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The 7 Best Personal Finance Apps To Help You Boost Your Finance Life

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Lately, so many people have been having bad money spending habits which later kick us in the behind when the need for the money arises.

Very few are actually connoisseurs when it comes to the management of money, planning, and budgeting.

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Not everyone can do double-entry bookkeeping but this has been simplified by technology. It does not mean that people do not want to save, just that some do not know-how.

The tech world has come to their rescue by providing platforms to manage and micromanage their monies effectively and efficiently.

Below are some of the best personal finance applications that will come in handy to aid the vast majority.

The applications are available to all devices with an android or iOS.


Mint has been ranked the best application above all for its outstanding simplicity and breakdown of one’s finances. If you want to save more and spend less, then this is your go-to app.

The management platform synchronizes all accounts so as to ensure total accountability.

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The application updates automatically upon transactions done and alerts users when they spend way overboard their maximum threshold.

Mint also measures one’s credit score which is free of charge.

You Need A Budget, YNAB

YNAB is available on both iOS and Android users. It now charges a fixed fee of $7 monthly to its subscribers which were effected in October 2019.

YNBA is built upon four rules for its users who plan to operate on a zero budget. It helps one account for every dollar that they have.

The rules are as follows; every dollar counts, let your money age like fine wine, have valid expenses and embrace them and simply roll with the hard times.

YNAB has detailed reports to show exactly where to reduce spending. There is a peoviciency of a 34 day trial for new users and 12 months for students.


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This application assists users in the payment and settling pending bills. Prism has clients from small and medium scale companies as well as banks in addition to individuals.

With Prism, you can pay your bills in advance or on that due date to curb delays leading to penalties.

One can use the app to settle bills as well. Overall, it is used by over 11,000 bills.

Personal Capital

If you are sourcing for an application to manage your assets and investments, look no further for Personal Capital has got you covered.

It does not only manage your wealth but also your day to day spending.

Personal Capital has networked with more than 10,000 financial institutions which have made it easier for users to efficiently link their accounts and go on with their personal transactions.


Spendee is an app ideally designed to serve more than an individual. One can share a wallet in the account with multiple friends and family.

It can be used to manage finances put together in a household or with friends with a common goal. There is a budget planner and also a bill payment platform.

Spendee has proved to go above the most highly ranked applications with their services. It also tracks the progress of spending withing its subscribers shared wallets.

Spendee keeps you in the budget for hance efficient management of money.


PocketGuard is secure management and tracking application that enables its users to connect their bank accounts and card details.

A user is able to see how much they have in their account and also manage how much one is able to spend in a day.

The app automatically pays bills in due time and calculate what is remaining to spend safely without going beyond your means. It is a free application accessible to both iOS and Android users.


Mobills is voted in as the best up with outstanding visuals. One’s spending is well categorized making it easy to track your daily spending as per the budget one is living on.

The application is well designed for the user to have an interactive look to allow one to plan and analyze their finances.

To the users who have credit cards, they can easily see their credit score and also view the balance left for them to spend.

Bills can also be paid using the app making it have a good practicality score. A one-stop-shop. It has a free version that has limited functions and one that subscribers pay a monthly fee for premium services.


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