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People Said This Dog Was Guarding Her Owner’s Grave, Until One Woman Uncovered A Disturbing Secret

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Animals have rules of their own. Their rules include following animal laws, respecting another animal teritorry, and not messing with baby animals. No matter how scary or wild the animal might be, they will always let the offspring live. Animals are so an extraordinary addition to the human world.

One of the oldest men’s friends within the animal world are dogs. Canines are one of a kind. They are fluffy, gentle, come in many sizes and varieties, plus they are loyal and gentle. It’s not unusual for dogs to suffer long gone after their owner is gone. They may suffer for years and even refuse to have another owner or another family. Read on to discover how one dog changes the lives of many. Learn the crushing story about this dog’s life.

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25. A Loyal Dog

It’s heartbreaking to see a dog suffering. Sometimes emotional pain in an animal is devastating to the human heart, especially in dogs. When a dog looks at you with those big and warm eyes, you have no choice but to look back with an identical amount of love.

However, this dog seems broken in spirit. The poor canine dig a hole in a grave and just spend hours there. Dogs are known for being loyal. Could this dog be so loyal, that sleeping on a grave was ok?

24. What Was The Dog’s Story

Every dog-related story has a human involved. Fluffy canine and good-natured human just go hand in hand. This dog’s hero is a girl, named Dimitra.

What started as an ordinary day for Dimitra, would end as one of the most exciting days ever. What started as an ordinary walk through her small town, ended as an adventure of her life.

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23. Passion For Walking

Dimitra wasn’t a fan of small-town living. However, she loved nature. After all, there are only a few things in life that can make you stress-free, and a logn walk in nature is usually the best choice.

She enjoyed long walks so much, that she could spend hours walking by the town’s edge. Her usual routine was between the cemetery and the nearby wood. Luckily for the dog, she didn’t change her routine that crucial day. Here is how their lives intervened.

22. The Cemetary Route

Dimitra would spend hours per day walking. On her route, she experienced the most unusual situation, but nothing could prepare her for this.

Dimitra knew that she would have to work hard tomorrow since it was Sunday. While eating breakfast, she listened to a reporter on TV. What he said made her stomach flip.

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21. Regular Sunday

The news report said that a woman had gone missing just a town over. She disappeared three days ago, and her family was extremely worried. It always scary when you hear that someone is missing.

Who knows what might have happened to a person, if she is ok, if she is hurt, in pain, and so on… Dimitra was an empathetic person and she could feel the pain of the family. At the time, she had no idea that was about to discover something that would shake her world to the core.

20. The Walk

Dimitra was so excited for her walk, but the news just killed her spirit. Still, she had to stick to her routine. Luckily, every step made her feel better, and she could feel her energy getting better.

She was sure that this walk would like any other. However, this walk was far from regular. While enjoying her walk, Dimitra headed toward the cemetery. For her, Cemetary wasn’t a scary place, but a single scene would make her heart jump in her chest.

19. One Hour Later

Dimitra was still overwhelmed with the news on the missing lady. So, she decided to make her walk short, by cutting through the cemetery, to get to the woods, and then home.

She felt safe at the cemetery. She wasn’t usually scared of the grave scene, but the sound of someone crying petrified her. Although it wasn’t pleasant to hear this, she decided to follow the sound and see what it was. As it turns out, it was a living being.

18. Unusual Scenery

Dimitra followed the sound and it leads her to a nearby grave. At first, she had no idea what was making the disturbing sounds. Then she saw the hole underneath the tombstone.

She could clearly hear the crying now. The sound was unusual, and not human definitely. She came closer to the grave, and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Here is what was in front of her.

17. Scared Pup

There was a dog huddled under a pile of soil. It looked as if the hole was dug by a dog itself. The dog looked petrified at Dimitra and even went deeper into the hole.

Dimitra was stunned, as she never saw a dog on a grave like this. She knew that they tend to mourn their owners, so maybe this dog was doing the same? At the time, she had no idea that this dog wasn’t mourning its owner, but it had different intentions. This is what this dog was hiding.

16. The Big Secret

Dimitra looked at the dog. It looked a bit like a German Shepherd, and it was significant in size. She knew that Shepherds are loyal, but this one went a step further by digging a hole in a graveyard.

She stood in front of the dog and tried to make it come out of the hole. She called the dog to come to her and whistled gently, but the dog wasn’t going to move. She had no idea how the dog survived here without food and water. She was about to quit when something unexpected happened.

15. Coming Out

Dimitra whistled out again to the dog, to get the dog out. Eventually, she managed to do so. The dog moved and Dimitra could finally see what was below the dog.

