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The 35 Worst Casting Choices of All-Time

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Slowly, but surely TV shows are becoming more profitable than movies. TV show stars nowadays are even paid millions per episode. That’s how much a good character is worth for. On the other hand, nothing can ruin a good TV show like a poor casting, weak character, and an actor who simply doesn’t fit in the show.

If there’s one thing that can always spark a lively debate, it’s the worst characters on our favorite TV shows. For sure, casting directors at major networks are directly responsible for making it or break it shows. A casting director can strengthen the show with some great characters, or kill the show. Here, we are talking about those characters who killed the show. According to die-hard fans of these shows, here are some characters whose presence ruined the great TV shows. Keep on scrolling to see if your favorite actor is to blame for a TV shows failure.

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35. Cindy – Three’s Company

Appeared: Seasons 5 & 6 (1980-1982)
Actor’s Name: Jenilee Harrison
Net Worth: $3 million

Three’s Company lasted for eight seasons before ABC canceled it. People loved the show, and it was something different. People loved it before Jenilee Harrison’s character appeared. Fan-favorite Suzanne Somers had also just left the series, leaving producers with a difficult task – filling that void.

Snow’s character was introduced into season five in the middle of some major drama, and fans couldn’t see her in that environment. The character was portrayed as a dumb, clumsy, annoying blond – which made fans quickly annoyed with her. Later on, Jenilee found luck with another hit show – Dallas.

34. Randy Pearson – That ’70s Show

Appeared: Season 8 (1999)
Actor’s Name: Josh Meyers
Net Worth: $2 million

Can a single character inspire people to hate an entire season? Randy shows that it’s possible. Josh Meyers played the role of Pearson, who brought into the show as a replacement for Eric. Luckily, producers knew that this movie would enrage fans, so they decided to cast him as Randy.

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Still, people knew that he was in the show to help people forget about Eric. Could anyone forget about Eric or Kelso? Randy was a mix of Eric and Kelso, both of whom had departed the show. Randy worked with Hyde at the record store and dated Donna throughout season eight. Fans missed Topher Grace AND Ashton Kutcher, so Meyer’s character simply failed. His character was disliked right from the start of notorious season eight.

33. Seven – Married…with Children

Appeared: Season 7 (1992-1993)
Actor’s Name: Shane Sweet
Net Worth: $1 million

Married… with Children showed us different sides of marriage, and how humor can help loved ones survive anything. No wonder that the show lasted for 11 long seasons. Still, there was a minor character that almost ruined this beloved show. Do you remember the kid named Seven?

Seven was the seventh child of Ida Mae and Zemus Wanker, Peggy Bundy’s cousins. He appeared in season seven of the sitcom. Seven was annoying, more than the average little kid. Seven was so despised by fans that producers got rid of him mid-season, with a cover story that he went to the neighbor’s house and refused to leave.

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32. Nellie Bertram – The Office

Appeared: Seasons 7-9 (2011-2013)
Actor’s Name: Catherine Tate
Net Worth: $8 million

Catherine Tate’s character, Nellie Bertman, took over the office in season seven. Fans were pretty much neutral toward her character in season seven, but they thoroughly despised her on season eight. This season is where people got to know her, and she tried to redeem herself during season nine.

Nellie was the reason Andy lost his job on The Office, and people weren’t ready to let that go. She was described as a horrible and petty boss. Catherine Tate played her character very well, and it wasn’t until season nine that Nellie and Andy finally made peace. Fans began to warm up to her during the last season.

31. Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

Appeared: Seasons 1-9 (2005-2014)
Actor’s Name: Josh Radnor
Net Worth: $30 million

Ok, this was probably a big surprise. After all, Mosby was one of the lead characters in the globally-popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. How can someone dislike Mosby? It turns out that Ted, played by Josh Radnor, pushed fans’ leniency too far.

According to some fans, Ted was super sensitive and super cheesy. As TV Over Mind’s Aiden Mason put it, he was the “type of guy that guys can’t stand—and women can’t either.” Still, it seems that Ted was lucky when it comes to ladies, and they loved him after all. Still, that didn’t stop Mosby haters from creating an entire website called Tedmosbysucks.com. Luckily, the site was removed, because no one wants to hit up Internet hate.

30. Wesley Crusher – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Appeared: Seasons 1-7 (1987-2002)
Actor’s Name: Wil Wheaton
Net Worth: $500,000

Producers had big expectations from Crusher’s character. However, fans’ reception was far from good, so from a regular character, Crusher’s character moved to sporadic appearances for three long seasons.

