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The Real Reason Costco Checks Your Receipts Before You Leave

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If you love amazing deals, then Costco is the place to be. After all, who doesn’t love saving money? Costco is a dreamland for deals, but only if you know how to find them. To make every Costco trip a successful one, we will let you in on the secret hacks of bargain hunting maestros, gathered through years of non-stop trips.

Have you wondered why Costco checks your receipts before you leave?

Well, you are not alone.

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Read on as we decode hidden symbols, reveal the best time to shop, and unravel every Costco mystery you never realized you needed to know. Are you ready? Let’s go!

20. Costco Membership

Costco will give you a membership card for free! The next best thing about this card is that you can share it! Your mom can bring you money using your card, actually.

If you are not ready for any year-long commitment you can go to Costco with a card from your friend, family, or even neighbors and use it. But if you do get your own membership card and upgrade it you will get money from Costco.

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19. Learn The Price Codes

Ever wonder why some prices end in .97 and some in .99? Although each price can bring you some savings, you should choose only one when you really want to save big.

This pricing is completely demystified. An item with .99 at the end, that’s a wholesale price. On the other hand, an item with a .97, in the end, that’s the best possible discount that you will find. Always go for .97.

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18. The Secret Costco Treasure Hunt

According to former employees, Costco will always move stock around at regular intervals so customers have to search for them. They do this for one reason only.

Costco openly talks about their ‘moving’ strategy. They don’t want people to enter autopilot mode and get what they need and immediately leave the store. So, they make you move around. While searching for what you need, you may and up buying more. Always ask employees where to find what you need. This will save you money and time.

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17. There Is A Reason Why Costco Hotdogs Are So Cheap

People choose Costco for two main reasons: great deals and amazing hot-dogs. Did you know that a delicious jumbo hot-dog plus soda will cost you only $1.50?

The reality is that Costco isn’t making a fortune from this. They do this for the people. To enjoy these delicious meals you need a membership card. Luckily, there is one area of Costco where you don’t need a membership.

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16. Use Costco Gas Bars

If you really want to save on your way to Costco, you should use Costco Gars Bars. There is a reason why there is always a long line. It’s cheap and it will save you money in the long run. Just mind one thing.

Always visit Costco Gas Bars on your way to the store, never on your way back. You don’t want to spend hours in the line and ruin all frozen goods. Remember: you go to Costco to save money.

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15. Walk Further To Get A Better Price

That’s right – the best deals are in the back. Walk further and avoid the front of the store. There is a good reason for this move.

Costco, just like any other store, will place products with the highest prices in the front – where they get the most traffic. But, there are more tricks that will save you money.

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14. Choose Your Shopping Days Wisely

Due to busy schedules and long working hours, people usually have a weekend to spare on long grocery shopping. But, if you want to avoid spending more you should avoid the weekend and days before major holidays, and opt for these days instead.

For more peaceful shopping where you don’t want to be stressed and forced into impulsive shopping, go shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. Make it a habit and shop only for the best deals.

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13. Costco Pharmacy

If you have to enter Costco Pharmacy, you can do it without the membership card. Just walk-in and tell the greeter that you need medical supplies. If you are looking to save money on medicine, go to Costco pharmacy.

Costco pharmacy offers the best dispensing fees compared to the others on the market. Also, their pharmacy is so affordable that no other drugstore can match them. But, Costco is also a home of strange things, not only great deals.

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12. Strange Things At Costco

Costco stores are one enormous warehouse. That’s why parents are advised not to take children with them when shopping. Otherwise, strange things happen.

For children, stores are enormous playgrounds and they are not afraid of having fun while parents shop. One of the most bizarre scenes ever – a boy stuck inside a freezer! Luckily, all went good.

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11. Upgrade Your Membership

Costco has three different membership levels. Gold and Business membership you get for $60. But, for Executive Membership, you have to pay $120. Trust us, it pays off.

Did you spend last year more than $1,000 at Costco? If yes, you need to upgrade. At the end of the year, you will get 2% back of total spending. Not too much? Well, an extra $400 comes handy on a holiday season.

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10. Buy The Store-Brand Products

Brand matters, especially at Costco. Therefore, a Costco label will save you lots of money. Don’t miss it while you are heading the back of the store for cheaper prices.

Kirkland is known for creating high-quality products, so it can’t go wrong with this brand. In addition, it will give you more for less.

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9. Buy Bulk And Freeze

Buying bulk can be a hit or miss, depending on the product. Some products are not safe for bulk shopping and freezing, like milk. Luckily, one product you can buy in bulk and store for months.

Buy bulk meat to freeze. You will always get a better price per pound when you buy in bulk. So, you can easily stock your fridge for countless dinners.

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8. Always Try Free Samples

Don’t be shy when it comes to trying free samples. If there is a limit sample-per-customer the handler will let you know. Luckily, at Costco, there is never ‘one per customer’ rule so you can have as many bites as you can.

For you as a buyer, free samples are a great way to try new products on the market and buy them for a reasonable price. Manufacturers want people to talk about their products, so always try them.

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7. Avoid Buying Sodas From Costco

Supermarkets like Costco are obliged to have sodas in their stores, although they don’t make any income from soda sales. But, there is a good reason why they keep them.

They will sell sodas at a super-low cost to attract more customers. So, if you really care about Costco avoid buying sodas. After all, there is nothing healthy about them anyway.

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6. Shop Seasonal At The End Of The Season

This made sound silly, but you will thank us later. The best and the cheapest Christmas decoration, you will find once the holiday is over.

Buy grilling supplies after the summer, and camping gear after the winter. Once the season is over, stores are preparing for the new one. Use that cleaning wisely.

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5. Learn The Store Layout

They may be moving some items, but they can’t move major sections, like the location of the meat or dairy products. You should memorize those locations.

Memorizing the Costco layout is easy. Their bakery, deli, and fresh produce are always in the back. Household items and food aisles will be on two opposite sides of the store. All the snacks, books, cards, and clothing are in the middle.

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4. Shop Online

You can use The Costco app to save extra. The best thing here? You won’t have to leave your home. And there is more.

Almost out of your favorite milk? Take a look at the Costco app to see if there are any deals before you head to the store.

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3. Alcohol At Costco

Everyone knows that Costco is home to hundreds and hundreds of different alcoholic drinks. But to buy is you have to be at least 21 and up.

Once, Costco displayed an in-store add saying that anyone under 21 can buy alcohol. Luckily, the mistake was detected soon and we are sure that no one allowed young people to buy and booze.

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2. Free Toilet Paper Samples

It’s great when you get to try free samples on-the-go and decide if you want to buy the products immediately or not. But, what to do with free toilet paper samples?

We just hope that this free toilet paper testing settled on just touching the paper. Do we just hope that no one took the offer too seriously?

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1. Mexican Costco Hotdogs

Do you remember those delicious hot-dogs for just $1.50? Well, that price is just for the US market. If you find yourself in Mexican Costco you may be shocked.

Many reported that Mexican hot-dogs are better, more delicious and with yummy jalapenos. The price? Symbolic $30.

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