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Woman Buys $2 Blue Heart At Thrift Store. 2-Years Later, She Spots Something Hidden Inside

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The holiday season is one time of the year, where people are focused on happiness, joy, and helping others. Everyone is neighbors and open to help those in need, and nothing like a Christmas tree and beautiful decoration can pump the holiday spirit.

Many know that the Christmas season is also a season of miracles. People find each other, love is born, and forgiveness is around every corner. Still, some miracles are more significant than others, and a lady from Massachusets knows this the best. While preparing decoration for her Christmas tree and home, she decided to visit a local thrift store for some extra items. She bought an ordinary ornament for $2, but unexpectedly it turns out to be much more.

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25. Beautiful Ornament Caught Her Eye

One day Priscilla Bailey decided to visit a local thrift store in Plymouth, Massachusetts. While looking around, a small item caught her eye. It was a beautiful but outspoken blue ornament.

There was something in vintage items that made Priscilla happy. She wanted to buy this small item, and she couldn’t believe how cheap it is. The price was only 42. Here is what she did next.

24. Check, Please!

Priscilla saw what she like, and she wanted it. She immediately bought the ornament, and as soon as she touched the item, she knew that there was something special about it. But who would discharge this treasure from their home?

While she was heading home, she couldn’t stop thinking about her new treasure. For as long as she knows about herself, she loved scanning local stores for small miracles. Especially that one could always find something unusual for an almost ridiculous price, then she noticed something odd.

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23. Big Revelation

Priscilla was something like a veteran thrift shopper, so she knew what a good deal is. Once she saw the blue ornament, she knew that she had stumbled across something exceptional.

She looked at her treasure once again, and she felt nothing but joy. At the time, she has no idea hat she had stumbled across something extraordinary. Moreover, she had no idea that she would have to contact the police eventually. Here is why.

22. How She Found Her Ornament

It can be tricky to find something good in a thrift store. With so many items around, it can be hard to focus and find a good deal. Luckily, Priscilla was an expert at these searches, and with time she learned to spot a good deal in seconds.

Plus, Priscilla really liked ornament, so she always checked the glass section. This is how she found a blue ornament. The blue diamond was simply sitting on a thrift store next to other blown glass items for sale. She decided to pick the blue one because it was unusual. Here is what pulled her to this specific blue item.

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21. Glass Ornaments

In thrift stores, everything is separated into sections. So, since Prisciall knew this, she headed toward the glass section to see what’s lying there. She likes glass ornaments and especially those in her favorite color – blue.

She noticed this blue glass ornament and picked it up. She also saw the price tag stuck to the bottom, saying that the price is only $2. Even for a thrift store, this was a meager price. Was the price too low, and was something wrong with this item? Was it cursed?

20. Was The Price Too Low?

When the deal is too good, there is usually something wrong with it, right? At least that’s what Priscilla thought while looking at $2 price. What was the catch? She looked every inch of ornament, looking for a crack or something broken.

However, she couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Actually, the ornament looked perfectly fine. The only unusual thing about it was its weight. It was significantly heavier than ornaments usually are. Maybe the glass was special and heavier.

19. Taking Her Treasure Home

Priscilla decided to take the blue ornament home, although it cost her only $2. She couldn’t wait to reach home to have another look at her treasure. Her heart started hitting as if she hit a million-dollar prize.

As soon as she was home and found a moment of peace, she took the ornament out. Taking a closer look at the metalwork, Priscilla wondered if the design was angels or something else. She knew one thing for sure – there was a story behind this piece. At the moment, she had no idea how big the story actually is.

18. Heavier Than She Expected

Priscilla was very confused about the weight of the items. She simply couldn’t understand why would such a small item weight so much. The truth is that she was no ornament expert, but she had held a fair amount of glass ornament in her life. Therefore, this one was unusual.

Still, she couldn’t crack this mystery, and she decided to ignore it simply. She found a perfect place for this special ornament, in her kitchen. After all, she loved to cook and she would always surround herself with her favorite items. A few years later, her daughter came to visit, and that’s when Prisciall have realized that she had overlooked an important detail.

17. Her Daughter’s Discovery

Priscilla’s daughter, Kat, come over her mom’s house for a visit. At the time, she had no idea that she is about to help her mom with a real-life mystery. Kat was also a glass ornament lover, and she couldn’t wait to see new blue ornament.

Actually, Kat loved blown glass so much that she dreamed of opening her own blown glass store in Massachusetts. Priscilla told Kat about her new blue ornament, but she didn’t mention the ornament’s strange weight. Then, Kat noticed something strange about this unusual glass ornament.

16. What Was Different About It?

Kat couldn’t believe how beautiful this heart-shaped ornament was. She knew that it’s mandatory to be careful with glass ornaments, so she took it carefully. The same second she took the ornament, she noticed that it was significantly heavier than any glass ornament she held before.

She mentioned her observation to her mother, who agreed with her. Kat had an idea. She had an extra simple way of seeing what was inside the ornament. Kat took a flashlight and pointed it into the ornament. That light would soon reveal something incredible.

15. There Was Something Inside

It’s fascinating just how the best solutions are usually the most simple ones. This is how Kat addresses this situation. She used a basic flashlight to solve the mystery of the blue ornament. Using a flashlight to look inside of the ornament was a brilliant idea.

At first, the mother and daughter didn’t see anything unusual. A few seconds later, they started noticing something strange. Something was moving inside the ornament. What could it be? Was it something alive?

14. Big Discovery

Using the light, Priscilla and Kat discovered something. The ornament was actually protecting not one, but two secrets. Something was moving in the smaller compartment, and they wanted to know what was inside.

