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World’s Most Beautiful Beach Cities Where You Can Live For Dirt Cheap

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The American dream is amazing. While the rest of the world dreams about coming to the States, Americans fantasize about packing their bags, picking their lives, and moving to a seaside villa in a country where they can live comfortably. By comfortably they think about a place where rent is less than a car payment. This fantasy is affordable and easy to reach, but many still miss to achieve it. When moving to a new place there are some things to consider, like “does anyone speak English?” Or “is the food edible?” Or “Is there Wi-Fi?”

Miss these answers and you will end up being miserable in your new dream country. However, if you do your research right, you could end up living beautiful beach city life for a lot less than you do now. Check out the places that expats adore and highly recommend as your new living location.

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25. Algarve, Portugal

Monthly cost of living: $1,000

Portugal is globally known for wonderful sites, amazing wine, and one-of-a-kind cuisine. One cannot go to Portugal without trying everything that they serve you.

This region has a hundred miles of coastline, wide cobblestone streets, and more sun than the majority of places in Europe. It’s also an English-speaking region, as it’s home to over 1,000 expats from all over the world. To enjoy a three-bedroom apartment in Algrave, you need to put aside $600, or $325 for a one-bedroom place in the center of the city. Dinner out is under $10. You get the idea.

24. Cartagena, Colombia

Monthly cost of living: $1,800

Americans love Cartagena. The changes are that your first neighbor in Cartagena are people born and raised in the States. Could you blame them? Cartagena is beautiful, retro, and affordable. Plus, Cartagena is a must-see place for anyone who wants to experience a real tropical Caribbean vacation. Cartagena offers the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean, for only $30.

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The city is packed with historical sites and great outdoors. The nightlife is great and you would need around $100 to party all night long. The health care system is great, with large hospitals and amazing health insurance for under $50 a month.

23. Hoi An, Vietnam

Monthly cost of living: $550 to $1,100

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are bigger Vietnamese cities and get the most of the expat love, but Hoi An is a place to go. Hoi An is bordered with green mountains on one side and stretches of sand on the other one.

This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can get a house or apartment for as little as $300 a month. For $500 you can get a nice apartment with everything included. For $45 a month, you can rent a motorbike and experience the whole area.

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22. Taghazout, Morocco

Monthly cost of living: $1,155

Morocco is a country of wonders. Great food, amazing places, breathtaking views, and great weather are enough to head toward this North African country.

If you are into entrepreneurial water, you will love Morocco. There you can rent co-working space for $400 per month. Taghazout is a great town for surfing as well, so combining business and pleasure is always a plus.

21. Canggu, Bali

Monthly cost of living: $500 to $900

So far, Bali is known as one of the best destinations for expats. It has everything – great weather, amazing people, fantastic local cuisine, a unique way of living, and great beaches for chilling or surfing. For only $500 per month, you can enjoy the perks of Bali.

Canguu is a top destination for Americans who prefer working remotely. There, you can meet people from all kinds of working fields. When not working, you can enjoy parties and various events weekly. Canggu feels like Hawaii, but at a fraction of the cost. After all, rent here is only $200.

20. Split, Croatia

Monthly cost of living: $1,400

It’s no secret that the European coastlines can be extremely expensive. Still, some hidden gems can keep you happy, both emotionally and financially, such as Split. Split is a charming coastline city, located in Croatia. Split is home to people from all over the world, and you can join them for only $400 of rent per month.

Split is also seasonal, so if you’re down to become a full-time resident, you will enjoy empty streets from October to late April. In the meantime, you can enjoy local history sites, Mediterrane climate, and cuisine. Plus, you can spend hours chatting with friendly folks.

19. Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Monthly cost of living: $1,400

The Dominican Republic is one of the most affordable oceanfront homes in the Caribbean. It’s also one of the best-developed expat communities in the world. Not that long ago, Las Terrenas was known as a popular vacation spot, but then people decided to stay.

Las Terrenas offers great places for work, owning a business, importing a car tax-free, and even getting citizenship. The best side? If you get homesick, you can jump in a plane and get to Miami in only two hours.

18. San Pancho, Mexico

Monthly cost of living: $1,100

Mexico is a great place for relaxing and living. Mexico is packed with ex-pats enjoying the perks of this wonderful country. There are so many beautiful places where you can live comfortably, without fear of money running out. Sure, Oaxaca is popular, but San Pancho is something special. There, you can enjoy surfing hours, towering cliffs, impressive waves, and a great community.

