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Familiar Faces From TV Commercials — Who Are They Really?

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Nothing beats that feeling when you sit in front of your TV and watch a favorite movie or a TV show, right? Probably the only better thing is when your favorite commercial is on. Americans know how much joy and happiness can come from a good ad.

Commercials are better than ever before. They can be educational, funny, or based on real-life stories. You have probably heard at least once, “Oh, hey, look! It’s that guy (or girl)!,” while watching favorite TV show or movie. This is a famous line in homes with a TV set. But do you know what happened to famous people from memorable commercials? Here are the most popular faces of TV commercials that you know for sure.

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16. Pine-Sol Lady – Diane Amos

Diane Amos is a face behind the most popular Pine-Sol commercials. If this popular Pine-Sol Lady looks familiar to you, that’s because she has been in a huge number of popular movies, including Blue Jasmine, Sweet November, and Patch Adams.

Born on March 13, 1958, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, this famous lady is mostly known for her Pine-Sol career. She started as the Pine-Sol Lady in 1993, and she held that role for over 20 years. Her net worth is now around $2.5 million thanks to popular Pine-Sol commercials.

15. Verizon’s ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Dude – Paul Marcarelli

Certain commercials are better or more popular than products that they are trying to sell. Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now?” is one of those advertising campaigns that transcended the product they were trying to sell.

“Can You Hear Me Now?” is such a popular phrase that people use it without realizing it’s from a commercial. Paul Marcarelli is the guy who continually repeats – Can you hear me now. He is also known as the ‘Test Man’. His current net worth is around $10 million. After Verizon let him go, he moved on to Sprint.

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14. Progressive Insurance’s Flo – Stephanie Courtney

Stephanie Courtney is known as Progressive Insurance’s Flo. As an actress, she appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, but people still remember her as Progressive’s lady.

She is best known for portraying “Flo” in a series of commercials for Progressive Insurance. At the moment, her net worth is 6 million dollars. Her most recent project was ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries.’

13. AT&T ‘It’s Not Complicated’ Guy – Beck Bennett

Beck Bennett, who stars in the AT&T/Direct TV “It’s not complicated” campaign, is widely known to comedy lovers. He appeared to cult sitcom Arrested Development, and he has been the cast of fantastic Saturday Night Live.

He is currently busy with Saturday Night Live content, and his current net worth is around $4 million. You might recognize his voice in The Angry Birds Movie 2. Occasionally, you can see him in various TV shows, including Shrill and Sunnyside.

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12. Allstate Man – Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert is a famous actor and voice actor. To many, he is known for his roles in Major League, A Summer to Remember, while others know him best as a spokesman for Allstate Insurance.

Younger generations know his as the President of the United States who Jack Bauer was always trying to keep out of danger on 24. Rumor has it that for Allstate Insurance, Dennis si paid annual buy-outs worthy of $3-4 million per year.

11. Red and Yellow M&M’s – Billy West (Red) and J.K. Simmons (Yellow)

Did you know that voices behind the globally-popular M&M are famous actors Billy West and J.K. Simmons? Well, they are. Billy West is well-known for his voice works in various films, television series, and even video games.

J.K. Simmons is known for many TV and movie appearances. He also won an Academy Award for his performance in Whiplash. This due rules the M&M campaigns now, although even the original voices were popular – they were voiced by Jon Lovitz and John Goodman during the early days of the campaign, in the 1990s.

10. Geico Caveman – John Lehr

John Lehr, an American film and television actor and comedian, is a person behind the famous Geico Caveman makeup. Lehr did a fantastic job portraying the famous caveman.

In addition to being the face of the Geico insurance commercials, Lehr has appeared in many films, including 10 Items or Less. He also appeared in Friends. How many hours did it take makeup artists to apply his caveman make up? Lehr said in an interview that the caveman makeup took about three hours to apply.

9. Subway – Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle was an international sensation when he revealed the world his weight lost journey and how it was linked to the famous food chain, Subway.

Jared eventually became the face of the submarine sandwich chain for around 20 years. However, Fogle went through a massive scandal, and Subway broke off arrangement with Jared, as soon the scandal went public.

8. Toyota’s Jan – Laurel Coppock

Laurel Coppock is a famous actress, mostly known to younger generations for her role in movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. It’s not strange for major brands to have Hollywood faces representing them.

As a talented actress and a good comedian, Laurel made her way into the exciting world of commercials. She can be seen on Arrested Development. Her current net worth is $1 million.

7. LifeCall ‘I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up’ Lady – Edith Fore

‘I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up’ is a simple line, that made many fall in love with Edith Fore, one of the most original TV personas. Fore rose to fame as the original older woman, although her name is Mrs. Fletcher.

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” is a famous catchphrase of the late 1980s and early 1990s popular culture based upon a line from a United States-based television commercial. For years no one could imagine anyone else, but Fore saying these lines. Sadly, Fore died in 1997, she was replaced first by Dorothy McHugh, and later by Bea Marcus.

6. Old Spice’s ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ – Isaiah Mustafa

You may not be using Old Spice, but you know for sure at least one Old Spice commercial. These commercials are so original and popular that they’ve even started appearing in movie theaters.

Isaiah Mustafa did a fantastic job as Old Spice’s Man, and people just love him. Not only that, he is great at commercials, but Isaiah is an amazing actor and former practice-squad wide receiver in the NFL. Isaiah’s current net worth is $5 million. Not too shabby for the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”

5. FreeCreditReport.com Jingle Singer – Eric Violette

Eric Violette was the lead “singer” of the FreeCreditReport band from October 2007 to May 2010. He actually rose to fame by merely singing jingles in famous commercials.

In his free time, Eric likes to sing because he is an accomplished singer and musician. His net worth is still under question, but many claim it has to be somewhere between 1 to 5 million.

4. Allstate’s Mr. Mayhem – Dean Winters

Dean Winters did a fantastic job as Allstate’s Mr. Mayhem. As such, he is one of the most significant “that guys” on television today. Winters is a well-accomplished actor, as well.

TV fans know Winters from TV shows Rescue Me, 30 Rock, and the HBO drama Oz, and they know just how brilliant he was. So, combining marketing campaigns and acting careers can lead to wholesome nice net worth. Today, Winter’s net worth is around $5 million.

3. AT&T Girl – Milana Vayntrub

Does the name Milana Vayntrub sound familiar to you? You may not know her by her name, but you have seen this beautiful face. She is one of the best-known faces from AT&T’s ad campaign.

This 30-year-old actress is from Uzbekistan, and with her parents, she came directly to Hollywood when she was only 2-years-old. She starred in the first season of NBC’s This Is Us and was recently cast as the lead superheroine in the upcoming Marvel television series News Warriors. Her current net worth is $3 million.

2. Martin, the Geico Gecko – Jake Wood

Jake Wood was the iconic voice of the Geico Gecko until he was replaced in 2015. This famous British actor is known for his work, across the globe, although he is best known in the United Kingdom.

Wood stars in the long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders. He has also made guest appearances in series including Only Fools and Horses and Red Dwarf, another famous UK shows.

1. Dos Equis’ ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ – Jonathan Goldsmith

Goldsmith played the Most Interesting Man in the World from 2006 to 2016. Throughout his career, Jonathan Goldsmith has appeared in over 350 episodes of television, including on classic shows Perry Mason and Eight is Enough.

Although the older audience knows Goldsmith for his shows, he is best known for his role as “the most interesting man in the world” in a series of beer commercials.

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