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Dog Stares At Wall For Days, So Dad Sets Up A Hidden Camera

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Dogs have their ways to tell us how they feel. They use their body language to communicate with humans. Sometimes they may act weird and people may have a difficult time understanding them, but if you know your dog you will easily understand every move. This particular dog, named Crosby, also uses body language to communicate with his owner. One day he tried to tell his owner, George something, but he couldn’t understand him at first. Crosby just looked back at the wall for hours a whole week, when George noticed that something is going on.

The dog looked mesmerized at the wall, but George couldn’t see what was so interesting about it. Then he looked over at the monitor with the footage on it. He scratched his head, pulled himself off of his chair, and went to inspect the wall. As he did so, Crosby happily wagged his tail and sprinted into the room. George decided to see what was the dog excited about and decided to listen to his dog and looked at the wall intently. Read on to see what this canine saw and how it affected his owner for good.

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25. George Miller

George was living alone, far from his family. When he couldn’t bear dealing with loneliness on a daily level, he decided to adopt a dog. After all, he missed his family dog and he strongly believed that dogs are man’s best friend.

George adopted a dog fast. He found a sweet, joyful dog, that he simply named Crosby. The pooch was a real joy and he loved nothing more but to spend time with George and other four-legged friends. Then, something changed.

24. Best Friends

Crosby was a fantastic dog. He would wag his tail all day long, greet everyone on the street and easily bond with anyone. He also grew fond of the animals next door, a duo made of a cat and a dog.

For almost eight years, these three would gather around and play. Suddenly, everything changed. Crosby’s two best friends passed away in quick succession. This left both the owner and Crosby devastated. That’s when Crosby’s way went from great to devastating.

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23. Warning Signs

Crosby changed overnight, and George didn’t notice it at first. They would go for walks everyday, enjoy their routine, and everything looked normal, minus the dog and cat next door.

One day, Milled noticed that something was off. It was common for Crosby to come to the door and let George pet him as soon as he comes from work. However, that wasn’t the case this particular day. George called for Crosby, but he wasn’t showing up. He searched for him and found him. What he saw was something that he never wants to see again.

22. The Wall

Crosby wouldn’t answer Miller’s calls, and George started feeling some distress. Sure, his dog was approaching his senior years, but he was far from his final goodbye. Still, something wouldn’t let him be in peace until he finds his furry friend.

Why wasn’t Crosby answering him? Was his hearing going? Was he hurt? George called out with more strength, still nothing. Finally, he spots him. His furry friend was sitting in their living room, ignoring him, and just starring at the wall. What was up?

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21. Snapping Out of It

George never saw his dog acting like this. Moreover, he has never experienced being ignored by his dog. Miller looked directly at his dog and said, “What is it, boy?”

Crosby looked at him once, and George felt relief because he could see life joy in his dog’s eyes. Again, he ignored him and continued starring at the wall. Was the dog fine or not? Miller was just about to discover how serious this starring at the wall was.

20. Something Was Definitely Wrong

The following night, Crosby acted as usual. George was ahppy thinking that his dog is finally back to his normal behavior. However, that same night changed everything.

Miller woke up at midnight to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As he passed the living room he noticed Crosby staring at the wall. Now, he looked stressed, as if he had a grey cloud over him. Seeing him like this was scary. Imagine seeing an animal staring at something in the middle of the night. Was there a ghost?

19. Needed Answers

Now, Miller was sincerely worried about his canine. He knew that he had to do something. In order to help him, he had to understand first what was wrong with him.

He decided to wake up extra early and find a camera in the closest store. So, first thing in the morning he did just that. He found a camera with night vision. He drove back home and put it in his house before heading off to work. At the time, he had no idea what camera would record.

18. Telling Him Something

Shockingly, Miller discovered that Crosby wouldn’t stare at the wall when he was away, which was odd. Crosby would only run-up to the wall and look at it when George was home.

Now, George was sure that Crosby was trying to tell him something. Miller entered the room to look at the wall closer. At that moment, he heard Crosby comign his way. He was definitely happy about something. Was there something iside the wall?

17. What Was Inside?

Whenever George would make a step closer to the wall, Crosby would let out cheerful bark. Ok, it was clear that he wanted George to explore this spot further.

Suddenly, George heard a noise and froze. “What on earth was that?” he whispered. He couldn’t calm his heartbeat when he realized that something was inside the wall. He looked at Crosby, who looked back at him with a cheerful tail. There was definitely something alive inside the wall. What was it?

16. A Hole

George couldn’t believe what he was hearing. There was a live being inside his walls. What was it? He had no idea what it was, nor what could hide inside, nor how it could end up inside the walls. There were so many questions, but no answers.

George knew that he had to look inside the wall to get his answers. He took a deep breath and plunged his hand in until he was elbow deep. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There was a pair of eyes that looked back at him.

