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Make Sure You Get These Items Next Time You Go To The Dollar Store

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Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks while shopping? Whether you’re shopping at authentic dollar stores, like Dollar Tree, or even in stores where things are more affordable, you can still find killer deals that aren’t available in other types of shops.

Of course, there are certain items that you really shouldn’t buy at a dollar store – such as some medication, and even pots and pans. However, there are other things that you should buy there. Scroll down to see which items should be in your basket during your next visit to 1$ store run.

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30. Bread

If you are lucky enough, you will visit Dollar Tree on one of the days when freshly baked products appear. As you may know already, every baked good goes off the shelves fast. Dollar Tree sells all different kinds of bread, including Wonder, and even some Nature’s Own.

If you are a true lover of these brands, you should be ahead of others. How? Well, all you have to do is to ask your local store when they get their deliveries. This way, you will be able to plan your shopping trip around it. For $1, you will get a loaf of bread.

29. Bottled Water

It’s so easy to spend money nowadays on water, especially on bottled water. But that’s not the case with Dollar Tree. There, you can find a six-pack (or gallon) of Crystal Geyser spring water for one buck!

Dollar Tree is the perfect place to stop before your camping trip or simply stock up on your weekly supply. It’s also handy to have bottled water on hand in case of an emergency, like stormy weather.

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28. Art Supplies

If you are a serious artist or merely want to find the right equipment for your child, you should visit the nearest dollar store. This is the place to go if you wish to buy art basics, like paintbrushes, crayons, glue, glitter, poster board, etc.

Basically, the Dollar Tree has got you covered when it comes to the big craft aisle. So, for your next art project, make a list of supplies and go to the nearest dollar store.

27. Chocolate Candy

Candy is something that is seen in every store. Candy is something that the dollar store has a fantastic selection of, and all for $1 or even less. Sounds like a candy-land, right?

You can find even better name brand kind in dollar stores, although they may be smaller in size than in other stores. One thing is for sure: you can buy six-packs of Milky Ways and 1-ounce bars of Godiva. This dollar selection of candy may sound too good, but it’s real. Don’t walk past candy selection if you are there.

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26. Envelopes

Yes, people are still using envelopes. If anything, government officials use them frequently. If you love to send letters or make sugar cubes to your loved ones, you should visit the dollar store for amazing deals.

Depending on the size, you can get between 40-80 Mead envelopes for a single dollar. This is a great deal that you won’t get anywhere else. Plus, they also carry bubble mailers and other types of mailing supplies for less.

25. Cough Drops

Dollar stores may not be your first choice when it comes to medicine shopping, but there are some medications that you can freely shop there. If you see, Halls’s cough drops, feel free to stock on them.

They may be smaller quantities, but they are perfect for storing in your purse, car, or even pocket when you feel like you need an extra boost.

24. Bleach

Some products are identical, no matter where you buy them. So, bleach is bleach no matter how much money you spend on it. You may spend a single dollar at any dollar store for 2.84 liters (96 ounces), which is a pretty good deal.

If you are into eco products, you may have difficulties finding them in a dollar store, but again – you never know. Plus, bleach isn’t the only cleaning supply that you can save a lot of money by shopping at the dollar store.

23. Plastic Food Containers

Food storage containers are easily found at the dollar store. They may not be original Tupperware, but you will find food containers at excellent prices. After all, do you really need to have branded food containers?

You may find Ziploc and Betty Crocker, depending on the store and time, of course. The dollar store offers all different sizes and styles of food storage to suit your needs. There are many different packs, including a mini pack.

22. Plates

Some items you can’t have enough, like ever. Plates are one of those much-needed household items. Plates are fragile, and no matter how expensive they can be, they all can be easily broken. So, why spend a fortune on plates when you can spend a few dollars to get more than enough plates?

Dollar stores offer different collections to appeal to different tastes, including the brightly colored Santa Fe collection, and the blue and white Paisley Dinnerware Collection.

