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The Cast Of Frasier Then And Now

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Frasier is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Great script, amazing characters, and one very unique dog – Frasier has it all. As a spin-off of Cheers, no one expected from Frasier to last for 11 long years. During that period, Frasier took several Emmy awards, simply proving that the audience gets the irony of the show and its witty dialogues.

Once the show ended, actors continued working on different projects, but we will forever remember them as amazing parts of Frasier universe. Although the series ended in far 2014, the main star, Kelsey Grammer, has recently come out with big news. Grammer openly talks about Frasier coming back. With that in mind, take a quick look below and see where the cast members of Frasier are today.

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30. Kelsey Grammer – Frasier Crane

Kelsey Grammer played the character of Frasier Crane for over 20 years. He started in Cheers, only to end up getting his spin-off and massive popularity. Frasier fans know how challenging it was for this professional to balance better his personal and professional life, and we loved every second of it.

It wasn’t easy for Grammer to let the role of a famous psychiatrist let people see him in other roles. Luckily, wit time, he did manage to shed the Crane character of his face, and got to star in shows such as Boss, Proven Innocent, and even had a role in X-men franchise. He’s currently married to his fourth wife Kayte Walsh, and together they have a daughter (b. 2012) and two sons (b. 2016).

29. David Hyde Pierce – Niles Crane

It’s almost impossible to imagine Frasierr’s adventures, or life, without his unusual brother, Niles. He is almost like Frasier, but yet he is completely different. Niles is more sensitive, fussy, and pompous. Aideonce loved him for his harsh and witty humor, and his clumpiness when close to Dafney. With his forever-unseen first wife Maris, Niles is one of the most memorable Frasier characters ever.

David Hyde Pierce has a rich and successful career both on screen and theatre. In 2007, he won a Tony Award for his performance in Curtains, and in 2015 he directed the Broadway musical It Shoulda Been You. Pierce is also active when it comes to voice acting. He leaned his voice to The Simpsons as Cecil, Sideshow Bob’s younger brother (Bob was famously voiced by Grammer). In 2007, Pierce came out as gay and married his long-time partner Brian Hargrove in 2008. He is a godparent to Jane Leeves’ son Finn.

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28. John Mahoney – Martin Crane

No one can mess your daily routine as a grown-up as your parent do. Frasier and Niles wouldn’t be so unique if there wasn’t for their father, Martin, who is the opposite of them. Martin is a lovable ex-cop who loves to hang out at Duke’s, take Eddie out to the park, and work with Daphne on his health. He is a down-to-earth guy, who tries every day to find mutual ground with his, completely different, sons.

After Frasier said goodbye to its audience, Mahoney returned to the theatre. He was seen in many Broadway plays and even had a recurring role on In Treatment. In 2014, Martin was diagnosed with throat cancer. His illness leads to numerous complications, and sadly Martin died in February 2018. He passed away in a Chicago hospice at the age of 77.

27. Jane Leeves – Daphne Moon

Daphne Moon is a kind-hearted lady from Manchester, England who noticed just how amazing Martin’s chair is. She is Martin’s physiotherapist, and later on a daughter-in-law. Daphne’s appearance confuses Niles every single time, which means hilarious scenes and outcomes for the audience. She is what keeps Frasier and Martin in balance. Plus, Eddie likes her as well. Once Niles confesses his undying love to her, the two get their happily ever after, after few bumps on the road.

After Frasier, Jane had a few appearances in various TV shows, including Desperate Housewives. Then, her second TV break happened, with sitcom Hot In Cleveland, where she played one of the lead roles, as Joy Scroggs. Her most recent work was in The Resident – Leeves starred as Dr. Kitt Voss for two episodes. The actress is married to Paramount executive Marshall Coben, and they have a son named Finn together. She is close to the entire Frasier crew, especially Peri Gilpin, who is godmother to Finn and was even in the delivery room when Finn was born. The two are even the next-door neighbors in Los Angeles.

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26. Peri Gilpin – Roz Doyle

Roz Doyle was a pretty much-opinionated lady and radio producer who always pushed Frasier to deliver his best. The duo had many challenges along the way but ended up really liking each other. Rous once even told Frasier that he’s like a brother to her, although they shared a bed once. She is also a down-to-earth person, who isn’t afraid to enjoy life to be fullest, and always has a punch line against Niles’s comments about her active love life.

Peri Gilpin decided to take a break after Frasier and spend some time with her family. That break lasted for almost two decades. She started appearing in TV series and had numerous appearances is series, such as Desperate Housewives, CSI and Masters Of Sex, Station 19, and Why Women Kills. She is also a great promoted form of cancer research.

