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Costco Workers Reveal 30 Things They’d Never Buy And Much More

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Costco products are best known for their bulk sizes. Plus, people love shopping at Costco. They love free food samples, unlimited soda brands, and fantastic food. On top of that, Costco always goes that extra line for customers and always have amazing workers, ready to help customers with anything.

Although you may love Costco’s cost-effective products, there are some items that you should skip. Costco employees decided to speak out and create their own list of products they would absolutely avoid. Read on to learn what products Costco employees never buy at the store.

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30. Bakery Products

Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh-baked bread? This is the ultimate way to start your day on the right foot. Add to that a cup of coffee, and you are ready to seize a day.

Although you may love Costco bakery products, employers choose to skip these items. According to them, the packaging is just too big. On top of that, these baked products are a logistics nightmare. It turns out that they don’t have the necessary storage space for the store’s baked goods.

29. The Gallon-Sized Mayonnaise Jars

Of all the foods out there, mayonnaise is definitely one of the most popular products ever. When it comes to mayonnaise, Costco employees have different opinions.

Have you ever noticed just how massive are mayonnaise jars at Costco? Did you know that one tablespoon contains 103 calories, 12 grams fat, and 2-gram saturated fat? Just imagine how much change in your body can this massive mayonnaise jar make.

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28. Some Would Buy Everything

In general, Costco employees avoid certain products for various reasons. However, workers from California, Kentucky, Nebraska, Washington, Minnesota, Ohio, and Florida have an unusual attitude.

According to them, there isn’t a single thing that they wouldn’t buy at Costco. They all said that they buy everything at the chain. Here is what others would still skip.

27. Any Food They Haven’t Tried Before

You may can’t wait to try new products, but that’s not the case with Costco employees. They have a good reason why they avoid trying new products.

According to a Costco employee from Illinois, it’s never good to taste the fresh merchandise. The reason? According to the employee, it is because then they would have a six month supply.

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26. Books and DVDs

So far, you know that you can find everything at Costco. From food, over clothes, to school supplies. Although books and DVDs may seem affordable to you, Costco employees have different opinions.

They would skip buying these items for a single reason. Since employees want to save their salaries, they would avoid purchasing them because they are too expensive. For books and gaming-related items, they would choose a different store.

25. Produce

You can always find a bunch of vegetables and fruit at Costco. Their produce department is one of the best in the business. If you are a hardcore veggie-lover, you can buy it in bulk, but you should first mind one thing.

Whenever you buy fresh food, it will go bad in just a few days. That’s why employees avoid buying veggies and fruit in bulk. No one can eat so much food fast, and it’s a waster of money.

24. Kirkland Signature Marinara Sauce

How difficult is it to mess up spaghetti sauce? Well, if you choose to use good ingredients and a great sauce, the chances are minimal or non-existing. This is where Costco employees step in.

Kirkland Signature marinara sauce is something that Costco employees love to avoid. In their opinion, this product isn’t horrible, but it isn’t also the best one ever. So, maybe having a different brand of hand might be a good option?

23. Grey Goose Vodka

Costco loves making in-house brands. One of their most popular brans is Kirkland Signature Vodka. Little is known, but there are rumors that Kirkland Signature Vodka is linked with Grey Goose.

Moreover, many claims that Kirkland Signature Vodka is Grey Goose in a cheaper outfit. So, when a party is planned, employees always choose Kirkland Signature Vodka instead of Grey Goose – even if they are not the same shelf. Plus, it will save them money.

22. Tires

You can find everything at Costco, but it doesn’t mean that you should buy everything there. Some stores are specialized for specific items for purpose. For example, tires stores are a good option for a reason, compared to Costco.

According to employees, you should always walk away from tires at Costco. It turns out that the tire selection is meager, and you can even find them cheaper is some other area. When you think about it, how possible is it to buy both great chicken and tires under the same roof?

21. Electronics

If you are a Costco customer, then you know how liberal their return policy is. This was so extended that people started abusing the system. Eventually, the store had to put some limits. Today, the cap for electronic returns is 90 days.

Although Costco offers a good electronics deal and excellent return policy, employees choose to miss this lucrative option. With so many discounts online and a reasonable price, they decide to shop with one click. There is always a much lower cost.

