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Here Is What Happened To The Cast Of Forrest Gump

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On July 6, 1994, Forrest Gump premiered in theaters and became a box office giant. At the time, this fantastic movie earned almost $1 billion worldwide in today’s dollars. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering how great this movie is. Experts claim that Forrest Gump wouldn’t be so successful if there weren’t for amazing actors.

When you place Tom Hanks, Sally Field, and Robert Zemekis together, a masterpiece is guaranteed, no? Did you know that Mykelti Williamson couldn’t get work after the movie came out? He played Bubba and talked on shrimp all the time. Hollywood almost discard this actor for one silly reason. Read on to see why and discover what happened to the cast of Forrest Gump and where they are today, and wait until you see how gorgeous young Jenny at 34!

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30. Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan

Gary Alan has nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Lieutenant Dan Taylor. In the movie, Dan presents everyone who had family heroes. Lieutenant Dan had a big transformation from being shot, to losing his legs and getting his legs again.

Dan blames Gump for losing his legs, but eventually, he finds his happily ever after story. He becomes an integral part of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company by fishing with Forrest, and everything in life is good for fantastic Liuetantn Dan. Here is where Gary Sinise is now.

29. Gary Sinise Today

Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise made a pretty good team while working on Forest Gump. Directors loved their energy together so much that they continued to work with both of them. They joined projects after Forrest Gump, were Apollo 13 and The Green Mile.

Sinise was nominated for an Oscar for Forrest Gump, and it kicked off his career. Now, he rules the world of the small screen. Sinise had become known for starring in police procedural dramas, including hit shows like ‘CSI: NY’ and ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.’

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28. Haley Joel Osment as Forrest Jr.

Haley Joel Osment was a huge child actor in his younger years, and one of his first and most important roles came with Forrest Gump. Halye played Forrest Jr., Forrest Gump’s son. At the end of the movie, Forrest meets Jenny, in their adult life, and he discovered that he has a child with her.

Forres looks at his son as the last wonder in the world. Moreover, Hanks did a fantastic reaction to his son’s intelligence. We last saw Forrest Jr. as he’s getting ready for his first day of school, following in his father’s footsteps by getting on the same bus he used to ride. Check where Haley Joel is now.

27. Haley Joel Osment Today

For Haley Joel, acting in Forrest Gump was just the first stop. Fro there, he appeared in huge movies such as ‘The Sixth Sense,’ ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence,’ and ‘Pay it Forward.’ Before Joel enter his teenage years, he was already a well-known actor. Rumors had it that he was supposed to be Harry Potter is Spielberg ever decided to make the film.

However, Joel made a transition from a child actor to an adult performer, which is not easily done. Not every kid has an interest in acting career after all. Just recently, he was seen in TC shows such as ‘The Boys,’ ‘Silicon Valley,’ and ‘Future Man.’ Osment is an avid golfer, and in 2006 he suffered from a broken rib and fractured shoulder due to car accident. He currently lives in New York.

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26. Robin Wright Today

Being cast as Jenny in ‘Forrest Gump’ was one of the highlights of Robin Wright’s acting career, but she had other significant roles as well. She started in hit movies such as ‘The Princess Bride’ and ‘Santa Barbara.’ However, Forrest helped her get to one of the most significant moments in her career later in life.

In 2013, Robin was cast for political drama ‘House of Cards,’ when everyone got to see just how powerful actress Wright was. She portrayed Claire Underwood in the Netflix drama, and she was pulling strings all along. From there, Wright appeared even in massive blockbuster projects, including movies like ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ and ‘Justice League.’

25. Sally Field as Mrs. Gump

Before Sally Field signed her contract to play Mrs. Gump in ‘Forrest Gump,’ she was already one of the best-known actors in the world. As Mrs. Gump, she portrayed how it is to raise a son on her own and run a business together.

As a mother, she knew that her son isn’t the brightest, but she never stopped educating him. Thanks to Mrs’ Gump, we have that classic line about a box of chocolates, and throughout the film, Forrest often regurgitates what his momma told him. To Forest, the most important ladies in his life are his momma and Jenny. Here is Sally today.

24. Sally Field Today

As of 2020, Sally Field is 74 years old, and she is still active in the acting world. To the older generation, she was known for being Burt Reynolds’ sidekick in the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ movies, before winning her first Oscar for ‘Norma Rae’ in 1980. That Oscar win made everyone notice her, and it really opened up the door for more serious projects.

