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Communication in Business – Things You Have To Remind Yourself In Order To Stay Professional

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Communication can be described as the passing of information from one person to another. In the business world, proper communication skills are essential not only for the growth of the business but for the employees as well. It reduces conflicts and misunderstandings in the office while increases teamwork and staff morale.

Getting across an idea or opinion seems simple enough but has cost many people their jobs. The line between casual communication and business communication is very thin but must be observed in the office. The more professional you conduct yourself in the office, the higher your chances of scaling up in the corporate world.

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Here are some things to observe to stay professional:

1. Choose The Best Method Of Communication

There are various forms of communication including verbal and written. As the name suggests, verbal involves talking with another party while written involves conveying your message through avenues like email. One should be keen on the message they want to convey and how best it will be received by the recipient.

2. Body Language

Non-verbal forms of communication play a key role in how our messages are received. You might not be saying anything but your body language speaks volumes. It lets people know whether you are taking them seriously or ignoring them. For example, clenching your fists implies that you are angry. Folding your arms across your chest, on the other hand, tells the listener that you are being defensive.

It is important to be consciously aware of our body language and posture while communicating with people to avoid making the wrong impressions.

3. Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact in conversations is a sign of respect and attentiveness to the subject. It builds trust between colleagues and reaffirms people that there are no ill intentions.

4. Positive Attitude

Have a positive attitude about work. Ensure that you also have a positive attitude when communicating with people in the office. Be approachable and more people can confidently come up to you to bounce off ideas. Being approachable plays a huge role in ensuring a culture of teamwork which many companies strive to foster.

5. Listen

Listening during conversations is just as important as speaking. Avoid the temptation to listen only to reply but instead, listen and internalize before responding. Everyone likes to know that they are being heard and this strengthens work relationships.

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Avoid interrupting colleagues when they are speaking as this creates the impression that their views are not respected and neither are they. No one wants to work in such an environment.

6. Clarity

Communication in business requires that people are clear when talking. Mumbling during communication is guaranteed to break the concentration of team members and employees. Avoid time-wasting by beating around the bush. Instead, go straight to the point in an articulate manner.

7. Open Communication

Communication is a two-way street and people need to know that their opinions are valued. Ensure that you welcome feedback when communicating in the office. Create a receptive atmosphere where everyone can share their opinions and ideas openly and engage you on topics as well.

To stay professional, you need to ensure that you appreciate and respect everyone’s ideas as this fosters trust.

8. Display Confidence And Seriousness

Confidence is the secret ingredient that sets over-achievers and underachievers apart. Don’t let that confidence spill into arrogance though. Walk and talk like you know what you’re saying and people will take you seriously.

9. Use The Right Tone

Professionalism entails that you keep your calm even when faced with the biggest challenge. Dealing with people is not as easy as it comes with various types of complications. To stay professional, you have to ensure that your feelings don’t dictate how you treat and talk to people.

Always maintain a kind but serious tone. This way everyone takes you seriously. For instance, shouting when you are angry only makes people respect you less.

10. Be Courteous

No matter what role you play in the company, always be kind to every member of the staff. This also includes your juniors and even the cleaning staff. Being respectful to everyone is important to stay professional. When talking to people in the office, avoid using offensive words at all costs. Always be polite and appreciative of people’s efforts and hard work.

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