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35 Iconic Brands And Products That Are About To Disappear Forever

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The world is changing fast. Today, people are blessed with choices. Now, like never before, you can actually choose your favorite chocolate from thousand of others. Foods are more delicious than ever before. Moreover, you can taste Asian food, gluten-free food, vegetarian, or vegan. The sky is the limit when it comes to flavors and things that actually make your life easier.

With each generation, demand for various products raises or even goes down. This is actually what is happening right now with some of the most popular products of the 21st century. You should know that some products will completely disappear and you should prepare emotionally for it. Your favorite household items will completely disappear from storefronts and shelves. Check the list of 35 items that are in real jeopardy of becoming the things of the past!

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35. Fabric Softener

Not that long ago, people washed their clothes without any fabric softener. It seems that that trend is back, since the fabric softener sale dropped by 15% just in the States, between 2007 and 2015. According to the latest research, people aren’t interested in buying fabric softeners anymore.

Research also noted that Millenials are not into fabric softener for one reason only – they don’t know what the product is for. Therefore, they don’t want to spend their money on it.

34. The iPod

Could it be that people are done with the iPod? Shockingly, yes. It seems that times of choosing the most interesting iPod nano are long gone. The year 2017 was a turning moment for this beloved tech, with the rise of the next-generation iPod touch.

It seems that in no time an old-school iPod will be a thing of past, and we will be able to see it only in used electronic stores. Luckily, on touch iPod is here to last for centuries.

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33. Wheaties Cereal

Hard times are coming because fewer and fewer parents are saying: “Eat your Wheaties.” If you are a fan of this typical breakfast food, you better stock up while you can spot the Wheaties on the shelves. This classic American cereal is best known for featuring the best sports icons of all time. Still, sales are going down.

There is nothing wrong with the product; just costumers’ habits are different nowadays. Consumers across the State are enjoying a full range of morning meal options. People are choosing other breakfast options, greener, and leafy. If you are the die-hard cereal lover, fear not, because there will be other brands available, hopefully.

32. Bars of Soap

Bars of soap may look amazing on your Insta feed or in your clean bathroom corner, but it seems that they will disappear soon. Former and some of the current soap-bar holders believe that thee bars are not practical. Moreover, they think that soaps are covered in germs.

That’s why many are choosing the bottled body wash. Still, other customers are worried that switch from soap bars to bottles, will contribute heavily to pollution and boost plastic-making. Interestingly, soap bars are always trendy in men over the age of 60.

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31. Volkswagen Beetle

If there is one car that’s defined as cute and picture-perfect, it has to be the Volkswagen Beetle. This car is tiny, attractive, and unique in colors and shape. Although this is the most popular car on Instagram, it’s future in the States is very uncertain. The famous Volkswagen Beetle came to the States in the 1940s, and ever since, they had an on-and-off relationship.

Just recently, Volkswagen announced that this adorable car just reached its final edition. Yet, Beetle lovers can still hope to see their favorite car roaming the roads in a few years when dealership sales of the Beetle kick in.

30. Budweiser

Not even the best ones can rule the world forever, right? This is exactly what is happening with Budweiser – The King of Beers. This famous beer label went from being number 1 to being 4th best selling domestic beer. How is this even possible, you may ask?

There are few reasons for that drop actually, and they are not Budweiser-related. With so many different beers with various flavors in the market, people are merely exploring. People are also choosing healthier options when it comes to alcoholic drinks.

29. Tiffany’s

Iconic turquoise-blue-bags just might be the thing of the past. Audrey Hepburn, forgive us! Not even the remake of the globally-popular movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s could stop the company’s stocks going down. In the last few years, the company’s stocks went down for an astonishing 20%, and there hasn’t been increasing ever since.

To win the market again, Tiffany’s has hired some new management team to rebrand this famous jeweler and to boost their online presence. Since people are not spending the fortune of flashy necklaces or rings, new management stands in front of challenging times. Fun fact: Did you know that if you try to reconstruct the color of famous Tiffany’s bag, they could sue you? That’s right; the brand actually trademarked the signature color.

28. iTunes

We know this is hard to hear. A favorite one-stop-shop for music, podcasts, movies, games, and television shows is close to close its virtual doors. What’s happening? The truth is that the latest iOS update will no longer include the umbrella iTunes store on Apple computers.

Interestingly, Apple’s lovers and users will see the store multiplying. There will be Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. So, if you are shopping on iTunes, you will be able to choose the option of Apple Music, but you’ll have to go elsewhere to download podcasts and so on.

27. Crocs

You may love them or hate them, but Crocs are here to stay. People love these foam clog shoes, mostly because they are colorful and practical. As you may know, practical means comfortable. Still, this now-lovable brand closes its 180 stores, and the reason is not what you may think.

It turns out crocs are all about sustainable fashion. Crocs are just too durable. You can wear one pair, and you don’ have to replace it for a long time. As expected, the brand introduced some new models, but experts are not sure that this move will boost sales. Still, if they have a stable deal in the long run, it can’t be that bad, right?

