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The Best And Worst Reasons To Quit Your Job – Finally Listed

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In these tough economic times, having a job is considered a privilege. Quitting your job has to be one of the trickiest things one can do in their career. This is all thanks to the uncertainty of the future.

While there are bad reasons to quit a job, there are also plenty of good reasons that can push you to quit. Many people from the older generation believe in sticking it out even when it gets unbearable. The young millennials of today, however, live by a completely different set of rules.

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Before quitting a job, it is important to find out the root cause of it. Here are some of the best and worst reasons to leave your job.

The Best Reasons To Quit Your Job

1. Relocation

Moving to a new location may require that you quit your job. This is usually the case unless the company has another branch in the area you’re moving to. In that case, you can request a transfer. Relocations happen mostly for family people when one spouse is transferred to a new location.

2. Poor Working Environment

The working environment can be overwhelming for some because of all the pressure exerted on one to perform. Strict deadlines are usually put in place for delivery and this can prove too much especially when they are unrealistic.

Negative working cultures directly affect your performance. Lack of proper resources and structures in place to ease the working process is a good reason to quit. If your job is doing more harm than good in terms of your health then it is probably time to call it quits. This can also be in terms of stress and a boss who is always raining hellfire over your head.

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3. Furthering Your Studies

Learning truly never stops. It is considered a good reason to quit your job to get an education if you are required in class full-time. This is a way of investing in yourself. If you study part-time, you can always choose to stay at work to ensure your finances are covered.

4. Better Opportunity

It is a good reason to quit a job if and when a better job opportunity presents itself. It may be better in terms of the working environment, flexible hours as well as salary.

Before quitting though, it is important to ensure that all the papers are in order and the job offer is signed and ready for you. If not, you could lose out on both jobs and find yourself in the streets.

5. Illness

Family circumstances determine whether a person can stay or leave a job. If you or a member of your family is ill, it is okay to quit your job and take care of them. Many women quit their jobs after giving birth because many offices do not offer flexibility to the new moms who need to take care of their infants and that is okay too.

The Worst Reasons To Quit Your Job

1. Boredom

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No job in this world doesn’t entail a level of monotony and routine to it. Quitting because you feel bored is a bad reason.

2. They Passed You Up For A Promotion

People are always looking for more opportunities to scale up in their companies and take home more money. More money comes with more responsibilities. If you don’t land a promotion, don’t give up. You’ll get it the next time. It is, however, a bad reason and proof that you are a sore loser if you quit when someone else gets promoted instead of you.

3. Getting Criticized By Your Boss

Unless you are the CEO, the hierarchical power structure in jobs ensures that there is always someone to report to in the office. These bosses usually get pressure from above to deliver and in turn exert pressure on employees. While everyone hates any form of criticism, some of it from your boss is bound to make you better at your job.

Bosses everywhere criticize their employees so if you decide to fold over this and quit, you will be quitting a whole lot of jobs in the future.

4. Entrepreneurship

It is okay to start a business on the side while you are still employed. It is, however, an awful mistake to quit your job to start a business you have not already seen its potential for success. Entrepreneurship usually looks like a dream when you see the lavish lives other entrepreneurs are living, but the situation on the ground is different.

Until you experience the work and failures it comes with, it is a good idea to keep your job.

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