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J.K. Rowling Confirms Hermione Theory We Suspected

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Brace yourself, Harry Potter fans, because your world is about to get shaken. You may know the basic info about everyone’s favorite characters, but trust us – you have missed a few things. Do you know the most shocking Harry Potter theory of them all?

After seven books and eight films, you might think that you know every theory and any alternative ending. However, there is one that you have missed. Among all Harry Potter theories, one of the most popular is related to Hermione. This theory will surprise you so much that you might question everything. Read on to find out the truth.

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30. How Clumpsy Is Neville Really?

Neville Longbottom went through so much from the first book until the last part. Yes, we all know how clumsy little boy Neville was, but as he got older, he has learned that Neville isn’t that clumsy at all.

Did you know that Neville uses his father’s wand? Since Neville’s dad was tortured until he lost his sanity, Neville’s wand is challenging to handle. So, it’s not all on Neville; his wand was a bit challenging.

29. Wizards And Muggles Used To Be In a War

One of the most intriguing questions in the Harry Potter world is why the wizarding world is so hidden from the muggle (human) world. There are wizards whose parents are from the wizard and from the human world, and they still found a way to make it. However, J.K. Rowling has never revealed the truth, so fans started speculating.

So far, the most logical fan theory is that once upon a time, there was a real war between the two worlds, back in the dark ages. To restore their societies, and keep the piece, the two worlds decided to separate, knowing that they could never live in harmony.

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28. The Wizard World Lost The War

It seems hard that wizards could lose the war against anyone, but one fan theory might have it right. This theory is so basic, so simple that it actually makes sense. One Reddit user claims the wizards lost the war; otherwise, the muggle world would be hiding. Mind-blowing, right?

One of the best clues to support this theory is from The Goblet of Fire when it’s revealed that the Ministry of Magic must get permission from Britain’s Prime Minister to bring a dragon into the muggle realm. Now, fans believe that is the ultimate proof that the wizarding world reports directly to the muggle world, or at least they have to inform each other about more significant decisions and actions.

27. J.K. Rowling Is A Wizard In Disguise

When it comes to this theory, there are two interesting moments. According to one theory, Rita Skeeter is a real wizard. Since she is a shapeshifter, she is probably J.K Rowling in disguise. This is too unreal to be real, but it’s still interesting to think about it.

The second theory is that no character in the franchise matches up with J.K. Rowling’s real-life persona as well as Skeeter. As a writer, Rowling can switch off the wizarding world as she likes, just like Skeeter can change into a human. This one sounds more logical.

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26. J.K. Rowling Wrote Herself Into The Books As Rita Skeeter

Fans can’t let go of this one. It seems that logical that if Rowling wanted to put herself in the books, she would do it as a writer. After all, who can deal better with a wizarding world than a writer?

Those who believe this theory see the similarities as uncanny, although Rowling never confirmed this theory. Still, if she wrote Skeeter based on herself, we couldn’t blame her. After all, she created the magical world of Harry Potter, assuming that it’s all her imagination.

25. Horcruxes Come At A Gross Loss Of Life

J.K. Rowling was pretty much forward on how Horcruxes are made. She never revealed anything. All that she shared about this item was that creating them is complicated, as splitting the atom. This caused some fans to assume the worst.

This is a common idea: Voldemort stopped making Horcruxes because he ran out of souls. He could never make a new one because the process is hard. That’s why, upon his arrival, he never made the new one. Basically, Voldemort would cannibalize other wizards to steal their souls and make them his pets.

24. Harry Potter Is Immortal

Do you remember when Professor Trelawney makes this prophecy, “Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives?” This single line made fans believe that Harry Potter is an immortal.

This theory is tricky because it has its ups and downs. The big clue here is the first part of the prophecy. Some understand it that and Voldemort was supposed to kill each other. Because Voldemort died and Harry only “died,” he is now bound to live forever.

23. Mary Poppins Graduated From Hogwarts

Wait… Could it be? Is Mary Poppins really Hogwarts student or not? The truth is that in the books, no one mentioned Mary Poppins. Mary’s story takes place long before the events of the books; there would be no reason to mention her. So, what’s the link?

