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25 Costume Mistakes And Wardrobe Malfunctions In Movies

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Making a movie is a long process. It takes time, year-long planning, huge budgets, and appealing stories that will move people to tears and change their lives. Movies are part of a huge industry where everything is well-planned. Everyone has a specific role and each contribution matters. Costuming is a small part of movies, but one of the most important ones. Costumes can perfectly transport us to another era, make emotions stronger, and make us believe the story.

For example, if the stars of Gone With the Wind were dressed like people from the 1990s, would you believe the story? Of course not, you would know that it’s a fake one. After all, great costumes can make movies evergreen! However, sometimes costumes can go from bad to worse in no time and destroy the movie. There are countless opportunities when costumes just went wrong. There are countless opportunities for movie costume mistakes to happen, and we have listed them.

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25. ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: A Cairo Local Is Wearing Jeans

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ is one of the most popular movies from the Indiana Jones franchise. For any, this movie is a masterpiece. If there wasn’t for only one error…

On the left, you can see a man wearing jeans and a white T-shirt – very modern. Locals in Cairo, Egypt during the 1930s definitely didn’ty wear modern jeans and a regular T-shirt. Luckily, this scene is so amazing that only rare one can notice this.

24. ‘Glory’: A Civil War Soldier Sports a Watch

Glory is one of the best movies ever made about the civil war. Telling the stories about the civil war is always challenging. It’s not easy to show the civil war authenticity and the importance of that event.

So, seeing something that is digital was impossible. Plus, there wasn’t anything digital in 1863. Here you can see a cast member wearing a wristwatch. This happens when people aren’t committed to their characters and when production overlooks this.

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23. ‘Braveheart’: Kilts Were Not Yet Invented

Braveheart is one of those movies that can inspire you to pick up a sword and run into the battle. Gibson was amazing as a Scottish freedom fighter from the 13th century, which needs to overcome various obstacles and become what he needs to be.

The Scottish face paint is historically accurate, but it does match the outfits – face paint would not have been worn at the same time as those famous kilts.

22. ‘Dirty Dancing’: Short Shorts Were Not Yet Popular

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Dirty Dancing? This movie has it all, a love story, numerous twists, great music, and some serious dance moves. Plus, one of the memorable character names ever… Who could forget Baby?

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey have created one of the most memorable characters ever, that generations love. Among so many dance scenes, one looks differently… You can see here Jenniffer in jean shorts only dancing around. However, jean shorts didn’t become wildly popular until the 1970s, thanks to Patti Smith and Debbie Harry’s rock legends.

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21. ‘The Last Samurai’: Tom Cruise’s Armor Was Antiquated

In The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise plays a retired officer for the State, who fight Japanese samurai warriors. Samurai lifestyle was popular during the 1800s, and the movie is set in 1870, with authentic outfits and weapons.

However… The costume department made a mix-up? Tom and isn’t wearing authentic armor from 1870, but an armor from two centuries earlier. After all, who can tell the difference?

20. ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’: Portman’s Hair Should Have Been Worn Back

Natalie Portman did a fantastic job portraying one of the Boleyn girls. Portraying a lady from 16th century France is challenging, but it’s definitely easier when you wear old-time fashion items and centuries-old jewelry. What is wrong here is actually fixed on Natalie’s head, with her hairstyle, to be precise.

According to 16th-century fashion, her hair should be pulled back underneath. It was scandalous for a woman of rank to allow her hair to be seen in public.

19. ‘Schindler’s List’: Women in Concentration Camps Did Not Shave

When you need a movie to inspire you, make you cry, or make you question your life choices, you should watch Schindler’s List. This movie isn’t for every age, so children shouldn’t watch this movie until they are fully emotionally mature.

The women in Schindler’s List were all portrayed with smooth legs and armpits, but this is far from the truth. The truth is that women in concentration camps would never have been given access to razors of any kind. It’s a commonly overlooked mistake.

18. ‘Back to the Future’: This Guitar Was Not Yet Invented

‘Back to the Future’ is such a beloved movie. It has numerous ionic scenes, making it one of the greatest films of all time. One of the most memorable scenes was when Marty jams on guitar. There is only one issue with this scene…

Here you can see an ES-345 model Gibson guitar, which is by definition described as a very cool guitar. However, it was manufactured in 1958. The movie, as they stress so frequently, was set in 1955.

17. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: The British Navy Was Not Scarlet

The redcoats are coming… and ahead of their time! It’s known that there is a bond between the UK and the USA that lasted for decades. Often, many movie creations portray this connection by putting redcoats when needed. The first Pirates of the Caribbean film is set sometime in the 1720s, while the popular red coats were created in 1747.

The men still wore red, but their uniform was a darker and more inexpensive shade called madder red before that. The scarlet coats were reserved for officers and sergeants.

16. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Do You See A Cowboy Hat?

Ok… Johnny Deep did a fantastic job with his character, as famous Jack Sparrow. He brought us a fun and unusual character who has a love-hate relationship with everyone.

If you look carefully, you may see a guy wearing a white t-shirt and a cowboy hat! It’s probably super obvious that pirates and cowboy don’t go hand in hand. Plus, there are no cows in the ocean.

15. ‘The Empire Strikes Back’: Han Solo Wears a Jacket

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is full of iconic moments, but few mistakes make this movie memorable. Do you remember the famous romantic scene in the second Star Wars film?

First, Han Solo is seen shackled, then unshackled. Then you can see him shackled again in alternating scenes. Then, all of a sudden, you can see him wearing his jacket, when before he was without it. So confusing.

