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The Downsides Of Retirement That Nobody Talks About

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Almost everyone has this firm belief that once you hit that retirement bar everyhting is about to be better, even perfect. Retirement is seen as personal and financial independence after years and years of hard work.

It’s that period of life when you get to move abroad, travel to Europe, see your friends every day and enjoy spending time with your grandsons.

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However, in reality, it’s s slightly different. By retiring you’re closing numerous chapters in your life of which you’re not well aware at the beginning.

What you don’t realize about the retirement is that’s not anymore about others, it’s all about you. You’re hitting your final chapter all by yourself and it’s not all sugar, spice and everything nice. It’s real life with a few downsides along the way that people often don’t talk about. Check the 5 most common one.

1. Social Interaction is Gone

Although you think that you’re colleagues will call you every day and visit now and then you soon realise that it just doesn’t work like. It’s not that they wouldn’t love to see you it’s just that they have other priorities in their leader of social interaction, and it’s mostly job-related. You can’t blame them, they are still working and their time is precious. On the other hand, your everlasting friends have the same schedule as they had before and they can’t put extra of their time to you. This is the moment when you realize that might, just might you’ll have to do everything on your own.

2. Boredom

Yes, before your retirement you strongly believed that you’ll have dynamic time full of fun and enjoyment. First three month, everything is interesting and you have strength and time for everything, and as time goes you realize that each day is the same. Your energy starts to drops.
With low energy level, you’re entering limb of boredom. All the fun things that you had planned are not fun doing them alone or with a spouse all the time.

3. Spouse Overload

Having your spouse supporting you each day and loving is amazing. However, if your spouse and you start your retirement at the same time it may be overwhelming. No matter how much you love each other you can’t shake off this feeling that it would be much better if just one of you had a daily-long-hours obligation just to bring some excitement into a routine.
One of the ways to overcome this is to have mutual interests or to have some outdoor activity to make you move.

4. Identity Crisis

Having doubts about your entire being is possible even once you’re 40+. It’s an ongoing process. Some people find it hard to adapt to new routines once the job is done. They just don’t know who they are without their job. They spent decades on something, investing their time, energy and money and when you take that from them, what’s truly left?

This is a turning point that requires a high level of motivation for something new and different. This is a good time to start a recreational sport, volunteer or find a side job, to hit that productivity level again.

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In addition, it’s more difficult for people that are tied to a specific job, like a doctor. You just need to find another purpose and re-discover yourself.

5. Taxes Are Still Here

One thing that should be done for retirement in the first place is preparing your finances. Knowing and understanding your retirement spending needs can only help you have safer and sustainable retirement.

You need to save enough to cover expenses and to have a little extra for taxes. Each withdrawal means taxes. This is just a friendly reminder that you need to save more and to invest assets in order to generate income. In order for you to do so, you need to have a basic understanding of personal finances, self-control and planning in detail.

It’s crucial to understand that retirement doesn’t have to be a fall but a time for you to re-invent yourself.
Imagine having time to do what you’re really passionate about, to re-build your interests, to have better communication with your spouse, kids and the whole family, and overall just communicating better.

Retirement can be seen as a platform where you have this amazing opportunity to try everything that you have ever wanted.
However, that free time doesn’t come without a price, so make sure to plan ahead, to have plan A, B and C and a few more just in case. Your job, or your previous job, doesn’t define you, it was just a one step in creating stronger you. And just go with the flow.

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