So, is Mary really a witch? Is she is, then her magical umbrella is really her wand, and Uncle Albert is likely a wizard, too (since he sees her use magic). And what about the kids? Kids could be muggles, but Poppins isn’t worried about them seeing her do tricks because no one would believe them, anyway.

22. Harry, Snape, And Voldemort Are The “Three Brothers”

In Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling tells the “The Tale of the Three Brothers.” The story is about the Peverell brothers and their almost-perfect way to cheat death. Their individual journeys are so unique that it got many fans thinking that Snape, Harry, and Voldemort are actually three brothers.

Voldemort is represented but the oldest brother, who plans to use magic to cheat death, but it is brought down to his ego. Snape, just like the middle brother, can’t go over the loos of his forever love, and Harry, as the youngest brother, manages to hide from death for as long as he can.

21. Dumbledore Is Death

If Harry, Voldemort, and Snape are three brothers, then a representation of death goes to Dumbledore. Since the youngest brother willingly follows Death, it implies that Harry actually follows Death, by following Dumbledore.

According to some fans, Harry Potter definitely follows Dumbledore, but it’s mostly because he sees a mentor or a fatherly figure in him. On the other hand, when he “dies” and visits King’s Cross, he is welcomed by Dumbledore, so their connection is definitely beyond this world. Plus, Harry has the cloak of invisibility, which supposedly belonged to the youngest Peverell. So far, Rowling refused to confirm this theory. Moreover, she sincerely said that this theory is one of her most favorite ones.

20. Voldemort Influenced The Dursleys

The Dursley family is that something extra in the Harry Potter world. You may love them or hate them, but no one can deny that they are an important part of Harry’s life. So, no wonder that some fan theories are directly linked with this interesting family. This theory is linked to Horcruxes.

As you know already, Horcruxes can negatively affect the people, so many believe that the Dursleys’ had such devilish behavior toward Harry because they were affected by a vicious object. We can agree that Harry had some awkward moments of anger through the franchise, but it would mean that Harry is a Horcruxes, and we aren’t sure just how much is that possible.

19. Neville Was Supposed To Be Harry

Who doesn’t like Neville Longbottom? He is faithful to his heart, he is a great friend, and he is an excellent justice fighter. Plus, just remember that scene when he gets the Grifinrdor sword and stands ready to fight Voldemort, and if needed, to die. Instant goosebumps! Still, how could he replace Harry?

When Professor Trelawney makes her “Chosen One” prophecy, Neville is one of the candidates. So, when Voldemort decided to mark someone as his equal, he had a choice and went first to Harry’s home. If he had chosen to go to Longbottom’s house first, we might have a clumsy hero, who would still manage to save the world!

18. Lily Potter Was Crookshanks’ Owner

Crookshanks is often seen next to Hermione, purring in her lap. When he isn’t begging for love, Crookshanks is busy chasing Ron’s rat. It’s known that Hermione purchased Crookshanks in 1994. How unique this cat is best describes by Sirius Black. He had more than kind words for this feline, saying that Crookshanks is “the most intelligent of his kind I’ve ever met.” However, there is an exciting theory that Crookshanks used to belong to Lily Potter.

When Hermione buys Crookshanks from the Magical Menagerie, the owner proclaims that the cat has been there for “quite some time.” Crookshanks is also one of the rare ones who recognize Scabbers and Sirius in their animagus form. If we take into consideration that this adorable puff managed to survive the attack by Voldemort. All in, it means that Crookshanks could easily belong to Harry’s mother.

17. It’s Not Hermione, It’s Her-my-oh-nee

Hermione Granger has so many sassy moments, and we love her for it. From the very first train scene, Hermione has shown the world that she is an independent lady. Further, she also showed us how much she loves when people pronounce her name right. Plus, there is a theory linked with it!

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione Granger takes a moment to school her Triwizard champion about to correctly say her name. It’s pronounced, “her-my-oh-nee,” in case you missed that passage. Why is this simple line so important? This was important to the audience. Other names such as Ron, Harry, and so on, are easy to pronounce, and Hermione was not. In a true Hermine spirit, she had to educate people.

16. Hermione Was so Brave that She Chose Her Own House

We all know that Harry chooses Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat believed that would be amazing in Slytherin, but Harry was firmly against it. This move made fans believe that Hemirone also convinced the Storgin Hat that her place is in Gryffindor.