Fans had trouble buying into the whole “genius kid” trope in a polished and scientific show as TNG. Many believe that has something to do with the fact that the show’s writers couldn’t write young characters well. Plus, Wheaton also had California diction, which, together with awkward writing, made him look smug. Interestingly, you could see adult Wheaton in another TV show, where he was more than well accepted, The Big Bang Theory.

29. Nikki and Paolo – Lost

Appeared: Season 3 (2007)
Actor’s Name: Kiele Sanchez/Rodrigo Santoro
Net Worth: $500,000/$10 million

Lost! That show kept us attached to our TV sets and each episode was a specific gem. Although many fans hate how the show ended, no one can’t be denied that it was one of the best shows on modern television. Plus, one of the Lost couple, Nikki and Paolo, was featured on E! Online’s list of the “Worst TV Couples Ever,” and they were widely despised by fans.

Lost was a confusing TV show, and this couple only made it worse. Paolo was a con artist and Nikki, a terrible actress, and they were on the show briefly before spiders paralyzed them and subsequently buried alive. The show explains that they had killed someone before they arrived on the island. Writers hoped that the couple would redeem themselves, but that failed.

28. Priya Koothrappali – The Big Bang Theory

Appeared: Seasons 4-5 (2011-2013)
Actor’s Name: Aarti Mann
Net Worth: $400,000

Aarti Mann’s character, Priya Koothrappali, was the Raj’s younger sister on The Big Bang Theory. She served as the main antagonist, although it wasn’t planned for the fourth season of the show.

She was the opposite of Penny, first Lenard’s love interest. However, fans couldn’t forgive Priya for the fact that she cheated on Leonard with her ex-boyfriend. Many fans celebrated the breakup between Lenard and Priya.

27. Cousin Oliver – The Brady Bunch

Appeared: Season 5 (1974)
Actor’s Name: Robbie Rist
Net Worth: $300,000

The Brady Bunch is still one of the most beloved TV shows in the States. Memorable lines, great story plots, and real-life characters are what drown people to this TV creation. Still, one character was far from loved.

Cousin Oliver, played by Robbie Rist, was so hated that if affected millions of fans with what was called “Cousin Oliver Syndrome.” The term describes the TV trope of introducing a young, new character to a show that’s been around for a while and needs a change. However, this change ruined the show. Cousin Oliver was a real disaster magnet, always leaving the family to clean behind him. Even ‘Today’ agreed that poor little Oliver arguably “killed” the show.

26. Stephanie Mills – All In The Family

Appeared: Season 9 (1978-1979)
Actor’s Name: Danielle Brisebois
Net Worth: $1 million

Another child that fans hated was Stephanie Mills from All in the Family. Mills was the niece of Archie Bunker and his wife. After her father abandoned her, she went to live with the Bunkers. You would think that the tragic backstory would have softened fans up to her, but that wasn’t the case.

Fans disliked Stephanie because it threw off the overall family dynamic. Still, some fans strongly believe that Stephanie helped the Bunkers, as Archie was forced to encounter liberal viewpoints. Also, Stephanie was Jewish, something that Bunker was, at first, very openly critical of.

25. Emily – Friends

Appeared: Season 4 (1998)
Actor’s Name: Helen Baxendale
Net Worth: $3 million

At first, people loved Emily. After a while, things went down the hill as fans viewed her as taking Ross away from Rachel. Still, the connection between Ross and Emily was more reliable and they made it all the way to the altar.

As you can probably remember, Ross famously called her “Rachel” at his wedding vows, so she left him there. Fans celebrated the end fo that relationship because, for them, Emily was jealous and unreasonable. She also conducted the ultimate sin, she wanted Ross to move to London and leave the rest of the gang. To this day, Friends fans still think Ross dodged a major bullet.

24. Nathan Riggs – Grey’s Anatomy

Appeared: Seasons 12-14 (2016-2019)
Actor’s Name: Martin Henderson
Net Worth: $6 million

Nathan Riggs’ character (played by actor Martin Henderson), wasn’t loved as it was expected. Even Ellen Pompeo stated that it was a poorly-conceived role. Patrick Dempsey had long served as Pompeo’s love interest on the show, and people saw him as Meredith’s ultimate love. After his departure, it was early to introduce a new love interest.

