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7 Cheap Ways To Market Your Small Business

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When you build a business, you have to make sure you know who is your ideal customer or client. No matter if you have to market a product or your services, learning a couple of marketing techniques will definitely help your business grow. So, the first thing you have to do is to create your buyer persona. That would be the individual you are ideally reach with your promotional material.

Once you establish what this persona does, where does she/he spend time and what are her/his interests, you will be able to pick the right marketing techniques in order to build your customer base. Some of these can also save you a ton of money, because if you do them well you won’t have to pay for space or additional services. Sometimes simple tricks can make the entire difference to get your business going.

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So, let’s name these cheap ways of marketing your small business.

1. Flyers

This is one of the most traditional ways of advertising, and it is the one that still works. Make sure to print a cool flyer that will be brief and to the point, include your preferred contact information and highlight the services you do best! Once you’ve got the design you like, distribute flyers to all mailboxes in the area where you would like your business to expand.

If you add a coupon or discount, your flyer campaign will give you greater results!

2. Posters

If you realized your buyer persona spends time in supermarkets or malls, then you should start printing out some posters. Most supermarkets, malls and public spaces have free bulletin spaces for announcements and advertisements. A lot of people passing by might not even notice your poster, but few people that really need your services might actually contact you after seeing it. Include removable tabs that customers can present as discounts and make sure your poster is visible. Do this by choosing colors wisely and picking fonts that are easy to read.

3. Value Additions

Value additions might at first appear very similar to regular coupons or free appraisals, but they are something else. Their main goal isn’t to attract new customer (although that often happens too), but to increase customer satisfaction and gain some new points from customers compared to your competition.

This marketing technique wants to make customers feel more loyal to a brand, which is why they are often offered guarantees, discounts for repeat customers, point cards or referral rewards. The good thing about this is that people love spreading “good news” about “great deals” and “cool services” to their friends and relatives. Test out a couple of value additions and collect data in order to know which one brought you best results.

4. Referral Networks

By this we don’t mean simply customers referring a new product to their friends, but we’re also thinking about business to business referrals. Team up with companies that are compatible with your business, and make a referral network that will work great for you when someone asks for a product/service you offer. In return you would refer other businesses when someone asks for them, and there you go, each of you will be passing a bit of their on credibility to advertise each other in the most spontaneous of ways.

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5. Follow-Ups

Of course advertising is important in order to get you the job, but how you do the job and what you do after it can also be a very strong advertisement. Make sure you get feedback in order to understand if your customers were satisfied with your services or not. This will create a sense of closeness that will eventually make your most loyal customers trust your business even more.

However, follow up questionnaires can also reveal you a lot on how is your ad campaign going. When you collect enough data, you will be able to tell which advertising channel is working best. Is it the flyers, a referral from a friend, a poster? Examining these things will give you a wider picture on what you should focus on.

6. Cold Calling

Cold calling is definitely one of the most hated ways of advertising, but surprisingly it still works and brings a lot of results. If your business is offering a service that might be useful to certain companies, then make a big list of phone numbers and their companies and start calling. You will have to sell not only your business, but yourself too, which is why cold calling is not a method for everyone. You have to be persuasive, kind, patient but still very self-conscious in order to see what its magic can do.

7. Online Presence

Nowadays, it is crucial for a business to be present in the online world. Even the smallest cafes and businesses have at least a simple website telling their viewers about opening hours, location and services provided. Additionally, social media presence on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, combined with some powerful SEO skills, can do wonders when it comes to advertising a small business.

Don’t lose a chance to up your marketing game and market yourself in the online world too. The sooner you start doing it, the better.

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