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25 Easy Life Hacks To Make Life A Whole Lot Better

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Mastering new skills can save you time and money, especially if you a homeowner and you don’t have someone to help you all the time. By tweaking little things in your daily life, you can make your life much more convenient.

Some life hacks are easy, while some are more challenging to follow. Still, they are all beneficial for your life, time, and your wallet. Did you know that if you freeze small cucumber pieces in an ice bucket, you will always have refreshing and healthy ice cubes for drinks during the hot summer days? If you put a mint, you will get a true youth elixir. Here are the top 25 life hacks that you should try today.

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25. Protect Your Cables

How well do you maintain your cables? Do you let them wore out and toss them every few months, or you have a system to protect them and make them last longer? Laptop and smartphone charging cables aren’t cheap, so keeping them as fresh as possible should be your goal.

Protect your cables from banding down by using a spring. Use a spring from an old pen (stretch it a little from one end to fit around the cable) to keep your charger from breaking and bending. This way, your cables will serve you longer and better.

24. A Handy Way to Charge Your Phone

It’s nothing worse than when you are about to leave your home, and realize that your phone is almost out of battery. Actually, the only worst scenario from this is for you not to know where your phone charger is. So, what to do when this happens?

Did you know that you can charge your phone using the USB port on the back of a TV? Many homes (and almost every hotel) has a USB plugin located in a USB port that can serve as a charger.

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23. How to Clean Your Electronics

Cleaning your electronics can be messy work. Cleaning that keyboard is time-consuming and stressful… With too many pieces, how can you clean it easily and fast? Or how can you clear charging ports efficiently?

These and similar objects often accumulate dirt and dust, which can be unpleasant if you are allergic to dust. To keep them clean and dust-free, use a squeezy-ketchup bottle top and your vacuum—place squeezy-ketchup bottle top on your vacuum handle and dust on.

22. Organize Your Cables

Empty toilet paper rolls can save you time and nerves when it comes to organizing your cables. Every home has a bag of wires and cables stashed somewhere, because we don’t know what to do with them, or how to organize them.

Organize your cables by placing them in empty toilet paper rolls and a shoebox. This way, you won’t have to deal with a box full of tangled cords, and you will save paper, which is good for the environment.

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21. How to Create Safe Passwords That You Can Remember

It’s not easy to memorize passwords nowadays. Back in the days, you only had to memorize your phone number, home address, and one password. Today, you must memorize a dozen different passwords for many websites, email, and various media accounts that you are using. All in, this can be hard. Here is how to make it simple.

The best way to memorize your passwords is to have one master password and create variations. Use ancient letters to include in your passwords to make them extra secure and fun. No one will ever be able to guess it.

20. Remove Highlighter Stains

Ever wish you could make your old book new by removing highlighter marks? Did is actually easy to do, and all that you need is a lemon. Cut a lemon in half and get some juice on a cotton swab.

Run the swab over the highlighted text and watch the color fade. You can also use lemon juice from a container; it’s equally effective. As expected, the older the mark, the more stubborn the stain is to remove.

19. Identify Your Keys Easily

Do you also have that feeling that the older you get, the more keys you carry around? Between the house, car, shed, and garage, and so on, you may end up carrying a bulk of keys. Sometimes, finding the right one in a matter of seconds can be a real nightmare.

To make this easy, paint your keys. You can use a nail polisher and paint each key with another color. Nail polish is actually more durable than spray paint.

18. Keep Seeds Fresh

If you spend time in the kitchen, you know how important spices are. Using seeds can enhance your meals as long as they are fresh. And that the biggest trick, keeping them fresh.

If you don’t use up all of your seed packets, just store them properly to keep them fresher longer. Place them in a container with silica packets. This way they can remain fresh up to the following year.

17. Make Your Mirrors Fog-Free

Your mirrors can be clean and fog-free every day of the year, with one simple hack. Taking a bath will always create some, but you can prevent this by using a bit of car wax.

Apply a small amount of car wax to the mirror, let it dry, then buff with a soft, dry cloth – that’s all. This simple move will keep your mirrors fog-free forever.

16. Easy Way to Disinfect Legos

Children’s toys are one of the most used items in-home, and as such, they’re usually full of germs. Disinfecting them seems to be in order. If you have Legos, you know just how many times children toss them around.

Drop your Legos or similar tiny toys in a laundry bag. Run your dishwasher as usual. Just make sure that you remove the Legos before the drying cycle. Place them on a towel and let them completely air dry.

15. Get Wrinkles Out of Your Laundry

Stop spending hours and hours ironing your clothes. You don’t need the time-consuming iron or handheld steamer to look good. There is a much simpler way.

Throw a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. As the ice melts, the water turns to steam, removing the wrinkles. Important: this handy trick isn’t as effective with heavier clothing.

14. Zip-Tie Phone Stand

Zip-Tie is os useful little thing. It can help you tie things, keep the open bags with food fresher, and it can even help you make a phone stand. When working on a DIY project, many of us choose to use images or videos to see how something is done.