For historical drama ‘Places in the Heart,’ Field won her second Oscar in 1985, while in 2013, she received her third Oscar nomination for ‘Lincoln.’ When she isn’t on set, she advocated for various social topics. She divorced her husband in 1993, and in 2005 she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

24. Peter Dobson as Young Elvis Presley

There is no such thing as small parts, and Peter Dobson proves it. The truth is that Dobson had a short appearance in the movie, but it was an important one. The actor played a young version of Elvis Presley, who was just passing through Forrest’s hometown as he was trying to make a name for himself.

Elvis took inspiration for his hip moves from young Forrest, who loved to dance to the King’s music. Elvis was just one of many famous faces Forrest meets along the way in his adventure-filled life.

22. Peter Dobson Today

Since starring as Elvis in ‘Forrest Gump,’ Peter Dobson has had a long list of acting credits portraying the same character. He starred as Elvis in the 2007 musical drama ‘Protecting the King,’ again in the 2016 comedy series’ Dice,’ and again in 2019’s comedy ‘The Ranch.’ After all, he resembles a famous singer.

Dobson decided to cash-in his resemblance to Elvis in Hollywood, rather than spending days on the road. Still, he had a chance to explore the roles outside the world of famous Elvis. He starred in the crime comedy ‘The Demo’ in 2016 and had a guest role in 2015 in ‘Hawaii-Five-0.’

21. Marla Sucharetza as Lenore

Once the war in Vietnam ended, Lieutenant Dan – like many others from the army, wasn’t doing so well. He had to adjust to another chapter of his life while being in a wheelchair. Sometimes, people need more time to come to terms with the new reality. However, when Forrest comes to New York and meets Dan, the two fellas decide to hit the town.

Lieutenant Dan meets a couple of ladies and brings them back to his place, with Forrest along for the ride. One of those women is Lenore, who makes a move on Forrest, but is harshly rejected. This move makes her angry, she calls Forrest “stupid,” which prompts Lieutenant Dan to throw Lenore and her friend out of his apartment. Did you know that Marla appeared in a famous comedy, Road Trip?

20. Marla Sucharetza Today

Playing Lenore in ‘Forrest Gump’ was actor Marla Sucharetza’s first significant role in Hollywood. The role of Lenore was enough for her to make an impression on the right people. In years to come, she started appearing in multiple roles.

She was seen in some of the most popular sitcoms, such as ‘Seinfeld,’ and shows like ‘Law and Order,’ and ‘The Good Wife.’ She isn’t afraid to act in comedies, so Marla appeared in the 2000 teen comedy ‘Road Trip,’ where she works as a nurse collecting baby-making samples from guys. In that movie, she has one of the most interesting scenes. Now, let’s see what happened with Drill Sergeant.

19. Afemo Omilami as Drill Sergeant

Forrest Gump had an exciting life. Each chapter of his life was marked with adventure, new people, and new skills. His time during boot camp in the military is no expectation. That’s where he met furious Drill Sergeant.

Drill Sergeant had a considerable influence and impact Forest that in no time, he became one of the outstanding soldiers in his group. Not only that, he excels in sport, but his personality eventually made him a favorite. Thanks to the drill sergeant’s efforts, Forrest became an asset to the United States Army and could assemble his weapon quicker than anyone had ever seen before. This was a smaller role for Afemo Omilami, but he had left a massive impression on everyone who saw ‘Forrest Gump.’

18. Afemo Omilami Today

Afemo Omilami continued his career in Hollywood after his experience with the Forest Gump project. Fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie franchise may remember Omilami as the District 11 Mayor. One of his most memorable roles came as Police Chief Holloway in ‘True Detective.’

In 2019, Omilami started exploring the horror genre, starring in series’ Creepshow.’ He also appeared in ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ ‘Terminator Genisys,’ and ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation.’ He is active on social media, and his colossal passion, next to acting, is philanthropy. He is actively helping out a charity in Atlanta that tries to battle homelessness.

17. Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Dorothy Harris

Going to school is one of the most critical moments in someone’s life. Just like any other kid, Forrest was a bit nervous about stepping into this new life chapter. Before he got to school, he had to enter the bus. This is where he met one of the most colorful characters in Forrest Gump. Siobhan Fallon Hogan did a fantastic job as Dorothy Harris, the bus driver.

