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Couple Remodels House, Unearths Treasure Suitcase From The 1950s

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For the majority of people, renovation means stress, more cleaning, and dust everywhere. Plus, renovation always pulls out more money from your wallet than you have originally planned. So, some people see repair as a real-life nightmare.

On the other hand, there are those people who enjoy cleaning. They love to fix things, keep everything in order, and if something looks unusual, they will explore it. This is precisely what happened to a couple who saw something unexpected sitting in their basement. At the moment, they had no idea that this small item would change their lives forever. Read on to see how one ordinary day turned into the best day ever for this young couple.

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30. Not An Ordinary Renovation

Renovating your home can be dull work, especially if you are not a fan of getting dust on you. Still, home renovation is something that needs to be done from to time.

After all, renovating your place puts the extra price on your home. Plus, you will treasure your home more when you replace the windows, paint the gate, or simply decorate the garden. However, major home renovation can be a real bummer, unless you are lucky. And this couple was fortunate.

29. Day One

One day a couple decided to renovate their home. At the time, they had no idea that their lives would never be the same. However, they knew that they need a plan and a starting point, so they decided to make a plan.

Together the couple decided to improve a bit the first and second floor of the house before they move down to the basement. It will turn out to be the best decision ever.

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28. A Vintage House

There are some perks of living in an old house. You get to enjoy the vintage furniture, to have a fantastic view, probably, and you have a lot of space. If anything, back in the days had prominent families, so they built big houses.

This house was no different. They had a lot of space, and that’s why they knew that they would need a lot of time to finish with their renovation. The couple has been living in the 1940s home for a few years now. All that time, they had no idea what was hidden in their home.

27. Remodeling Home

Since they loved their home so much, they decided to do a renovation on their own. Plus, this was an excellent way to spend some time together, create some memories, and save some money.

Did you know that repairman charges per hour between $45 to $120? For specific requests, you can expect to pay between $150 to $200 per visit. As you can see, it makes sense that they decided to do work on their own. Considering what they found, it’s much better that they decided not to hire a professional.

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26. The Final Phase

The first and second floors were done, and it was time to move to the next phase – the basement. You know how challenging it can be to deal with the basement, and all of the stuff located inside. Still, it had to be done.

Remodeling the basement was thoroughly planned. The first step was to peel back the walls. When they peeled back the walls, the first surprise was there.

25. Wall Art

When they peeled the back wall, they found some drawings and writing. Whoever lived in this house before they let their children be creative and use walls as a canvas. All in, this was interesting, but nothing spectacular.

As they continued peeled the walls, the drawing started looking more unusual. Some of the symbols were very similar to famous swastikas. Since the place was built in the late 40s, maybe the house has a big secret? They had no idea that they were about to discover the biggest secret ever.

24. The Ceiling

The time has come to remove the ceiling. Those with experience in home remodeling know that you should always start from the ceiling. You want to deal with it as soon as possible, to avoid any dust or material crumping afterward.

Once the ceiling is done, you can do the walls and the floor. In time, you will have a fresh room. However, there was something that kept away from the dealign with the ceiling. They were in for a big surprise.

23. An Unusual Finding

While trying to see how to deal ceiling, something unusual was noticed. There, high in the ceiling, was something that looked like a box. It looked as it has a green color on the sides and a massive amount of dust.

Once they grab the box, it was clear that it is more than a box. It was a light suitcase, like those from the 50s. Small, light, and tied with a brown show string. Now the main question was this suitcase empty?

22. Opening the Suitcase

They took the small suitcase outside, on the light. The couple was sure that something was inside. The suitcase was light, but you could feel that there was something, some weight. Maybe sports cards were inside? They are valuable!

To discover what was inside, they had to open the suitcase. The time has come to remove the string and open the suitcase. Even today, they claim that they couldn’t wait to open the suitcase.

21. Shoe String Is Off

Finally, there was one step away from opening this suitcase. They place a suitcase on a patio table, and the sun was blinding them. They started guessing what it could be. Cards? Recipes? Family photos? Valentine cards? Money?

The box was finally opened. And it looked like there is something wrapped in wax paper. What could it be? The box reveals its secrets! Now the time has come to see what’s inside the wax paper.

20. The Biggest Surprise Ever

Once they removed the wax paper, they saw an old newspaper simply lining the bottom. They were really old, like from the previous century. Not even the single headline seemed important. It was clear that they are there to protect something else.

The paper was dated March 25, 1951. Probably around the same time, the suitcase was hidden. The 1950s brought the world so much. This is also the decade when consuming society was born. What was more interesting than this newspaper was the fact that under the papers, three small packages were placed.

19. Hitting The Jackpot

What was packed in the wax paper looks green? It was evident that there was money. Three packs of the twenties. How much money is that anyway? This everyday couple has just won a jackpot.

It must be crazy to win a jackpot without even investing in a lottery ticket. So, a little green suitcase contained old newspapers and three packages of money. This is how much money they got.

18. Is It Their Money?

How would you feel if you found a suitcase full of money? You would be happy for sure, but the big question is – can you keep it? Do you have to pay tax for it? What is the next step?

Every single bill was a twenty-dollar bill. There were hundreds of them so that the total amount could go up to a couple thousand. This was the moment when the couple started freaking out. Did this just happen to them? Is this the hidden camera show? It was all real, and they were set for the second step.

17. More Than Just One Twenty

That was only one package. What was next? 50 dollar bills? Actually, yes! The second package was full of the fifties. Could it be? There could easily be five grand in just one bunch. At this moment, they were more than happy! They were ecstatic. This was out of control! Now, the real question was – what was in the third package?