The only problem here is that phone is locked up or falls down, making it difficult to see the content. However, if you loop zip ties around your phone, one on each side, you will have a real phone projector.

13. Secret Cash Stash

What do you do when you don’t want to carry a wallet around? There are days when you just want to grab your phone and keys run from the house. But… You probably need money, so what to do in that case?

According to professional home hackers, the best thing you can do is have a secret cash stash that you can place in an empty tube of lip balm. Small enough to fit your pocket, this small stash can fool potential thieves easily.

12. The Ultimate Extra Hand

Carrying a sheet of plywood by yourself is awkward and disturbing in your back. However, when you have an extra hand, it goes smooth. This is the main reason why people always move things in pairs. But what to do when there is no one around?

So far, the best method is to add an extra hand artificially. Make a loop from n 18-ft. length of rope and wrap it around two corners – this way, you can use it as a handle.

11. Double Your Resealable Bags

Sandwich-size bags can easily become snack-size bags. Even when you pack a sandwich in your bag, there is still more space. Why not use that space and be more suitable and environment-friendly?

Double your resealable bags by being creative. Heat up an old butter knife with a lighter and slice the bag in half. The hot knife cauterizes the edges of the two new bags. The cauterized edges are as strong as the factory sealed edges, and you will have double bags.

10. What About The Cat?

If you are a feline owner, you know how stubborn they can be. Moreover, they love following you and spend time on your desk or any other area where you do something. If you work from home, you know exactly what we are talking about.

To free your screen and mouse from the clingy cat, use the simplest hack ever – place an empty box on your table. It works like magnets, and you will have a cat-free space.

9. Clean Up Paint in Carpet

Cleaning the carpet perfectly is always challenging, especially if you dropped a paintbrush on it. Anything liquid is always harder to clean.

Luckily, there is a fast and easy solution to this. Pour some denatured alcohol onto a rag and scrub away the paint. Always use a rag that’s as close in color to the carper, so the alcohol can transfer some of the rag’s color to the carpet.

8. Inexpensive Cookbook Holder

Reading while cooking your favorite food is easy when you have the right tool around. People mostly store their recipes today in their iPad or mobile phone, and they use a holder to keep in the eye level.

But what to do if the recipe is complicated, long, and requires a wider area? In that case, you should use your hardcover cookbook and a pants hanger. That’s right! You can hang any book over your kitchen counter until you are done cooking. Just make sure to hang it off.

7. Picture Frame Message Board

A well-written message can light up your day. P[eol love writing cute and short messages to their loved one. Those in-store sare nice, but they ten do be expensive.

Plus, those in stores tend to be unattractive. So, why not make your own? All you need is a nice picture frame (older the better), and some paper. Cut the paper to fit the frame and set it in behind the glass.

6. Pour Bleach Down Your Sink At Night, Here’s Why

Bleach is a powerful and toxic substance that can be beneficial to your household when used right. Therefore, bleach is great to use for cleaning inside of your pipes, as long as you do it properly.

Pour it a night in small doses from time to time. Regularly you can use baking soda and vinegar. Bear in mind that bleach can destroy the sink finish.

5. Lampshade Lint Roller

Fabric lampshades are magnets for dust, human hair, and pet hair as well. It is as if this lamp collects everything that passes nearby. Since you can’t throw a lamp into a washing machine, you should clean it. Here is how.

Use a lint roller. This simple item works really well. Still, be careful, as lampshades are fragile and can even become brittle. A torn lampshade is worse than a dirty one.

4. Taller Table

Sometimes the table just inst tall enough, especially if you are into DIY projects or you love drawing. In general, tables are around 6-ft, designed to fit someone while sitting. For those who must bend over the table while working, this is pure hell.

So, the only thing you can do (opposite to buying a new table) is to make a table taller. Use PVC pipe and cut them. The idea is to slip the pipes onto the legs, which should raise the table.

3. Never Sleep Without Socks On, Here’s Why

We often see it in movies, but is sleeping with your sock on a good thing or just a trend? It turns out that sleeping with your socks on can actually help you live longer and healthier.

Wearing socks in bed can increase blood flow to feet and heat loss through the skin, leading to better sleep. Still, this is something that’s best to check with your doctor.

2. Remove Gum from Carpet

Ouch! That feeling you step on gum in your living room, just chilling on your carpet. When you sit on a piece of gum, it’s easy to deal with it – you just freeze pants in the freeze and remove the gum. But, what to do when the gum is on the carpet?

Place a sandwich bag filled with ice cubes on top of the gum and wait about a half-hour. When the gum is frozen, you can easily remove it. Pull it gently to void any trace behind.

1. Quick Cold Drinks

Drinking warm soda seems like a sin, even in winter. If you are one of those people who drink everything cold, you are probably familiar with this simple hack. On the other hand, if you aren’t familiar with this hack, here is how to make your drink perfectly cold.

Towel wrap your drink and put it in a freeze. Just make sure that the paper towels are soaked but not dripping. Your drink should be cold in under 15 minutes, and if you’re desperate for a drink, 10 minutes will do the trick.

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