21. Buckets

No matter what you need a plastic bucket for, you always have at least one on hand. The best way to keep plastic long-lasting is to have a different buck for different purposes. Dollar stores offer an array of styles, shapes, and colors, and styles for every occasion.

Around the holiday season, you can even find original buckets, like Easter or Christmas buckets. You can find plastic buckets, cleaning supplies, and storage bins at dollar stores for a better price than at most other retailers. You can use them for cleaning your car or indoor/outdoor cleaning.

20. Pregnancy Tests

Yes, you can get pregnancy tests at the dollar store. Don’t think about its reliability, because they are accurate and of good quality. Basically, there are identical to any other drugstore test.

Results can be negative or positive, so you may actually be extremely happy for saving many dollars. If your test turns out to be positive, make sure that you visit a doctor as soon as possible, if not that same moment.

19. Cotton Rounds

Cotton rounds are used for occasions, from face cleaning to removing nail polish. They are really super handy to have them around the house. Did you know that at Dollar Tree, you can get 80 of them?

If you choose to spend more on cotton rounds, you should know that those and one-dollar cotton rounds will eventually end up in the trash. If you want to save money, you can think about the reusable alternatives.

18. Hair Bands

Where do hair bands disappear? There is no person alive that can answer this question. Hairbands are one of those items that you can use today, and you may never see them afterward unless you keep them around your wrist at all times.

Long story, short, hair bands are much needed and always on hand. If you have a few extra, it can actually save your day. Grab a pack of 30 on your next visit to the dollar store, black or Multicolore, and have a specific place for them.

17. Storage Boxes

Let’s face it – storage boxes are always needed. They are so practical that your life can become easier if you implement storage boxes properly. You can place them under the bed, inside the closet, or even in drawers.

At dollar stores, you can purchase storage boxes for only $1! Therefore, you can buy as many as you like. If you want to make your shelves more expressive and practical, you can order boxes from the Dollar Tree website.

16. Books

It may be hard to imagine preferring hardcover book, opposite to Kindle options, but people still love to feel paper under their fingers, and that ‘book smell’. Dollar stores offer a great line of books for merely one dollar.

The best part of searching for books at dollar stores is that you can find some great titles. Plus, you will pay for them a fraction of the price you’d pay at a bookstore.

15. Trash Bags

Unless you don’t have well shaped and designed recycling flow, the chances are that you are using trash bags. As you may know already, trash bags can be expensive – but not at the dollar store.

They sell both store brand and name brans so that you can choose from a rich offer. They are usually sold in smaller quantities that you’ll find at the grocery store, but the deal is still good.

14. Coffee Mugs

Plain ceramic mugs are practical, easy to clean, and can be used for much more than just tea and coffee. Did you know that you can microwave oatmeal or soup in them? It turns out that ceramic mugs are a good investment due to its functionality.

The only downside is that once they hit the floor, you get to tell them goodbye. So, you better stock up on this handy item on your first visit to the dollar store. They also come in various designs, so you find those that can match your style.

13. Caramels

Who doesn’t like nice caramel? You may not be in top other sweets, but caramel here and there can provide a bit of happiness. So, during your next visit to the dollar store, make sure to look around for the caramels.

If you are a sweet-tooth person, you should stock up and keep some caramels on hand. Who knows, maybe you will find a great recipe, and caramel will help you bake some extra-delicious cookies.

12. Reading Glasses

As soon as you notice any eye-related problem, it would help if you visited an eye doctor. An eye doctor will tell you precisely what kind of glass you need when you should wear glasses, and so on. Did you know that you can buy reading glasses at dollar stores?

They are cheaper and also effective. If you want to freshen up your glasses frame, then visit the dollar store. You will find several different strengths, from 1-3.5 diopter. Pro tip: buy extra pair ahead of time for when replacement is needed.

11. Gift Wrapping Paper

The dollar store is a great place to search for gift wrapping paper. The best thing about wrapping paper and dollar stores is that you can shop this holiday necessity all year round.

