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Top 15 Best Paid Jobs In 2019 Ranked

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The best-paid jobs include positions in healthcare, information technology, data analytics, consulting, finance, engineering, and law. Why do workers in these occupations earn the most?

If you’re wondering which career you should pursue if you want to earn high salary, then you’re at the right place. We’re giving you insight to the Glassdoor.com survey report on the jobs that pay the most. Let’s see which jobs are more lucrative and are in high demand.

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*The data collected is valid for the U.S.

15. Solutions architect

The career of Solutions architect is the 15th best paid job in the U.S. this year with a salary of $102,160. The job of a solutions architect is to determine design requirements for projects that involve business lines, software/hardware developers and vendors.
They also have to define strategies for technical solutions, determine requirements and develop functional designs. Cities where the demand for solutions architects is in high demand are: San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles, CA.

14. IT Program Manager

IT program managers work with all levels of customers, and they oversea a team of IT professionals that are engaged in various projects. Their job is different than a one of a regular program manager because it has a broader scope.
An IT program manager manages a range of initiatives, supervises other project managers, and works to achieve a particular organizational outcome. The salary of a IT program manager in the U.S. is of $102,969.

13. Plant Manager

The job of astonishing $103,892 salary is the one of a plant manager. Chicago, Houston, New Hampton, Memphis and Milwaukee are cities that are in need of plant managers. But what is this job about?

They are responsible for the method of safe manufacturing of products in the required quantity at the optimal quality and at minimal cost. They supervise production schedules in various departments and make sure that finished goods and shipments are maintained at the proper level.

12. Applications Development Manager

What application development managers do is communicate with all levels of management and development teams. They prioritize staff needs for IT applications, devise project plans and identify critical paths and projects risks in the early stage of a project cycle.

For the average U.S. salary of $104,048 they hire, train and supervise developers, making sure that each employee is matched with a project appropriate to his skills.

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11. Engineering Manager

Similarly to the applications development manager, engineering managers hire, train and supervise teams of engineers. They coordinate different teams in projects and determine and execute plans for product development.

Engineering managers control budgets and do regular value analysis that helps them identify new opportunities for cost savings and a more efficient process of production. An average salary of an engineering manager in the U.S. stands at $105,260.

10. Software Architects

Software architects are in high-demand in the cities of San Jose, Boston, Chicago, San Diego and New York. Their jobs is to perform high-level design choices and to determine technical standards, including software coding standards, tools and platforms.

They research, design, and test new technologies and vendor solutions in order to find best technical solutions and system designs. A software architect would get an average salary of $105,329 in the U.S.

9. Nurse Practitioner

The job of a nurse practitioner is to assess patient symptoms, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe medications. Also they can treat minor injuries, but for complicated cases they have to consult physicians or refer patients to other medical professionals.

An average salary of a nurse practitioner in the U.S. is of $106,962. This position is most wanted in Los Angeles, Portland, Baltimore, Columbus and Phoenix.

8. Software engineering managers

Every technological services company that deals with software needs a software engineering manager. This individual runs and improves software product by assembling a team of software engineers that can work most efficiently in order to achieve desired results.

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They not only improve existing product engineering processes, but also develop new projects and create teams that would sustain them. In the U.S. an average salary of a software engineering manager is $107,479 .

7. Physician Assistants

Physician assistants earn $108,761 on average. They interview patients and take their medical histories. A job of physician assistant is to determine symptoms, perform a diagnosis and devise treatment plans as well as prescribe medications.

Similarly to Nurse practitioners, in complicated cases they have to consult physicians and refer patients to other medical specialists.

6. Software Development Managers

Software development managers do what the name of the profession says: they develop software products. However, these software have to fulfill certain specifications defined by an internal group or by customers.

They create and supervise the entire product development process, from specification and prototyping to testing and technical documentation. How much does a software development manager earn on average? In the U.S. we’re talking about $108,879.

5. Corporate Counsels

Corporate counsels are staff attorneys for businesses. They take care of relationships with contracted law firms, and advise business owners on the legal implications of their business practices.

A corporate counsel reviews commercial contracts and supervises compliance with industry regulations. For this job, an individual working in the U.S. would get an average of $115,580.

4. Enterprise Architects

An Enterprise architect works closely with stakeholders in order to develop a organization’s strategy. He has to ensure a proper IT and business alignment.

Individual working as a enterprise architect has to connect the organization’s business mission, methodology and processes to its IT strategy. An average salary for this position would be of $115,944.

3. Pharmacists

Everyone knows what a pharmacists job is: to interpret doctors prescriptions for medications, analyze potential drug interactions and educate patients about use and side effects of prescribed medications and medications in general.

However, they also have to dispense medications according to standards and resolve issues regarding insurance coverage of medications. An average salary a pharmacist would get in the U.S. is $127,120.

2. Pharmacy Managers

The second paid job is also from the healthcare field. Pharmacy managers’ job is to oversee pharmacy operations for hospitals, drugstores, and healthcare insurers. They also hire, supervise and train staff.

A pharmacy manager has to establish and monitor protocols that ensure a safe dispensation of medicines. For this job you would get an whooping average salary of $146,412.

1. Physicians

The best paid job in 2019 is the one of a physician. It seems to be a fair thing, considering amount of time spent studying and the responsible role they have in the society. As you already know, physicians take care of patients, they diagnose, treat illnesses, prescribe medications, perform surgical procedures, and refer patients to other specialists.

A well-earned average salary of a physician in the U.S. is $195,842.

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