25. Dan Butler – Bulldog Briscoe

Bulldog Briscoe is the star of KACL’s Gonzo Sports Show, and person 100% different than Frasier is. As expected, Frasier has trouble accepting Bulldog, his behavior, and manners. Plus, Bulldog often makes fun of Frasier, making it very hard for Frasier to like him. On top of that, Martin adored Bulldog’s show which makes Frasier crazy. Episode by episode, by season six, the loud sports broadcaster had basically become the main character.

Dan Butler, just like many of his co-workers, returned to the stage once the Frasier ended. He was excellent in theatre, and he even played Lenin in the 2018 Broadway revival of Tom Stoppard’s Travesties. In the early 90s, he won an award for a one-man show he performed about coming out as gay. He is married to his partner Richard Waterhouse, a producer.

24. Tom McGowan – Kenny Daly

Tom McGowan starred as Kenny Daly, w2ho devoted his life to radio. From pizza delivery, Kenny went on to become the KACL station manager. He loves his employees and goes through a divorce with Frasier’s help. At one point, he decided to become a DJ once again, leaving Roz to take the top spot at KACL.

Tom McGowan has been appearing on film and television screens for decades. Over the past years, Tom had few appearances in programs such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, ER, and The War At Home. You might know him from Sleepless in Seattle, while younger generations had an opportunity to see him in Hot in Cleveland, Modern Family, and Boston Legal.

23. Edward Hibbert – Gil Chesterton

Gil Chesterton si a stuffy food critic, who makes even Frasier look uneducated when it comes to fine tastes. People often talk about him as a gay guy, although he frequently mentions his wife Deb. Frasier is sure that Gil’s English accent is fake. As a result, Gil often teams up with Bulldog against Frasier.

After Frasier, Edward Hibbert appeared in shows such as Gilmore Girls and Grace and Frankie. He also represented the film rights for Fight Club. He is also a literary agent and a partner in the literary agency Donadio & Olson, Inc. He had also represented film rights for Fight Club and Gods and Monsters plus others. His most recent tv work includes 2 Broke Girls, and the voice of Mary Poppins’ Parrot Umbrella, in Mary Poppins Returns.

22. Patrick Kerr – Noel Shempsky

Noel Shempsky was a hilarious side character at the KACL station. Frasier fans know that this character is a huge Star Trek fan, and can even speak Klingon, Hebrew, and Spanish. Noel was also madly in love with Rouz, and he lived for her rejections. Noel is extremely intelligent and hard-working, and in one episode it’s claimed that he is best friends with Bill Gates.

In reality, Patrick Kerr is a popular comedy actor. He had memorable appearances also in Friends, and Will & Grace. Recently, he stars as Zazu in a Las Vegas production of The Lion King. Some of his other television appearances include Law & Order, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Friends spin-off Joey.

21. Moose – Eddie

Ah, Eddie… The most silent, but yet the most memorable character in Frasier. He came to Frasier’s life with Martin, and ever since, he is just sitting and staring at Frasier. Eddie holds grunge against Frasier, for some reason, and forever ignores his commands. However, he listens to Daphne and Martin’s commands perfectly.

Eddie is actually Moose, who was already a senior when he joined the Frasier cast. At one moment, he was replaced by a dog named Enzo, who happened to be Moose’s son. Moose joined the cast for a final bow. Sadly, in 2006, Moose passed away.

20. Bebe Neuwirth – Lilith Sternin

The hell might freeze, but Lilith would keep on walking. She appeared int he shows a few times only, but her every appearance was memorable. The ex-wife of Dr. Frasier Crane was regularly seen on his side on Cheers before a divorce took Frasier to Seattle.

Bebe Neuwirth’s final appearance on “Frasier” was in 2003. That same year she appeared in movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Divorce. She is a Tony and Emmy winner. In 2010 she was included in a Broadway production of The Addams Family, and fans could see her on the crime-drama series Blue Blood.

19. Millicent Martin – Gertrude Moon

In later sessions of Frasier, the audience got to learn more about Daphne’s character and even to meet her mother, Gertrude Moon. In the later seasons on Frasier, Gertrude Moon is a frequently recurring character.

Millicent Mary Lillian Martin was born in 1934, and as of 2019, she is still active actresses. She is a well-known Broadway actress, as well. Frasier fans could see her also in Hot in Cleveland, where she played opposite her former Frasier daughter, Jane Leeves. She also appeared in Castle, and since 2017 she has appeared in Grace and Frankie as Joan-Margaret.

18. Amy Brenneman – Faye Moskowitz

Faye Moskowitz is one of many Frasier’s love interests in the show. She first appeared in the sixth season, where her mother introduced her to Frasier. Although they had a good first date, Faye eventually left him because she a planned trip to Paris. By the time she returns to Seattle towards the end of the season, Frasier was already dating a KACL marketing manager named Cassandra Stone. Eventually, Frasier picks Faye, but she leaves with for good, once he keeps on calling her Cassandra.

