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Employees Agree: These Fast Food Items You Should Never Order

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Fast food joints are still one of the favorite places to do. Whether you are in a rush, searching for a guilty pleasure, or you are hungry for a burger, you can’t go wrong with fast food joints. Or can you?

Fast food is generally so delicious that we ignore the fact of how unhealthy it is. But, would you eat in a restaurant that even employees would skip? Check the fast-food joints worse than anyone expected.

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25. Sonic Drive-In’s Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth, the chances are that you visit Sonia Drive-In, more than once a week, for their famous ice cream. And that’s O.K., as long as you don’t get mold in your favorite flavor.

Since ice cream is poured from the ice cream machine, the machine has to be well maintained and cleaned. According to insight info, teenagers who work there are not prone to cleaning machines.

24. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

If you want to eat as healthy as possible at a fast food joint, stick to their specials. Like, at McDonald’s you should stick to their burgers and avoid filet-o-fish.

A former employer wrote on Reddit that every leftover in their bulk would be served the following day. Therefore, filet-o-fresh not so fresh.

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23. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets is probably everyone’s favorite item on the menu. Tasty sauce and chicken nuggets, winning situation. But, how it’s made will shock you.

It turns out that chicken nuggets are not that fresh. Moreover, they are only 50% of meat. The other 50% are nerves, blood vessels, fat, ground bone, and connective tissues. Bon Appetit!

22. Taco Bell’s Beans

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, beans are an essential ingredient. It’s a general rule: bad beans, lousy burrito. But, there is something even worse with Taco Bell’s favorite meal.

That freshly cooked beans that we all love so much? It’s actually bagged and has to be mixed with hot water, and later on its turned into the bean mash.

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21. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Veggie Club

Nothing like veggies between the buns to show how healthy your sandwich is, right? Wrong. At least that’s the case with Jimmy John’s Gourmet Veggie Club.

With Veggie Club, you actually ingest over 2,000 calories! Just one sandwich is 16-inches on 9-grain wheat.

20. Domino’s Sandwiches

Domino’s Pizza is now rocking the market as Domino’s. Moreover, this famous food chain decided to expand their menu as well.

So, they are pushing their sandwich as well. However, according to the former worker, these sandwiches are rarely fresh, and the cheese hasn’t had stellar reviews.

19. Starbucks’ Secret Menu

The world went crazy overnight because of Starbucks’ secret menu, while in reality, it’s just colored drinks. And yes, they are not sold regularly.

The truth is that Starbucks doesn’t have a secret menu. And unless you, as a customer, tell them what’s inside, they will not know how to make it.

18. Orange Chicken At Panda Express

Panda Express is a fan favorite when it comes to Chinese food. Without a doubt, the most favorite items on the menu are their famous and delicious orange chicken. But what we know about this chicken will make you go blue.

Orange chicken is barely fresh unless you grab it around the lunch or dinner rush. If you see no one in the line, walk away. Otherwise, you will end up eating hours-dry chicken. If that’s the case, how do they keep the chicken moist? Simple: uncooked sauce goes over it.

17. Subway Tuna Sandwiches

Subway has been glorified for years due to their menu and size of the portion. Moreover, we all hear about the famous Subway diet. But, one of their sandwiches holds a juicy secret.

It turns out that famous Subway tuna sandwiches comes with a high risk for your health. According to former employees, their tuna is almost always a few days of its expiration date. Moreover, the tuna is mayo-based, which makes food poisoning more possible.

16. Sonic’s Chili

Sonic is often praised for its high-quality food compared to other fast food joints. In addition, they are fast, have fancy drive-ins, and their waiters have some great roller skating skills. However, it turns out that it all just a nice package.

The former employee wrote on Reddit that favorite chili always comes pre-packaged in a bag. The entire bag goes into a warmer, and they heat it up. Then, it’s left there all day and used when necessary. In addition, Sonic also had some cross-contamination situations in the past.

15. McDonald’s Milkshakes

No talent needed to make this drink. The process is so automated that you get your favorite drink in just a few seconds. It’s delicious and dangerous.

