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34-Year-Old Twins Got Married To the Same Man

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Anna and Lucy DeCinque, from Perth, Australia, are dubbed the “Most Identical Twins in the World.” Not only that, they are identical physically, but they do everything together. They dress identically, have the same plastic surgery, go to the toilet together, and even shower together.

After dressing identically for years, having the same hairstyles, and always eating the same food, they decided to take another huge step and step into the married waters. Therefore, the 34-year-old twins made a shocking announcement when they shared with the world, how they are planning to marry their longtime boyfriend, 34-year-old Ben. Yes, ‘their boyfriend.’ Ben is the boyfriend of both Anna and Lucy. This unusual move gained the world’s attention. Scroll down to see how their life looks like and why tod they make bizarre life choices.

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30. The Most Identical Twins in the World

Anna and Lucy DeCinque came into this world on July 19th, 1985, and from day one, they are best friends. Not that only share every minute of their lives together, but they have this strong and unbreakable bond.

No one could ever imagine their lives to be so unique today or spend each minute of their lives together. From their early ages, this identical pair had one goal – to achieve identical realities.

29. Twins Competition

Twins earned the title of “The Most Identical Twins in the World” when they were on a Japanese game show in 2015. They were an instant media hit. Plus, it was easy to see just how much they are happy by being identical.

During twins competitions in Japan, they had to go through various challenges. They did a face recognition machine, where face one of the twins could open the door of the other twin. This was the shows most shocking moment because no one ever did it before. This task wasn’t the most surprising information about DeCinque twins.

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28. Initial Shock

Lucy and Anna DeCinque are currently massive in Japan. The famous twins competed against a pair of Japanese identical twins to win the coveted title, completing various challenges, which included playing pranks on the public.

Initially, they were pretty dismissive of the competition, but they decide to see if the computer could tell them apart. After even a computer couldn’t tell them apart, they won the coveted title of World’s Most Identical Twins.

27. Growing Up Inseparable

Since Anna and Lucy were born, they haven’t left each other’s side. It was usual for them to dress identically and behave similarly. Still, this was unusual in their grown-up years.

It’s common for twins to have the same habits and preferences, but they usually outgrow that need passes their teenage or adult years. However, with these two, that wasn’t the case. In their young days, friends and family couldn’t guess that they would have the same men’s preferences.

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26. Identical Twins Behaviour

Everybody knows that the twin bond is a unique relationship. Some would say that’s extraordinary or even telepathic. Many couple twins can end up each others’ sentences, guess what the other one thinking and so on. Anna and Lucy were no exception.

They went to the same school, took the same classes, and later on decided to go to the same beauty school. As they grew up, they were more and more identical, that it was difficult for their parents to tell them apart sometimes.

25. They Say Sharing is Caring

Over the years, Anna and Lucy started developing an obsession with being identical. They have found joy in looking the same, and they love every moment that they could spend together.

They decided to live together. Not only that they woke up in the same house, but they woke up in the same bed. They were determined to spend 24/7 together. And sharing the bed wasn’t the only thing that they did together.

24. Same Social Media Accounts

Even today, Anna and Lucy share the same phone and also the same social media accounts. Some people prefer to have separate accounts, but these two are all about sharing, so mutual account seems appropriate.

They have an everyday practice that makes other people asking if their actions are a bit too much. Not that only dress the same, but they refuse to leave their home without the other. So, how do their routine looks like?

23. Daily Routine

Their routine is easy to follow because they do everything together, and they spend every minute together. They are so bonded that they even share the same job.

Anna and Lucy work at a nursing home, and when one feels like taking the day off, the other one steps in. They even share the work equally. Still, these two took “sharing is caring” to a whole new level.

22. Same Size? Same Meals

As full-grown adults, Anna and Lucy kept their routine of being together and doing everything together. With time, their eating habits took a turn for the worse, becoming a massive obstacle in their lives.

Every activity they would do together, from shopping to going out. They also decided to commit to looking the same, meaning that they should wear the same clothes size.

