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The Funniest Wedding Day Photo Fails Ever

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This was not supposed to happen! This line follows every spectacular move and very unplanned moments. However, this is not something that many want to hear, especially on their wedding day. Weddings are unique events that require months and months of hard planning and rehearsals. So, when something goes wrong, it can bring the whole party down, in some cases even literally.

All it takes to make a wedding from perfect to disastrous is a split of a second, one wrong click, and ‘voila!’ you are living the worst moment of your life. Here are some of the terrifying wedding moments that made His and Her wedding day going from perfect to – This was not supposed to happen!

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15. Generation Old Jokers

Things can get tricky when you are the only person in the room, not seeing what’s happening around you. This groom knows this better than anyone else. This is one of those moments that guests love, but participants, not so much, or they do?

This relative decided to jump in instead of a bride and make a funny memory. The bride probably enjoyed this moment as well. Maybe she was the one taking this photo?

14. Who Let The Dog Out?

You are about to say ‘I do’ when your dog approaches you caring for your wedding rings… It seems perfect, right? The only downside in this scenario is that people forget that dogs have physical needs, like toilet time, due to an all-day excitement.

So, this family decided to include Spot, their dog, in a wedding ceremony, and they wanted a photo with him. They may not spot him, but he was definitely in the photo. The Spot was there, relieving himself in the grass. Some memory for sure!

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13. A ‘Mooving’ Wedding Day

Ok, some wedding moments are just unforgettable and not possible to explain easily. This photo is one of those ‘weird’ moments. Not sure what’s going on here, but there must be an explanation.

One is for sure, the bride seems open and welcoming of this bridal cow, so maybe this is an internal joke? Or was it a wedding gift? Maybe it’s a part of the traditional wedding ceremony? We will never know for sure.

12. Joy Jump

No doubt, people are always enthusiastic when it comes to their wedding day. There cannot be a wedding without a happy jump, that leap for joy. But what happened with her legs?

This scenery looks like some surrealist painting in which the artist is playing with symbolism. However, it’s more likely that the bride is just a perfect jumper and her legs are well-hidden behind her dress.

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11. An Unfortunate Memory

Is she resting on a piano or on the kitchen table? Some mysteries will never be solved. She also seems a bit bored and distant that a bride should be on her wedding day, or that’s maybe just how they wanted their wedding photo to look like.

The biggest problem with wedding photos is that they stay forever. That’s why many couples rehearse their wedding photos poses, so they can have photos they will always be happy to look at, even decades later.

10. A Knife Always Leads To Yes

Some people love to have funny moments captured. Some like to pretend that they are crying, while others love to take a knife and place it under the bride’s throat? This is all fun and games until something bad happens, and in situations with sharp materials, there is always a chance for disaster and a bit of blood.

This photo leaves little to the imagination, it’s as if he said: ‘She’s mine now, and that means I can do anything I want with her. (Evil laughter).’

9. Wedding Photo Bomber

Photo bombers usually love to make funny faces, get naked, or wear a funny customer, or do some other equally hilarious action. This couple decided to do something different – they were just there standing in a very not-for-public scene.

For a second, people can be like – Oh! What a lovely photo, and then they would see a couple in the back… Luckily, a lovely couple can always crop out the naughty one! Unless they were going for this photo, of course.

8. ‘You Shouldn’t Have’

Ouch! No one aims for this facial expression when they see the ring. However, this bride definitely had something against her new ring. Maybe she was just a victim of a practical joke?

It seems that people behind her back had the time of their life, and all is good while guests are entertained, right? Or maybe that’s not the case after all, on the big day everything is about the bride. Still, the look on her face makes you wonder what did she saw in that little box.

7. If Looks Could Kill

Do not step on the bride’s toe on her wedding day. That’s like a general rule, on the wedding day, you must do everything in your power to help the bride feel relaxed and happy on her bid day. So, just imagine how much anger and fury this man received (probable the bride’s father) when he steeped (accidentally?) on the bride’s veil.

Walking hand in hand with your man to your forever mutual life, and then something stops you… It must be rough! Maybe the stomper was also nervous?

6. Another Knife

It seems that people really love B-movie slasher flick moments. This photo can be named ‘The Wedding Slasher,’ and it may stand as a reminder of photos that everyone steps in when they decide to get married.

Did the bride had any knowledge about the groom’s secret object? She sure did, no one would play with such a toy if there wasn’t a plan for some really funny plot.

5. ‘Robbi’s Husband’

Robbi got married, and it was clear from on their wedding day that she is in for a treat of many laughs their whole life. Robbi’s husband decided to surprise her (or shock her?) by putting on personalized underwear all in pink! Nothing like good humor and weird situation to kick off a very successful marriage.

It’s easy to see that the bride was a bit embarrassed and that she refused to look it while others and holders guests are witnessing this event.

4. His New Ownership

Sometimes, no matter how much you love something, some things shouldn’t be touched at all. Or at least they should be touched in a proper environment. Grabbing the bride’s body parts may lead to awkward and unpleasant moments, especially when older guests and the bride’s parents are present.

Maybe he was nervous and accidentally grabbed her ladies instead of her shoulder? That is always an option. The bride looks like she will tolerate it, at least for this public event.

3. Bride of Terror

When a bride holds a weapon, you better do what she says and make her day as wonderful as possible. This bride is ready to steps into the marriage waters, and she isn’t afraid to show that.

She holds a bridal tiara, a aggrade, and a really long weapon. The background of a brick wall only enhances her unusual items. Yet again, who can tell if something is wrong or not in other cultures? As long as the weapon is fake, it’s all good?

2. Dogs Do What Dogs Do

Only a few things in life can compare with a puppy’s eyes, and that feeling when they choose to approach you from a hundred people around.

However, having two dogs around, you may be tricky when you are wearing a wedding dress or when dogs decide to use your dress and mark it. Yes, marking means urine. We can only hope that the couple saw this as a moment of fun.

1. ‘Will You Marry Me?’

Proposing out in the ope in front of many people can be tricky, but prospering at a sporting event can be horrifying because anything can happen, thousands of people will see that.

And if you get a ‘no’ instead of a ‘yes,’ you may end up with a broken heart, and the world will see it… So, what’s happening in this photo? Focus on the granny below the couple to see how a real-life photobomb looks like.

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