20. Linens

Whether you are searching for kitchen supplies or bedroom gear, you can find it all at Costco. The variety under their roof is fantastic. However, when it comes to bedsheets, employees tend to skimp them.

It seems that they agree with some of the online reviews, which stated that Costco liners are “uncomfortable,” “poor quality,” and “disappointing quality.” Maybe you should hold your tower and sheet purchase for more specialized stores. Do you know what you are buying when it comes to produce?

19. You’re Buying Produce Wrong

It’s easy to get lost inside the Costco produce department. A few dollars for what seems like 75 pounds of carrot? That really doesn’t sound like a lot, right? However, a big secret lies here.

The truth is that supermarkets tend to earn millions of food that people are going to toss. Since you can’t eat a massive amount of spinach on a daily level, you should shop smarter. If you want to buy veggies in bulk, focus on carrots, apples, avocados, and those items that you can transform in different forms and freeze.

18. You’re Leaving Money

How many times did you give someone a gift card? This is a practical gift that will serve great everyone. But… How many times did you bother to buy a gift card for yourself?

Costco offers $100 gift cards to these establishments at a sizable discount — typically a 20 to 25 percent savings. Since you were going to spend $100 on movie tickets eventually anyway, you might just buy the gift card and keep the $20 to $25 in your pocket. Otherwise, you are losing money in the long run.

17. They Don’t Have the Best Prices Always

Yes, Costco is known for its amazing deals, but this giant store doesn’t always have the lowest price in town. You can actually find better prices elsewhere if you know where to search.

You can always compare Costco to Amazon, or with Walmart. You will be surprised just how much difference there is. By searching a bit, you can earn a lot of money.

16. Shop Smart Even If You Are Single

People tend to believe that Costco is affordable only for bulk shopping and big families. However, this is far from the truth. Costco is for everyone. You just have to find your way of moving around it.

If you want to shop at Costco, but you are one-person-home, and you really want to avoid drinking two gallons of milk in a week, here is what you should do.

15. Shop Smart

If you want to shop smart, you should know that you should always have a plan. You need to make your grocery list and check if specific products are available at Costco. The key is to be organized.

Don’t buy anything that is about to expire and see the freezer as your friend. The truth is that the freezer section is your friend, and you should use it to store food. Avoid giant bottles of bleach and bulk disinfectant wipes.

14. You’re Not Using The Concierge Services

Electronics probably have the most competitive price in today’s market. You can buy a TV, or a laptop even at Costco, and for a reasonable price. Next to a great price, there is one secret that you should know about – The Costco Concierge Service.

The Costco Concierge Service applies to most major appliances and electronics. It comes with free technical support and extended manufacturer’s warranty of the product to two years from the date of purchase. On top of that, if you choose to pay using your Costco Anywhere Visa Card, that warranty gets extended even further, up to seven years maximum.

13. You’re Skipping the Kirkland Products

Once you enter the Costco, it’s almost impossible to miss all the store brand products. Did you know that around 20% of total Costco products are actually Kirkland label?

If you want to save money, you should always go first for in-store brands. So, at Costco search for that Kirkland label. These products are cheaper, have great quality and taste. In other words – save money by shopping smarter.

12. Pay Attention To Prices

It can continuously be overwhelming following the prices and keep track of your expenses. However, if you want to stay on budget and remain organized it’s a must. Practice your eyes to recognize discounts easily.

If the price ends in .99 or .98, it indicates a regular retail price. However, if the price ends in  .89, .79, .69, .59, .49, .39, .29, .19, or .09 this indicates Costco got a manufacturer’s deal. And if the price ends in .97, it means that these items need to go, and they will save you the most money.

11. Don’t Let the Layout Confuse You

Costco’s layout is confusing by design. It’s just how they are organized. Don’t be mislead and believe that they used terrible designers. No, they knew exactly what they are doing.

Costco’s confusing layout is created as such, so people must walk more through it and spend more. Every business loves money, so if they can keep you inside more so you can spend money, they would do it. That’s why the shopping list is your best friend when it comes to saving money.