Amy Brenneman is best known for her role as Judge Amy Gray in the CBS drama series Judging Amy. For that role, she was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. She also had a biog role in Shonda Rhimes drama series Private Practise and on the HBO drama series The Leftovers. She is married to director Brad Silberling, and they have two children together. Brenneman is also a strong supporter of more restrictive gun laws.

17. Marsha Mason – Sherry Dempsey

Sherry Dempsey is a bartender at McGinty’s, Martin’s favorite bar. For a short period, she was Martin’s girlfriend. She is lovely and nice, although she is loud and crass. OVerall, Sherry and Martin share a number for mutual interests. Eventually, they do break up.

Marsha Mason is an actress and director. She had a significant Broadway success, and she was nominated four times for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She is a long-time resident of New Mexico, and as of 2018 she completed building a contemporary home on a hayfield in bucolic Litchfield County, Connecticut, where she currently lives.

16. Laura Linney – Charlotte

Charlotte is a matchmaker and Frasier’s final love interest in the series. Charlotte sends him on a few bad dates, but when they get to know each other, they fell in love. It seems that the two are yet to go separate ways, but it’s discovered that Frasier goes to Chicago, to reunite with her.

Like other actors in Frasier, Laura Linney started her career on Broadway. She holds many awards, including three Academy Award nominations. She is a good friend with actor Liam Neeson, who even walked her down the aisle on her wedding day in May 2009, for her second marriage. She has one son.

15. Sela Ward – Kelly Easterbrook

Kelly is a part-time supermodel, in order to support her zoology Ph.D. work. She meets Frasier on a plane, and after she and Frasier spend a night together, she confesses to him that she is a process of breaking up with a famous player. Therefore, she doesn’t want any publicity.

Sela Ward is a famous actress, author, and producer. Her first major role was in the NBC drama series Sisters. She also starred in shows such as House, FBI, and CSI: NY. She also starred in The Fugitive, Runaway Bride, and the Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. She is married and has two children. In 2002, Ward published her autobiography, Homesick: A Memoir.

14. Wendie Malick – Veronica “Ronee” Lawrence Crane

Veronica is Niles and Frasier’s old babysitter, and the very first lady to break Frasier’s heart. She is also the one responsible for Niles’ compulsive furniture-wiping. Years later she accidentally meets Martin, and the two start dating, and they are eventually married.

To a younger audience, Wendie Malick is better known for her role as Victoria Chase in the TV Land comedy series Hot in Cleveland. She is active in movies, tv shows, and a voice actress. Malick has been married twice, and she si a huge animal lover. Malick has three dogs, two horses, and a cat. She is also a pescetarian.

13. Felicity Huffman – Julia Wilcox

Julia shows late in the series’ run, as a new financial reporter. She is arrogant, and people at the station dislike her, especially Roz. She and Frasier have a short romantic encounter before Frasier leaves her.

Felicity Huffman is best known for her outstanding role as Lynette Scavo, in Desperate Housewives. She is busy filming movies, sitcoms, and in her free time acting in theatre. She is married to an actor, actor William H. Macy since 1997. They have two daughters.

12. Mercedes Ruehl – Kenny Daly

Kate is one of several KACL station managers before Kenny. She nad Frasier had an unusual start, which only leads to a love-hate relationship. Kate leaves for a new position in Chicago and their relationship ends.

Ruehl is a screen and stage actor. She has been nominated for numerous awards during her career. Mercedes is mostly known for her leading performance in the play Lost in Yonkers and Last Action Hero. She had two sons, one adopted, and one whom she has up for adoption in 1976. Eventually, they reunited.

11. Katie Finneran – Poppy

Poppy is first seen as an intern at KACL in season 7. From day one she is one of the most annoying characters. She is overly talkative and she got the job only because her mother owns the station. She also has a crush to Niles.

Finneran was born in Chicago, but she was raised in Miami, Florida. While making her way to Holywood she had numerous jobs, including working at Bloomingdale’s, as a waitress, and a ringside girl as a boxing ring. Sher is married to an actor Darren Goldstein and the couple has two children.

10. Brian Cox – Harry Moon

Harry is Daphne’s father. He is presented as an alcoholic and a layabout. Still, his relationship with Daphne is closer than the relationship between Daphne and her mother.

At the moment, Brian Cox stars as media magnate Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession. He was the first actor to portray Hannibal Lecter on film in 1986’s Manhunter. He has four children from two different marriages.

9. Anthony LaPaglia – Simon Moon

A true Frasier fan knows how colorful Daphne’s family is. Simon is Daphne’s brother, also a heavy drinker like his father. He is quite selfish so he and Daphnes could never got on the same line. As expected, Roz falls for him.

