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Under $50: Awesome Gifts That Won’t Crack Your Wallet

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You don’t have to go broke to prove that you care. You can actually buy practical, original, and chic gifts for under $50. They really exist. Moreover, they can look expensive.

Since great gifts can be easily found for less than $50, we rounded up 30 gifts that are budget-friendly and can be a great present idea all year long. Click through for our affordable discoveries.

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30. Reusable Coffee Cup

Price: $15.00

A reusable Coffee cup is a great present even if the receiver prefers tea over coffee. It can be used for any hot drink.

These cups are handy, great for on the go, and great for the planet. Make sure that they are made from silicone.

29. Fuzzy Blanket

Price: $14.99

Household items are always welcome, especially if they are soft and can keep you warm at night. This is also a great last-minute gift idea.

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They are affordable, come in many colors, and they are practical – they can be used as day blanket and a fashionable item as well. It’s a win-win gift.

28. Portable Charger

Price: $34.95

Solve the nightmares of having an empty battery with a practical portable charger. This is something that everyone should have. With fast living, being fully charged is a must.

Portable chargers are light and easy to carry around. They come in various colors and sizes.

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27. Kitchen Ceramic Jars

Price: $34.95

Everyone will love these! They are practical, fashionable, look expensive, and they are long-lasting.

You can find also measure and store canisters on the market. They can be from 100% glass and recycled wine bottles. Also, they look super expensive.

26. A Subscription To Amazon Prime

Price: $39.00

For $39, you can subscribe anyone to Amazon Prime for three months. Amazon Prime delivers in just two days and offers some fantastic perks.

In case the receiver is already subscribed, no worries. Those $39 can be spent on anything from the site.

25. Candle

Price: $15.00-$36.00

Any candle well decorated will look like a high-end gift. Candles are elegant, desirable, and they smell great. Moreover, they are not expensive.

When shopping for candles, make sure that you choose the right smell note. Also, this type of gift is best gifted to good friends or partners.

24. Nice Socks

Price: $30.50

You can find so many different sock designs nowadays. They can be pricey, but for 4-pack, every price is reasonable.

Make sure that they are made from natural materials, to avoid any blisters. Buy as craziest as possible. If nothing, it will make everyone smile.

23. Letter Board

Price: $31.00

Excellent gift for cute notes and original phrases. This board comes handy if there is a roommate around. Moreover, it’s an excellent background for welcoming guests.

Letterboards come in many colors so that you can choose from tons of different boards.

22. Reusable Shopping Bag

Price: $26.00

Having reusable shopping today is a must, especially if you are passionate about saving the environment. Why not spread the message?

Reusable shopping comes in piles of fun prints. The great thing about them is that they can be folded down to nothing. Besides, they can hold 50 pounds of stuff.

21. Scratch Map Deluxe

Price: $48.00

This is the ultimate gift for frequent travelers. Moreover, this map can be used for trip planning, as well. For youngsters, this map is a great way to learn geography.

Everyone who loves lottery scratching will enjoy this map as well. Once the map is scratched entirely, it can be put in frame and hand on the wall.

20. A Portable And Waterproof Speaker

Price: $39.95

Pool parties are finally getting a new dimension, with a waterproof and portable Bluetooth speaker.

Moreover, this speaker can be used under the shower. It can be easily clipped, keep the sound quality all the time, and in general, can play up to 10 hours.

19. Dog Coat

Price: $28.00

If you are on a gift hunt for a dog owner, look no further. Dog coat will do wonders for the owner, actually.

There will be fewer after-walk work, and rainy walks will be more enjoyable. Dog coats come in many colors, and they are mostly waterproof.

18. Bath Robe

Price: $45.00

Having a good bath rope after bath is mandatory. After all, it helps your body dry more naturally.

Bath rope is also a great gift idea. They come in many colors, different sizes, and designs.

17. Amazon Echo Dot

Price: $25.00

A right home smart tech upgrade is always welcoming, especially if the receiver is a tech-savvy type of person.

A new Echo Dot can answer any question about the weather, traffic, report news, or play music.

16. Custom Phone Case

Price: $20.00

This is probably one of the most original gift ideas. It’s personal and fast as well. All you have to do is to find a good online business that creates personalized phone cases.