26. Harley Davidson

In recent years, motorcycles sales only go down. It seems that cruising the country this way was reserved for older generations and Babyboomers because new generations are more about safety and four-wheels. Younger people are into a shared economy, so motorcycles are not on their minds.

As expected, this trend is hurting America’s most popular brand, Harley Davidson. Experts predict that motorcycle sales will continue to go down, with the increase of shared rides, Uber, public transportation, and electric scooters and bicycles. People are more willing to pedal nowadays than ever before.

25. Jell-O

Do you remember that phrase – “There’s always room for Jell-O?” There was a time when a meal wasn’t complete without a Jell-O here and there. Nowadays, people are more about healthier choices. This means that only a small number of people are willing to make a room on their table for Jell-O, or similar products.

The jiggly treat is not fresh or healthy a lot, so people prefer healthier and fresher foods. Still, Jell-O is working super hard to introduce the new products to a younger audience. There are more products that are in danger of meeting its end. The next one will surprise you.

24. Aeropostale

Aeropostale has been one of the most popular brands in the States. Sadly, in 2016 the brand filed for bankruptcy and closed 154 stores. Interestingly, just one year later, the brand reopened 500 stores. Why?

It turns out that Aeropostale was scared of a little competition. After all, there are a ton of different brands targeting the same market. Luckily for Aeropostale, they have got new investments, meaning more money, so they were able to reopen some stores. Still, the future of this brand is still uncertain.

23. Old Country Buffet

Can’t figure out what to eat? When such a moment kicks in, you can just hop over to the Old Country Buffet, and you pick what you want, right? But, it seems that a trip to the Old Country Buffet is not possible anymore.

This famous food branch closed its door in many states. This popular American-style buffet chain has only 20 branches open today. So, if you are lucky enough to have this buffet in your nearby, make sure that you order double.

22. Cereal

People are not easting cereals as they used to. In fact, the sale for all cereals is going down rapidly. It seems that no one can stop this drop. Just between 2009 to 2014, cereal sales dropped by 5 percent.

According to market research, Millennials prefer to eat something on the go. They hate waiting, making breakfast, and they also see it as messy food. Basically, washing a spoon and a bowl is just too much work in a busy world of today.

21. Claire’s

You don’t get to grow up before you pierce your ears at Claire’s. At one moment, especially during the 1990s, it seemed like everyone was going to get a piercing.

Still, it seems that all of those piercings have burned a hole in people’s pockets, which affected the jewelry industry strongly. In 2018, Claire’s declared bankruptcy, so more stores are expected to close their doors in the future.

20. Kodak

The camera is the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear Kodak? It’s expected, especially that Kodak used to rule the world of a traditional camera. Nowadays, Kodak is catching up with the latest trends, and they are event tapping into the cryptocurrency market. Recently, Kodak launched KodakCoin.

This was an innovative way for photographers to get paid for the use of their images. Sadly, this initiative is yet to be taken seriously, and at the moment, investors are losing their money.

19. SlimFast

SlimFast was the product to go when it comes to losing weight. With the rise of the healthier lifestyle choices, the market for weight loss products expanded as well.

In 2018, the company was sold for $350 million. If you think that this is a significant sum, remember that this company was sold for over $2 billion in 2000. Customers are simply choosing to buy weight products elsewhere.

18. Chef Boyardee

Chef Boyardee used to be there for everyone after a long and exhausting day. With a can, every table in America would have dinner in no time. That once long in the past. Now, consumers are more worried about the nutrition of the meals, than the time to prepare it.

Chef Boyardee is not welcome in modern times, as consumers are removing canned foods from their menu. People want fresh food and healthier ingredients. This also means that a price per can goes up.

17. Campbell’s Soup

Let’s face it: you can find some fantastic canned foods in the States. However, slowly but surely, this type of food is gradually fading away, and Campbell’s Soup is no exception. People love Campbell’s Soup, but they want more organic options.

As expected, the company tried to respond to that demand, but the new products weren’t well received. So, if you love this canned soup, you might stock up on that. Unless the brand adapts to the market needs, we can expect the total brand disappearance.

16. Diet Pepsi

Do you remember that period when we all firmly believed that the label diet is enough to make healthier choices? Well, the time when a sugary drink was healthier is long gone.

Diet Pepsi sales are dropping with each passing day. The same applies to its rival, Diet Coke. People opt for more all-natural flavors. Still, many prefer this sugary drink, and if you are one of them, stock up on this sweet drink.

15. Department Stores

Department stores used to be everything. They hold everything, from perfumes, clothing, to home goods. This concept had a long run, but shoppers prefer not to get off the couch.

As a natural response, the department stored cannot stay open without people visiting them. So, they have two options, either to close their business or to jump into online stores. If you are keen on specific brands, better shop now, because department stores won’t stay open for long.

14. Costco

Bulk warehouse places filled with anything from a needle to tables is an ultimate American thing. Costco is one of the most popular chains in the States. Still, these giant warehouses just might become the thing of the past.

Younger shoppers don’t bulk, and they don’t buy frequently. Moreover, they are more prone to order online or just walk to the local store. Also, young adults usually live alone, so grocery shopping once a week is more than enough for them. Still, Costco is online – trying to adapt to the market.