14. ‘The Wizard of Oz’: Dorothy’s Hair Is Long, Then Short

For some reason, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is full of different mistakes, but we still love it. Frequent mistakes here are mostly related to Dorothy’s hair. Why? It keeps changing lengths!

In different scenes, it goes from medium to extremely long. There is a simple reason for this – movies are rarely shot in order, and reshoots are necessary. However, this changed over time, and acting crews are required to keep their hair the same length for the shooting process’s entirety.

13. ‘Django Unchained’: Sunglasses?

Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was a significant hit from the first projection. Every plot line is carefully designed, actors are amazing, and movies have more than one spontaneous scene. However, there is one scene that makes everyone question the entire movie’s authenticity.

You can see Jamie Foxx wearing a highly stylized pair of round sunglasses. The issue here is that glasses didn’t exist in 1858 America. Although this may seem like a mistake, it was done on purpose, just for syle. Classic Tarantino.

12. ‘Captain America (The First Avenger)’: The Actress’ Hair Should Be Up

In the first of the Captain America films, Peggy Carter’s hair reached her shoulder. This may seem like an ordinary hairstyle from the decade, but it’s far from that.

This would be a big no-no in the army. During WWII, female soldiers and special agents were required to wear their hair up. This way, their uniform collar would be easy to see.

11. The King’s Speech: The King Was Wearing The Wrong Kilt

Could you imagine anyone else but Colin Firth portraying a King with speaking problems? Probably not, because this famous actor has the performance of his lifetime in The King’s Speech.

He prepared very long for this role and completely nailed it. In one of the scenes, the King is wearing an Irish design on his kilt. However, for full accuracy, he should have been wearing a Scottish Balmoral model.

10. ‘Pompeii’: Too Many Purple Robes

Pompeii is based on real-life events, but not every scene is 100% accurate. If you invested your time watching this movie, you know that many characters throughout the movie are wearing purple robes.

Little is known apparently because purple was a color worn exclusively by the nobility. Why? The dye was very expensive to make. So, at the time, only Nero, the emperor at the time, worn this color. He even places it in the law so that anyone who broke the law would be sentenced to death.

9. ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’: An Extra

Harry Potter fans know how much time, effort, and love was put into the Harry Potter franchise. Still, mistakes do happen – even to the best ones.

You can see here a famous duel scene between Harry and Malfoy. You can also see a crew member standing among Harry’s classmates. The editor darkened the background enough that he can barely be seen. Maybe they just had to make an extra crowd?

8. ‘Pearl Harbor’: Bare Legs Were Not Appropriate Back Then

When it comes to historical or period movies, the right costume is everything. Not only that style should fit a certain era, but there are millions of small details that can ruin the whole movie experience.

Truth be told, it can be tricky to get all of the facts right. This movie tells how the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 and portrays the women at the front wearing skirts but no stockings. At the time, ladies would never be seen bare legged.

7. ‘Jurassic Park’: Grant’s Hair Is Combed

Jurassic Park has a great story, a fantastic twist, and long-gone animals that are trying to survive. Plus, numerous special effects are breathtaking even today, 30 years later.

They thought about many things, but they missed to think about actors’ hair. One of the lead actors had his hair fine in one shot but messy a second later. If this is the worst mistake, we forgive them.

6. ‘The Untouchables’: Kevin Costner’s Lapels Are Wrong

The Untouchables is set in the 1930s, but Kevin Costner’s suit isn’t aligned with that timeline. His suits were a great asset to help him make his character more real, but there was a small mistake.

In the 1930s, suits had lapels, but they were usually more extensive and more pronounced than seen here. The coats were also usually double-breasted.

5. The Mummy: Transportation

The Mummy was a big hit. It was so popular that two more movies were filmed, and even brought an additional film, The Scorpion King. With this movie, we aren’t talking about costume mistake, but rather a funny mistake. During the climax, our heroes are surrounded by mummies; they start firing and killing them.

Viewers may have noticed that Jonathan and Ardeth magically switch sides around Rick in one quick take. Even the director acknowledged this mistake later on.

4. Gone With The Wind: The Lamps Were Electric

According to many movie experts, Gone with the Wind is one of the best movies ever filmed. Since it was filmed in 1939, the cast and crew had on reach – let’s say, advanced technology.

There is one scene where Melanie picks up a lamp, and an electric cord is clearly visible. In other scenes, you can see electric lightbulbs in the lamps. This couldn’t be the case since the movie portrays the Civil War era.

3. ‘Gladiator’: Jeans Everywhere

We still can get over the last scene in Gladiator. Did anyone? This movie gave us so much – great actors, historical setting, fantastic story, and heartbreaking ending. They did their best to bring the old-time back to life.

However, there is one thing that they definitely forgot – to tell extras not to wear modern jeans. Denim definitely wasn’t popular material in ancient Rome. Actually, they didn’t wear pants.

2. ‘Gladiator’: Sport Shorts

Sports shorts were definitely not a thing in ancient Rome. We get it – actors couldn’t walk around without wearing anything underneath their skirts, but they could deal with a strange camera angle?

In this scene, Maximus loses his footing and tumbles in the dirt. As he rolls over, you can see Russell’s modern items. Since this was a really good film, fans should look another way for this tiny mistake.

1. Fast & Furious 7: Fight Scene In A Dress

Girls fighting in elegant dresses look great, because you cannot but admire their moves while looking gala. However, a dress isn\t a practical fighting item.

As expected, a dress died in this scene. Michelle Rodriguez did a fight scene alongside Ronda Rousey, and the dress came apart as quickly during the action.

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