Forres was a bit scared of strangers, but after getting acquainted with his bus driver, he was happy to hop aboard and ride to school. Kids weren’t eager to let him sit next to them; one kid was more than happy to offer him a seat next to her. That little helper was his Jenny. Let see where is the famous bus driver today.

16. Siobhan Fallon Hogan Today

Siobhan Fallon Hogan loves comedy. Actually, comedy is her first love. Before she agreed to bring added value to Forest Gump world, she had just run on the funny series ‘Saturday Night Live’ plus she also had a recurring role in the much-loved sitcom, ‘Seinfeld.’

People were hoping that she will have a big superstar status after the ‘Forrest Gump,’ but the reality was a bit different. Still, she did have plenty of roles in Hollywood. She is still active and recently appeared in the comedy series ‘What We Do in the Shadows.’ Here is what happened with young Forrest.

15. Michael Conner Humphreys as Young Forrest

Due to his hard childhood, Forest learned that he must fight in life to get what he wants. The actor who stepped into the role of Young Forrest in the film was Michael Conner Humphreys. Forrest had to go through massive constant buying as a young boy due to his need to wear leg braces.

Since Forrest had a lower IQ than was desired at his school, his mom had to become creative, and she arranged with the principal. When Forrest was just a boy, he met Jenny as he was taking a ride to school, and she taught him how to read. Where is the young Forrest today?

14. Michael Conner Humphreys Today

Nowadays, Michael Conner is far from acting career. Many expected Michael to continue his acting career, but he decided to join the military. He became a member of the United States Army, serving for four years.

Michael had a tour of Iraq, but he couldn’t escape from his Gump history. His army friends started calling him ‘Gump.’ However, after retiring from the Army, Humphreys returned to acting in 2011 in the indie movie ‘Pathfinders.’ At the time, he is trying to break into the movie business while pursuing a degree in international relations.

13. Sam Anderson as The Principal

Sam Anderson played the principal in ‘Forrest Gump.’ Initially, he had doubts about Forrest’s intelligence and suggested to his mother that his school isn’t willing to have her son study there. However, his mom wasn’t ready to let her son go through life without education.

As expected, his mom found a way to keep her beloved son in school. It was suggested that Forrest’s mom had to lower her moral standards and that she had to be intimate with the principal. Whatever the reason might be, it worked, and Forrest was allowed to continue his studies, and to ride with Jenny every day.

12. Sam Anderson Today

Sam Anderson is one of those actors who had a small part in ‘Forrest Gump,’ but had a somewhat better future once the movie was over. As a school principal, Sam moved to a tropical climate where he became a beloved character in the drama series ‘Lost,’ when he played Bernard.

This famous actor showed that he could play various characters. His role of heart-cold Lee Paxton on the crime ‘Justified,’ is simply breathtaking. He likes to write, especially mysteries. Nowadays, he is busy with horror productions like ‘Damien’ and ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil.

11. Mykelti Williamson as Bubba Blue

Bubba Blue is one of the most exciting characters in the movie, next to Forrest, of course. Again, Forrest struggles to find a sit on the bus, but luckily he meets Bubba Blue, who gladly lets him sit down next to him. That moment marks the beginning of one of the most wonderful friendships ever.

Bubba worked in the shrimp business, and he spent the entire bus ride and more talking about shrimps. It seemed as if they would conquer the world, but Bubba died in the Vietnam Wat. Forrest felt quilty for Bubba’s death, so he vowed to make sure Bubba’s family were taken care of. This is Bubba today.

10. Robin Wright as Jenny Curran

Until her final breath, Jenny was the object of Forrest’s desire. It was evident from the first second of the movie that Forrest and Jenny are going to have a great love story.

Finally, Forrest and his beloved Jenny got to enjoy their mutual life, even for a little while. A young Jenny was also responsible for one of the most memorable movie lines – “Run Forrest! Run!” Here is where you can see Robin Wright today.

9. Mykelti Williamson Today

Did you know that Mykelti Williamson had a difficult time after his role as Bubba? He just couldn’t’ land a role. The reason? Everyone believed that he naturally talks like Bubba. People had no idea that he had to use a specially designed device to have that recognizable Bubba speech.

