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30 Countries Americans Are Not Welcome In

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With an American passport, you can visit almost any country in the world. However, according to the latest Pew Research Center reports, you should hold on from waving with US passport.

Before you head for another global adventure or plan your next voluntary trip, make sure that you are welcome in that country. The latest reports show that Americans should stay far away from countries listed here. Read on to discover what countries you should avoid in order to stay safe. The list is ranked, so be sure to read to the very end.

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30. Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Surprisingly, they don’t approve of the leadership style that America forces.

Do you know that the First Lady is from this small European country? Regardless of that fact, Slovenia is not ready to forget the Cold War, when they were BFF’s with the mighty Soviet Union.

29. Canada

According to Pew, Canada had a love-hate attitude toward its neighbors. Even 51% of Canadians are not a fan of the States.

Historians believe that this is due to the Canadian belief that Americans have episodes of pure craziness. This country agrees with Canada.

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28. Sweden

So far, one of the European most developed countries is not playing for the States team. There is a good reason for that, it seems.

According to Pew, 51% of people in Sweden don’t approve U.S. foreign policy. Trump is not helping with “the apparent liberal wonderland” that is Sweden.

27. Jordan

Until 2009, Jordan was somehow fond of the States. However, that all changed with turbulence in the Middle East.

So, now American favorability ratings have dropped for an astonishing 13 points, in the last ten years. Even 85% of citizens of Jordan are not U.S. fans.

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26. Egypt

Egypt is home to an incredibly proud nation, and they are not easy on forgiving the States for not supporting them more with their fight against dictatorship.

Egypt hoped for more significant support in overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood. Just like Jordan, 85% of those surveyed by Pew Research have an unfavorable view of America and Americans.

25. Tajikistan

When the Soviet Union went down, an additional 17 countries were born. Tajikistan is one of those countries.

The States and mother Russia are fighting over the higher power range in this country. However, in this battle, people are stuck and suffering from corruption and struggling economy. Disapproval rating: 54%.

24. Turkey

Turkey has been fighting for years with a huge number of refugees within the country and on its shores.

The help is minimal from the other countries, including the States, and 73% don’t see the States as a helpful or solution-oriented leader.

23. Austria

Europe is really a tough crowd to please. Even 55% of this former Austro-Hungarian Empire are not fans of American policy.

Moreover, the U.S. is not a fan of trading between Austria with Iran and North Korea. Interestingly, Austria is not bothered with American opinion.

22. Iran

Talking about Iran… The United States and Iran are disliking each other heavily. And that feeling lasts for years now.

Interestingly, the CIA helped oust Iran’s Primer Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, to stop Iran from supporting the Soviet Union. But, new leadership brought strict rules, poor treatment toward the woman, and more, making 61% not fond of the States.

21. Pakistan

Pakistan received $4 billion in civilian assistance during the period 2009 until 2013.

However, it doesn’t stop people from disliking American policy in that region. Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan, and murdering him didn’t help American popularity.

20. Palestine

Palestine and Israel have been fighting for decades. In this civil war, the U.S. is 100% with Israel.

Naturally, Palestinians are not too fond of Israeli supporters. Therefore, 72% showed a negative rating toward the States.

19. Russia

Tensions between Russi and the States date back from the Cold War, in the 20th century.

When recently, Russia made a strong move toward Ukraine U.S. was against it. That could put to a 71% unfavorable rating in the Pew survey.

18. Belarus

Russian neighbor is not crazy about being the best pal with the States. But, there was a short period when these two had good relations. Then the U.S. accused that Belarus has been violating human rights; everything went down the hill.

That move lead to a negative image of the States. So, 69% have an uneasy feeling toward the United States.

17. Greece

Greece had a few tough years, with massive crisis all over the country. At one moment, Greece was so deep in debt that hope was almost unexisting.

Since then, Greece finds it difficult to accept any American message of hope. Moreover, 623% can confirm this.

