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Hewlett-Packard Facts: Things You Didn’t Know About

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The Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, is an American technology company based in Palo Alto, California.

It is a globally recognized information technology company with many branches around the globe.

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Hewlett-Packard is known for developing and providing a wide range of hardware and software services, as well as other relevant services that meet the demands and needs of customers.

The company has also served a wide range of customers, including the government, health, and education departments.

The company has grown to be the world’s largest computing company, and it has gone through many significant transformations.

Below are some facts about Hewlett-Packard that many do not know about:

Founded In 1939

The company was found in 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard.

The two had just graduated as electrical engineers at Stanford University. The company was first among companies that benefited from start-up funding by Frederick Terman.

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Terman, a professor engineer at Stanford University, who partnered with the university to support start-ups. This relationship between Terman and Stanford University also pioneered the birth of Silicon Valley.

Started As An Instrumentation Company

Hewlett-Packard, as a company started as an instrumentation establishment specializing in sophisticated instrumentation.

The dual majored in the production of audio oscillators. The first model of audio oscillators produced by HP was the HP200A, which introduced them to the market. This was the first time and product that won HP its first customer.

Walt Disney Production was the first customer to trust HP. They bought eight audio oscillators that they used in making Disney’s full-length animated film Fantasia in 1940.

Venturing Into Computer Business

After years of making the audio oscillators, HP then ventured into computer business and invested their time, skills, and fortune in it.

They made their first computer in 1966 – HP2116A was HP’s first computer made for office use. The company wanted a device that they could use to test and analyze methods. In 1972, Hewlett-Packard released its first computer to the market.

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HP300 is a general-purpose minicomputer that people use for business even up to date. HP then assembled their first laptop in 1984; the HP-110 notebook size computer, which was a 16-bit IBM PC-compatible processor, with 384K ROM, and 272K RAM. This laptop had the most extensive memory available on a portable computer during that time.

HP Business Drawbacks

Despite being the most significant computing company in the world, HP also faced profound business challenges while growing. In 1980 Hewlett-Packard introduced their first desktop computer HP-85 to the market, and it turned out that the computer was not compatible with IBM leading to its failure.

The second time, the HP-150, which was a touch screen computer and compatible with IBM, also failed. Although it looked exciting and appealing, the HP-150 failed in the market.

Hewlett-Packard’s first successful product in the market was surprisingly a printer – HP LaserJet, which was introduced on to the market, and it surprisingly received massive reviews and huge sales in 1984.

Hewlett-Packard Started In A Garage

Many successful companies across the globe start as an office. To the surprise of many, HP began its operations at a garage in Pato Alto.

The most successful company globally is said to have started during a fellowship at a garage held by Hewlett, Packard, and Professor Frederick Terman of Stanford during the Great Depression in 1938.

The dual started part-time work in a rented garage with an initial capital investment of US$538. Hewlett and Packard then formalized their partnership in 1939, where they tossed a coined on whether to name the company as Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett.

They settled on Hewlett-Packard.

Final Words

In the 1990s, Hewlett-Packard collaborated with the Intel Corporation, an integrated circuit manufacturer, to design the 64-bit Itanium microprocessor, which they introduced to the market in 2001.

HP in the 2000s expanded its operations across the globe leading to the opening of research laboratories in Bangalore in India, Beijing in China, and St. Petersburg in Russia. These branches joined a list of laboratories in Bristol, England, Tokyo, Japan, and Haifa, Israel.

Hewlett-Packard also acquired Compaq Computer Corporation in 2002. This move made lead to the hiring of the first woman CEO Carly Fiorina to lead the company listed in the Dow Jones.

HP has so far become among the most successful companies across the globe in the computing business.

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