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Common Objects That Will Be Completely Useless In Just A Few Years

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Things are changing so fast in today’s world. What was useful yesterday may not be helpful tomorrow. You may not notice it, but particular objects have already left this world. Do you remember how much papers and manual writing we used before computers? In a way, this is OK, because we as a civilization are progressing. Still, can you imagine a world without keys? Or are you ready to unlock your front door using only Bluetooth and nothing else?

As the world develops, you will be forced to use Bluetooth to enter your home. It will be a trend. Shortly, a huge number of everyday items will soon be completely useless. Scroll down to see which items are about to enter vintage stores and stay there forever.

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20. Parking Meters

Don’t you just hate that moment when you return to your car, see a parking ticket plastered against the front windshield? Soon, tickets will be a thing of the past, including meters.

Many cities started implementing online options for parking meters, making things faster, and more money free. One-log onto an app, and you won’t have to worry about parking tickets. This trend is catching on because people see it as practical and fast. No more digging through purses and pockets to hunt change!

19. Side View Mirrors

Driving without side-view mirrors? Does it sound scary or exciting? One thing is for sure – the side view mirrors are about to extinct completely. The reason for this is technological progress.

Today, more and more cars are using cameras to see what’s behind them, because the view is more extensive. This is the main reason why traditional view mirrors are disappearing. After all, it is easier to see dangerous blind spots when you have a camera on.

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18. Passwords

Do you really know all of your passwords? Password requirements are so complicated and needed these days, that it gets hard for us to remember more than one password. They need to be long, to have special characters, at least one capital letter, and a few numbers. Plus, they can’t be similar to a previous password. For a human brain, this is a lot.

With all of those rules, it really becomes hard to sign in to your accounts. However, this is about to get more convenient. Tech experts predict that in the years to come, passwords will be outdates. You will be able to access your accounts by merely scanning your thumbprints or your face.

17. Headphones With Cords

Can something upset you so fast as cords can? Now, the time has come to say goodbye to anything with cords. Well, not yet, but headphones with cords are reaching its end.

Apple came out with a new iPhone that no longer even included a port to plug in standard headphones. With the introduction of Airpods, Apple started the end of corded headphones once and for all. Future generations will never understand the pain of unraveling headphone wires after tangling beyond comprehension in a pocket or purse.

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16. Wallets

How are we going to survive without precious wallets? Well, we will have to, because the digital form is taking over. Plus, you won’t have to stress about losing your wallet anymore.

Just think how free you will be without your wallet. With new programs like Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, soon enough wallets will be more fashionable than practical items. Available technology enables us to store all important information to the device that everyone already carries around. Imagine a life where you can have one card or one app for all your data. In this reality, the wallet seems like a burden.

15. Public Pay Phones

Public payphone booths are great for a photo backdrop, but almost no one uses them anymore. Back in the days before the cell phones were common, phone boots were a staple for most cities and towns. With the rise of mobile phones, these days are long gone.

Nowadays, basically, everyone walks with a phone in their pocket, and no one needs to pay to use a public telephone. Still, some cities aren’t so willing to let go of public phone booths. New York is trying to figure out the new use for these vintage items. Time will tell us what will come of these relics of the past.

14. Pennies

Sooner than later, pennies will be available only in our memories. Pennies are getting more and more useless as people choose to pay online, in cahs, or through credit cards.

If you are a die-ard penny lover, you should keep a few coins if you want to pass them on. Pennies are expensive to make compared to paper money. So, in only a few years, you won’t be hearing that jingling around anymore.

13. Paper Bills

Businesses are going more green. As such, they are thinking about saving money and paper consumption. Therefore, paper bills are slowly, but surely becoming the thing of the past globally.

For the last few decades, electric companies, credit cards, banks, gas companies, and any other institution actually would send their bills through the email. It’s easier, faster, and enables better tracking of your expenses. Still, some companies are giving their customers the option to choose between paper billing or online bills.

12. Cash Registers

With the rise of credit card payments, cash registers only seem pointless. Believe it or not, cash registers will disappear completely. You have probably already noticed this.

Small business owners are increasingly making sales online rather than using cash registers. Brick and mortar stores are replacing cash registers with other technologies. Apps like Square make it so that with just a straightforward plug-in, an iPad can add “cash register” to its long list of capabilities.

