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How A Healthy Lifestyle Accelerates Your Success

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Being a successful entrepreneur is a lifelong dream for many people. Through hard work and determination, individuals have paved the way for themselves to a once unattainable success. Successful men and women entrepreneurs worked hard to get where they are, but there is one thing they likely shared in common: they lived a healthier lifestyle than most.

It does sound odd, doesn’t it? How does a healthy lifestyle even relate to having more success? Here a few ways that healthy living may help turn you into the country’s next successful business owner:

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1. Increases Productivity and Energy – A Lot

We know that entrepreneurs have a knack for doing a lot of things in a short amount of time.

Keeping up your energy levels and producing more has a lot to do with your caloric intake, much like maintaining your weight. Your brain needs and uses about 20% of your caloric intake.

For example, if your average intake was about 2,200 calories daily, about 450 of that would go to your brain, fueling the most important asset an entrepreneur has.

Choosing the right foods can give us a constant flow of energy and glucose, helping the brain to function at its best.

You can combine healthy eating with a workout regimen that fits your busy schedule. Working out can help preserve your neurons, slowing the loss of brain power if you’re older.

It’s been proven that anyone with a consistent workout develops deeper levels of energy. There is also evidence to show productivity is boosted in the hours following a workout.

2. It Punches Stress in The Face

We have to deal with stress in all facets of life. Even entrepreneurs with a six-figure income are not immune to the negative effects of stress. Stress can lead to some terrible effects such as an increase in fat around the midsection, poor sleep quality, decreased immune response, and at times hospitalization.

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Too much stress can lead one to develop a perforated intestine with a large mass, as Jonathan Fields, author of Uncertainty, found when trying to prove himself to his company.

Regular exercise combined with healthy eating can lower anxiety and stress levels brought on by the happenings of our job.

If your moods are all over the place, exercising is recommended by medical professionals, having already proven to be a better treatment than Zoloft.

3. It Improves Memory

Living a hectic and stressful life can lead to gaps in memory and difficulty in remembering the simplest of things. Studies have shown that exercise can help memory by growing the size of the hippocampus – the section that governs memory and learning.

Exercise will both decrease your body’s inflammation with the release of certain hormones and protect the brain while keeping it ‘young.’

There’s no need to hit the gym like a bodybuilder looking to win his next trophy. A ten to fifteen-minute walk before or after lunch each day is more than enough to boost productivity, energy, and mood.

The study above cited observation of hippocampus growth in subjects who walked about 15 minutes a day, amounting to about 120 minutes a week.

4. It Helps You Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

One study of young adults and adolescents found that increased functions such as self-control, memory, decision making, learning, and other factors.

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When you move more, your heart rate increases and your blood flows faster, increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to your brain. Sitting at a computer and ‘surfing’ for hours on end will do you no favors.

Many studies have yielded the same results: after a 30-minute bike ride, it was found that the subject had an increase in performance and speed on cognitive tests.

The exercise and yoga combination so popular among successful people might be worth looking into.

5. It Prevents You from Dying (Seriously)

If you are constantly relying on stimulants and a lack of sleep to get multiple things done, you’re asking for trouble.

Unhealthy living could lead you to develop metabolic syndrome, a collection of three to five specific illness related to stress, irregular sleep, and poor nutrition.

Living the healthiest life you can lower your stress, giving you way more energy to accomplish things, and you won’t hit an early grave before your retirement age.

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