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10 Best Cities For Digital Nomads

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Tech has overtaken the job market in the last years, and there are more and more people taking advantage of the flexibility this new range of jobs is offering. Freelancers, or, how some of them like to be called, digital nomads, work for their clients or work remotely for IT companies with a possibility of choosing the location where they will get the job done.

While this may sound like a great, easygoing thing to do, after a while this “nomadic” way of living might drain your finances if you don’t choose wisely the city you’re going to live in.

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In the last years, there have been some cities that are claimed to be new digital nomad’s meccas, but there are plenty of other rare gems that are being discovered by freelancers coming from all over the world. But what are the factors that influence the choice of the temporary living location of the digital nomads? Let’s list what makes a great digital nomad destination.

  • Affordable short-term cost of living
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Community of other digital nomads
  • Consistent weather
  • Laidback culture
  • Convenience
  • Dating opportunities
  • Safety

Of course, each of the cities won’t satisfy all the factors equally, but all cities on this list are count like amazing destinations where it’s not only convenient to live for a shorter period of time, but they are all fun in their own way.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Almost all digital nomads know that Chiang Mai is considered to be the digital nomad mecca. It’s not only inexpensive to live in and easy to get around, but this Thai city has a lot of coworking spaces available for freelancers and has an expanding expat community.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is very close to being the digital nomad capital of the world. While Chiang Mai is more suited for bootstrapping entrepreneurs, Bali is more of a holiday location to relax and work.

The island has been popular as a touristic destination for decades now, but it became a great freelance location only recently. It all started in 2013 when the first coworking space opened, but, ever since the island has seen a dramatic rise in new coworking spaces open across the island.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Having two cities in the top 10 digital nomad destination, it is safe to say that Thailand is the best country for remote workers that live abroad.

Not only Bangkok has an incredible number of coworking spaces spread around the city, but it is also a very exciting destination to visit. It has a great digital nomad scene and an incredible nightlife scene.

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4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh city is often visited by the digital nomad entrepreneurs for its great reputation of being very similar to Bangkok. Somehow, this city is known as the best place to start your online business.

It is also known as Saigon and has over 8 million people.

5. Medellin, Colombia

Finally a city out of Asia! Medellin is among the newest digital nomad hotspots out there. Don’t worry about Pablo Escobar stories, they are long past from the city’s present. In fact, today it is a very popular touristic and digital destination for its low cost of living, exciting nightlife, laidback culture, and good internet.

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a very popular stopover city in the most of digital nomad’s journey. Some of these nomads look for the nearest place for a border run or are simply looking for their next destination.

Although nomads usually don’t stay here for longer periods of times, Kuala Lumpur is still a very visited digital destination for its overall convenience.

7. Budapest, Hungary

Now, Europe! Budapest is among the best digital nomad capitals of the old continent. It might not be as cheap and convenient as some Asian cities we previously mentioned, but when compared to cities in Western Europe Budapest actually has a pretty low cost of living.

This city is most popular during the summer, and it will provide you with everything you need to live a comfy digital nomad lifestyle.

8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is in our opinion the best European destination for digital nomads. In the German capital, you won’t only find apartment rentals at convenient prices, but you will also find great nightlife, artsy people and amazing coworking spaces. Everyone here speaks perfect English, so you won’t be needing German to get around.

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If you want to get inspired by a city’s incredible vibe. Berlin is the way to go.

9. Belgrade, Serbia

Well, this is definitely a destination you probably haven’t heard of. However, Belgrade is receiving more and more recognition in the nomad community each year. While Serbian’s capital is definitely one of the most underrated cities in the world, it offers a lot to a digital nomad lifestyle.

The cost of living is quite cheap, the size of the city is not too big not too small, the speed of internet is fast and Belgrade is also considered as a great destination for nightlife and dating!

10. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Most of the things you are able to find in Thailand you can find in Mexico too. Playa del Carmen will just give you that “paradise”-kind of living you’ve been longing for. Cost of living is quite low, and for the small price, you’re paying you get to spend your time in one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Nature here is wonderful, and the nomad scene is still quite small, so you can take a profit from this place while it’s still unexplored.

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