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9 Companies Jeff Bezos Invested In

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Many of the rich people constantly seen in the public eye started where the rest of us did. They spent decades building their fortunes and taking chances on investing in companies others had no faith in. No other name has been in the news more than the owner and founder of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos’ company is well-known for the variety of brand-name products, its streaming service, and e-commerce site. With all that money, there are a few people wondering what he’s doing with it. Here are a few companies that Bezos has decided to invest in:

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1. EverFi

There’s nothing like having the best education that money can buy. But in order to have any success, there needs to be some financial support. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos decided back during the spring of 2017 he wanted to invest in EverFi.

EverFi, a company focused on things like STEM, career readiness, and social and emotional learning, received $190 million during its Series D round of funding.

2. MakerBot

Ever since 3D printers came onto the technology scene, people have thought of numerous things to create them with. Seeing the potential in such technology, Bezos put up $10 million back in 2011 for a stake in the company.

The company’s goal was to make 3D printers more widely available. MakerBot offers different types of printers on their website. Some are even small enough to fix next to your computer.

3. NextDoor

You ever think back to when you were a child and had exclusive clubs other kids couldn’t play in? NextDoor is similar in a way to that, but the company uses an invite-only system on its app. This allows users to connect with others who share their interests in neighborhood safety, local politics, lost pets, and job postings.

It was back in 2013 that Bezos expeditions invested a substantial sum into the social-networking app.

4. Plenty

With all the changes the Earth is going through, it’s imperative we find new and innovative ways to grow and sustain our food. That what ag-tech company Plenty is doing with the plants’ sciences and technology it develops.

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It was back in July of 2017 that Bezos Expeditions an investment of $200 million during second stage funding.

Do you know those vertical farms use more than 50% less water? Those were created thanks to Plenty. The best part about these farms is that their crops can yield as much as 350 times more than conventional farms on a given area. All of that using much less water.

5. Airbnb

It’s always hard to find an affordable hotel when vacationing in a foreign country. Up until a few years ago, there was no solution to finding an affordable place to stay. Now, Airbnb offers places to stay in over 50,000 cities in over 150 countries across the globe.

Bezos put up an investment of $112 million, showing how much he believes in the system that’s been created.

The company hopes to offer special trip packages in the future. Keep an eye out if Airbnb is your go-to for planning trips.

6. Grail

A great deal of people will say that when you’ve amassed a fortune, anyone who has the money has a moral obligation to help their fellow citizens. That is precisely Bezos Expeditions invested $100 into the biotech company.

Currently, the company is working on a new method for detecting cancer at a stage when treatments are far more effective. If successful in their goal, cancer patients may soon be able to forego invasive surgeries.

7. Juno Therapeutics

In keeping with his theme of philanthropy, Bezos Expeditions invested a whopping $130 million into Juno Therapeutics. They are another company focused on treating cancer, but their specialty are immunotherapies.

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8. Lookout

In the current modern day, cybersecurity is as important for your mobile phone as it is for your desktop or laptop computer. And with the help of a $150 million investment from Bezos Expeditions back in 2014, they didn’t stop moving.

Lookout is often a default cybersecurity software in Android devices but does offer packages for large-scale companies interested in their software.

9. Domo

Domo is a company that “connects CEOs with their front-line employees with access to real-time data and insights and allows them to manage their business from their smartphone.”

While the valuation dropped from an initial $2.3 billion valuation to $511 million before offering IPO, the $16 shares still sound like a good investment.

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