10. They Will Move Items Around

Retailers are using many tricks to keep you busy and trick you into spending more. For example, one of the oldest book tricks is to move products around to different locations. This way, they constantly add new products, but they are also circulating the old ones.

This is handy both for Costco and buyers because there is no boring scenery. Unfortunately, your wallet will suffer here the most because you will spend that extra bucks for one reason only. With new scenery, you are more likely to impulse buy.

9. Are You Comparing the Prices Online?

In a world of digital tools, it’s imperative to use online tools to make your life easier. Did you know that a single online search can save you a real fortune in the long run?

Every so often, there are online discounts that don’t apply to in-store prices. Plus, you can receive a monthly coupon book right yo your inbox or a newsletter with the best prices. Sometimes you have to wait a few days to make a purchase, but if it will save you $100, it’s worth it, right>?

8. Non-members Aren’t Taking Advantage of Benefits

Costco loves regular customers. Actually, every business loves loyal customers. Those who understand how valuable customers are are always willing to reward their loyalty. Simply said, you should always be a Costco member.

As a non-member, you probably don’t realize all the perks you’re missing out on. Have a prescription to be filled? That slip of paper will get you in the door to do so, no membership card required, and this is only one of their many perks. You can use your Costco Cash Cars to entry to the store and even pay for your items. What do you know about their food?

7. They Have Fast Pizza

Costco food can be packed. People love it because of its quality and fast production. You can get pizza in only a few seconds. To achieve this perfection, they are using simple moves and simple machines.

Would you believe that in under 30 seconds, a big blob of dough gets turned into a pizza waiting to be dressed with all those delicious toppings? This is done thanks to a dough squisher and a pizza sauce turntable. Next time you visit Costco, make sure that you try their pizza.

6. There’s a Reason the Chicken Bakes Are So Much Better

Not all food at Costco is only pizza and hot dogs. Apparently, they have excellent Kirkland chicken bakes as well. This may come as a surprise, but this delicious food is actually made from scratch every day.

A former Costco food court employee explained on Reddit that this is definitely the reason they’re so much better than the ones we reheat at home, saying, “…I will tell you that the frozen chicken bakes they sell [in the store] are not anywhere near the same as the ones that we made at the food court. Food court ones are superior in every way.” 

5. It’s One Of America’s Largest Pizza Chains

Costco knows how to run a business. Selling pizza is no exception, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that Costco is known for selling a massive amount of pizza every day.

Back in 2015, Costco was ranked as the 14th largest pizza chain in the States. This Wharehouse selling store took as serious a place among 500 of its stores selling slices and whole pies. They mean pizza.

4. You Can Eat Without a Membership

The best thing about Costco and their amazing food is that you can have a bite even if you aren’t a member. Yes, you can eat without a membership card, which is fantastic. You can enter Costco by merely saying that you are there to eat. Simple as that.

If someone insists on having a membership card, you can use two different approaches. The first one is to say that you are thinking about joining. The second one is already mentioned earlier. Just say that you are there for the food.

3. You Can Score Extra Toppings On Your Pizza

Costco pizzas are known to be full of plenty of cheese, meat, and veggies, and people love that about this delicious meal. However, an extra topping can’t harm.

All you have to do to get extra topping is to ask for it. It seems impossible, but it’s actually true. It all depends on how busy the store is and how easygoing the manager/supervisor is.

2. You Can Hack The Menu

It’s always possible to hack something in life with proper guidelines. You can even hack the menu at Costco with appropriate knowledge. How? It’s simple. You can use the menu to create more delicious food.

We all know the three basic options for Costco pizza: cheese, pepperoni, and combo. But a straightforward order made a real boom. Here is what this Instagram user had to share: “When we hit Costco, we always order a whole pizza for dinner. For the longest time, we would just order pepperoni pizzas off the menu. Then we found out that although it’s not on the menu board, you can actually order a pepperoni and sausage pizza (it has to be a whole pizza, not by the slice).”

1. They Use a Lot of Oil

The only downside of Costco pizza is that they use a lot of oil. By a simple look at the bottom of the box, it’s clear that they love extra oil. With such good taste, who can blame them?

Less is more, and we can only hope that they will start thinking about our cholesterol a bit more. In the meantime, enjoy delicious Costco food.

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