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10 Best Questions To Ask Hiring Manager At The End Of An Interview

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Job interviews give many people anxiety because naturally, your career’s future is on the line.

While they can be very tensed, the interviewee is usually given a few minutes to reign supreme as well.

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An interview should be a two-way street so before going into one, it is always advisable to have a set of questions ready to ask the hiring manager.

These can be around four questions that are carefully thought out and specific to the job you are being interviewed for.

When most people get ready for an interview, they usually prepare in terms of their attire and getting the answers right. They, however, forget or unaware of the power that having questions for the hiring manager poses.

Your questions may quite literally make or break your shot at landing the job. 

Try and ask insightful questions as that shows the hiring manager that you are taking the role seriously.

Your cue to ask these questions usually comes towards the end of the interview when the hiring manager asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

When preparing for this question, ensure you have job-specific questions about your role and some directed to the hiring manager and their problem.

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Here are the best questions to ask when the mic is handed to you.

1. What Is The History Of This Position?

This is a very essential question when going into an interview as it opens the floor to the conversation about your role’s history.

The hiring manager’s response will give you insights into what happened to the person who previously occupied your seat; were thy fired or promoted?

It will give you a sense of what is in store for you as well.

You ill also get to know if it is a new role that has just been introduced.

2. What Are Your Expectations For Successful New Hires In The First 6 Months?

This question will show the hiring manager that you are eager to start the job and start hitting all the targets and goals.

It will also give you a sense of how much work is really in store for you.

3. What Are Some Challenges I Should Expect In This Role?

While during the interview a hiring manager could paint a rosy picture of the job, this question gives you insights into the problems they face.

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4. How Do You Measure Success In My Role?

This is a good question as it also prepares you for the work you are about to embark on.

5. How Do You Help Your Team Grow Professionally?

This question will enable you to know if opportunities for learning and growing in the company exist.

Do they pay for employees coaching and the likes? If you are looking to grow and they don’t seem eager to build their employees’ capacities then that could be the wrong place for you.

6. Where Do You See The Company In Three Years?

This shows the hiring manager that you are looking to pitch your tent there and grow with the company for the long haul.

Hiring managers always like people who are willing to commit because then they don’t have to keep teaching new employees the job and keep having interviews.

Their answer will also give you a sense of whether the company is there to stay.

7. I Read X About Your Company In Business Insider. Care To Expound About This?

More than anything, this question shows the hiring manager that you have taken time to do your research and homework about the company.

8. What Is The Typical Career Path Here For A Person Hired Into This Role?

This question will give you perspective on whether there are chances to climb up the corporate ladder or not.

9. How Did You Land In Your Career?

While overly personal questions are a no-no at an interview, a question like this gives the hiring manager a chance to talk about themselves.

Let’s face it, all humans like to talk about themselves. Try and squeeze in a question about themselves like what keeps them motivated or why they decided to work for this company.

You won’t believe the power this question holds.

10. Do You Have Any Questions Or Hesitations About My Qualifications?

Smart and seasoned job seekers always ask this question before leaving an interview.

For starters, this question gives the hiring manager room to get clarification on a few things that might have worried him.

It also gives you the chance to reassure him that you are well qualified for the role.

The hiring manager’s answer will also give you a sense of whether to expect to land the job or just move on.


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