21. Eating Habits

To achieve an utterly identical appearance, Anna and Lucy synced their exercise and eating habits. They have one eating rule that they always follow – when they go to restaurants, they always order the same meal.

When they eat, they consume the same amount, right down to the crumbs. Lucy said in an interview, “When she feels full, I feel full, too. When she stops eating, I stop eating.” They also make the same number of steps daily.

20. Burning Calories

To maintain the same size, sisters workout regularly. Therefore, they make sure to take the same number of steps every day and even burn the same amount of calories.

Since they want to be 100% identical, they weren’t afraid to undergo certain surgeries. Of course, they did them together. Here is what was different from their original appearance.

19. $250,000 in Cosmetic Surgeries

Spending that much money on cosmetic surgeries may seem like a lot, but can we put a price on a dream? In anything, their devotion to their goal is admirable.

They were ready to invest in their unusual lifestyle, and they knew what they need to do to maintain it. When Anna and Lucy were young, their parents could tell them apart. However, they changed once they grew older.

18. Small Differences Disappeared

When they were young, close friends and family could tell them apart, thanks to the small differences that sisters had. As they grew older, not even their father could tell who is who. Those early small differences disappeared.

Sisters wanted to look identical, that’s why they invested $250,000 in cosmetic surgeries and different procedures to look precisely the same. Their journey to make themselves duplicates began in their 20s. The very first body change was filled lips.

17. The Extents They Went Through

The lip fillings were the first step toward their mission of looking identically. From there, twins continued with more procedures. They did facial tattoos of their eyebrows, and they did their eyelashes and even hair extensions.

Of course, they also did breast implants. After all these procedures, the twins opened up about their regrets concerning their cosmetic decisions. Here is what they had to say on that topic.

16. One of Them Died for a Minute

While talking honestly about their cosmetic decisions, famous twins shared that, once, Lucy, died for a minute, during a botched anti-aging treatment called cryotherapy.

Yes, this may sound strange, but it’s true. Lucy came back to life after “dying” during the treatment that freezing temperatures to restore and tighten the skin. Sisters claim that Lucy temporarily died when she was starved of oxygen as the treatment she was doing suddenly went wrong.

15. Dead for a Minute

Anna explained how it was the second time they did the treatment after the first time went smoothly. “[But] we had a bad feeling that day,” explained Anna, who broke down in tears as she recounted the story. “She [Lucy] went in. You are meant to check on people. The woman was saying, ‘Lucy, Lucy, you okay?’

“I’ve never gotten over this,” said Anna. “I remember seeing Lucy on the floor, unconscious.” Lucy stated, “I was dead. I was dead for a minute.” Lucy told how Anna that she “blames herself,” and that she suspected her head slipped into the liquid nitrogen. They were sent to a hospital for a double-check. Luckily, everything was fine.

14. Their Own YouTube Channel

Twins will always buy for both of them. If they find a dress that they like and there are no two of the same model, they won’t buy it. Simply, they buy two of everything and match their daily outfits.

They say they prefer not to wear pants or shorts – no matter what the occasion is. Therefore, their huge wardrobe doesn’t include even one pair of pants. Together, they decided to take their loved toward fashion online.

13. Social Presence

With an immense love toward fashion and unique appearance, Lucy and Anna decided to go viral. Therefore, they started their own YouTube channel. They let the fans witness their personalities and know them better.

It didn’t take long for them to gain a social media following. They weren’t viral until they made a huge announcement that the girls found themselves a part of viral fame.

12. How to Tell Them Apart

To many, Lucy and Anna are identical, and they cannot tell them apart. However, to a well-trained eye, it’s easy to spot some differences between the two.

For example, one way to tell them apart is to know that Lucy always likes to be on the left side (her left). She was also born a minute before Anna, which makes her just a tiny bit older than her. Also, Anna always takes the driver’s seat, and Lucy thrives as their financial planner.