Anthony LaPaglia is best known for his role od FBI agent Jack Malone on the American television series Without a Trace. He a passionate soccer player. He occasionally plays with Hollywood United, an amateur organization of which he is club president, with others in the entertainment industry including Frank Leboeuf, Vinnie Jones, Steve Jones, and others.

8. Irene Olga López – Marta

Marta is Niles and Maris’s elderly maid. She comes from a small and remote village in Guatemala. Although her English has a hard accent, she is fluent in German, thanks to her previous work experience. She is the only member of “Missy Crane’s” household staff to be regularly seen on the show.

Irene Olga López is a Mexican actress, who had 74 roles in different TV shows and movies. She appeared in Erin Brockovich, Basic Instinct, The Big Lebowski, and Frasier. Born in the States, young Irene started her acting career in 1981. She also had roles in The L Word and The Nanny.

7. Ted Danson – Sam Malone

Malone is best known for his role in Cheers. After all, Frasier came from that show as well, so it seemed only fitting to have Sam over at Frasier’s. Sam appeared only in one episode, due to his marriage doubts.

Edward Bridge Danson III or simple Ted Danson is the best known for his role of charming Sam Malone one the NBC sitcom Cheers. He is best known to his younger audience for his devilish role in another NBC sitcom, The Good Place. Danson has been nominated for 17 Primetime Emmy Awards, and he earned a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He had a few failed marriages, an affair with Whoopi Goldberg, and now he is married to Mary Steenburgen.

6. Shelley Long – Diane Chambers

Diane Chambers left Frasier at the altar during their wedding. This was a move that almost killed Frasier emotionally. She appeared in a total of four episodes. She is often mentioned throughout the series by Frasier and his family.

Shelley Lee Long is best known for her unique role as Diane Chambers on the hit sitcom Cheers. For that single role, Shelley received five Emmy nominations. For the same role, she won two Golden Globe Awards. Younger sitcom fans may notice her on the ABC comedy series Modern Family. She had two failed marriages, and she has one daughter.

5. Woody Harrelson – Woody Boyd

Woody Boyd visits Frasier in Seattle on one occasion. He and Frasier spend a day talking about the past and days at Cheers. During that day they realize that they don’t have anything in common, but mutual past memories, so they part as friends. They do agree to meet once every five or ten years.

Woody Harrelson first became famous for his role as bartender Woody Boyd on the NBC sitcom Cheers. From there he moved to creations such as The People vs. Larry Flynt and The Messenger. When he isn’t filming he is busy advocating for various causes. He was seen in the franchise The Hunger Games, and nowadays, people enjoy seeing him in the first season of the HBO crime anthology series True Detective.

4. Harriet Sansom Harris -Bebe Glazer

Bebe Glazer is a Fraiser’s agent throughout most of the series. She is portrayed as a strong and sometimes to scary person. Niles described her as “Lady Macbeth without the sincerity” and said to have “morals that would raise eyebrows in the court of Caligula”. His face, when Bebe and Frasier hook up, is priceless.

Harriet Sansom Harris, or simply Harriet Harris, is best known for her various theater performances and for her magnificent portrayal of Bebe in Frasier, and Felicia Tilman on Desperate Housewives. She graduated from Julliard, and she has two sisters. She appeared in the American Horror Story: Apocalypse episode, and as Adriana in the Dynasty. As of 2019, she was cast in the Netflix drama series Ratched.

3. Saul Rubinek – Donald Ronald “Donny” Douglas

Donny is Niles’ divorce lawyer. For a short time, he even dated Daphnes, which drove Niles crazy. Eventually, Daphne leaves Donny at the altar in favor of Niles. Due to this move, Donny sues both her and Frasier.

Saul Rubinek is a five-time Genie Award nominee. He is known for appearing in various shows, but it seems that he has a special love for theatre. His first play, Terrible Advice, premiered in September 2011. He is still active on small screens, and you can him both in Grey’s Anatomy and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

2. Brian Kerwin – Bob Gardner

Bob is the husband of Lana Gardner and the father of Kirby. He left his wife for another woman but eventually decided to win Lana again. Coincidentally, at the airport, he meets Frasier who also wants to win Lana’s heart. However, Frasier decides to withdraw and advised Lana to at least attempt to restore her marriage.

Brian Kerwin won the Theatre World Award back in 1998, for off-Broadway play Emily. He participated in Broadway until 1997. He got married in 1990, but sadly his wife died in 2016 after a three year battle with brain cancer. He has three children.

1. Brian Stokes Mitchell – Cam Winston

Winston is one of the least favorite people in the Frasier universe, according to Frasier at least. Frasier sees deep-voice Cam as an ultimate neighbor nightmare. They often clash but unite when their parents start dating.

Brian Stokes Mitchell is known for his powerful baritone. He has been one of the central leading men of the Broadway theatre since the 1990s. He is married ao an actress, Allyson Tucker since 1994, and they have a son.

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