Upload your favorite photos and together and create a personalized gift. Also, you can choose between hundreds of different layouts.

15. Electric Bottle Opener

Price: $13.49

Wine lovers will love this gift, for sure! It’s easy to use, doesn’t create a mess, and it’s easy to clean.

This device works by cutting the foil and uncorks wine bottles and then removes them from your sight. It has to be charged, but it can open 30 bottles in one charge.

14. Zodiac Necklace

Price: $50.00

There is a wide range of these necklaces. They can be silver with an elegant chin, or they can be gold-like and huge, just like from the latest hip-hop video.

Luckily, they can be found for every zodiac sign. Moreover, the necklace can be seen as a clock-constellation.

13. Small Axe Peppers

Price: $27.99

For those who love spicy food and chilly sauces, Small Axe Peppers seems like the logical choice.

Right from the community garden, all-natural, and tangy sauce is available in 3-pack, while the papers are grown all over the States.

12. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Price: $20.00

For those who love fresh food and love to cook, having a home-based garden is a must. This is where Mason Jar steps in.

Their home garden edition will let everyone grow a garden even in the busiest and coldest city district.

11. Tea Kettle

Price: $35.00

This specialized pot for boiling water comes handy at any time of the year. Even more, hearing them whistling is fantastic.

Nowadays, you can choose between different kettle designs, colors, and functions.

10. Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes

Price: $23.59

Anthony Bourdain’s best-selling culinary and travel memoir is a great gift choice for foodies.

After all, this man traveled the world searching for the perfect meal. In return, he collected the world’s greatest culinary recipes.

9. Universal USB Wall Charger

Price: $25.99

One can never have too many chargers at home. Actually, more ports mean more content people.

Having 4-ports saves time. It will charge more devices faster than average. It comes handy.

8. Travel Pillow

Price: $29.99

A travel pillow can make a trip go for better or worse. With this product, many claim that you need to buy the most expensive one because they are the best ones.

But, for first hand, comfortable and original travel pillow will do. After all, it’s a gift.

7. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Price: $39.99

Tablet is a great tech tool when you want to spend some time on pure entertainment. So, Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is available for a great deal.

Whoever loves traveling or lounging at home will love this gift. Help your favorite person stay tuned to favorite apps and streaming services with this handy gift.

6. Polaroid Cube Picture Frame

Price: $12.00

Have your mutual photos printed with Instax and deliver them in specially designed Polaroid Cube Picture Frame.

The cube frame is specially designed to hold photos from a Polaroid camera. Still, you can print pictures in cube dimensions and present as a gift.

5. Soap Bar

Price: $5.00

If you run out of ideas, you can always search for all-natural soap. Moreover, you can find a bar of soap for a regular bath or soap that will remove stains in just a few seconds.

This one is up to you. But, with this price, it would be easy to buy one for each purpose. The next gift is more food-related.

4. Chocolate Gift Basket

Price: $31.00

For less than $35, you can gift gourmet chocolates of different kinds. You can buy them online, filled with chocolate, caramel, and crunches.

Of course, you can DIY and buy chocolate up to a certain amount. You can’t go wrong either way.

3. Funny Card Game

Price: $29.99

‘What Do You Meme?’ is one of the most popular card games now. This card game brings together the best from the meme world and hilarious Internet captions.

To be exact, you will get over 350 caption cards for killing combos. This is an actual adult party game that brings people and the Internet together.

2. Yoga Mat Carrier

Price: $29.00

Your friend is into yoga, and you are searching for the yoga-related gift? In that case, think about a yoga mat carrier. Just check if your friend needs one.

If a yoga mat carrier is not an option, you can still buy a yoga mat. This always comes handy, and it can’t hurt to have more than one.

1. “Polar Obsession” By Paul Nicklen

Price: $45.00

Paul Nicklen is a well-known Canadian photographer, film-maker, and passionate marine biologist. He is mostly known for his fantastic work in the Arctic.

As a contributor to National Geographic, his work is available to millions of people online. He has won the BBC Wildlife Photographer award of the year. Overall, his pictures are truly breathtaking.

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