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25 Celebrity Siblings You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Of course, you know that Kendall has Kylie, that Chris Hemsworth has Luke Hemsworth, but did you know that Ashton Kutcher has a fraternal twin? Or that there is a third Franco brother? Since celebrities are only humans, it’s logical that they have families. Many of them have siblings, while some originate from really large families.

Some siblings enjoy the Hollywood benefits and don’t have issues being followed around and filmed, while others prefer to stay away from the spotlight. Moreover, some siblings are so sensitive about their privacy that we had no idea that they existed. Until now! Scroll through for the celebrity siblings you maybe knew about, and many that will surprise you.

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25. Chris and Scott Evans

We all loved Chris Evans as Captain America. Chris brought to life one of the most beloved American heroes. Off-screen he is polite and a huge animal lover. He even adopted a dog. Did you know that Chris isn’t the only one from Evans’s family who looks good?

His younger brother, Scott Evans, is also an actor. Scott is also a proud member of the LGBT community and has appeared in projects such as The Lovely Bones, White Collar, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. They also have two sisters, named Carly and Shanna

24. Emily and Felicity Blunt

You have probably heard of Emily Blunt. After all, she is one of the most talented stars in Hollywood. But did you know that she has an equally talented sister, just in a different industry?

Felicity Blunt is a successful literary agent who prefers staying far away from the red carpet. However, you can see her looking glamorous on the red carpet when accompanying her husband, famous actor, and Stanley Tucci. So, for special events, she is out in the open, while she mostly sticks to the shadows.

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23. Rihanna and Rajad Fenty

Rihanna came from Barbados to the States to conquer the world, and she did it. As a good daughter, she decided to give in return and purchased her mom a house. Isn’t that nice?

She also has another family member a younger brother, Rajad. He is often seen with her on tours, and he loves posting photos with his sister on Instagram all the time. According to the time they spend together, they are very close.

22. Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish

If you don’t know who Billie Eilish is that you have been living under a rock. She made quite a boom with her song ‘Bad Guy.’ At age of only 18, she became a five-time Grammy winner, and that was in 2020.

It’s a public secret that no matter how amazingly talented she is, she wouldn’t make it without the support of her brother, Finneas O’Connell. Many of Eilish’s hits were co-written by her brother. “We like making music together,” O’Connell told The Washington Post in January 2020. Some siblings love living and working together.

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21. Sandra Bullock and Gesine Bullock-Prado

Sandra Bullock is a true American sweetheart and an Academy Award-winning actress. Comedy, drama, action movies… She can do it all and success is guaranteed. While she is solely focused on acting, her sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, is focused on the food industry.

Gesine is a well-known pastry chef. She even published a food memoir called My Life From Scratch (aka Confections of a Closet Master Baker). Next to this, she created two cookbooks entitled Sugar Baby and Pie It Forward. Bullock sisters are talented in their own ways, and they are both extremely good at what they do.

20. Penélope and Mónica Cruz

Ok, you have seen these two at least once sharing the red carpet. They are almost identical, right? In fact, they are so identical, that Mónica stood in front of Penélope in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides to hide Penélope’s pregnancy.

Mónica followed her older sister into the acting world, and she has an extremely successful career in Spanish-language television and movies. They also have a brother, Eduardo, who has dated actress Eva Longoria in the past. He is a singer/composer and some of his songs have appeared in movies and commercials.

19. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

Did you know that Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother? You might notice him on the red carpet, holding her hand. What does the world know about Hunter Johansson?

According to IMDb, he is also an actor but hasn’t been in too many projects. He even worked on President Obama’s campaign and was a community organizer for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office in New York. Maybe we will see him running for office?

18. Brad and Douglas Pitt

Brad Pitt is a globally famous movie and TV star that people love. Plus, millions of people still dream of dating him. Until recently, he was married to Angelina Jolie, and the couple had a number of children together.

What you may not know is that Pitt has an equally successful brother. His younger brother, Doug is a businessman, philanthropist, and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. Charitable efforts are something that Brad, Doug, and their younger sister Julie share.

17. Rachel, Daniel, and Kayleen McAdams

Rachel McAdams is a Canadian actress who rose to fame thanks to her role in The Notebook. Next to Ryan Gosling, she portrayed one of the most beloved TV characters ever and left us with some memorable scenes and quotes. From there, she continued working on more popular movies, but that didn’t stop her from seeing her family regularly.

She is the eldest of three children, and she is always more than happy to talk abotu her siblings. Moreover, you can often see them all together either in interviews, the red carpet, or public events. Rachel has a brother, Daniel, and a sister, Kayleen, who works as a makeup artist.

16. Antonia Kidman and Nicole Kidman

You know that Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise, and for a time they were the ultimate Hollywood power couple. They went separate ways and Nicole found her forever happiness with Keith Urban. But did you know that Nicole Kidman has almost an identical sister?

Antonia Kidman is Nicole’s younger sister and a journalist and TV presenter in Australia. Antonia was married, but sadly her husband died of a heart attack in April 2015, aged 46.

15. James Haven and Angelina Jolie

Angeline Jolie is globally known for her acting career, her turbulent love life, and philanthropy. Her brother, James Haven, the son of actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, also planned to become an actor. However, he eventually decided to drop his acting career.

Still, he played a huge role in his sister’s success, and help her build her career. During his college days, he even received a George Lucas Award for a student movie he directed. The main actress in that movie was his sister, Angelina, while studying at the University of Southern California.