Dimitra was in shock, she couldn’t believe was she was seeing. The dog wasn’t mourning the owner but did something else instead. Here is what this dog was protecting with the whole body.

14. The Truth

Dimitra was overwhelmed with surprise and love when she realized taht this dog was protecting her babies! That right, the dog was in fact mamma dog and she dig a hole to place her babies inside, to keep them safe.

The dog was looking out for her babies and made them one of a kind cave to keep them safe. She found the best place she thought it would keep them safe. There was more.

13. Abandoned

The hole which the dog has created was far from perfect but was the best one she could find. It was obvious that puppies were fighting to survive.

Dimitra knew that she had to help. She brought some dog food and tossed it in their way. She also knew that she had to be fast because the time was running out for these puppies.

12. They Needed Food

It was obvious from the first look that the momma dog and the puppies were starving. They needed proper food and they needed a proper shelter fast.

Dimitra had no idea how logn this canine family was without food and water. While thinking about their future, the momma dog came to Dimitra and wanted a pet onthe head. Very soon the puppies appeared as well.

11. Another Life Chapter

It was obvious that dogs were in poor shape. Some of the puppies were so powerless that they couldn’t even move. Dimitra gave them food and pet them, and that was all she could do.

She realized that she needs professional help, so she reached for her phone. Dimitra didn’t want to leave them alone, and she called for help.

10. Additional Help

Dimitra knew exactly who to call. Luckily, she knew who would help the most. Dimitra called Vesna Mihajloski, a woman who helped puppies and the momma dog start a better life.

Mihajloski came fast, and immediately took all of them in. Dimitra knew that they will be safe with Mihajloski. Now, she could assist Mihajloski in taking care of them and try to find them a better home.

9. Peaceful Time

It was obvious that the canine family had a tough time. Now, with Vesna, they could finally sleep. That’s exactly what the dog momma did first, fall asleep.

As expected the puppies followed her, once they got nice food and fresh water. They were exhausted. In the meantime, the veterinarian was on the way to check their health.

8. The Medical Record

When you find a puppy or any adult or senior dog on the street, you should immediately call the veterinarian. Only a veterinarian can tell you the right condition of canine.

Luckily, tehse dogs were in good health condition. It’s still unclear how they remained in so great shape considering where they have lived from birth. Since they were healthy, they were ready for the next step.

7. Adoption Process

Now, when it is determined that dogs are helahty, the adoption process could start. Responsible animal protectors would never try to adopt an animal without a full medical check-up.

Even if there is something wrong with the dog in medical terms, they will inform the public, and explain everything to the potential dog owners. Yet, they were not ready for adoption yet.

6. More Care

Although the puppies and the mommy were healthy in general, they still needed care. They needed regular food, properly created meals, and a lot of rest.

Once they regain their strength fully they will be put for adoption. After only a few days, puppies’ bellies started growing and their coats got that shiny note. Their fur was stronger and they were super happy. Dimitra saved their lives.

5. Best Mama Ever

Just like with babies, puppies got their names. They were each given a name so they could start the adoption process. The dog momma was simply named ‘Mama,’ which seem appropriate.

Mama’s dog was massively loved and taken care of by Mihajloski and those around here. After all, she did provide the puppies a shelter that kept them warm and safe.

4. The Adoption

The Mama continued to be a great mother to the puppies, and a great companion to humans. She was polite with everyone and no one had any bad word for her. Puppies enjoyed their days with food and fun.

Not only that they were given names, but they got collars as well, so adopters can distinguish them. Mama had two girl pups called Eli and Grace and two boys, named Freddie and Boomer.

3. Were They Adopted?

Eli seemed sweet and like a real playful puppy. What abotu the boys? Freddie was described as a ‘serious, gentle, and kind’ puppy who would be good in a family.

Sadly, he got sick in the meantime but was nursed back to helahty thanks to Mihajloski’s efforts. This is a normal thing with puppies. They are sensitive and can easily get sick.

2. Happy Home

Mama and the puppies enjoyed their new home. They were happy spending their days far from the cemetery, but they shouldn’t stay in a shelter forever.

The shelter is a good instant solution until dogs are checked, fed, and checked by a veterinarian. In shelters, dogs can spend between few days and many years. Some dogs can be born in shelters and day there.

1. Happily Ever After?

Sadly, the puppies and momma have not been adopted soon after they were found. They continued living happily in their new shelter home. A lot of people across the globe were touched by their stories, so they helped as much as they could.

People send gifts both to puppies and mama. Even though they have not been adopted, they do have a good life. Who knows, maybe someone will adopt them today.

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