16. Lebanon

For such a small country, Lebanon did so much for refugees from Syria, Palestine, and from any other part of the world. However, 66% are not O.K. with American leadership.

Lebanon doesn’t approve the E.U. policy, and especially Germany. They really have high standards when it comes to human rights.

15. Argentina

With high power, comes great responsibility, and Argentina doesn’t trust that the U.S. is doing a good job.

Moreover, 57% of citizens in Argentina are not happy about U.S. leadership, according to The Argentine Post.

14. Tunisia

The smallest country in the North of Africa does not love American influence. Although Star Wars are filmed here, one movie destroyed their views of the States.

The Innocence of Muslims posted online by a U.S. resident, created 47% unfavorable view of America across Tunisia.

13. Germany

The States and Germany are known for their love/hate relationship for decades. Some even claim that Germany is the European U.S.

On the other hand, many believe that Germans secretly want to be admired by Americans. Maybe that’s the reason why only 47% have a cynical look at the States?

12. Chile

Next to Argentina, Chile is another country from Latin America that’s not crazy about the States.

With only 47% unfavorable rating, maybe Chile is secretly admiring the States? Interestingly, the U.S. sees Chile as one of the strongest allies in Latin America.

11. Australia

Australians are transparent when it comes to their view of the States. Only 48% are not fond of America’s policy, its leaders, and foreign relations.

Moreover, most Australians believe that America has an unhealthy ambition, too many white nationalists, and anti-racist counterprotesters.

10. Netherlands

Even 59% of the Dutch public will tell you that Americans are fat, racist, paranoid, and ignorant. On the other hand, 41% think that Americans are better than these stereotypes.

Many believe that these numbers will be lower after the current administration.

9. Mexico

Well, you probably saw this one coming. After all, the entire world is talking about the notorious wall. The truth is that Trump’s administration adds to the negative view of America in Mexico.

However, even before Trump, Mexico, and States had this push and pull relations. In numbers, 65% are officially against the American policy.

8. France

According to Pew, 52% of the French public gives the States a negative rating. Moreover, French were not prone to Bush’s administration before or after.

They are more receptive to former president Barack Obama. According to the latest data, the French nation is more responsive to Vladimir Putin than Donald Trump. This is big!

7. Spain

Another European country that seems to dislike the States? Well, yes. The public in Spain gives 60% of negative ratings. Anti-Americanism is a thing.

The States and Spain had massive disagreements over the war on terrorism and some other crucial foreign policy issues. Spain has confidence in Donal Trump.

6. Iraq

Over the years, around 20,000 people died in Iraq, just from the Iraqi side. On the other hand, about 4,000 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq, according to the Department of Defense.

Since the war is raging in this area for years, it comes as no surprise that 67% have only a negative view of the States.

5. China

China and States are fighting over numerous sources, while they are actually doing business in different areas.

However, when the public was asked about their opinion on the States, 49% of them had a negative attitude.

4. El Salvador

El Salvador and the States are having real bilateral relations for decades. However, according to reports 45% of Salvadorans are not fond of U.S. leadership.

This was also the fourth-highest rating for any surveyed country in the Americas. The next state is in the other part of the world.

3. North Korea

North Korea is seen as a global threat in the eyes of the States. Interestingly, North Korea considers the States likewise.

Since surveying isn’t an option in North Korea, the general belief is that North Korea’s nation is not fond of Americans.

2. Venezuela

This is a tricky one. Before the recent and tragic events in this Latin American country, the States were seen as a positive leader and a game-changer.

However, the U.S. exploiting oil resources and socio-political policies toward Venezuela, are not welcomed.

1. Syria

Syria suffered a lot in recent years and continues to suffer even today. Syria has such a strategic position in the Middle East that inspires many to take upon this countries territory.

So, as one of the oppressors, Syrians are not fond of the U.S. Moreover, diplomatic relations between these two countries are non-existing.

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