Milkshakes are made in milkshake machines. Naturally, devices are prone to breaking down. When they break, the milk remains inside to go bad until it gets repaired. That milk is used again. In addition, machines are rarely cleaned. In most cases, the cleaning job is not really up to standard.

14. Panera’s Pasta

Looking for freshness and elegance inside the fast-food market? Well, Panera has it all. However, it turns out that some items are fresh, and others not.

Their famous bread is fresh. Unfortunately, the same can’t be told for their macaroni. They are served right from the microwave.

13. Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Eggs

Einstein Bros. Bagels’ have some fantastic bagels. Although their egg sandwiches are delicious and tasteful, no one knows for sure how fresh they are.

TripAdvisor reviewer said that her sandwich was spongy, with a little cream cheese. Then the management explained to her that the bagels come in frozen. Yet, they do add ingredients and bake them on location.

12. McDonald’s McCafé Items

McCafé was a nice addition to true lovers of McDonald’s items. But, do you actually know how grimy the McCafe can be?

A former employee recently discovered that coffee machines are heavily neglected, so your coffee is actually running through a dirty machine.

11. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Donuts

There was a period when Dunkin’ Donuts’ promised nothing less but high-quality and freshness. But, the truth is different.

It was recently revealed that donuts, muffins, and bagels arrive at the store frozen. So, for freshly baked donuts, you need to find another store.

10. Wendy’s Fries

Wendy’s Fries are fried in bulk and then left for hours. Former employers even said that the same rule applies both for a fired and baked potatoes.

But, if you ask them for fresh potato, they will passive-aggressively make it, said former employees.

9. KFC’s Original Chicken

Selling old chicken and fries in KFC? Yes, it’s possible. Just remember The Mirrors exposed article from 2017.

The article discovered that KFC has some bad restaurant’s habits, including un-fresh meals, smelly chicken, and cross-contaminated food.

8. Starbucks’ Food

When it comes to Starbucks’ and food, everyone can agree on one thing – their prices always make people raise their eyebrows.

Have you noticed how Starbucks’ food looks identical across the world? That’s because they are all factory-produced. They are shipped to the store and heated up to your plate. So, for really fresh food you might think about visiting the local store?

7. McDonald’s McRib

People either love McRib or completely hate it. There is a good reason why many are not fond of this famous McDonald item.

According to CNBC, the McRib has no rib in it. It’s all water, salt, preservatives, dextrose, and some pork.

6. McDonald’s Sweet Tea

It seems that McDonald’s is the ultimate champion when it comes to shady food and drinks. Their famous McDonald’s sweet tea is really sweet.

It has 69 grams in a 32-ounce sweet tea. That amount of sugar is equal to two Snickers bars!

5. Soup From Tim Horton’s

People usually believe trusted brands, such as Tim Hortons. But their former employee from this famous Canadian brans had a negative view of the brand.

The employee said that famous and delicious soups are frozen in ice. In addition, seeing maggots inside the soup was a common occurrence. If you order it, make sure that you listen to your stomach carefully later on.

4. Chicken Wings At Little Caesars

Little Caesars has a big problem with chicken wings. Apparently, chicken wings are cooked next to pizza, meaning that the wings are done, regardless of them being really cooked or not, when the pizza is done.

Does this sound like a recipe for disaster? Uncooked things can lead to many health problems. Let’s hope that they know what they know better.

3. Burger King’s Chicken Fries

If you find yourself close to Burger King, the chances are that you will grab one of their delicious burgers. Moreover, you will grab their chicken fries probably also. But should you?

A former Burger King worker told the world that these delicious chicken fries are kept under the heat lamp for hours. Luckily, they are tossed by the end of the day.

2. Burger King’s Whopper Jr.

Whopper Jr. is usually the first choice for 8-years-old and younger. Naturally, these little burgers are made all day long.

But, according to the inside sources, these burgers spend hours under the heat lamp. These burgers are usually described as decent when they are not dry.

1. Burger King’s Decaf Coffee

Surprisingly, Burger King’s decaf coffee doesn’t go through any machinery. However, there is still something strange.

According to former employees, the stores never actually had decaf coffee. They would mix and regular caffeinated coffee.

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