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10 Highest Paid Occupations in the U.S. for 2019

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People seek many things when setting out on their career paths including job satisfaction, medical cover, personal vertical growth in the company as well as salary. Money rules the world and the occupations listed below are the best way to align yourself to it in 2019.

Working in various capacities in the health sector has proven fruitful to U.S. citizens in 2019. Health occupations have dominated the list of highest paying occupations and health practitioners are making big bucks. Glassdoor.com’s highest-paying jobs survey predicts that their incomes will only continue to skyrocket here on out due to an expected rise in demand.

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The list of highest earners in the U.S. also includes occupations such as enterprise architects and corporate counsels. Since the world went digital, there has been a rise in demand for tech-savvy professionals to navigate it and they are also doing quite well for themselves financially.

While Health practitioners need a lot more education experience going as far as the Ph.D. level, careers within the digital and technological realm don’t necessarily require more than a degree. This is mostly because they learn through experience.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

1. Physician

Topping the list are physicians. These are medical doctors who have completed their advanced training and focus on the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. A physician can broadly be categorized into either a general practitioner or one who has specialized. They are all however guided by an ethical code of conduct. The median base salary for this occupation is $193,415.

2. Pharmacy Manager

A pharmacy manager can be described as the person in charge of running a pharmacy’s day-to-day activities and ensuring all operations run smoothly. They are in charge of ensuring drugs are properly delivered and dispensed and manages the staff. They make a salary of about $144,768.

3. Dentist

A trip to the dentist is never anyone’s cup of tea but it is a necessary evil we all have to tackle at least once in our lives. A dentist is responsible for the treatment of any teeth, gum and mouth-related complications and injuries. He or she is basically a surgeon dealing with teeth and performs necessary oral procedures for dental health. Dentists in the U.S. make $142,478.

4. Pharmacist

These healthcare professionals are responsible for handing out drugs prescribed by doctors to patients. They ensure that the drugs are dispensed in correct doses and also work on distributing over the counter drugs. They earn $126,438.

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5. Enterprise Architect

These professionals work together with both the business managers and the technical developers to ensure that the business design is viable. Enterprise architects come up with IT strategies that benefit the organization. They land in fifth place of these rankings taking home $122,585 per month.

6. Corporate Counsel

These are lawyers who work directly with organizations in representing them in litigation cases and advising them on the legal consequences of their business practices. The demand for corporate lawyers has risen due to the increase in the number of organizations. It is a financially rewarding career path as they have a salary of $117,588.

7. Software Engineering Manager

A software engineering manager is in control of the information technology department of a company. This career involves overseeing the work of software engineers ensuring that it is at par and aligns with the objectives and development strategy of an organization. They evaluate and improve current software processes. They make $114,163 in salary.

8. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is an important part of the healthcare system in many clinics and hospitals. Working directly under a doctor’s supervision, they interview patients and make a record of medical histories necessary for diagnosis. They are qualified and skilled in assessing and diagnosing diseases, treatment and prescribing drugs to patients. They hold many jobs in the United States. When faced with complicated diseases they consult with a doctor and refer patients to medical specialists. Their median base salary is $113,855.

9. Corporate Controller

All the activities involving finances and accounting in a company are controlled by a corporate controller. Their job entails preparing of budgets, accounting for all the finances of a firm and assessment of their financial pulse. They are also involved in managing the company’s cash and investments as well as collecting payroll. They earn a salary of $113,368.

10. Software Development Manager

These are leading software developers who run the company’s IT department, designing and creating website applications and services. They are also in charge of training, hiring and managing a staff of software and web developers. They take home around $109,809 monthly.

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