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The Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi

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If you are lucky enough to live near an Aldi store, you know their amazing deals and excellent items. If you don’t live near this famous store, you have probably heard about its high-quality products, delicious food, and fantastic drink creations.

Plus, this German grocery chain is known for its really low, low prices. At Aldi, you will pay only $0.89 for a loaf of bread or $1 for a dozen eggs. The store management claims that if you choose its store-brand products, you can save as much as 50% over national brands. Still, some Aldi skeptics claim otherwise, and that not everything at Aldi is so affordable. We’ he rounded up a list of some of the best and worst things to buy at Aldi. Plan your next shopping accordingly, using these tips.

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28. Don’t Buy: Meat (Especially Chicken)

At Aldi, you can find everything, from children’s toys to chicken breasts. Still, you should know that although something is affordable, it doesn’t mean that’s great. For some products, it’s better to check your local store first.

When it comes to meat products, its always a smart move to check prices at other stores. In 2016 Timmerman’s comparison found that Kroger had lower prices on chicken breast and ground turkey than Wal-Mart or Aldi. Other people compared additional brands and discovered that deals at local supermarket chains had better meat prices.

27. Buy: Organic Items

If you love organic food and your wallet can handle it, you should shop for Aldi’s organic food. The chain is still missing on extensive selection as your typical Whole Foods, but it’s still a good and low-cost alternative for the organic version.

Aldi has lower organic produce prices, including beef, milk, grains, coffee, and other products. On discount days, you can find organic products for even lower prices.

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26. Don’t Buy: Paper Towels And Toilet Paper

You may be attracted by Aldi prices and great discounts to buy everything on your site, but you should think twice when it comes to toilet paper and paper towels. You may shop these items as Target or even in your local supermarket.

The prices are often similar to those at Aldi. For shopping for these items, you should have a simple strategy and buy whenever you see a discount. These products can’t go bad so that you can store them for months.

25. Buy: Chocolate

Aldi is a great choice to shop if you are a chocolate lover. This is one of the most interesting Aldi products since they always have many chocolates and some of the world’s best ones.

Aldi is stocking some of the best and most affordable imported German chocolates. They are great as a gift, or simply to stock for those days when you need something sweet to eat. So, if you love chocolate, you should visit this store section every time.

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24. Don’t Buy: Ziptop Bags

Bags and freezers are great solutions to pack food and other goods that you can take with you. Keeping sandwiches fresh is super easy when you place them in a ziptop bag.

Yet, several people have complained of a drop in quality and a switch from a double to a single seal. If you prefer high-quality ziptop bags, you might stick with a brand name rather than saving a few pennies at Aldi.

23. Buy: Gluten-free Products

Going gluten-free is a big change, but it can be easier when you have the right ingredients on hand. Since health comes with a price, eating gluten-free can be expensive at first. So, not so stress your wallet too much, visit Aldi for gluten-free products.

Aldi has a rich liveGfree line of products, including gluten-free pancakes, pretzels, cookies, baking mixes, and pasta. Prices on these gluten-free products at Aldi are lower than identical items at Whole Foods, according to GoBankingRates.

22. Don’t Buy: Ready-to-bake Cookies And Rolls

We have already mentioned that you can find everything at Aldi, including cookie dough, rolls, and biscuits. However, it turns out that these products aren’t always a good deal.

Ruth Soukup of Living Well, Spending Less wrote on her blog: “Aldi offers their brand of these refrigerated pre-made dough items, but frankly, they aren’t as good. Not only that, but you’ll probably pay more without a coupon for the Aldi brand than you would at the grocery store with a coupon for the name brand.”

21. Buy: Kitchen Staples

Give your wallet some break by shopping at Aldi for kitchen staples, such as bread and peanut butter. If you organize to buy these items at Aldi, it will save you money in the long run.

It turns out that Aldi delivers the best prices on most staples, such as dry and canned beans, as well as tomatoes, white and brown rice, mustard, spices, pickles, and more.

20. Don’t Buy: Name-brand Products

Private label products are Aldi bread and butter. You may not be able to get a name-bradn bottle of ketchup, pasta sauce, or soda, but you can get a similar item sold under one of the store’s house brands for a lot less.

Some of these items might even be identical to their name-brand counterparts. Still, Aldi sells a smattering of recognizable national brands in its 1,600 stores across the States. Did you know that Alde doesn’t accept coupons? Think about it when planning your next shopping.

19. Buy: Dairy (Especially Milk)

If you a dairy lover, you may easily find everything that you need at Aldi. You will find it at Aldi whether you’re looking for cheese, butter, milk, or yogurt.

Aldi has great prices on most dairy items. Milk can cost you a $1 or less per gallon at Aldi, compared to other stores. You can also find there specialty cheese, such as Brie, gouda, and Irish cheddar.

18. Don’t Buy: Produce

When it comes to shopping produce at Aldi, it can be hit or miss. Some deals might be great, but do you really can eat pounds of broccoli before it goes bad? This is how you can lose money.

You may be attracted to the price of fruit and vegetable, but you should know that these items are perishable. You shouldn’t avoid buying them, you just need to check products for any sign on spoilage before you place them into your cart.

17. Buy: Aldi’s Private Label Products

Aldi loves their products. Up to 90% of the items on the shelves in your local Aldi are from brands you won’t find anywhere else. These are private brands that are similar or identical to their name-brand counterparts.

Interestingly, in taste tests, many Aldi items match national brands. Some are even better than national brands. Did you know that Aldi offers a “double guarantee” where they will refund your money and replace the product if you’re not satisfied?

16. Don’t Buy: Seasonal Items

Aldi has a big section of the store dedicated only to seasonal type deals. Although this may seem appealing and like an excellent deal all-year, you should learn to resist impulse shopping.

