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7 Best Colleges That Will Likely Land You A Successful Career

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The biggest dream for most of the world is to get a well-paying job. But what can we do to find a better job than we have? Well, the answer to that is to go to the right school. After you’ve groaned about having to learn more, realize that education in the working world is its own currency.

We’ve narrowed down a few colleges that give students the best chances to acquire gainful employment. Here’s a list of colleges that will likely land you an enjoyable and successful career:

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1. Stanford University

Regardless of your field of study, Stanford has insane stats when it comes to their graduates finding work. According to a 2016 list in Forbes, Stanford University landed at the top of the list for global employment. No other school has taken the spot, even in the last few years.

73% of students enrolled in the MBA School of Business were offered jobs, according to a global employment report. Even three months after graduation, more than 80% of students are likely to receive job offers.

Stanford University may owe its employment success to its connections and relative proximity to Silicon Valley.

94% of the University’s School of Education students found employment in the few months after graduating in 2016.

2. Tsinghua University

Not feeling the schools at home? Why not travel abroad and attend university in another country?

China’s Tsinghua University landed 3rd on the list of Forbes’ 2016 ranking for best graduate employment, the list on which Stanford took number 1.

According to a Times report back in 2018, “Tsinghua scores 99.8 out of 100 for industry income.” For those wondering, the University stresses programs such as science, engineering, business, and technology.

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Aside from learning basic Chinese to read a few signs, you won’t need to study Mandarin to attend Tsinghua. Plenty of the classes they offer are taught in English, so you are covered.

3. California Institute of Technology

The lab’s students are privileged with using here are considered ‘world-class.’ Because of its equipment, Caltech’s earns itself a top spot in most employment lists. That’s not surprising when you realize a jet propulsion lab used by NASA is a possible place to study. (Who doesn’t want to use NASA tech)?

Most students who graduate from Caltech are employed almost immediately. And the average starting salary for a graduate of the school? It is about $100,000.

If that’s not enough ‘credibility’ for you, consider that Caltech also educated 38 people who each won a Nobel Prize.

4. Columbia University

One of the best colleges in the country, the majority of New York City’s businesses get their employees from Columbia’s fresh graduates. The alumni from the University have a network that spans the entire globe, connected by Columbia Global Centers.

According to Columbia’s website, “Columbia Global Centers facilitate the collaborative engagement of University faculty, students, and alumni with the world, to enhance understanding, address global challenges, and advance knowledge.”

You’ll find these centers in the following locations: NYC, China, Jordan, Turkey, Kenya, India, France, Chile, and Brazil.

Nothing like having a network of people who started at the same University, is there?

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5. Harvey Mudd College

While there is a certain advantage to attending either Stanford University or Caltech, HMC has one thing above the others. The college places the majority of its focus on career services, making it one of the best for career placement, according to a Princeton Review.

Using a method they pioneered known as Handshake, students are virtually ensured to acquire the job they’ve always wanted.

Their amazing Career Services team offer job interviewing tips, networking, and ‘world class’ resume building.

“We strive to provide an excellent math and science education in a broader liberal arts context. Our students not only gain extensive technical expertise, but they also learn to work collaboratively across disciplines and communicate well,” says Thyra Briggs, VP for Admission and Financial Aid. “The combination of these skills makes them particularly valuable to employers and graduate schools.”

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

No matter what list you look at regarding the world’s top-ranking institutions, MIT will always have a spot at the top. Thanks to MIT’s support, many students are able to acquire full-time jobs in their field of study. Using a tool known as MISTI, an international internship program, students are able to find work in 25 countries.

7. University of Cambridge

One of the oldest schools in the world, employment rates of other schools are often measured by the standards set by Cambridge. Career Services is one of the best in the world, having over 150 career events, skills sessions, and presentations.
This careers guide can help you out, whether or not you decide Cambridge is where you’ll study.

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