11. The Difficulty of Double Dating

Being together for 24/7 can make confusion into someones’ life, especially when it comes to dating. Going out on dates can be difficult for anyone, so it must be a real challenge for both of them.

When the time came for Anna and Lucy to start dating as adults, things got a little, um, complicated. In the past, the twins dated separately. However, it didn’t work for them, because the men couldn’t understand their unique lifestyle. Lucy explained, “They wanted to separate us, and they wanted to take us out separately, and we were like ‘No, we always want to be together.’ It just got too hard.” So, the twins decided to try something new and different.

10. Becoming a Trio

Anna and Lucy realized that dating the conventional way was a little too complicated for them, but it was to change. One day they met the man of their dreams on Facebook.

The twins described on their YouTube channel how they met their boyfriend, Ben Byrne. They are ok with sharing their lives with their fans, but when it comes to Ben, they choose to be silent.

9. Meeting Ben

Anna and Lucy told their online fans that Ben is the first man they ever “shared.” They said that their first date with actually date in three and that each one of them felt fireworks.

Anna recalled how they both kissed Ben (who is clearly living some sort of fantasy) on their first date. She thought, “This is going to go somewhere.” And it did.

8. Staying Together

Only one date was enough for this trio to know that they belong together. Therefore, twins and Ben started seeing each other regularly and always together.

They were seeing each other in secret for several months. When the moment was right, they made an official announcement on Australian TV that they were dating the same man. At first, people were shocked.

7. A King Sized Bed

In no time the story went viral, and life changed for these three overnight. Anna and Lucy were making all kinds of TV appearances, and they’re, and their social media following skyrocketed. But there’s more to the story.

People were so intrigued by their appearances, and their unique lifestyle, that they wanted to know more about twins. With each television appearance, twins made more and more fans. Here is what else they have shared with their audience.

6. Sleeping Arrangments

In many relationships, the issue of jealousy tends to pop up sometimes. You would think that this is a common occurrence in a relationship with three people, right? If so, you would be wrong.

This trio is all about love and support. Twins deny any form of jealousy, swearing that there is absolutely no jealousy or any hard feelings whatsoever in their relationship.

5. A King Sized Bed

Twins are okay with sharing their sleeping arrangements. This trio shares a king-sized bed, with Ben in the middle. They also shared when they are watching movies, he holds both of their hands, and when there is a party, they always go together.

According to Anna and Lucy, Ben considers himself a “lucky man” and that their relationship is unlike any they’ve had in the past, but I think that goes without saying.

4. “A Beautiful Relationship”

Fans wanted to know if Ben has ever before dated two women at once. To their surprise, the answer is no. He has found himself in a very new situation – he’s never dated two women before, let alone two completely identical women.

According to the twins, he adjusted to their lifestyle quite nicely. He respects their desires of being together, he serves them identical food size, and he even knows how to measure their orange juice.

3. Wedding Bells?

After years spent falling in love with Ben, both Anna and Lucy decided that they want to take the next big step in their relationship. After being together for five years, the twins announced that they would be getting married to Ben.

They also claimed to have “definitely found [their] soulmate. We really, really have.” Many gave their support, but it was eventually discovered that this union is not legal.

2. Making Their Dream Come True

The trio discovered that they couldn’t get married officially in Australia. The issue standing in their way is that in their country, such a marriage is considered polygamist, a union that has been banned since 1961 under the Australian Marriage Act.

That didn’t stop them from getting matching engagement rings, chosen by Ben. Since they wanted a married life, they found a way to do so. They decide to do a “spiritual” union in the state, which isn’t legally recognized but still performed.

1. Happily Ever After

So far, this trip lives their happy lives. They have babies in the plan, although it’s not sure how it will work if one is pregnant and the other isn’t. In the meantime, they got a new roommate.

Anna and Lucy’s mother moved in, and they are a big and happy family now. So what does their mom think about her future son-in-law? Well, the twins say she’s very accepting. According to the twins, mom always takes his side, and she encourages them to be pregnant at the same time and to have natural births.

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