You can find some good deals here, but the truth is that you are likely to spend money on ‘good deals’ that you don’t need. Always focus on your grocery list instead of impulse buying.

15. Buy: Wine

Aldi is home to delicious and affordable wine. In fact, there is an entire Aldi wine list dedicated to the bottles that have won many awards.

Various Aldi-specific wines have won awards from Wine Spectator, The American Masters of Taste Awards, and the International Wine and Spirit Competition, according to Aldi’s official website. Just bear in mind that price may vary per store.

14. Don’t Buy: Soda

If you love soda, you know that you can choose to form many soda brands at Aldi. Moreover, you can purchase soda for a really good price, not to say extremely low prices.

You won’t ever find brands such as Coke and Pepsi at Aldi, but you can find many others. If you must choose soda, always choose the one in the glass bottle – the taste is much better.

13. Buy: Butter

At Aldi, you can purchase unsalted butter for $2.56, which is a good price compared to Kroger, and identical to Walmart. If you need dairy products, Aldi should be your first choice.

Aldi offers a wide range of dairy and non-dairy products for everyone. If you love traditional butter and search for non-gluten brad and fresh produce to match this item, then Aldi seems like a logical step.

12. Don’t Buy: Kitty Litter

Cats are such unique beings. You probably know how clean animals they are and how they demand only the best – from food to kitty litter. If you’re a car parent, you already know the importance of good kitty litter.

According to those who have already tested kitty litter from Aldi, their kitty litter (store brand) shouldn’t be your first option. Some described it as dusty and smelly, while others noticed that liquid waste doesn’t always clump well.

11. Buy: Paper Plates

Paper plates aren’t environmentally friendly, so always choose to have a more traditional one. Still, if you need to buy paper plates, make sure that you purchase them at Aldi.

Aldi offers a great price for these disposable items. They are usually found in the red hot deals section, and they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

10. Don’t Buy: Deodorant

When it comes to personal-care products, it’s best to stick to a trusted brand. This is even more important if you have sensitive skin or any skin issues.

If you want to have quality and save money, you should look beyond Aldi stores. The deodorant offer at Aldi is rich, but also costly. Unless you have tested it already, you might want to skip on this one.

9. Buy: Canned Foods

Storing canned foods is such a smart practice. They are practical, don’t take much space, and you always have healthy food on hand. Whatever food you have in a can, it’s probably healthy.

Anything stored in a can, including beans, tomatoes, broth, applesauce, and various veggies, are good items to buy at Aldi. You can purchase a can for as little as $0.65.

8. Don’t Buy: Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are one of the most valuable bathroom items. Toothbrushes are important when it comes to oral hygiene. Did you know that you should change your toothbrush every six months?

When it comes to toothbrushes, you should always focus on quality and never merely on the price. It turns out that much better toothbrushes you can get at your local store or a pharmacy. You can also order them online.

7. Buy: Baking Essentials

It seems that everything kitchen-related is great to shop at Aldi. If you love to bake and you can spend hours creating cookies and chocolate, you should check Aldi baking department.

Baking essentials at Aldi are always affordable. Stock your kitchen with baking must-haves like sugar, flour, and oil. At Aldi, you can purchase Aldi Baker’s Corner store brand sells a 32.8-ounce bag of brown sugar for $1.29.

6. Don’t Buy: Yogurt

When it comes to shopping yogurt at Aldi, it goes two sides: you can find a perfect bottle of yogurt, or you can go through a strong disappointment.

It can be a hit-or-miss situation, but it mostly depends on personal preference. Some buyers share that Aldi yogurt has ‘a little off’ taste. Again, it comes down to personal preference.

5. Buy: Milk

Milk is an excellent steal at Aldi. On average, Aldi milk is around 50 percent cheaper than its competitors. Truth be told, milk is so cheap that new customers always have to double-check the labels to verify it hasn’t passed its sell-by date.

Bear in mind that price doesn’t always guarantee premium products and vice versa. Aldi likes to point out how all of their milk is free artificial growth hormones commonly used by cheaper brands to build out the liquid.

4. Don’t Buy: Graham Crackers

Customers love Aldi dairy products and great produce prices, but they aren’t happy with this item. Shoppers shared their disappointment in both the Aldi brand graham crackers and bear-shaped graham cookies on several Aldi Reddit threads.

If you want to skip this item, don’t feel bad about it – you aren’t missing out. Bear in mind that Aldi really likes to hear their customers’ voices, and they are willing to improve products, so if it’s not good now, it may be better in a couple of months.

3. Buy: European Sweets

Aldi is proud of having European products. Moreover, Aldi wears its German roots proudly. So, if you want to try European products, you should visit Aldi.

At Aldi, you will find many German and other European chocolate and sweets on store shelves. They are usually creamy, smooth, and come with a much lower cost than most other stores.

2. Don’t Buy: Things You Can Get Cheaper at Dollar Tree

Budgeting should always be on your mind, no matter how big your wallet is. So, if you have a Dollar Tree store nearby or even in your area, you should visit it regularly.

Some Aldi prices are the same or less, while some are significantly cheaper at Dollar Tree. The approach here should be simple: if you can get it cheaper at Dollar tree, don’t buy it at Aldi.

1. Buy: Ketchup

Yes, ketchup shopping should be done at Aldi. Among their shelves, you may find some of the best ketchup brands. You can even find a European one if you are ready for a different taste.

Aldi’s signature ketchup brand is Burman’s tomato ketchup. You can shop it for $1.19, and you will get a 38-ounce bottle. Walmart was selling a 32-ounce bottle of its own Great Value ketchup for $1.32. So, you decide what’s better.

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