Riggs showed up too soon and took Dempsey’s place. The timing was wrong. Maybe they would make it today, but back then, the universe wasn’t on their side. Riggs was written out of the show in 2017. He wasn’t killed off; he left to start a new life with his fiancée and her son. At least he got a happily ever after.

23. Billie – Charmed

Appeared: Season 8 (2006)
Actor’s Name: Kaley Cuoco
Net Worth: $55 million

Kaley Cuoco’s role in The Big Bang Theory was beloved by fans, and this role enables her to develop further her career. However, she appeared in other important TV shows, such as Charmed and 8 Simple Rules (originally 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter). However, people didn’t like her character a lot on Charmed.

Kaley played Billie on Charmed. She appeared in the first episode of season eight, and in addition to the primary witch powers, she also had projection and telekinesis powers. She wasn’t ever liked bu fans, and things went from bad to worse when she turned to the dark side.

22. Reagan Lucas – New Girl

Appeared: Seasons 5-6 (2016-2017)
Actor’s Name: Megan Fox
Net Worth: $10 million

Megan Fox played Reagan Lucas on New Girl, a character fans of the show openly despised. Although Megan gave her best to deliver the best performance ever, she couldn’t’ make people love Reagan.

Fox’s character was written out of the series after she and Nick broke up. Their split was partly because they both had a common problem – they couldn’t express their emotions. Fox was chosen to fill in for Zooey Deschanel during Deschanel’s maternity leave.

21. Dawn Summers – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Appeared: Seasons 5-8 (2000-2018)
Actor’s Name: Michelle Trachtenberg
Net Worth: $9 million

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, was a real social phenomenon during the 2000s. This show significantly affected future sitcoms with a supernatural plot. Although the majority of Buffy’s characters are loved, including the bad ones, fans could never accept Dwan Summer, Buffy’s sister, played by Michelle Trachtenberg.

Dawn was an abrupt change to the status quo, and her sudden appearance in season five messed with the storylines. Plus, according to many, she was annoying. She spent almost her entire time on the show complaining about something. She was struggling to overcome her sister’s shadow, and fans were never able to overlook that.

20. Castiel – Supernatural

Appeared: Season 4 (2009)
Actor’s Name: Misha Collins
Net Worth: $3 million

Castiel, on the show Supernatural, appeared in season five. He had various versions of himself on this show, and people, in general, loved his reactions to modern-age tools. Still, fans choose to dislike him.

The biggest problem was with his other versions. Fans dislike him as a God, and they simply hated it when Lucifer inhabited his body. Castiel doing something so destructive… Fans just couldn’t agree with that. All in, Castiel was hit or miss.

19. Ramsay Bolton – Game Of Thrones

Appeared: Seasons 3-6 (2012-2017)
Actor’s Name: Iwan Rheon
Net Worth: $4 million

From time to time, there are those characters that people simply can’t love. Those characters are in to make other characters’ lives miserable, and they are usually fantastic at doing so. One of the great-to-hate characters is devilish Ramsay Bolton, from The Game of Thrones.

The Atlantic described Ramsay Bolton as “the worst character on television,” and a quick poll confirmed that. Many times, this character outraged fans, and Theon’s torment is still one of the most disturbing scenes ever in this show and beyond. Bolton was so hated that the actor who played him, Iwan Rheon, said fans hated him as a person.

18. Criss Chros – 30 Rock

Appeared: Seasons 6-7 (2012-2013)
Actor’s Name: James Marsden
Net Worth: $10 million

James Marsden loves to play in various movies and sitcom creations. From X-man to 30 Rock, no switch is too challenging for this actor. Still, fans weren’t too thrilled with his character on 30 Rock, Criss Chros.

Criss Chros first appeared on 30 Rock in the episode “Idiots are People Two!,” and fans hated it from day one – they believed that Liz Lemon could do much better. And they were right. Chros’s appearance leads to numerous Twitter backlash.

17. Marc Brendanawicz – Parks and Recreation

Appeared: Seasons 1-2 (2009-2011)
Actor’s Name: Paul Schneider
Net Worth: $1 million

Mark Brendanawicz was on the show for its first two seasons, beginning with the pilot episode. Paul Schneider played Brendanawicz, who was kind of Knope’s ex-boyfriend.

