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Famous Stars Who’ve Come Out in Recent Years

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Not that long ago in Hollywood, LGBTQ celebrities were forced to hide that part of their personality. It wasn’t desirable to be different and have any other orientation but a straight one. At least that was the case until Ellen Degeneres decided to turn Hollywood upside down and get out of the closet.

That simple move more than two decades ago lead to more stars following her path. Some of these celebrities were in the spotlight for years before they decide to publicly acknowledge their sexuality, while others have been “out of the closet” since their careers began. Scroll down to see who is finally out.

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15. Shannon Purser

People got to see this talented actress during 2016 when she first appeared on Stranger Things and Riverdale. It was all good until Purser’s social media was put under the social media microscope because she made about fans who “ship” the Riverdale characters Betty and Veronica.

This pushed Purser to talk openly, saying that she recently came out as bisexual to her family and friends. She also adds that that’s something that she is still trying to understand fully, and she sincerely apologized for queer-baiting and thanked people for educating her.

14. Reid Ewing

Reid Ewing is mostly known for his role as Dylan in the ABC comedy Modern Family. This young actor born in 1998 has a net worth of an astonishing 3 million dollars and an attitude that the A-list has.

Also, Reid had one of the most exciting answers to his private preferences. When a fa asked him if he had “come out of the closet,” by simply responding, “I was never in.”

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13. Ryan Beatty

Ryan Beatty is a YouTube star who came out in June of 2016. At the time, he was only 20-years-old. He was so happy because of his move that he decided to share it with the world.

He said on Instagram that he was “proud to be a raging homosexual. It’s taken 20 years of suffocating in the closet for me to become comfortable enough to say it, but now I can finally breathe. I did it!”

12. Jim Parsons

Parsons plays one of the most beloved characters on TV in the 21st century – unusually doctor Sheldon Cooper, in the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Parsons have always been open about his preferences in many areas, so coming out doesn’t seem like a lot of stress for him.

He came out in a 2012 New York Times article and confirmed that he’d been in a relationship with art director Todd Spiewak for a decade at that point. In an interview, Parsons described their relationship as an act of love.

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11. Taylor Bennett

Taylor is the brother of Chance the Rapper and a very successful hip-hop artist. Taylor came out as bisexual on Twitter just before his 21st birthday. For him, it was just the right moment.

He simply wrote: “My birthday is tomorrow & moving into next year I’d like to be more open about myself to help others that struggle with the same issues. Growing up I’ve always felt indifferent about my sexuality & being attracted 2 one sex & today I would like to openly come out to my fans. I do recognize myself as a bisexual male & do & have always openly supported the gay community & will keep doing so in 2017. #ThankYou.”

10. Lil Peep

Lil Peep is a rap-rocker who knew from a young age that his ultimate love is music. As a young musician, Peep gained a reputation as a musician who talks about depression and drug use.

He was also known for dating actress Bella Thorne, whom he was with when he came out as bisexual in a 2017 Twitter post. Unfortunately, demons that haunted Lilthrough his lyrics eventually got the better of him, as he passed away from a drug overdose at the age of 21.

9. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is best known for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight film series. With this fame came a crush of paparazzi who floored her every step, including her relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

Their relationship ended thanks to paparazzi, who revealed Stewart was having an affair with film director Rupert Sanders. After Pattinson, Stewart began dating a series of women, including model Stella Maxwell. In 2017, Stewart confirmed that she is bisexual.

8. Amandla Stenberg

Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg received several accolades during her career. She was born in 1998, and from a young age, she knew that she wants to be into acting.

In 2018, Amandla had a significant announcement to her fans: “So happy to say the words Yep, I’m Gay in official print. Interviewed for @wonderland by someone I stan infinitely — the fiercest garbage pop queen @kingprincess69. Thank you to KP for providing me with such a safe space to come out. We talk about gay sobbing, first encounters with lesbian masturbation, queer icons, Toni Morrison, disillusionment as a critical step, the art I’ve been working on, and the films that I have coming out this year.”

7. Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie shocked huis fans when he came out pansexual in an interview for Paper. Not only that, he shared this information with the world, but he explained his point of view on the matter as well.

Urie said, “I’m married to a woman, and I’m very much in love with her, but I’m not opposed to a man because to me, I like a person. Yeah, I guess you could qualify me as pansexual because I really don’t care. If a person is great, then a person is great. I just like good people, if your heart’s in the right place. I’m definitely attracted to men. It’s just people that I am attracted to.”

6. Sam Smith

Popstar Sam Smith publicly spoke about his sexuality in a 2014 interview with Fader. In the same interview, Sam talks widely about his preferences, views on love, and how he sees his sexuality.

He said that he is comfortable with himself and happy with his life. In 2019, Smith came out as non-binary, said that he isn’t either male or female.

5. Matt Bomer

Actor Matt Bomer is known for his fantastic acting skills and great singing capabilities. He is known for “Magic Mike XXL,” while for others, he is a person from Will and Grace, a TV show.

Matt married Sam Hall in 2011 after years of dating. They have three children together. However, the relationship becomes public in 2014, when he thanked his husband and children while accepting the steve chase humanitarian award.

4. Ellen Page

Rumors about her sexuality followed actress Ellen Page for the majority of her career. In 2014, she decided to acknowledge these rumors and came out during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive conference.

During her speech, Ellen said that she is gay and how much she believed that she could make a difference to help others easier. She also adds that she has a personal obligation and a social responsibility.

3. Tyler Blackburn

Tyler Blackburn is best known for his role of charming role of Caleb in The Pretty Little Liars. Lately, he is known as declared bisexual. He said that he is queer, and that he has identified as bisexual since teenage years.

Now he is busy playing openly-gay Sgt. Alex Manes character on The CW’s Roswell: New Mexico. He shared that he understands his character perfectly, especially his relationship with his father.

2. Stacy London

Stacy London is best known as the host of the successful TV show What Not to Wear. Just recently, Stacy decided to start a new decade with a bang. Therefore, she shared her out post on Instagram in January. She confirmed rumors that she has been dating Cat Yezbak for the past year.

She wrote a direct and sincere post saying, “NOT THAT IT’S ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS BUT…I may as well address all the stuff I hear floating around out there” her post began. London went on to explain that 2019 has been a dark difficult time for her, due to health issues and grief. “But as with most of life, there has been such incredible joy as well, and the person most responsible for that is @catyezbak, who is my girlfriend and has been for over a year.”

1. DJ Qualls

Donald Joseph Qualls is Better Known as Dj Qualls, Who is to Broader Audience Familiar From His Work in Movie’ Road Trip.’ He Also Appeared in Many Tv Shows, including Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Scrubs, Lost, and the Big Bang Theory. He can also be seen in various music videos.
For years people have been speculating about his sexuality, and at the age of 41, He Came Out as Gay.

“It is 11:20 pm. I Just Came Out on Stage at a @jimjefferies Show in San Diego,” He Wrote via Twitter. “Yep, I’m Gay. Been Gay This Whole Time. Tired of Worrying About What People Would Think of Me. Tired of Worrying About What It Would Do to My Career.”

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