For a dinner for two, you should set aside between $30 to $50. You know that in California you cannot have a dinner for two under $150, right? San Pancho isn’t a big city but has a great location. From San Pancho, you can easily get to towns like Sayulita, San Blas, and the upscale Punta Mita with a short drive. Also, Puerto Vallarta is less than an hour away.

17. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Monthly cost of living: $1,100 to $2,400

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most underrated honeymoon destinies globally, without any good reason. This is the kind of place that you visit and immediately think – why not move here for good? Koh Phi Phi offers a beautiful apartment in the new building for about $720 a month.

The nightlife is one of a kind, with more than affordable drinks and great vibes overall. If you are searching for a quiet beach house you should look away. However, if you want a vivid place with an international community and global vibes, Koh Phi Phi is perfect for you.

16. Granada, Nicaragua

Monthly cost of living: $1,200

If you want to experience Spanish Colonial towns and explore history more on the topic, then you should head to Granada. Nicaragua is home to many preserved historical towns, and Granada leads when it comes ot authenticity. In fact, Granada tends to draw a lot of history-inclined tourists. Next to historical sites, you can enjoy cool bars, restaurants, and a great expat community.

The only thing that can cost a little extra is electricity. Still, an average bill is just under $100 a month, if you love to use air conditioning. Keeping your apartment cool may seem like a luxury, but compared to less than $500 rent it really isn’t a big deal. In Grenada, you can get a pound of chicken for under $2.

15. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

Monthly cost of living: $1,400

Las Palmas is one of those locations that you should visit as a tourist and also have on your list of places to move to. Still, bear in mind that living there and just visiting are two different things. To rent a place with an ocean view you should set aside around $500. That’s the price for one bedroom. For a three-bedroom apartment, you should set aside around $700.

The weather conditions are great, and sun-soaking beaches along the coast are countless. Las Palmas has vibes of a busy town, quick escapes to beaches, and friendly people to chat with on every step. All in, Las Palmas is the best seaside option in Europe.

14. Roatán, Honduras

Monthly cost of living: $900

Roatán is a famous Caribbean island of 40 miles. This Honduras-based island is known for its sandy beaches and vivid town vibes. It doesn’t really qualify as a city, but there are direct flights from the States. People use this connection to experience world-class diving and snorkeling. Roatán is the largest of Honduras’ three Bay Islands and the widest one.

Roatán is surrounded by the Mesoamerican Barrier reef, the largest in the Caribbean Sea, which is the second-largest worldwide after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Roatán is also an aquamarine dream with great diving and snorkeling places. How much will it cost you to enjoy a cold pint here? Around $1.50. If you are more of a sport type, you can hit the gym for $45 per month.

13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monthly cost of living: $1,600

Let’s be honest: you can never go wrong with Rio. Whenever people think about great beaches and a great time, they think about Rio de Janeiro. Rio is home to 14 million people, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more space for newcomers.

Rio de Janeiro is a gorgeous metropolis that welcomes ex-pats yearly who get to enjoy 46 miles of oceanfront and national cocktail names caipirinhas. This delicious drink will cost you around $3. And of course, Rio is home to the world’s most famous beach, Copacabana. Rio isn’t shy about its lifestyle offers and many open-air corner shops, bars, and much more.

12. Saint George’s, Grenada

Monthly cost of living: $2,000

Saint George’s is a perfect port known for its “all-exclusive” resorts that dominate the Caribbean. Grenada is a place of happiness and a heaven on Earth where a bad attitude doesn’t exist. This piece of heaven is the so-called “Canada of the Caribbean,” – which offers 12 miles of beautiful beaches and perfect sand.

For outdoor lovers, there are beautiful mountains and local cultural content to enjoy. For street food, you should set aside $2. Locals are open toward expats, and you will feel at home in no time. If you are a barbecue lover, fear not – barbecue smell will follow you all across the island.

11. Pedasí, Panama

Monthly cost of living: $1,200

Pedasí is located only four hours away from Panama City. All you have to do is to fly into Panama City, rent a car and visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Pedasí has amazing rock formations and only 1,500 residents.

If you are into calmer regions for living and working then Pedasí should definitely be on your list. You can rent a home for about $500 per month. For that amount, you will get a small-town vibe, a large expat community, and a real piece of Panamian paradise.