Brendanawicz was the city planner who brushed Leslie off, despite Leslie having a massive crush on him. Later on, he went to date Leslie’s best friends. Schneider departed because of “creative differences” about the direction of his character. Allegedly, he wanted for his character to change, but the writers said no.

16. Scrappy Doo – Scooby-Doo

Appeared: Season 1 (1979-1980)
Actor’s Name: Lennie Weinrib
Net Worth: $500,000

Hanna-Barbera introduced Scrappy-Doo into the 1970s and 80s versions of Scooby-Doo because the show was in a rating slump. Scrappy was Scooby’s nephew, and at first, this adorable nephew boost ratings.

According to fans, Scrappy was frustrating and rude. In the Scooby-Doo live-action movie, Scrappy was made out to be the main villain. This came at the wishes of director James Gunn (who also directed Guardians of the Galaxy).

15. Cole Aaronson – Scrubs

Appeared: Season 9 (2010)
Actor’s Name: Dave Franco
Net Worth: $10 million

Cole Aaronson’s character on Scrubs was built for fans to hate. Dave Franco did a fantastic job portraying this snobby character, who only got his job because his wealthy parents built the hospital.

Franco’s character had his funny moments, but he was mainly a comedic foil for the other characters. Fans were passionately against him, but they loved one thing about him. Fans liked all the comedy opportunities he opened up for the other characters.

14. Madison’ Badison’ Murphy – Orange Is The New Black

Appeared: Seasons 6-7 (2018-2019)
Actor’s Name: Amanda Marie Fuller
Net Worth: $800,000

Orange Is the New Black fans united on one thing – they all loved to hate Madison. The Guardian called Madison “the most annoying character on television,” and Screen Rant said that her role as a “casting decision that hurt the show.”

Madison, better known as Badison, was a new villain for season six. The Bostonite was disliked for her selfish attitude and snobbishness. Amanda Marie Fuller did a fantastic job portraying Madison, and producers are probably forever thankful for keeping the show exciting.

13. Screech – Saved By The Bell: The College Years

Appeared: Season 1 (1993)
Actor’s Name: Dustin Diamond
Net Worth: $50,000

Saved by the Bell was an instant TV show hit in the 1980s. Dustin Diamond played Screech, a funny guy who was always ready to step outside his comfort zone. Screech also appeared on the first season of Saved by the Bell: The College Years – which would turn out to be the show’s only season.

Screech ended up being disliked by fans, and Diamond was well-aware of that fact. In a 2000 interview, he said that the writers of the show purposely set out to “destroy” his character. But maybe it was just that Screech always popped up at the most inconvenient times.

12. Declan Porter – Revenge

Appeared: Season 2 (2012)
Actor’s Name: Connor Paolo
Net Worth: $1 million

Connor Paolo played the younger brother, Declan Porter, of Jack Porter on the show Revenge. He also was the boyfriend of Charlotte Clarke. Also, Declan was the one who encouraged Jack to date, Emily. He’d later die dramatically after being injured at a bombing.

Just after learning that Charlotte was pregnant with his baby, Decals was killed. Although his story was tragic, fans weren’t moved by his sad life or death. They simply disliked him from the first appearance. Moreover, they saw him as tiresome, whiny, and grating. Plus, they disliked his hairstyle.

11. Johnny – The OC

Appeared: Season 3 (2005)
Actor’s Name: Ryan Wayne Donowho
Net Worth: $1 million

Season 3 of the globally-popular teenage show The O.C., and one character made this season especially difficult. According to fans, Johnny is the worst character ever appeared int he show.

Fans hated Johnny because he just wouldn’t leave Marissa alone to the point where he broke her and Ryan up for good. He is probably the only character from the show to be so hated and annoying even after he died.

10. Lee Sizemore – Westworld

Appeared: Season 1 (2014)
Actor’s Name: Simon Quarterman
Net Worth: $3 million

“Eugh, this guy,” this is how the majority of fans would react every time Lee appears. You would think that it’s hard to hate someone you would think, right? People love action scenes and they usually don’t notice how well characters are developed.

However, in great shows such as Westworld, characters are simply amazing. And Edd is irritating. He got better in season two, but the damage was already done in season one.

9. Janine – Friends

Appeared: Season 6 (1999)
Actor’s Name: Elle Macpherson
Net Worth: $95 million

Janine was an interesting addition to the Friends world. Elle Macpherson’s switched modeling world for eight episodes of Friends, to create offensively chipper Janine.