Some fans believe that Hermione might be better suited for Ravenclaw, but she decided to go to Gryffindor. She admired the Gryffindor’s bravery, and she wanted to prove this she is the brave one. If this theory is correct, one thing is for sure – this move has nothing to do with Ron or Harry because she was sorted before them.

15. Ron Chose His House, Also

It seems only fitting that Ron gets the same treatment as Harry and Hermione. Plus, can you really imagine Hermione and Harry in Gryffindor house, without the little red-haired boy? No one could, probably. Do you believe that Ron forced himself into Gryffindor?

When you think about houses and their traits, Ron belongs more to Huyfflupu. He is loyal, hardworking, and dedicated. However, Ron’s brothers had been Gryffindors, and he wanted to belong with them. Eventually, Ron has proved that he is a real Gryffindor spirit and that we can all change our destiny if you really want it to.

14. The Centaurs Gave Away The Ending

Harry Potter has only a few scenes that can be described as scary. The scene when Harry Potter comes across a cloaked figure drinking unicorn blood is one of them. However, Harry is safe because a centaur named Firenze scares the figure away. Here is how this fantastic creature spoiled the end.

Another centaur scolds Firenze, saying, “we are not sworn to set ourselves against the heavens. Have we not read what is to come in the movements of the planets?” It wasn’t clear, but it seems that the conversation is actually about Voldemort killing Harry, which was supposed to happen that night. As we all know, in The Deathly Hollows, the cene repeats, showing that no one can avoid its fate.

13. Snape Should Have Been The Dark Arts Professor From The Start

Severus Snape had one wish – to be the professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Finally, he gest this position in The Half-Blood Prince. Before being the professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts, the position was held by various professors, including Professor Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart, Remus Lupin, Mad-Eye Moody, and Dolores Umbridge.

This is a long list of professors, and there is a reason for it. Actually, there is a theory for why. Apparently, the position was cursed, and Snape was too important to the school to be allowed to teach a class with such a high turnover rate. This isn’t the only reason.

12. Snape Was Protected by Dumbledore

Did Dumbledore curse the Defense Against the Dark Arts? This is still one of the most common theories among Potterheads. Many believe that Dumbledore knew Snape was the most qualified professor to teach the students, but he refused to let him fall under the curse.

The reason Dumbledore cursed the classroom was to make sure no one would hold the position for longer than a year at a time. That’s why there are so many professors for the Defense Against the Dark Arts. However, Dumbledore finally gives in to Snape after he makes an unbreakable vow to kill Voldemort. The theory does not fully explain why it’s important to have a new teacher every year.

11. Professor Trelawney Predicted Dumbledore’s Death

Professor Trelawney takes symbols and history very seriously. There is one scene where she refuses to sit at the table because of unluck. She refuses a seat at Dumbledore’s table, saying, “If I join the table, we shall be thirteen! Nothing could be more unlucky! Never forget that when thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die!”

As it happened, there were thirteen people at the table without Trelawney taking a seat. There was even Petter Pettigrew, who was there in the form of Ron’s rat, Scabbers. While they are sitting, the first victim stood up first, and it was Dumbledore.

10. Trelawney Was Right About This One Thing

Trelawney si definitely one of the most unusual professors at Hogwarts. Her playful nature and rare appearance only add up to her particular role. What she says may sound crazy to someone, but she is responsible for some of the most crucial moments in the franchise. About this one thing, she may seem wrong, but she was actually right.

Trelawney senses that Harry was born “mid-winter,” although he was born in July. However, at the time, we had no idea that Tom Riddle was born in December. It’s possible that she was sensing Tom Riddle instead of Harry because, at the time, Riddle was still embedded in Potter. The joke’s on us!

9. Ron Weasley Is Actually Dumbledore

Ron Weasley Is Dumbledore? Could it really be? Well, according to some fans, this is a real theory. The person responsible for this theory, claims that Dumbledore is actually a time traveler who went back in time to protect young him and Harry.

However, Rowling stated many times that this theory is simply wrong. Still, it’s interesting to imagine how time-traveling would change the way we looked at the Harry Potter.