14. Alex Watson and Emma Watson

Emma Watson has a brother, Alex. They are so identical that people call Alex ‘cute male version of Emma.’ Younger Watson even appeared in the Harry Potter franchise, not once but twice.

After testing the acting world, Alex realized that an acting career isn’t for him. He eventually decided to continue his career path as a model. However, it seems that he is into education than modeling nowadays.

13. Lizzy, Victoria and Robert Pattinson

Are you team Jacob or team Edvard? Robert Pattison really went a long way from partying charming vampire in the Twilight saga. He is about to premiere present his new movie, Batman. Did you know that Robert is the younger of three children?

He is a brother to older sisters, Lizzy and Victoria. Lizzy is an English singer and songwriter and a 2014 X-Factor contestant, who recorded a couple of vocal pieces for ‘The Twilight Saga’, whilst Victoria is a successful businesswoman. Success runs through this family’s blood for sure.

12. Michael Kutcher and Ashton Kutcher

If you follow Ashton Kutcher and his work, then you know a bit about his family history, as well. Sure, you might know that he is married to Mila Kunis and that they are happily married, or that Ashton is a serious investor. But did you know that he has a twin brother Michael?

Michael is a spokesperson for the advocacy organization ‘Reaching for the Stars’ that supports people with cerebral palsy. He has cerebral palsy and even had a heart transplant when he was really young. Brothers are often seen together, both in the online and offline world.

11. Lynda Lopez and Jennifer Lopez

Does anyone know just how old Jennifer actually is? This superstar hasn’t changed a bit over the years. Moreover, she is only looking better, making smarter business choices, and delivers the best hits ever. What about the rest of her family? Are they all equally talented and famous?

In a way, yes. JLo has a sister, a younger sister named Lynda, known as Ly-lo. Lynda is an American journalist who won the 2001 Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Morning News Program.’ Success runs through this family.

10. Jonathan Firth and Colin Firth

How much do you love Colin Firth on a scale from 5 to 10? Yes, everyone else adores him as well. He is talented, charming, and successful. On top of that he one of the gallant men in the movie industry – a true gentleman.

So, what can be better than a Colin Firth? Two of him, of course. Colin has an equally charming and talented bother, Jonathan Firth. Jonathan is an English actor busy with theatre roles and narrating audiobooks. He had some notable radio and television appearances.

9. Elijah Wood and Hannah

Who was your favorite Lord of the Rings character? If you loved LOTR, you loved Hobits for sure and Elijah must be in the top five of your favorite actors ever. Did you know that Elijah is the second of three children?

Born in 1981, Elijah was a younger brother of Zachariah, and later on the older brother of a sister named Hannah. Hannah shares Elijah’s passion for acting and if you watch The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, you just might spot her as an extra.

8. Natasha Law and Jude Law

Jude Law is known for his amazing roles and very exciting personal life. This English actor received multiple awards including nominations for two Academy Awards and two Tony Awards.

His parents run a drama school in France where they live, while his sister Natasha is an illustrator and artist, living in London. Jude is her younger brother.

7. Zach and Adam Braff

You know Zach from the TV show Scrubs, but he is so much more than being only an actor. Zack is also a director, producer, and screenwriter. He had few appearances on the big screen, but those projects weren’t as successful as planned.

However, the main reason why he may not be seen on TV nowadays maybe lies in the fact that he is busy writign and acting for theatre. His brother, Adam, is a published author and even helped him co-write his film Wish I Was Here.

6. Nicole and Sofia Richie

Richie’s family is definitely one of a kind. They went through a lot over time, but they still manage to come out strong from every challenge and stayed together.

Nicole and Sofia have differnet mothers, but they have a mutual super-daddy, a famous musician Lionel Richie. As for now, it seems that Sofia is on her way to becoming a style star like her older sister.

5. Jessica and Joshua Alba

Jessica Alba finally has it all. She is a successful actress, a thriving businesswoman, and a happy mother and loving wife. How she does it in only 24 hours is a mystery, but she does it!

She is also passionate about family connection and making a better world for everyone’s child. She is close to her family, and especially her brother Joshua. Joshua Alba is also an actor, and he appeared alongside her on the TV series Dark Angel.

4. Dakota and Elle Fanning

These power-sisters love to participate in different and original projects. They are always ready to change their hair if needed, which is why they often go from being blonds to brunettes.

Dakota and Elle have been modeling and acting since they were able to walk. So far, Dakota has starred uin over 30 movies, including Man on Fire and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, while Elle appeared in movies like Maleficent and Teen Spirit.

3. Anne, Thomas, and Michael Hathaway

Hathaway’s family is living proof that once everyone joins their forces anything is possible. Did you know that Anne and her family members abandoned the Catholic church? The reason for this unusual decision was Anne’s older brother, Michael.

Anne said many times that Michael’s coming out as gay catalyzed her support of LGBT rights. This was also the main reason why her family left the Catholic church. Anne’s younger brother Thomas is an aspiring actor.

2. Taylor and Austin Swift

Taylor Swift speaks openly about her love for cats. She also speaks about her family, when the occasion demands it. Or you can discuss various topics with her and her brother at public events.

Taylor has a younger brother named Austin, who she always brings to public events. After studying film at Notre Dame University, he is slowly starting to get into the movie business including having a small role in Ben Affleck’s Live by Night in 2016.

1. Katy Perry and David Hudson

Katy Perry is a famous singer. She is a true pop star, that many across the globe adore. However, she isn’t the only talented musician in her family. Her brother, David is also a musician.

He is often seen walking down the red carpet with her. In their free time, they like to make funny faces and post their fun videos online.

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