Luckily, once agents realize that his Bubba role was so real that to a device, the phone started ringing. Williamson is now frequent in various TV series such as ‘Justified,’ ‘Underground,’ ‘Chicago P.D.,’ and most recently, ‘Lethal Weapon.’ Williamson also featured in the 2016 critically-acclaimed Denzel Washington-directed drama ‘Fences.’

8. Geoffrey Blake as Wesley

While moving across the country, Forrest Gump meets different people. Moreover, he meets people and organizations who changed the history flow. At one moment, after meeting the president, Gump meets Jenny. At the time, Jenny is in a relationship and a great Balck Panther supporter.

When Wesley becomes aggressive toward Jenny, Forest stands for her, and it’s clear that he and Forrest aren’t going to get along. Forrest isn’t stressed by this fact at all. It’s a toxic relationship between Wesley and Jenny, and one that ultimately comes to an end with Jenny marrying Forrest. Luckily, Blake is nothing like Wesley in real life.

7. Geoffrey Blake Today

Wesley and Forrest might be enemies, but Hanks and Balke are from it. They were so good together, that directors insisted on casting them together. As a result, they appeared in several films alongside his ‘Forrest Gump’ co-star, including ‘Cast Away’ and ‘Apollo 13.’

So far, Blake has more than 100 credits ever since he started his career in the far 1980s. He was starring in the highly-rated drama ‘Man in the High Castle’ while also acting in ‘Agent X’ alongside James Earl Jones and Sharon Stone. Nowadays, he is busy as The Sentinel in the TV series Charmed.

6. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Is there any role of Tom Hanks that people dislike? Probably not! For the role of charming Forrest Gump, Hanks was cast fast, and he made the character impossible not to love. At the time, Hanks already had a successful career and even an Oscar for his role in Philadelphia.

Hanks gave Forrest something extra. Tom helped Forrest join the ranks in the Vietnam War, meet Elvis Presley, become a football and badminton star, and even invents the smiley face t-shirt. And where is Tom today?

5. Tom Hanks Today

Today, Tom Hanks is one of the greatest names in the business. It seems that this actor only makes hits. He is active on screen, as well as a voice actor. So far, he has starred in other popular films like the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, ‘Cast Away,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘Captain Phillips,’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ He is respected by many, and overall he is like everyone’s favorite uncle.

He is a true family man, and you will never get to see tom in the headlines for anything negative. The actor has been married to fellow actor Rita Wilson since 1988., so he is all about commitment and support.

4. Hannah Hall as Young Jenny

Young Jenny is the first person outside Forrest’s family to show him kindness. He fell in love with her from the first bus ride. She is also his only real friend during his childhood.

It’s clear that young Jenny had to deal with a lot in her life. Jenny grew up in a trailer with her abusive father, and she wanted to escape from that terrible life. Once her father was arrested and sent to jail, she could start her adult and father-free life. She moved in with her aunt, who lived near the Gump family. When afraid, she would climb into the Forrests’ room.

3. Hannah Hall Today

“Run, Forrest! Run!” is such an iconic line, and remembered by everyone who watched the movie. Forever, this line will belong to Hannah Hall. Although she had an opportunity to continue her acting career, the pace in the late ’00s as a teen actor. Her family supported her in getting her education first, and her acting career began to pick up the pace in the late ’00s as a teen actor.

Her role in ‘Halloween’ was a particular highlight, and since then, her acting career is on the rise. So, far she had a significant role in ‘The Purge’ TV series and the 2018 thriller ‘Dying for the Crown.’ She also often showcase her skills on the stage in crowdfunded theater productions.

2. Elizabeth Hanks as Young Bus Girl

That bus scene can still make people cry. Choosing a seat while everyone ignores young Forrest is one of the most emotional moments of the movie. Before Jenny invites Forest to sit next to her, almost every kid on the bus ignores Forrest.

One of the kids on the bus is Elizabeth Hanks, a girl with red hair. She is mostly known as the “Young Bus Gir” who simply looked out of the window and ignored the boy in need. In reality, she was just a kid working on set with her dad.

1. Elizabeth Hanks Today

Elizabeth Hanks is Tom Hank’s daughter! She was just a child when she appeared in this movie. She had a fantastic opportunity to work next to her father, which is probably worth remembering.

Since then, she continued to act here and there. She is supported by her father, Tom, and her stepmother, Rita Wilson, also an actress. Her last role came in 2015 when she appeared in Anchoraged.

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