You’ll find various wrapping paper there, from papers to baby showers to birthdays and beyond. At other stores, wrapping paper can cost $5 per roll, but you will pay $1 for a 20-foot roll at the dollar store. Even the gift bags and gift boxes are cheaper at on dollar stores.

10. Paper Plates

This way or another, disposable plates will cost you, unless you choose to shop them at the dollar store. At dollar stores, you can find packs of 40 for a single dollar.

In other places, you can spend $10 for over 100 plates. So, who wouldn’t want to just buy three or four packs for $3 or $4, rather than spending $10? If you want to be more mindful about the planet, think about purchasing many regular plates.

9. Foil

Buying foil from the dollar store is a wise move. Dollar stores are, in general, well-equipped with aluminum foil and other household items. You can pick up either a smaller (18 ft) package of name brand (Reynolds Wrap) or a 25-50 ft package.

A 50 ft. package of Reynolds Wrap from Target or a similar store will run you $3. Plus, shopping aluminum foil can be money-wise because you always need it, and shopping it only when you need it will lead to higher bills.

8. Pain Pills

If you tend to use Advil or Aleve regularly, you may be interested to know that you can buy these products for much less at the dollar store. They will probably be smaller than in other places, but it can still be a good deal.

Generic types of pain medications are made with the exact same active ingredients as their brand name counterparts, so you know you’re getting the same relief. So, why not buy it for less?

7. Movie Candy

Anyone who’s lived near a dollar store during college is more than well-aware of the boxed movie candy trick. Still, who wants to pay $5 for a box of candy to get for $1. So, visit the closes dollar store and stock up on different kinds of treats for your movie night.

Make sure that you bring a bag big enough to take all candies with you. You can never know for sure when you may get a sweet tooth while watching your favorite movie or a TV show. Dollar store candies are easy on the wallet and great when you need something sweet.

6. Birthday and Holiday Cards

There is always someone’s birthday around the corner. Getting a single birthday card or even a holiday card can cost you up to $6 unless you decide to visit your local dollar store.

You can find great deals for holiday and birthday cards at Dollar Tree – even of the Hallmark variety! So, when there is a special occasion coming up, show them that you care by purchasing a $1 card. After all, what you write from your heart is what matters.

5. Journals and Notebooks

If you have a kid heading to school soon, you should think about supplying him with notebooks at dollar stores. Do you love spending hours writing your thoughts or only working on your next career as a songwriter? Regardless, you will need a special notebook, or maybe a journal.

You also need at least one notebook lying around the house at all times, so you should shop them at the dollar store. You can find PVC covered journals and notebooks, or even spiral-bound, mini, and composition covered notebooks and journals.

4. Dish Soap

Dollar stores are a great choice when it comes to shopping household items, and especially dish soap. When you visit a dollar store, you can get a 14-ounce bottle of Ajax or Palmolive for just $1.

You can also get an 8-ounce bottle of Dawn dish soap for just $1. You can get the same deal on Ajax at some other stores, but why waste your time if you are already at a dollar store?

3. Paper Clips

Office supplies are, in general affordable, and you can stock them. Since you are probably using them for work, they will last long. Still, why not save a few bucks?

Did you know that you can find 80 packs of colored paper clips at dollar stores and 250 count packs of silver paper clips for only $1? Even if you invest hours in finding a better offer, you couldn’t. Nothing can beat this price.

2. Tooth Cleaning Supplies

Toothbrushes and toothpaste as products aren’t expensive, or at least they aren’t enormously expensive. Still, you can always find a better deal, especially if you love exploring dollar stores.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste can last for months if not years, so shopping a few extra can save you money in the long run. You can even get two-packs of brushes, a brush, and a small paste tube for just $1.

1. Scotch Tape

Scotch tape is always handy home material. It would help if you had scotch tape in your office area, and it’s convenient for everyday things. You can find it at stores like Target for around $5. However, if you want to get more for less, than you should visit a dollar store.

You can get two-packs from Dollar Tree for $1. Of course, always double-check quality if you want to buy scotch tape in a large amount. Make sure that quality is satisfying to you.

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