13. Fiat

Another car that is ready to say goodbye to the American market. Fiat used to be a classy, fashionable, and practical car, until today. Recently, FIAT announced that smaller cars would remain in Europe, while they are planning bigger cars for the USA market.

As promised, Fiat introduced the SUV option for the States. Since SUV options in the States are extensive, Fiat still needs to speed up to boost its SUV sales.

12. Chevrolet Cruze

Not so long ago, Chevrolet Cruze was seen on every road. Moreover, the famous Chevy Cruze was the company’s number one vehicle. With that on the mind, it comes as a surprise that Chevy Cruze is on this list.

The truth is car companies made vehicles that resemble this famous car. Naturally, competition drove down sales, and Chevrolet is in trouble. This is big trouble for the company, but it’s nothing that can be solved eventually.

11. E-Book Readers

Are books coming back? Sadly, no. With fast lifestyles and bills to pay, people don’t have enough time to read. Shockingly, books are doing better than e-readers. So, what is the problem you may ask?

It turns out that with smartphones becoming more prominent and better, e-readers are not mandatory. After all, you can do anything on your phone today. You can read books, news, download movies, stream and so on.

10. Google +

Google admitted its failure. After years of building and promoting Google+ this famous company, I decided to close this project for good.

Google decided to shut this enormous project due to the very low usage and decline of satisfied consumers. There was also a data leak in 2018, so it may add to up their decision.

9. Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras

Smartphones gave us so much. Great camera, external memory, fast performances… They have it all! Of course, some mobile features directly affected some businesses. With high-quality cameras on smartphones, the need for adorable and small point-and-shoot digital cameras became unnecessary. Be honest, who wants to carry both camera and hone, when where is one item that joined them?

Still, these cute items are continually trying to make their way back. Since high-end cameras are not mandatory for casual users, manufacturers of these cameras are getting professional exclusively.

8. GPS Units

The Standalone GPS unit was such a great addition to every car. They are practical, easy to set, and user-friendly. However, the demands fork this handy car feature is on the decline, ever since smartphones started building in apps.

Smartphones are today all-in-one devices, and it’s hard to knock them out of the market. So, standalone GPS is a matter of past? No, they will be produced for a more specific niche, such as military personnel, hikers, or backpackers.

7. Cash Registers

Typewriters, cash register, landline phones… they all have that vintage charm, but with time they are becoming less and less significant. Today, retailers have access to various payment systems and diverse technologies, making cash registers outdated.

For business owners, cash registers are costly, hard, and challenging to manage. Moreover, they are not connected to the internet. To sum up, cash registers are already a thing of the past.

6. Arabica Coffee

Brace yourself, coffee lovers, because the world will never be the same. It seems that the world is preparing for coffee-free areas. Arabica coffee beans are what make your coffee so amazing. However, due to various affected by floods of beloved coffee, beans are flooding.

Moreover, they are affected by various diseases. Did you know that at this moment, people drink around two billion cups a day? If you want to enjoy the coffee taste, be more responsible for your environment. Start by using reusable cups.

5. iPhone XS

Apple introduced three newer phones and models recently. Although the reactions were various, the X series was sold out. Regardless of this, after the launch of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the XR, Apple decided it made sense to remove the X from the lineup.

This doesn’t mean that the model is completely gone. At least, not yet. This model can still be seen in developing markets.

4. MoviePass

With so many streaming services nowadays, you have probably seen this one coming. MoviePass was a mandatory item in every movie lover’s wallet. However, with the rise of streaming service, all changed. Just in 2018, MoviePass went from three million subscribers to 225,000 members.

So far, they are not accepting new members, as they are working on new products. We can only hope that they will find a way to survive against the movie theaters’ own loyalty programs.

3. Landline Phones

Landlines phones are slowly but surely becoming the thing of the past. With the rise of smartphones and cloud-based solutions, landline phones don’t have any significance in the world. Now, two in five American homes no longer have landlines, but they have at least one smartphone.

People are attached to their smartphones, especially when they are on the move. Even businesses are relying more on wireless alternatives over Internet protocol. It’s cost-effective, faster, and way cheaper (especially for long distance calls), and its less messy, without have and long cables.

2. Beer

Grupo Modelo, the company that makes the beer, posted the announcement on Twitter, stating that it’s halting production and marketing of its beer because the Mexican government has shuttered non-essential businesses. The Anheuser-Busch Inbev-owned company also makes Modelo and Pacifico beers.

Grupo Modelo is ready to enact a plan to “guarantee the supply of beer” if the Mexican government decides to include breweries as essential, according to a statement.

1. Kenmore

Kenmore used to be the ultimate household brand. At one moment, every home had a Kenmore item. However, with the closing of Sears, Kenmore sales went down. Why? New and smart refrigerators made Kenmore look old and outdated.

Some media representatives said that Kenmore is like “the equivalent of a flip phone in the smartphone era.” Ouch. That was cruel. Still, if Kenmore wants to survive, significant adjustments must be applied.

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