You can buy almost anything online these days. There is a website for every product, from the middle to the locomotive. With so huge and poorly controlled market possibilities, you can find almost anything. Even a rug with only four continents.

According to this manufacturer, there are four continents and three countries in this big world. Someone missed a geography class, or they do see the world this way.

12. Is This Wrong?

Ok, people would do the most unusual things to get someone’s attention. In most cases, it’s done smoothly, respectfully, and with class. In other cases, it’s done with questionable methods and visuals.

Similar to this poster – isn’t somehow disturbing? What kind of message does this design send? Take more before you give to the poor? They probably had the best intention, but it just seems wrong somehow, right?

11. Good Afternoon

Anyone who runs a business or has a role in a higher management position knows that customer review is everything. To gather as much information as possible from their customers, business owners are creative.

They do their best to make surveys short, fun, and done right! However, this survey is far from done properly. Here, the excellent and poor button can confuse you and push you to rate wrongly. Ah! To err is human.

10. A Design That Can Kill

You may be a gun lover or not, but you must agree on one thing – this design can get you killed. People can create fun things that can also be dangerous, and this is one of those examples.

This is a school example of how to get shot 101. There are no words to describe just how dangerous this gun-phone design is. Let’s hope that it was just for photo shooting.

9. Tile Text

Ok, this is a classic mistake. If you aren’t familiar with online ordering, you can easily make this mistake. Whenever you see text ‘sample text here’ you should type in what you want to print there, your own words and desires.

This serves only to show you where text can be placed. So, next time you see this in your Airbnb place, be gentle. Mistakes do happen, and we are all only humans.

8. Is It A Stage Or A Toilet?

Show biz is like nothing else in this world. People who run it try to out top themselves with every next performance. In most cases, these stages look amazing and really inspire people to jam better and dance harder.

However, from time to time flashy stages might look unusual from the above, like Ariana Grande’s stage. From a bird’s perspective, it looks a bit like a giant toilet, but since the real party is on the floor, no one cares about it.

7. Where The Trash At?

A good promotion has to be clear and to have a well-shaped and defined CTA. In the world of advertising, CTA stands for Call To Action. Here the CTA is obvious. It says – Don’t leave it on the beach, put it in the bin!

However, CTA and photo aren’t well-aligned, and the bigger accent is put on a child rather than on a pile of something nasty on him. This sign states that you shouldn’t leave your kid on the beach and instead you should put it in the bin?

6. Rules For Pedestrians

How you and your kid cross the stress is important. It’s crucial to educate children on traffic safety and how to get from home to school safely. To promote traffic safety, government and non-governmental associations do their best to constantly promote traffic safety.

One of the most common ways is bus posters. However, when placed poorly, it just might send a different message. Like that you should step in front of a bus…

5. Herb Tea

Do you love herbs? Having a favorite tea is fine, as long as it’s all-herbs. At first reading, this cup holds herpes instead of herbs? Still, it’s hilarious.

The color is nice, the font is great, and even the flower is amazing. The only issue here is positioning. What may seem good on paper, is not mandatory great in reality.

4. Supporting Local Cause

What you support in your community matters. Being open about things that you care about is everything these days. So, when your passion solves a problem within your community, it’s ok to share with the rest.

For that purpose, you can use a good design and an open-sign to invite others to support your cause. However, this sign looks wrong when observed from afar. In fact, from afar, this sigh has a completely different meaning.

3. Where Do We Go Now?

Some architectural designs are so epic, that people can’t understand it … like ever! This model in this photo is one of these mysterious designs that people cannot use.

These stairs are far from practical. If anything, this one of a kind shelter can be a home for stray cats and dogs? If humans cannot use it, maybe animals can.

2. Dog Camp

We have here what seems a nice set for children. In one place are humans and animals, in specific roles. The Dalmatian is a firefighter, while every dog breed has a different role.

Paw camp – sound nice as a title, right? However, paw concentration camp doesn’t sound nice at all. Even the biggest companies make mistakes.

1. All A’s

This sign is a nice reminder that we all need a friendly opinion on trademark representation. It’s clear that they wanted to point out the best of their offer, but this text, with a child’s photo next to it…

It just sends the wrong message! On top of the unlucky design, this sign is for a private catholic school, which makes things only worse.

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