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DNA Test Reveals Uncomfortable Truth Woman’s Husband

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It’s amazing what people can discover about themself thanks to modern medicine. Simple saliva can tell so much about one person thanks to modern technology that medical technicians work with. Liane Kupferberg Carter knows this better than anyone else.

Like many others, Liane wanted to learn more about her heritage and decided to send her saliva to 23andMe. Moreover, her husband decided to join her and do the test himself. At the time, they had no idea that they would receive the surprise of their lives. Read on to see how simple test put their history in danger.

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25. An Inspired Author

Liane Kupferberg Carter knows a thing or two about the effects of genetics. After all, she is an award-winning author and creator of a memoir named Ketchup Is My Favorite Vegetable: A Family Grows Up With Autism.

Liane was a mother. Moreover, she was a mother of a boy who was diagnosed with autism. At first, she had no idea he has autism. It was unusual that her son, Mickey, wasn’t speaking for the first few years of his life. So, she decided to test him.

24. Growing With Autism

Mickey simply didn’t talk. Liane and her husband knew that something was wrong and that whatever it was wrong it was outside of their reach. They needed professional assistance.

They took him for a comprehensive evaluation from a doctor when they discovered the truth. Mickey was diagnosed with autism. No matter how shocking it was to hear this, Liane refused to let this define him and shape their family’s course. So, she took things into her hands.

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23. Autism Awareness Advocate

Liane was ready to do anything for her loved ones, and she wasn’t ready to let her son’s disability define him. She knew that raising a son with autism will be challenging on many levels, but she was ready to tackle whatever the world was preparing to throw on her son.

As expected, helping Mickey to cope with the world came with many challenges, but it also showed Liane a new world. Over the night, Liane was thrown into the world of autism awareness.

22. Making A Name For Herself

Liane started educating herself on everything autism-related. She even began attending lectures and carved out quite the name for herself. She started attending conferences and even started speaking on panels about her family’s experience.

She was very successful and respected within the community. However, all of this could be possible without the support of her husband, Marc. Together, they were abotu to discover something that could easily shake the foundation of their marriage.

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21. 38 Years Strong

Liane and Marc were married for 38 years. With almost four decades of being together, their love grew only stronger with each passing day. Even friends and family members talked about how powerful their connection is.

People loved seeing them together, but what they really loved about them was how they have actually met. They met in the Bahamas! When they were in their 20s both were on a vacation. They met in the Bahamas just to discover that they lived one block away from each other in Manhattan!

20. The Pangs Of Love

It’s not that common to meet someone in the Bahamas, just to realize that they live two minutes from your home in Manhattan! Is it destiny, a romance written in stars, or simply a faith?

In these moments, when people find each other, they usually don’t care about faith, they just enjoy the moment. So, once they returned to the States, they remained in touch. They knew that they were meant to be. They just had no idea that almost 40 years later that their ideal world could fall apart for good.

19. The One

When you meet the one you know it. You don’t want to leave that person behind and you want to spend every moment together. That’s exactly what happened to Liane and Marc.

Once their vacation ended, they become inseparable. After only two weeks, Marc knew that Liane was the one. He asked her to marry him during a very romantic night. He proposed underneath a vibrant sky of fireworks. At the time, he had no idea how their life would turn out to be.

18. Starting A Life Together

Their relationship was like a plot from a romance movie. They appeared to everyone like two souls meant to meet. A single vacation shaped their life for good, and once the wedding was completed they were ready to start a family.

They had two boys together, Jonathan and Mickey. Learning that Mickey has autism wasn’t an easy thing to cope with, but they knew that they need to step up as a family. All in, they were a happy family. Until one devastating day that was about to hit them hard.

17. Genetic Check

Liane was always curious about her genetic makeup, especially since she had a son with autism. Marc shared her interest as well, and the two decided to search genomic companies and see where they could do their genetic test.

After careful consideration and detailed research, they opted for 23andMe. They learned that this company helped thousands of people to discover more about their ancestry. Here is what their genes had to tell them.

16. An Eager Swab

These tests are easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to complete it. All they had to do was to swab their mouth. The most daunting part here is waiting.

They had to send their samples and wait. You couldn’t wait to see their results. They had no idea how shocking results would actually be. Their life was about to take a second turn for good.

15. Getting The Results

Liane and Marc couldn’t wait to get their results back. They were very much in love even after 40 years of being together. They knew each other to the bone. With these tests, they were hoping to have even more similarities, if possible.

So, when the results finally came in they were above excited. They were stunned. They got more than they were hoping for. Here is what their test results showed them.