Janine was initially Joe’s new roommate, and the two eventually started dating. Janine was boring, far from interesting, and she had zero funny lines! Plus, she ended up being pretty mean too. Sometimes a guest’s appearance can backfire.

8. Will Schuester – Glee

Appeared: Season 1 (2009)
Actor’s Name: Matthew Morrison
Net Worth: $10 million

People loved Glee. Great music, frequent singing, and unique plot lines. Still, people heavily disliked one character – popular Mr. Schuster. There are probably very few fans of the show who would pick teacher Will as their favorite.

Mr. Schuester is a pretty naive and all-round bad teacher when you think about it. He has a godlike status among his pupils and fellow teachers, but not even that could help him beloved by fans. Overall, Will is so nice that it hurts, and not in a good way.

7. Jo – Grey’s Anatomy

Appeared: Season 9 (2012)
Actor’s Name: Camilla Anne Luddington
Net Worth: $1.2 million

Grey’s is still one of the most beloved TV shows today. With so many characters coming and going, it seems fitting that some are more loved than others. One of the less loved characters is Dr. Jo Wilson, Karev’s love interest and wife.

Ever since she appeared for the first time, she was seen as an irritating brat with too many secrets, and a cold attitude. She was often seen mistreating her friends. She almost ruined Karev’s life, but the to did manage to find their fairy tale, at least for a while.

6. Kate – Lost

Appeared: Season 1 (2004)
Actor’s Name: Nicole Evangeline Lilly
Net Worth: $15 million

Lilly plays airplane crash survivor Kate Austen for six long seasons. She was one of the main characters, but she definitely wasn’t one of the most loved ones.

She was always got in the way, and as the show progressed she would be involved in more messy triangles. She made almost every situation much trickier by simply being there. Plus, people disliked dreaded Kate stare.

5. April – Gilmore Girls

Appeared: Season 6 (2005)
Actor’s Name: Vanessa Marano
Net Worth: $1 million

Just when Luke and Lorelai survived everything that was the life has put on the, they entered the new life phase full of challenges. As if they didn’t suffer enough, writers decided to introduce to the show April, sort of the devil child.

Out of nowhere, Luke finds out he fathered a child years ago, and so suddenly this brainy know-it-all kid wouldn’t leave them alone. We know, it wasn’t the kid’s fault, but still, people couldn’t go past her annoying nature. Her mother made things really difficult too, and before we knew it Lorelai left Luke. It seems that she was created just so she could break them up, which is far from cool.

4. Piper – Orange is the New Black

Appeared: Season 1 (2013)
Actor’s Name: Taylor Schilling
Net Worth: $1.5 million

Orange Is the New Black really shooked the TV world when it first premiered. Moreover, its lead characters often left us speechless and thinking over our lives. One character was really annoying according to fans.

It turns out that Piper is one character that we care the least about. She is responsible for constant whining and being awful to everyone else. And then there was that accidental white-power group she started.

3. Kim – 24

Appeared: Season 1 (2013)
Actor’s Name: Taylor Schilling
Net Worth: $1.5 million

A vast number of people have been killed during the popular 24 series. Still, famous Kim managed to survive everything from nuclear bombs to even being trapped with a cougar.

In turns out that people really don’t care too much about these types of heroes. In the first couple of seasons, her sole purpose was to get kidnapped or generally be a thorn in Jack’s side, which wasn’t easy.

2. Scarlett Johansson as herself – Entourage

Premiered: Season 1 (2004)
Actor’s Name: Scarlett Johansson
Net Worth: $165 million

Entourage was a big TV hit. The show was so popular that it included an impressive number of celebrity cameos, including the famous star Scarlett Johansson.

She plays herself in the season’s final episode, New York, after Vince’s repeated pleas with Eric to hook the two up. The actress calls Vince from New York to set up a breakfast date for the next morning. Although people love Scarlett, she wasn’t really relevant too much in this show and therefore forgotten by Entourage fans.

1. Andrea – The Walking Dead

Appeared: Season 1 (2010)
Actor’s Name: Laurie Holden
Net Worth: $3 million

The Walking Dead is heading toward its 11th season, and true fans still can’t forget some character from the very three first seasons. One of them in Andrea, a character that really went through a full transformation.

Overall, Andrea really annoyed people, because she was changing her mind every episode. Plus, she was the one responsible for delivering moralizing speeches, and she was terrible at picking partners.

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