As soon as they realize that something was inside and moving, the mother-daughter duo knew that they must reach out for help. So they decided to call the local authorities and let them inspect the item. Here is what they have discovered.

13. Not An Ordinary Ornament

They knew for sure that something was inside, but they had no idea what it might be. It could be something toxic, dangerous, or even illegal. That’s why they needed experts and their opinion.

Priscilla also invited news reporters and larger media houses over to their place to see her mom’s discovery. She knew that whatever might be inside the glass ornament was going to be interesting.

12. Special Ornament

The news reporters showed up at Priscilla’s house first, and she told them everything that she knew about it. She also shared with them that she keeps it in the kitchen, next to the place where she is doing dishes.

She also shared that she could spend some time merely starring at it. She let them even hold the ornament. They also noticed how heavy it is. It was nothing like a regular Christmas tree ornament. So, what was it?

11. Something Powdery?

Kat and Priscilla also showed the reporters how they noticed two hidden compartments inside the glass ornament. Kat also did her magic trick with a flashlight, to show them that there is something inside.

Then, Kat said something that made everyone speechless. She told her mom that it looks like something powdery, like ashes. If she was right, that would be really disturbing. If that’s the case how would someone end up in a thrift store?

10. What If It Was Ashes?

Everyone agreed that this unusual blue ornament was gorgeous. Every detail was incredible. If the ashes were inside than it makes more sense why it was so carefully carved.

If it was really ashes inside, was it disrespectful to shake it? They wondered if they were disrespecting the ashes, or even if she wanted this in her home if they were in fact ashes of someone’s relative, which definitely sounds scary. Here is what they did next.

9. Next Step

It’s not comfortable thinking about strangers in your home. Having an unwanted guest over is more bizarre when there is no person, but only ashes. This was something that Priscilla had to fight within her mind. Can she overcome this unpleasant feeling?

On the other hand, she completely understood that unplanned things in life happen and we can’t always prevent them. Plus, she really had empathy for the person and the family members. But… How did it end up at the thrift store? She knew that she has to do something, and this was her next move.

8. Giving It Back To Its Rightful Owner

Priscilla wanted to do the right thing. She knew that she has to find the rightful owner and return the blue ornament. She decided that she will do whatever she could to find the proper person to hand off the ornament to.

She was hoping that the news media could help her find the relatives who mistakenly gave the item away to the thrift store. Otherwise, she would have to find another way. She told the reporters, “It’s beautiful. It must have a story. So that’s my goal: to find out where and who this belongs to.” She had also notified the police, but she still didn’t feel like she was closer to finding any answers. So, what was the story of this beautiful item? Priscilla and her daughter were close to discovery.

7. Spreading The Word

Priscilla and Kat decided to keep the glass until they find the rightful owner. They put all of their hope into getting the word out. They were really hoping that the news story would pick up steam and someone will know the owner. That was their initial plan, at least.

They also had a plan B. THe decided to use online space and share with community their discovery. They decided to share the story on Facebook and see if they could reach anyone who might know something through social media.

6. Using Social Media

Sharing stories online is a good way to make your voice be heard. This is also the fastest method to reach a huge number of people. Mother and daughter decided to present the blue ornament right way and tell their story behind it.

Kat shared the photo and their story on her Facebook. She explained how they found it and also add, “It breaks my heart that this was tossed away and just sitting on a shelf at Savers for $2.” She asked for anyone who might know anything about these items. Surprisingly, someone replied.

5. Another Special Ornament

Reporters and social media were the first two plans. Kat and Priscilla also had a third option. They contacted the store Priscilla purchased the ornament from. However, the news was more than good on this side.

The store’s manager said that most of their donations were from residents in the area, so there was a good chance that whoever donated the ornament lived around Plymouth.

4. Could There Be Two?

The biggest surprise was the comment on Facebook from a person claiming that there are two identical heart-shaped ornaments. Someone else had another ornament as well. A woman replied that she had found a similar ornament at a thrift store, but in the Pacific Northwest. She had more to say.

She described it, “Mine was iridescent and heart-shaped like this one, but much less ornament and more suncatcher-like.” Then, she included some interesting information about the contents of the ornament.

3. The Shocking Discovery

The women included some interesting information. She shared something that neither Kat nor Prisciall never heard before. She said, “It was made from the ash of Mt. Saint Helen.”

The woman who knew the origins of the ashes within her ornament replied back, “This could also explain what appears to be ashes enclosed within… could be a possibility.” Still, mentioning the Mt. Saint Helen was massive.

2. Mount St. Helens

During the 9 hours of vigorous eruptive activity on May 18, 1980, about 540 million tons of ash from Mount St. Helens fell over an area of more than 22,000 square miles (57,000 square kilometers).

Mount St. Helens is most notorious for its major eruption on May 18, 1980, the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in US history. Fifty-seven people were killed; 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles (24 km) of railways, and 185 miles (298 km) of the highway were destroyed. Could it be that someone sold ash from the Mount St. Helens?

1. Theories Started To Emerge

People would do strange things to earn money. So, bringing some ash from St. Helens and placing it in beautiful ornaments doesn’t sound impossible. After all, people do love to guard unusual things, and they do love non-ordinary gifts. On the one hand, you can see this as a normal thing, while on the other one it can be spooky. So, what this ash from St. Helen or a person?

As of today, Kat and Prisciall didn’t receive a confirmed answer, but with the Facebook post still going viral, there’s a chance the truth will reveal itself.

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