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Gatorade – Why And How This Drink Was Invented

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Gatorade is one of those products that shaped the world as we know it. Moreover, Gatorade is known as the ultimate sports drink of real-life heroes and champions. It is used at different times: like, when there is a race happening, when the team is winning or when the team is losing, or simply after a championship game.

All in all, Gatorade is the iconic drink that is always on hand for athletes. You can see this brand everywhere, from billboards, TV programs, and live sports games. Moreover, Gatorade supported numerous sports start over the years, including legendary Michael Jordan, amazing Serena Williams, fast Usain Bolt and many more. But how did it all started?

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Gatorade Beginning

Dwayne Douglas was a football coach in 1965, at the University of Florida (UF) when he started noticing how much weight his players were actually losing during their training and games. He was shocked when one of his players lost around 18 pounds, which is around 8.1 kilograms, during one game.

Furthermore, Dwayne noticed that his players are drinking an enormous amount of water, but they were not urinating. The result of this was that the players often suffered from heatstroke. So, he decided to do something about it and help his young football players, and other players around the world.

The First Step

Dwayne decided to team up with Dr. Robert Cade who, at the time, was a kidney specialist at UF. The initial idea was to talk about the problem and to learn if he can personally help his players. However, the talk went much further. Cade realized that more needs to be done because athletes were losing through their sweat: salt, electrolytes, and carbohydrates (otherwise known as sugar).

So, they realized that they actually need a new drink, specially designed to help athletes stay balanced during practice and games. After all, electrolytes are a set of minerals necessary in your body to maintain healthy fluid levels and balance muscle function, so losing them makes a huge disbalance in the body, leading to terrifying outcomes.

Gatorade Was Born In The Lab

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Cade worked hard to create the right product. He is also the drink’s inventor, who tested the drink. Cade gathered a research team and they made a drink with two main ingredients: water with sugar and salt in it.

It may sound simple, but this was exactly what was missing athletes. So, if you think again about it, it actually has sense, right? Cade tested the drinks on his UF football team and the results were amazing. Drinking sugary, salty water kept athletes in balance. There was only one tiny problem that had to be fixed.

Finding The Perfect Taste

Athletes loved the energy that they were getting from the drink, but they hated the taste. According to firs reactions, the drink was disgusting. This is where Cade’s wife made a boom. She had an idea.

She proposed Cade to add lemon juice. It worked and rest is history as you probably know already.

Back in 1966, the Gators (football team) started drinking Gatorade during hot summer practices and the results were amazing: fewer players were hospitalized for heat exhaustion, and they were losing less weight.

Gatorade Rise To Fame

Stokely-Van Camp Co. became Gatorade’s distributor in the fall of 1967 and it worked nicely until Quaker Oats took over in 1938. Than Pepsi stepped in. Actually, Pepsi acquired Quaker Oats in 2001 and got Gatorade as well. Interestingly, since the drink was invented back in 1965, the UF has made more than $100 million just from the drink.

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Nowadays, Gatorade is the official drink of the AVP, NBA, and PGA, and numerous professional and elite teams and organizations.

Gatorade And Professional Race

Back in 2001, it was published that car drivers were not staying hydrated enough during their races so Gatorade and GSSI teamed up. Their goal was to develop the best hydration tool that could easily withstand 130-degree temperature and keep drivers safe. The result was GIDS: the unique Gatorade In-Car Drinking System. Today, this is an ultimate piece of racing equipment.

Gatorade For Today And Tomorrow

Gatorade expanded its line of products, so today there is much more than just a sugary water drink. Gatorade now offers energy drinks, energy bars, and nutrition shake. In addition, once these products were presented the company launched the Gatorade Endurance Formula. This formula features a high concentration of sodium and other electrolytes lost in sweat.

Gatorade is always on the move and working better and harder. Over the years they presented the number of different varieties, and even rebranded as the ”G”.

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