14. Shocking Results

Once the results were in they couldn’t hide their happiness. One second later, they couldn’t hide their disbelief. They looked at the results in silence and huge disbelief.

According to 23andMe, Liane and Marc were third cousins! No one could see this coming. Their son, Jonathas suggested the test weeks earlier out of the curiosity, not to discover that his parents were actually relatives. So, how could this be?

13. Taking It All In

Jonathan, their 30-year-old son didn’t know how to react. This news was big and took everyone by surprise. He even said: “I don’t know how I feel about this. Do I need to get genetic counseling?” Jonathan asked.

However, Liane and March took the news calmly and with humor. Liane would say, “You’re my cousin-husband,” to which Marc would always jokingly reply, “Better than being a sister-wife.” Moreover, they even shared the news on Facebook, where people could share and comment on their story. Here is what the world had to say.

12. Facebook Responds

Not only that Liane decided to share their story online, but she went a step further. She created the hashtag #OurForbiddenLove. In only a few hours friends were liking her post and commented like, No freakin’ way!” and “How is that possible?”

Some of them even drew interesting parallels. Oen person gently reminded them that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are distant relatives. However, what intrigued Liane the most was an article that a friend sent her. That single piece shed a light on the situation.

11. More Excitement

No matter how shocking the revelation was, they knew that it had to be true. So, where is the connection, and how they didn’t know about each other? It turns out that both partners were of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, an ethnic group that came about during the Middle Ages.

Members preferred to keep things within the community, and they barely married anyone outside of their culture. As a result, they had a lot of children with a lot of shared DNA.

10. Basking In The Revelation

Liane and Marc couldn’t find any more information on their shared relatives, but they bask in the crazy 23andMe revelation every day.

However, they are one of many who really had the luck to receive so huge news in such a nice manner. Not every genetic discovery made through these companies is something to brag about.

9. Family Problems

Liane and her husband sure didn’t envy Denice Juneski. Her story is one of those stories where exploring your genes can be devastating. Denice felt for 72 years like an outsider inside her family.

In her entire family, she was the only one who had blonde hair. Others had dark or red hair. Others were also very good athletes, while she couldn’t match them.

8. DNA Testing

Denice was one of many who took a 23andMe ancestry test, to learn more about her genes, and her family. She had no idea how much this simple test would change her life.

She hared absolutely zero in common with any member of her family. This was a mistake, she knew, so she ordered another DNA kit. However, that second test shocked her even more.

7. Hair Colors

The second test showed identical results. She had no relatives within her family. Now, she could finally understand the big hair color difference between her and her relatives.

Again, she was sure that the test was wrong. She was born and raised in that family. The second thought was even scarier -Could I be switched at birth?

6. A Suggested Relative

With results, people also get a suggested list of relatives that the company has in their base. In her list, she saw a name of a woman that she has never heard before.

Could that person be? She knew that she is not going to found out unless she reaches out. She did and the young woman pushed her 72-year-old aunt, Linda Jourdeans, to take a test.

5. A Possible Switch

Like Denice, Linda didn’t look like her family. She was the only one in an entire family to have red hair. It turned out that both Denice and Linda were born in 1945, at the same hospital in Minnesota and at the same time.

So, when Linda’s results came in she was more than eager to get her answers. It appeared that they were switched at birth. Not only that they were born at the same time, but they shared no genes with their families.

4. The Shocking Truth

Denice was sure that she was switched at birth, and now she had a test to prove that. For decades, both ladies lived with the wrong families. “It’s a crazy thing,” Denice said. “People just automatically assume they got the right family.”

The two eventually met up, at the age of 72 and cultivated a strong relationship. They even organized a family reunion for both their families.

3. Christmas Presents

Reddit user Snorkels721 gave his mom, dad, brother, and two sisters DNA kits for Christmas. He saw it as a nice family adventure where they could learn more about their heritage.

As soon as everyone opened their package, his mom reacted in shock. “Don’t use those,” she warned the kids. “They’re packed with dangerous chemicals.” The children explained to her that it’s safe and that no chemicals were involved.

2. Family Test

Mom eventually approved it, but the children still couldn’t understand why the entire family should take the test. From her perspective, it would be enough for one kid to spit into the vial.

After all, everyone’s results would be similar. This way they could sell the rest of the kits. Kids couldn’t understand why this was an issue. Then the fight began.

1. Big Secret Revelaed

Parents marched downstairs and starter arguing. Kids eventually learned that had married a man and had one kid — the eldest sister. That man, however, passed away shortly thereafter. Mom had never said a word — not even to sis.

The man that they knew as dad was actually a close friend that helped their mom through a tough time. He fell in love with her, the two married and had the rest of the family. The rest is history.

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