They couldn’t believe it. The whole life flashed in front of their eyes. The possibilities with this money could solve them so many problems… but were they ready to open the third package. Eventually, they did it, and it left them speechless.

16. The Third Package

The third package was packed with 100s. This was more than they could ever expect. This was a true gift. Was it karma? Did they do some extraordinary did, and someone or something decided to reward them? According to them, they are good people, and they do nice things, so maybe karma chose to step up and make their lives easier.

When you find something old, especially money, you need to check if it’s still valuable. Was this money up to date? Was it still useful? The truth is that some bills were rare, while each bill was from 1928 up to 1934. Now they had to learn if they can keep this money.

15. Does Money Have Its Value?

Can money go bad over time? Yes and no. If you find some rare money coins or bills, you could sell them and earn money. If you find a lof bill from the last century, the chances are that you may get some money for that money. Still, it is something that you should check with an expert.

So this couple decided to do what modern people do best – they spend hours googling on what to do next. After some time, it was clear that they should talk with their lawyer about the next steps. Never forget about tax. Here is what they did.

14. The Total Sum

Before they called the lawyer, they agreed that one thing must be done – they had to learn how much money is there in total. Shockingly, the lot was worth about $23,000.

To save $23,000, you need to work for months, if not years, and this couple got money into their lap. It takes time to soak in that you own now $23,000. But what if there is much more money? Here is what happened next.

13. Another Suitcase

Just a week later, the happy couple discovered another suitcase. It was so well hidden that no one could spot it untile they continued with their basement renovation. Was it deja-vu or a real thing?

The second box was identical in size and the look of the suitcase. Could be more money in this suitcase? This one was compact, but a lot heavier than the previous one. It had more money?

12. More Money

The second box was twice more massive than the first one. Now it was more crucial than ever to finish that ceiling and learn if this was the last box. Was it? Yes, the second box was the last one.

Two boxes in total. This was a remarkable week for his couple, indeed. The only difference between the two boxes was that the second box was in better condition. It was cleaner. The entire family gathered and opened the box. Here is what was inside.

11. The Second and Last Box

Again the same procedure: open the box, remove old newspapers, remove wax paper, and find the money. Ye,s it may be hard to believe, but there was cash once again.

This box had even more cash because the bills were higher. They started freaking out when they realized that each bill was the 20s, 50s, or even 100s. All in, that’s a lot of money. Again.

10. The Total Haul

Can you guess what the first thing that they did was? Counting, of course. The second box was almost all 20s, and some of the bills were rare. This money was also from the previous century.

All in, the 20s gave a total sum of $10,000. This sum, together with the money from the previous box, came to a total of $45K in today’s capital. As you may guess, they sold the money that they have discovered to get new money. New money they can use.

9. Selling the Money

Finders Keepers! When you find something, you can usually keep it if you can’t find the owner. Or donate it. Or keep it. It’s a highly individual decision. This couple talked with their lawyer first, who introduced them about the legal aspects.

Once they learned that the lost-and-found money is actually theirs now, they could plan the next step. As expected, they had the bills appraised. Here is what it means.

8. Next Step

An appraisal is a valuation of property, such as real estate, based on a given point in time. Usually, the evaluation is performed by a professional appraiser during the mortgage origination process.


Sometimes the appraised property value is higher than what appears on the sales contract, and sometimes the property is appraised at a lower, but you can’t know that before you talk with an expert. This is what experts had to say about this money.

7. Double Checking

Suitcase money was double appraised, and the notes of value were sold about 20 had value over the face value plus grading cost. About ten were worth about 4x face value.

All in, they got a nice sum. Now, it was time to decide what they want to do with their money. They could do anything, from buying a new place to traveling the world. However, they decided to do one thing that actually made their life more comfortable.

6. Pay It Forward

Together, the couple decided to use this money and make their life more prosperous. They chose to invest in the future. So, they put it in the bank, and the plan was to pay toward their mortgage and minus taxes.

They also had a next step figured out. Once they pay off their mortgage, they will be able to move to the country. All in, it seems that this money served them well and thoroughly.

5. Strange Things

Finding money in your home is not unusual. We all been there. You leave a few bills in your jacket or in your pants, and you surprisingly always discover it when needed. However, when you find thousands and thousands of dollars in your home, it can be strange.

After all, you know how much time you need to spend working to save a thousand dollars. You would need a half lifetime to save $45.000. Still, saving money isn’t as impossible as people think. Here is why.

4. Budget and Organization

The most important thing about saving money is organization. Yes, how you budget your income is everything. You can earn millions per month, and you can still be in debt because you don’t know how to manage money.

That being said, make sure that you have a financial plan, and that you have financial goals. Everything is much easier and faster when you have a plan, a timeline, and a goal. Here is how to do it.

3. How to Save Money

There is no one general rule that can help you; you can have many different ideas and approaches. First, know that your mindset about money plays a massive role in saving money.

Know that you can do it, and try to see the big picture. Know that your small effort of today may bring a real fortune in the future. With that on the mind, decide your perfect amount and create steps on how to get to those numbers.

2. Make Savings

Know that there is no such thing as a small amount. You don’t have to commit to unrealistic numbers at the beginning. Start small and build your way up.

Be honest about your spending and put on papers what are the things that you can live without, and what are the necessities. Keep your money safe in cash or open a separate bank account. You can also do this one thing.

1. Cut Expenses

This is so obvious that people tend to neglect it. Cut your expenses. Be honest about your luxury items and put them aside. Try a ‘no spend’ month, and see how you can save money: by recycling, changing the car from the bike, and so on.

Don’t forget to reflect from time to time, and see where you are today compared to last month, week, or even a year. Read about finances, talk with people how they manage their money, and you will see that saving money is actually easy when you know-how.

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