11. Phone Chargers

Ah, the nightmare of your phone battery running down and no phone chargers on hand. Again, anything tech-related is getting upgraded, and phone chargers are no exception.

Tech experts claim that phones might soon be self-charging. So far, no one knows how that might look like, but it will happen. So far, phones are already charging with different chargers, more advanced. Some claim that the next step for phones is WiFi charging.

10. Drivers License

Teenagers are probably most passionate about getting their driver’s license. Once they pass the exam and are congrats by their families and friends, they have another step before they hit the road. They receive a coveted driver’s license.

The driver’s license will be forever here, but it will change its form. In the future, these and similar documents might be available online. And who knows, will self-driving cars coming out, we might not need a license at all.

9. Shopping Malls

Slowly, but surely shopping malls are reaching its end. With so many businesses running their business online, no one wants to trouble and ride to the nearest shopping mall.

At this moment, in the States, shopping malls are empty. Not all of them, of course, but the majority. Interestingly, in other parts of the world, shopping malls are building, so it will be interesting to see how shopping malls trend will develop.

8. Video Cameras

In the world where the video is more popular than the written word, how can video cameras die? The truth is that video cameras aren’t mandatory anymore to film kids’ birthday, family celebrations and so on when you have a phone with a great camera already.

Phones are becoming better and better with each passing year. As a result, cameras are reaching the perfect level. Plus, mobile phones aren’t’ bulky as video cameras are, and if you spoil some water on your phone, it will still work correctly, because phones are mostly waterproof.

7. Printed Books

Admit it – you wanted that Beauty and the Beast-sized library with books from floor to ceiling, right? Libraries are so magical. The world knowledge is stored among their shelves, and you can still feel that book smell when you grab any book. Nowadays, reading isn’t that romantic.

With so many books digitalized, all you have to do is to save your book on a tablet or Kindle, and you are ready to go. Bookstores are closing at a pretty alarming rate, which directly affects interest for paper books. ‘Turn on’ a book rather than reading it scenario is closer than we think.

6. Paper

Thanks to technology developed today, using paper seem unnecessary. Tons of papers are saved by merely utilizing the note apps on our phones. The world is close to its digital era altogether.

Instead, a digital option could replace any paper bill, a packet of papers, a booklet, an invitation, or other paper products. This will save paper, ink, and the planet. Are you ready to receive a wedding invitation via email?

5. Digital Cameras

Just like video cameras, digital cameras are hitting rock bottom. Digital cameras are loved across the globe, and there was a time when no celebration was possible without people clicking on these small machines.

Then something changes, and it probably has a lot to do with smartphones. Nowasyad, everyone has a more than good camera prepackaged into their phones. Some of the cameras in smartphones are even better than the quality of your average digital camera. So, take a picture.

4. Hard Drives

In the early 2000s, you couldn’t see any hard drive simply lying around. Today, the situation is slightly different. Times are changing, so the frequency at which we see anyone carry on around their hard drive today.

If you want to take your data with you, you don’t have to carry around a big metal. Portable hard drives are smooth, light, and can store up to 1tb. Plus, people are switching to cloud solutions, which is a new era of computer memory storage.

3. Print Newspapers

There was a time when you couldn’t see a person, not holding newspapers. Trains, lobbies, and busses were filled with people who had their heads down, reading the latest news.

Many claims that this is identical to smartphones today. After all, the news are available on your phone with a single click. So, it’s not like people aren’t reading the news anymore; they are no longer reading the paper edition. Still, paper newspapers are still here, but the questions remain for how long.

2. College Textbooks

The troubles of finding all textbooks in college are about to end. Students should be happy knowing that the majority of college textbooks is getting digitalized. Having college textbooks online is faster and cheaper.

Still, this doesn’t mean that books will be for free, but they are just going to be more available. Plus, colleges realize their error of charging for textbooks, so they now offer alternatives, like a free packet with all useful information.

1. Television Remotes

Do you maybe remember the time when your parents acted as you were a television remote? The youngest child was almost always responsible for standing near the TV set and within channels.

It all changed when the remote controller was invented. Life was easier. Now, this popular item is about to disappear forever. Many devices like Apple TV and Roku allow users to download remote controls onto their cell phones using apps. Others are more into voice commands or even other functions.

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