10. Penang, Malaysia

Monthly cost of living: $1,100

Penang is both a city and an island. Located off the northwestern coast of Malaysia in the Malacca Strait (just south of the Thailand border), Penang offers diversity in every aspect. If you like good food, Penang is your city. Food scene is one of the best ones in the world and one of the most affordable ones.

This whole area is a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture – which stands for the perfect cultural gem. Last but not least, Penang’s streets are no strangers to monkeys freely jumping around all day long.

9. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Monthly cost of living: $2,000

Expats love Tamarindo. For only $2,000 – $2,500 for two people, expats get to experience amazing surfing time and great fitness culture. In Tamarindo people love being connected with nature.

Simply said, people adore the outdoor lifestyle and next to great active time, you can expect cuisine rich in fresh seafood and local produce. Most people speak English, so you don’t have to be afraid of getting lost. Did we mention that health care in Tamarindo is super affordable?

8. Gulfport, Mississippi

Monthly cost of living: $2,200

Gulfport is perfectly nestled between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. Yes, there are places in the States that are affordable. The truth is that this region recovers from Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Why is this important? This means that the rent is affordable, that the arts culture is thriving, and that the beaches are coming back stronger than ever.

7. Cascais, Portugal

Monthly cost of living: $2,100

Back to Portugal. This country is so unique that there are many places for you to rest and live an easy life. If you prefer calmer cities, but love to be near the action, then Cascais is the place to be.

If you are into active time, action sports, surfing, windsurfing, and kite-surfing you will love Cascais. You will find also a lot of people speaking English and a wide expats community. Finding a new friend here will be easy and fun.

6. Ao Nang, Thailand

Monthly cost of living: $1,1500

Thailand is the country to go to when you want to start a new chapter in your life. With so many places to welcome expats, it comes as no surprise that Thailand is so popular within the global expat community. Ao Nang is a small beach town located on the western coast of Thailand on the Andaman Sea.

This town offers cheap rent, delicious food, and beautiful beaches where you can drink exotic fruit cocktails all day long. On weekend you can easily and quickly head to beautiful islands and beaches like Koh Phi Phi or Ko Lanta, just to spice up a bit.

5. La Paz, Mexico

Monthly cost of living: $1,150

La Paz is all about beach life. If you fancy Mexico but want to enjoy a slower and more relaxed place then La Paz should be on your list. This sleepy town is known for its great energy and great places to relax.

La Paz is also known for its wide offer of water sports, which you can partake in all year round. If you want to enjoy lunch for great value there are plenty of places to visits. For a local beer, you will pay around $1.75 and for a one-bedroom apartment up to $420 per month.

4. Budva, Montenegro

Monthly cost of living: $1,500

Eastern Europe is a true gam when it comes to beautiful and affordable sites. Moreover, countries located in this part of the world are well-organized, light on the wallet, and charming beyond expected. Montenegro is a must-visit country that has everything to offer from breathtaking mountains to impressive beaches.

Not to mention the country’s rich history, unique culture, and great food. Budva is a place to go if you want to experience a bit of luxury as well. If you see first-class stars on their yachts there don’t be surprised.

3. Georgia, Tbilisi

Monthly cost of living: $950

Georgia is a true hidden gem of Europe. Before the world stopped, Georgia was named one of the top ten list of countries not to be missed, by The Lonely Planet. From that moment on, Georgia has become a real tourist destination and made it on the expat radar.

Georgia has a lot to offer to its visitors and residents, in terms of culture, history, and art. This is a progressive country with fast internet, safe streets, and great cuisine. Do you need anything more?

2. Belgrade, Serbia

Monthly cost of living: $1,500

If you want to experience new cultures, land-lock countries with rich history and rich nightlife you should stick to Eastern Europe. Visiting Serbia should be on your list anyhow, and moving there should be an option if you want a safe European country that’s light on the wallet.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, offers a great working environment, an amazing start-up scene, and great nightlife. There is something for everyone: great street art, hipster scene, great outdoors, and smaller towns that will evoke your adventure spirit.

1. Athens, Greece

Monthly cost of living: $1,800

USA expatriates love Greece. After all, who wouldn’t like to settle on in one of Greek’s many islands? Greece is a country with a long history and amazing outdoors.

US expats usually choose to settle in Athens, a city with great infrastructure, international corners, and great connectivity with the rest of Europe and beyond. All in, Athens is a great choice for those who want to experience a high-quality life based on culture, gastronomy, and nightlife.

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