8. Professor McGonagall Is A Bad-Ass Witch

Professor McGonagall is so bloody fantastic that the majority of fans have widely rejected this theory. Still, it’s interesting to imagine fabulous Professor McGonagall as a bag guy. Do you really think Professor McGonagall is a secret villain?

This widely rejected theory says that Professor McGonagall is a Death Eater and one of Voldemort’s most loyal subjects. Fans of this theory claim that she blocks Harry Potter far more than she helps him throughout the series. Are you seriously buying this theory?

7. Snape Is A Creature Of The Night

Professor Severus Snape was blamed for so many things, just to see that he was indeed a nice guy. However, there is one theory that neglects Snape’s side and puts in focus unnatural. This theory calms that dark professor was actually a vampire.

Millions of Potterheads actually believe that Snape was anything else but human. Plus, his black clothes and pale skin inspired them to believe firmly in his theory. If you want, you can consider this theory, but there is no evidence in the books that Snape drinks blood or is allergic to garlic.

6. Everything Was A Dream

One of the most frequent endings Hollywood ever came up with was, “it was all a dream.” This doesn’t surprise us much, but some people claim that this is a real thing, making the Harry Potter theories really awkward.

The idea behind this theory is that Harry is so miserable living with the Dursleys that he has created the entire wizarding world in his head. In a way, a wizard world would be a gateway for young wizards. Escaping to the fantastic world of Hogwarts seems fitting. Still, we doubt it’s true.

5. Ginny Put A Love Spell On Harry

Eventually, every Harry Potter character founds its love. The lead character, Harry Potter, is no exception. Many expected Harry and Hermione to end up together, but Ginny eventually stole the heart of the most famous wizard. Now, many claim that did she did it thanks to a love poison.

Yes, fans were shocked when he fell for Ginny, but a love poison? Is forcing someone to something in the Wesley family how things are done? Hardly! So, the theory says that Ginny must have used a love potion on Harry. To make this theory even crazier, Rowling admitted that after she had finished writing the books, she regretted not hooking Harry up with Hermione.

4. George Weasley Is Willy Wonka

George and Fred Weasley… Where to start with these two? They delivered some of the hilarious scenes, they manage to throw Dolores, and they proved everyone that they are serious when it comes to running a business. Still, there is an unusual theory about George.

The theory says that George Wisley ended up becoming world-famous chocolatier Willy Wonka. Character-wise, it makes sense. However, they do live in entirely different movie universes, so this theory isn’t right. Still, George did continue to run his store of prank sweets.

3. Thanks To the Dursleys Harry Is Stronger

There is an unusual between Harry and the Dursleys that some fans noticed. Since Harry lived a difficult life with Dursleys, fans believe that it has only made his stronger. Is it the truth? Tumblr user Great Hero Battle Fight had something to say regarding this matter.

“Almost every character trait exhibited by Harry can be linked back to his time at the Dursleys,” writes Great Hero Battle Fight. “He’s a good seeker because he was malnourished enough to be small and fast, and had gained excellent reflexes from constantly dodging their swings at him. He wants to protect and help others because no-one helped him. He hates bullies, like Malfoy, because he was bullied. He doesn’t try at school, because he was never encouraged at home, and in fact, was probably punished if he did better than Dudley.”

2. Hagrid Couldn’t Have Kids

Hagrid is a hybrid and is half-human, half-giant. When it comes to Potterheads, he is a real sweetheart and a pure soul. Most hybrids are sterile, so it made Harry Potter fans believe that Hagrid was never able to father children of his own.

Some believe that’s the main reason he is so gentle with animals and attached to Hogwarts students. Still, Rowling never talked about this subject, so the truth is unknown.

1. There Was A Concrete Reason Why Class Sizes Were Small

J.K. Rowling has previously explained that there are “about a thousand students at Hogwarts.” This means that 35 students were accepted in each house each year. However, in Harry’s class, only ten students per house were allowed. Some believe that this is because of Voldemort.

The Hogwarts Class of 1998 might have had fewer students because there weren’t as many wizards having children during Voldemort’s reign of power from 1979-1981. Many wizards were killed, or they were simply hiding. Plus, many of them simply have chosen not to have kids.

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