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Take A Look At The Home Elon Musk Is Selling For $4.5 Million

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If you had billions of dollars at your bank account what would you do? We’re pretty sure a lot of you would like to buy themselves a beautiful house by the sea that has a magnificient view and a swimming pool just in front of it. Well, it seems that one billionaire did just that, except that now, he’s trying to sell his home that will take your breath away!

The billionare we’re talking about is Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX. He listed his home in Brentwood, California for sale. The amount he’s asking for the four-bedroom, midcentury-modern home is $4.49 million.

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The breathtaking home is located at the 3,000-square-foot property that Musk and his now-ex-wife Talulah Riley purchased for $3.69 million in 2014. However, Musk is known to be $21.1 billion net worth, which is why this is only one of several home he owns in Los Angeles. However, we have to admit that this house looks pretty terrific!

Forbes described the property to be resembling an angular spaceship, while the home has a boomerang shape that maximizes space of its triangle-shaped lot. The beautiful layout of the property is perfectly compatible with a curved hallway lined by floor-to-ceiling windows.

The house is surrounded by palms, giving it a beautiful, Californian look. The indoor and outdoor lighting is carefully picked and are intentionally built as side-lighting in order to make the home look warmer.

Also, this luxury home has a number of smart-tech features Musk demanded for. Tesla giant was able to control his security system, curtain, speakers and even lighting through his mobile device.

The house has a kitchen that collides with a living area, and a rear yard that has a saltwater pool and patio areas.

However, his amazingly designed home that he’s trying to sell isn’t the reason people are talking about him a lot lately. Musk stole a significant amount of headlines in 2018 for sending his own Tesla Roadster to Mars, and because of smoking pot on camera while recording a podcast with Joe Rogan. But that wasn’t everything this eccentric billionaire did last year, he also tweeted about his idea to take Tesla private which resulted in facing the wrath of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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David Kramer and Andrew Buss of Hilton & Hyland have this listing.

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