15. Searching

Clumps of drywall poured everywhere when he suddenly felt something unusual. He grabbed hold of it gently and pulled it out. He was expecting to see a living creature in his hand.

However, when he opened his hand it was just a handful of drywall, insulation, and dirt. This really bugged him before he knew that he was hearing something coming from the wall. Someone or something was crying. Could this turn into a horror story?

14. Something Was Definitely Inside

George wanted to come to the bottom of this story and help the creature trapped inside. So, he felt around inside the hole and his fingers brushed against something small and soft.

That softness sup[rised him and he was ready to step aside. However, Crosby let out a high-pitched whine — he was encouraging him not to give up. He put his hands around that something and gently pulled. When he saw what has placed in his hand, his heart dropped.

13. Super Tiny Paws!

George and Crosby were faced to face with a small kitten! That’s right, a small kitten was stuck inside the wall. In fact, the tiny kitten was stuck between the living room and washroom.

George couldn’t wrap his head around to things: how the kitten got here and how the poor thing closely resembled Crosby’s best cat friend. George had no idea how the kitten got inside his home, but he was sure that Crosby had something to do with it. Here is what happened.

12. Questions

The poor kitten was covered all in the dust. Luckily, she was alive and seemed unharmed. Now, the main question remains- how had she gotten inside the wall in the first place?

George couldn’t but ask himself if the kitten’s mother was nearby? One was for sure – he knew that he needed to provide the best for this living being.

11. Where Were Her Owners?

George decided to help the tiny kitten immediately. He cleaned the little kitten up and wiped the dust from her. He looked down at Crosby, and he was there, next to him every second. He looked happy.

He wagged his tail and look at a tiny kitten. Moreover, he looked very pleased with himself. Miller had no idea what to do with this kitten, so he decided to ask for help.

10. Asking For Help

Miller started looking for the kitten’s owners, but he had no luck. He went around the neighborhood and talked with people. He asked others if anyone has heard about the missing kitten, but no one could help him. He even hung up posters, but he never heard anything back.

Some shared that the kitten might be a stray actually and he should take it to the vet. Taking the kitten to the veterinarian’s office was his next step.

9. At The Vet

At the veterinarian’s office, a tiny kitten was on her best behavior. The veterinarian concluded that the kitten is healthy, and maybe a bit under stress, but she will be fine. She seemed to be in perfect health.

The next step was to check for the kitten’s chip. The vet scanned the back of her neck to see if she had a microchip, but she didn’t. What now?

8. The Final Straw

Meanwhile, Crosby loved having the kitten around. He enjoyed every second and his tail never took a break from wagging. He was not like old him, he was even more cheerful and happy.

However, George never really wanted a cat and was more of a dog person. He asked a veterinarian if he could take the kitten to the shelter. At the time, he had no idea that Crosby will have it his way.

7. Decision

“The vet basically told me that if I took her to the shelter she’d be put down because there are already over 300 kittens at the county shelter alone that need homes,” Miller said.

Wow! It’s never easy to hear these words. George was in a spot where he could actually help save a life or help it destroy it. “He said I could try putting her outside and hope she goes home, or I could keep her.”

6. The Final Decision

Having a pet is a very serious decision, and getting another one only enhances responsibility. Still, George had to make a really serious decision, the one that can affect the rest of his life. To keep the little kitten or to let her be?

He knew that Crosby would be more than excited to have a friend to keep him company when Gerose isn’t around. But on the other hand, wouldn’t be too much to have one more pet around?

5. Strong Bond

In the meantime, the little kitten got a name. She was called Lil Ray-Ray. George had to make a tough decision, but watching Crosby with Lil Ray-Ray only made decision-making faster.

He had no idea how this decision could affect his life in general, but he knew that he had to make one. He watched them play together and decided on the best possible thing.

4. Happpily Ever After

Crosby and Lil Ray-Ray were so good together. He even allowed her to claw on him and even make herself at home in his warm fur. This was so cute to see, and it would be a crime to send Lil Ray-Ray to a shelter or let her try her luck on the streets.

While watching them have fun together and how much joy it brought them, George knew that the best thing is to keep her. After all, the more the merrier, right?

3. Animals In Need

There are thousands of animals without a home as we speak. Some are abandoned, some are lost, and some are just part of unfortunate events. They all need home, food, and love, and what George did is a part of the solution.

Whenever you can, you should help an animal. They count on our help. So, if you cannot adopt, foster, or help anyone to your local shelter.

2. Shelter Facts

Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats). When you put lives in numbers it’s scary, right? So, whenever possible, be part of the solution, never a problem.

Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes.

1. Good People Do Great Deeds

Shelters all over the world need all the help they can get. Do your best to serve the world, and make it a better place. So always remember: if you are unable to adopt, you may be able to foster.

Again: if you are unable to foster, you can always donate, or even help spread awareness about rescue organizations and animals searching their forever homes.

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